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The Best Dock Bumpers for 2023

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If you are the type who takes pleasure in taking your vessel out onto the waters, then you should realize the significance of owning the best dock bumpers for your boat. It is worth mentioning that this is quite a very vital investment in shielding your berth and vessel from potential damage when you go back home.

In addition to this, dock bumpers are not solely meant for safeguarding your vessel from deterioration, but these are also very necessary when it comes to warding off the general wearing away that comes with storage- as you can see, this would help you set aside more bucks and time in the long run.

best dock bumpers

In this article, 12 products were reviewed and there are also some substantial information and buying tips that were tackled for you to get inspiration from. These are especially intended to guide you find the best one that best fits your needs and style.

Besides, in this post, you will also learn about the construction materials, the installation procedure and how these bumpers are properly mounted, and how capable these products are in safeguarding your berth and vessel from any sorts of damages. With a number of superb options for you to choose from, there is no reason for you to get the faulty option.

Top 3 Products

Best Overall


 attwood 93532-1


Best Looking


Taylor Made Bumper


Most Durable

Hull Hugr Marina Bumper

Hull Hugr Marina Bumper


Table of Contents

Best Dock Bumper Reviews

1. attwood 93532-1 Dock Fender


Are you having a hard time deciding where to get the right dock edge bumpers to install in your most precious vessel? Then, you have found the one that could provide the much needed protection for your boat. This bumper is shaped using lightweight and soft construction material that is easy on your watercraft. And, the price is quite budget-friendly making it perfect to anyone with low budget. Isn’t it something that you have long been looking for?

What is more, this is quite solid, and is purposely built to be resistant to deflating, chalking, crushing and splitting. Unlike other models out there, this bumper does not fade instantly and is superiorly resistant to UV. Even if it is your first time to set up one in your boat, this is a piece of cake to install.

This product comes with seamless one-piece built. It is made with ribbed sides as well as oval shape that can withstand rolling against hulls. The best of all, even after the full season, you won’t see any indications of wear and tear. Plus, positioning this on the berth was not troublesome so you would decide to purchase this again once you have witnessed for yourself how capable it is.

However, this dock bumper appears to be non-pliable and the hole for the mounting bolts is tapered which simply implies that a regular socket will find it tough to reach the bottom.
  • Reliable and adaptable to us
  • Does not fade easily unlike other bumpers on the market nowadays
  • Specifically designed for rugged use
  • Resistant to crushing, chalking, splitting and deflating
  • Constructed using lightweight and soft material
  • Non-pliable
  • Mounting bolts hole is tapered
In a nutshell, this dock bumper is the ideal solution for a deck vessel to pull into a front berth. You’ll love the fact that it is manufactured with lightweight and soft polymeric material that is easy on hulls, not rough to touch and is proven to be chalking, crushing, deflating and splitting resistant. Fundamentally, it is built with double-molded eye ends that are specifically meant for providing additional strength. For the price, this is absolutely unbeatable.

2. Taylor Made Products 90-Degree Dock Corner Bumper


These dock bumpers are constructed using durable but flexible type of vinyl material. As compared to other similar products, these are not a pain in the neck to set up in your vessel. Once installed, you will surely be amazed how adept they are in executing their job of securing the boat when docking. These four corner guards are superb at covering the metal corners of your berth.

By the same token, these dock bumpers are specifically designed to latch onto the wood; however, it is also possible to utilize plastic locking tie downs in order to guarantee that these are secured in place. As for the kind of protection they utilize, these are dependable and one of the best options you can take into account.

Interestingly, these are not even that costly to invest in. Hence, you have no reason why you’ll still further your search regarding the most exceptional option for a corner dock bumper that you can bank on.

Howbeit, please be reminded that these dock bumpers are not flawless and they are in fact way too small which makes them not good options for those who own larger vessels. Aside from this, they also come a little stiff. So, these are the flaws that you need to inspect should you invest in this brand.
  • Furnished with structural ribs inside that enables impact resistance
  • Installation is a breeze
  • Built using only the topnotch quality marine grade vinyl material
  • Reliable to use and seems well-constructed
  • External corners end at 90-degree and perfectly unite with the edging of the dock
  • Not practical to use for larger boats
  • Slightly stiff
Laid on the line, these corner guards are undoubtedly reasonable value that are worth considering. They serve as very reliable and solid corner guards that specifically help in impeding any gouging instances when mooring. They are not cumbersome to set up as well and when it comes to topnotch quality construction materials and in their manner of executing their job, they are certainly gilt-edge. If you want an out-of-the-ordinary corner dock bumper that can provide reliable protection, then you can end your search because this brand is your best bet already.

3. Hull Hugr Marina Bumper

Hull Hugr Marina Bumper

This top quality bumper is highly recommended for personal docks and commercial marinas. It is constructed with tear and UV-proof polyester/vinyl tri-laminate and is packed with superior density closed cell foam. Thus, if you prefer maximum protection to all types of vessels, then you won’t go wrong with this option.

Furthermore, the stainless steel grommets are dispersed along the total length of each bumper in order to guarantee more stability when affixing to docks. And, once purchased, the package will already contain a total of 4 polycarbonate mounting holes. This is plain sailing to set up and it is known for being user-friendly for both beginners and experienced sailors.

Also, if you’d like to eliminate fenders and reduce the burden of lining the dock, then this is it. If you have this handy, you can finally say goodbye to the stress of adjusting fenders on a floating dock.

There are a couple of downsides that you need to pay attention to if you picked this product. First, it is not as heavy duty as expected. And, the second one is that the interior padding of this dock bumper is prone to be damaged instantly.
  • Designed to be resistant to wear and tear and features UV protection capability
  • Built with tenacious commercial grade bumpers ideal for personal docks as well as commercial marinas
  • Highly acclaimed for having the power to provide ultimate shield to all types of vessels
  • Executes a sterling job of lining the dock
  • Made with heavy duty stainless steel grommets
  • Not as heavy duty as advertised
  • Interior padding tears away easily
Overall, this dock bumper is a reasonably priced option that is quite easy and reliable to utilize. In the same way, it has the capability to hold the vessel in a secure mode, it can provide the safety you need and it is not troublesome to set up. This is available in corner or flat styles. If you opt for ultimate protection without spending much, then this makes an ideal choice that won’t fail you. Whether you’re a newbie or already a pro, this will work well for you.

4. Extreme Max 3006.7252 Dock Bumper


This is less costly and is straightforward to set up. Without question, it can be perceived as a decent bumper for the docks. While it appears to be thinner than expected, if you’re going to observe its other practical features, you can see for yourself that overall this does a sterling job of keeping the vessel off the berth.

Basically, this bumper is tear and UV proof, so even if it will be extremely exposed to sunlight, it won’t tear away rapidly. It is not prone to deflating and collapsing mainly because it is equipped with closed cell foam padding. And, as a proof of its reliability and durability, this is built with A1 marine-grade tri-laminate cover that’s furnished with thermal bonded seams.

Additionally, this is also engineered with polycarbonate grommets that are not easily damaged by corrosion. You can give this product a try and you will be backed up by a two-year replacement warranty offer.

For all that, you need to know that this dock bumper is thinner than advertised. And, in point of fact, it is susceptible to getting ripped instantly after several usages. But, if you consider these as less serious issues, then this makes an excellent purchase for you to try.
  • Particularly designed to be tear and UV resistant
  • Comes with closed cell foam padding that does not instantly collapse or deflate
  • Built with sturdy and exceptional marine-grade tri-laminate cover that’s equipped with thermal-bonded seams
  • Supported by two-year replacement warranty offer
  • Polycarbonate grommets are resistant to corrosion
  • Has the tendency to rip apart after several usages
  • Thinner than advertised
To conclude, this seems to have the capability to fight off light impacts with just adequate give; on the other hand, it could also take a severe impact without any serious damages. For the price tag, it appears to be well-constructed and you can possibly place it on your garage too to safeguard the doors of your vehicles when opening. Backed up by a two-year replacement warranty offer, you will have no worries at all if you pick this product. And, since it is priced just right, you won’t even need to feel upset about putting a hole in your pocket.

5. Mission Boat Gear Sentry Boat Dock Bumper


This dock bumper comes with mounting options that seem infinite. You can hang them on rails, steering wheel, cleats, tower and the like. Hence, wherever you especially require protection, you can be guaranteed that you will have the shield in the suitable area. Its distinctive hanging system allows easy placement on a dock or vessel and this could offer protection underneath and on top of the rub rail, as you know, this is impossible to do with conventional fenders.

Unlike other similar bumpers, this does not necessitate ropes and comes with integrated strap that instantly affixes to docks and boat cleats for effortless setup. And, since the sentry comes with very long strap, if your cleats are in a suitable location for hanging sentry, then you can briefly trim the strap to keep things properly arranged.

While this product is loaded with a plenty of impressive features, two of the drawbacks that you should watch out for include the rubber lines that do not remain in place and the reality that it is only practical to use for short docks.
  • Designed with contemporary hanging system that allows easy placement on a dock or on a vessel
  • Comes with integrated strap that allows effortless attachment to docks and cleats
  • Shaped in a cross-linked closed cell foam that provides additional sturdiness
  • Enables limitless mounting options
  • Equipped with hugs contours design
Conclusively, many of the best boat dock bumpers that are available on the market at present come in a very expensive price tag. And, while this brand is a little pricey too, it is still a cost-effective option that can give you back the real value of your bucks. It looks nice and it is built with unique, reliable and durable protective materials. This is dependable when it comes to safeguarding your vessel like no other brand can. If you have it in your vessel, you are assured of having the needed protection in the appropriate location. Essentially, it does not take in water and is capable of combating instant fading from extreme exposure to sunlight.

6. Taylor Made Products 46013 Comm Dock Side Guard


Are you presently searching for a dock bumper that is ideal to safeguard the bow of your pontoon vessel in the berth? The good news for you today is that the right option for you is finally here. This is uncomplicated to set up and does not require screws to install it. You can utilize sharp pointed panel screws that are dispersed roughly 6 inches apart and from there it will start functioning at its best.

If you wish to go for an avant-garde bumper that is unrivaled enough to shield your vessel from bumps against the moor, then this can be your perfect companion. You can instantly cut the new bumper to the kind of length you especially require, and you will only need to drill a few holes prior to fixing it to the piling. This looks appealing and it is outstanding in terms of guaranteeing the best possible protection for your boat.

Be that as it may, please take in mind that this dock bumper comes in a costly price tag and evidently this won’t be a budget-friendly pick for those who are not that eager enough to spend lavishly for a dock bumper. In addition to this, when it comes to mounting it to a piling, the task can be a little tough to do so.
  • Particularly made to be commercial grade double molded
  • Proudly manufactured using 85% recycled materials
  • Capable of holding up quite well
  • Built from the same quality double-molding process and marine-grade resins feature
  • Executes a reliable job of keeping a vessel from bumping the dock
  • Not the ideal choice for anyone with a limited budget
  • Mounting it to a piling can be challenging
To sum things up, if you do not want to break the bank, then it is a wise decision to invest in this dock bumper. Ease of installation, maximum protection and reliability are what makes this product a must-have investment for new and experienced boaters. It looks wonderful and won’t fail in providing the much needed shield you need whenever you dock. Its top-drawer construction is also a plus factor that makes it one of the boat dock bumper guards for professional sailors.

7. Dock Edge + Inc. Premium PVC Dock Bumper


Would you like to own a reliable and practical dock bumper? Then, don’t you think this brand is worth a try? This guarantees state-of-the-art application for heavy vessels on dock pilings. It is a valuable investment due to its being heavy duty and its suitability to keep the dock off the pilings. With the right tools, setting it up can be done in a snap.

As a matter of fact, this dock bumper is popular for its very sturdy construction and it specifically calls for screw holes that need to be drilled so users can easily mount it to the pilings. Since it is no trouble to install, this is a one-man job. If you wish to come up with accurate square cuts, consider using power mitre saw to execute the task.

Besides these cons, there are still a lot of beneficial features that make this dock bumper worth-considering. Thus, you should not delete it from your list.

Notwithstanding, while it is true that this product is a nice option, there are a few minor concerns that need to be looked into and these consist of its incapability to last for many years of rugged or frequent use and a few of them do not come with end caps once shipped.
  • Engineered with superior marine-grade PVC construction
  • Comes with curved design that allows mounting it to a piling more effortless
  • Equipped with fungicides as well as molded-in ultraviolet inhibitors
  • Can be instantly affixed on flat or curved surfaces
  • Built with integral strengthening ribs
  • Some of them do not come with end caps
  • Seems incapable to last for many years
In view of the many impressive features and practical functions of this dock bumper, this is the best bang for the money. This is very sturdy and rigorous enough to hold up quite well up to a beating and it can surprisingly stay flexible without destructing your vessel. In point of fact, this product is highly admired for being the most beneficial bumper to safeguard boats. It is a child’s play to set up and you can even cut it into short pieces. Alternatively, you can cut it into equal sections and have it positioned surrounding the dock for better protection.

8. attwood White 93531-1 Corner Dock Fender


Sometimes, getting the most suitable dock bumpers and fenders that could exactly provide what you’re looking for can be a wearisome task to do. But, you do not need to feel this way with this bumper.

By happy chance, this dock bumper is the right choice if you want to ensure maximum protection, durability and reliable performance. What makes this one of the best deals is that it functions superbly for the dock’s edges to shield the bow. Most importantly, even if you are not that experienced when it comes to installing one, this won’t exhaust you as you start setting it up.

Interestingly, this dock bumper seems adequate enough to drive back a 21-feet-vessel. But, keep in mind that you might require washers when setting this up as it is not that soft or flexible.

This dock bumper does not come with hardware once purchased though. Indeed, it is not soft and flexible. Take into account that these are the minor gripes that you need to expect if you decided to get this one.
  • Can fight off crushing, splitting, chalking and deflating
  • Reliable even for rugged use
  • Adept at withstanding UV and instant fading
  • Shaped from lightweight and soft materials
  • A breeze to set up and can suit 90-degree angles
  • Not soft and flexible
  • Does not come with hardware once bought
By observing the appealing features of this dock bumper, you will know right away that it is a surefire investment for you to try. The corner bumps will definitely work well for you. While this bumper is not spongy or soft, it is capable of safeguarding the vessel from the sharp edges and it is not prone to marking the hull. It is not complicated to set up and comes with very robust built. From there, you can already clearly see that this is worth every cent you spend for it.

9. Dock Edge Torpedo Post Bumper


Aside from being capable of providing the kind of protection your watercraft needs, this comes in large size and is proven to be quite solid enough. More than that, it can add more appeal and functionality to the leg pipes of the berthing system.

You might be aware that dolphin fenders are made with top quality materials, and the good news today is that the same materials used for these fenders are also utilized for manufacturing this dock bumper- thus; this proves how sturdy the product really is.

Please note that when this bumper is positioned over the mounting brackets as well as dock leg pipes, this enables them to hamper the vessel from bulging bolts. Over and above, each of these bumpers is also designed with molded-in air valve that allows uncomplicated deflation or inflation as wanted.

A few of the shortcomings that you need to note before buying this product are the dubious ads and measurements and the fact that this dock bumper seems not solid all around.
  • Durable and very large dock bumpers that you could depend on
  • Made using the same quality material as dolphin fenders
  • Capable of averting damage to your vessel from bulging volts
  • Impressive and practically rugged cushion to the leg pipes of the mooring system
  • Comes with molded-in air valve that allows effortless deflation or inflation as preferred
  • Not durable all around
  • Advertisements and measurements of this product can be misleading
All in all, boat bumpers for docks are great investments to deeply contemplate on specifically if you are a sailor. This product commonly comes with sturdy and impressive design. And, you can virtually wrap around the dock pipes to the cushion in order to combat impact and to securely cover the bolts as well as brackets. These are typically large and sturdy and can ensure the best possible protection that you want for your watercraft.

10. Dimex EasyFlex Plastic P-Profile Dock Edging


Are you searching for a type of dock bumper that is durable and reliable enough to shield your vessel and docks from seriously destructing impact? Then, there’s nothing to worry about mainly because your best pick is finally manufactured.

To start using this, you only need to simply lift it off, uncoil and then make sure that the size is suitable to set up the area and moor to pier or dock. It is thick enough and does not merely skin coat the above surface. Take in mind that in order to ease the cutting process, a functional handsaw is specifically required.

Without fail, there are numerous reasons why this product is a first rate choice; first, this executes its job nicely and the other one is its capability to cover up the berth end boards impressively. Apart from these, the black color conceals the mildew stains.

There are a few negative things you need to carefully look into regarding this dock bumper and these comprise of its possibility to be baked in the sun and it is seriously hot to touch. Also, the packaging sometimes makes the installation method a little complex to manage. If these are your pet peeves, then consider looking for other options.
  • No sweat to transport and handle
  • Thick and seems to last even for frequent or rugged uses
  • Most preferred for its capability to
  • Manufactured using only commercial grade and durable double cavity p-shape design
  • Straightforward to cut with the aid of a handsaw
  • Packaging makes the setup process intricate
  • Bakes in the sunlight; hence scorching to the touch
This brand is proudly constructed using commercial grade double cavity p-share design that is primarily meant to allow ease of setup on horizontal dock surfaces. Unlike other dock bumper models available on the market these days, this one is quite effortless to transport and manage. It comes with professional look, its ease of installation and flexibility are what actually make it a wonderful option that could bring real worth to your hard-earned money.

11. X-Haibei Pair of Boat Fenders Ball Round Anchor Buoy


When you buy this product, you will get two pieces of dock bumpers. These are reliable enough to provide more space between the vessel and the moor. They are UV protected and manufactured using only topnotch quality environmental protection raw material. It is surprising to know that this brand is not prone to instantly fading which makes it distinct from other available choices out there.

By and large, you can use these bumpers in several useful applications such as water safety buoy, floater, mooring buoy, navigation buoy and can also work for boat dock, yacht dock, yacht and small watercrafts. Please be reminded that these will be shipped deflated which means it is necessary for you to inflate them once unboxed. See to it that you do not inflate excessive air to these as this could negatively affect their performance.

You need to ponder on that these dock bumpers are slightly intricate to store than cylindrical models. And, if inflated with too much air than what was directed, there would be possibility of malfunctioning. These are just a couple of the not-so-serious complaints that you need to give some thought.
  • Backed up by 1 year warranty
  • Can be used in many different applications
  • Manufactured using top-drawer environmental protection raw material
  • You get 2 pieces of dock bumpers once purchased
  • Non-fade and durable enough
  • A bit difficult to store as compared to cylindrical models
  • May malfunction if inflated with too much air
As mentioned above, these dock bumpers are practical to spend in primarily because they can be applied in numerous uses. And, you won’t lose anything because you will be supported by 1 year warranty. However, these are slightly hard to store than most cylindrical versions. And, if you inflated excessive air to them, superb performance and protection may not be achieved. They come with solid built and non-fade features which evidently show that these can be used for many years. As for its cost-effectiveness, this is incomparable.

12. Dimex EasyFlex Plastic D-Profile Dock Edging


This dock bumper can be set up within minutes. All you need to do is to uncoil, carefully cut it into preferred size with the help of a handsaw. Then, you will have to moor to pier or berth. The package already contains 16-feet roll of white dock edging and this is strictly manufactured using recycled flexible PVC material.

And, since this is meticulously built using pigmented plastic, you can successfully avoid scuffing on your vessel or revealing a distinct base color after being brushed or grinded. It does not fade easily and its being well-constructed is already very clear evidence that it could ensure long-standing performance. Just like aluminum dock bumpers, this dock bumper version won’t let you down.

Nevertheless, this dock bumper necessitates dock screws and EasyFlex Galvanized Deck for installation but you need to buy these separately, so that means additional cost. And, in order to allow the bumpers to lie flat, a lot of screws are especially required. If these are okay with you, then you can make the final decision.
  • Manufactured using recycled flexible PVC material
  • Can guarantee no color transfer
  • Capable of ensuring ultimate and effaced dock and boat protection
  • Proudly designed with D-profile dock edging
  • Installation can be done in a short span of time
  • Requires dock screws and EasyFlex Galvanized Deck for installation but these are bought separately
  • May need many screws to have the bumpers lie flat
Ultimately, many consumers prefer this product over the others because it is engineered with D-profile dock edging design. The single cavity D-shape style comes with versatile core that is intended to keep watercrafts from bumping into sharp edges and dock corners. Needless to say, this is highly suggested for horizontal beams and vertical dock pylons. If you want to own an efficient and solid dock protection that you can use in saltwater and freshwater, then this is more than enough for you.

What to Look For When Buying a Boat Dock Bumper

best boat dock bumpers

Before purchasing a dock bumper, there are some indispensable points to contemplate on and these comprise of the following:

Materials it is made of. Dock bumpers are built using distinct materials, some of which are more durable, reliable and practical than other models. Basically, marine-grade vinyl is the most recommendable material for docks that encounter considerable amount of traffic and those that go through heavy vessels; on the other hand, flexible PVC soft vinyl are more sufficient for lighter watercrafts.

Type of water. There are dock bumpers that are particularly made for salt water use; meanwhile, others are only highly applicable for fresh water berths. Moreover, you could find versions that are appropriate for both water types. This is crucially essential to take in mind if you hope to inhibit superfluous deterioration.

Bumper style. When picking a dock bumper, it is critical to take the shape of the dock into account as well as where protection is especially required since there are many distinct styles of dock bumper to select from.

UV protection vs. Fungicides. There are dock bumper models that come with UV protection and fungicide feature. These are highly advantageous for those who are focused on the appearance of their docks and for people who prefer to keep their dock bumpers in place all the time. Not to mention, should you wish to reduce the cost of needed maintenance on your dock, bumpers that come with these features are perfect choice.

Edging vs. Padding. Most dock bumpers are designed with interior paddings that are intended to absorb the impact of any bumps or collision. For all that, it is also feasible to look for dock edging that does not come with padding but this is still appropriate for safeguarding watercrafts from dock rash, scratches and other sorts of damages.

Typically, dock edging is less costly; be that as it may, it is not also appropriate for heavy or large watercrafts that especially necessitate more sufficient protection.

Other Important Factors to Consider

dock bumpers and fenders

What is a boat dock bumper?

Boaters or sailors who go on boating on a frequent mode will bump the dock at one point or another. Assuredly, sailors who are into pulling up to the moor at full speed are generally anticipated. Still and all, while bumping the berth is not something that many boaters can evade, there are a few methods to thwart destructing your berth and vessel if you have a well-thought-of plan.

To boot, dock bumpers can be positioned surrounding the external section of your moor or on the posts. These are commonly built with impact-proof materials and they usually feature foam padding. It is interesting to note that these are especially engineered to absorb the impact of the bump; as a result, it impedes serious damages.

Fundamentally, these are not only intended to assist boaters safeguard their vessel and moor from physical deterioration, but these could also aid prevent a watercraft from going through scratches, dock rash, and instantly fading colors that are generally brought about by impact.

How does it work?

A dock bumper is precisely built to help prevent a vessel from acquiring various sorts of damages as it comes up or rubs up against another boat or against a moor. This can either be deflated or inflated. It is important to understand that the inflated one works by means of being filled with air which is made possible by utilizing an air pump.

On the other hand, the deflated one works by being hanged at the back or at the edges of the vessel to ward off impact. This is generally built using molded plastic or high quality foam.

What are the different types of dock bumpers?

There are a number of basic forms of dock bumpers and these consist of the following:

Laminated dock bumpers. These are approximately mid-range in terms of wear capacity. Such type is capable of providing flexibility in thickness, length as well as height.

Steel faced dock bumpers. These are considered the most outstanding when it comes to wear. Unlike laminated dock bumpers, these could provide 4 times the needed protection. You can figure out if this is the ideal option for you by asking: is there a possibility of multiple collisions? Is loading a type of trailer or dock equipment a serious concern? If the potentiality is great, then you made the right pick.

Molded dock bumpers. These are known for being the most appealing and stunning dock bumpers that are sold on the market nowadays. And, unlike other forms of bumpers, these are more uncomplicated to chip or gouge. So, the question here is: is it really necessary or practical for you to sacrifice sturdiness for style or appealing look?

Why do you need a dock bumper? (Benefits)

Having dock bumpers along the side of the moor is indispensable to minimize scraping while the vessel is tied up and also for lessening impact when coming into the slip; as you can see, this is particularly valuable if you own a sailboat as this comes with larger impact point in the middle.

In substance, dock bumpers are necessary and beneficial for any facility that functions as a loading berth and these consist of the following:

  1. These are specifically designed to take in collisions as well as shock.
  2. Bumpers help prevent semi-trailers from hitting, making contact and your building.
  3. They are superb at warding off accidents if your moors are at intermittent approach grade.
  4. Topnotch dock bumpers have the capability to last for many years of rugged usage- this is what makes them a wise investment.

Hence, if you have a boat or any other type of vessel, or you currently have your own berth, then, it is significant to invest in a set of dock bumpers even though these are already equipped with vessel fenders. These are great in reducing repair and maintenance cost in the long run.

Frequently Asked Questions


What are the most trusted dock bumper brands?

If you are baffled regarding the best and top quality dock bumpers for you to get, and if you do not have much knowledge about the best brands or manufacturers for these products, then the following brands are credible and highly trusted enough for you to select from:

  • Taylor Made Products
  • Attwood
  • Dock Edge
  • Dimex

What size boat dock bumper do I need?

Generally speaking, the larger the size of your vessel is, the larger the size of dock bumpers you will particularly require to utilize. Please take note of this as you purchase the right dock bumper product for your needs and preference.

How to install and use?

The first thing that you need to execute when installing and using dock bumpers is to gauge the length of the dock. Further, majority of dock bumper models could be cut to short or different pieces; however, you could also uncover some that are ready for use in distinct lengths; thus, it is advised to buy the models that will fit it in an automatic approach if you like. Once you already have the appropriately sized bumpers in hand, the next stage is to affix the mounting bracket.

What’s more, it is essential to utilize a level to make certain that it is balanced, and from there you must mark the holes. After that, utilize a cordless drill. The holes can be drilled. Then, position the bracket back onto the moor, and utilizing nails or screws, you must securely fix it into place.

The last phase is affixing the mounting bracket in place. To do so, you could either screw the bumper solidly or slide the bumper into place. Take note that this would hinge on the model you invested in. After setting up, you can add silicon for much needed shield if you prefer.

What is the warranty?

The delighting news is that all the different dock bumper brands reviewed in this article are supported by specific warranty offers. Please take note that, many a time, the kind of warranty you can avail of differs and generally depend on the manufacturer. Still and all, no matter how distinct these warranties are, what matters most is that you are dealing with a credible manufacturer or brand that offers warranties to their most loyal customers.

Warranty offers usually consist of warranties that last for a certain period of time, refunds and replacement of the defective parts or product. You can learn more about the kind of warranty you can avail of by reading the product’s description or consider asking the manufacturer for you to get more detailed information.

Where to buy?

Dock bumpers are easy to purchase. These are available in local marine supply stores in your location and other malls or shopping centers that offer marine products. Or, if you prefer to do online shopping instead, you can start browsing the web for highly trusted online shopping sites like Amazon.

While it is ideal to shop on a local store if you have enough time and resources to do so, shopping online can be more convenient and you are more likely to be offered with infinite selections to pick from. At times, shopping online can be tricky, so it is highly advised to only deal with credible online shopping sites. This is to ensure that you are getting only the best deals.

By shopping locally or on the web, you can enjoy some special discounts, promos, freebies and other gratifying offers.

How to care and maintain?

  1. Keep your dock bumpers tidy by using pressurized water tool or a nozzled hose and thoroughly spray down the dock bumper’s surface. In doing so, the pressure of water will get rid of any filth or residue that might have accumulated on the surface and this would also aid in preventing it from being transmitted to your vessel. This task is very convenient to execute for most boaters particularly when rinsing down their vessel.
  2. Repair any jagged corners on your vessel that may tear or seriously damage your dock bumper. You can utilize soldering iron or a hot blade to melt any open corners on your bumper so you could guarantee that they won’t shred or come apart.
  3. Cutting to length. When cutting to preferred lengths, a sharp knife is required when cleanly cutting through the foam and polyester textile. A sharp knife is utilized to trim the foam that is identical to the edge that you have trimmed off.
  4. For you to hide the foam internal cushion and to keep the textile appear clean, a soldering iron or hot blade can be utilized to melt any open corners. Finally, it is a must to screw the open end down to the dock to close it.
  5. Make sure to follow the installation and usage procedure tackled above to extend the lifespan of your dock bumper. Keep your bumper properly installed and clean all the time.


All special features and functions considered, the best dock bumpers tackled in this post are capable of providing the best match that can fulfill your needs and preference. And, you have also discovered the value of having more dock bumpers to install for your vessel to be safer and for you to have the peace of mind whenever you go sailing or take your boat on the lake or river.

Many sailors are insightful of how valuable dock bumpers are since these give you berthing confidence, more protection and they make you worry-free. While it cannot be denied that they are a costly investment, still these are beneficial as they will safeguard your vessel from overpriced damage repair cost in the future.

With the guidelines shared above, it will be easier for you to choose at least 2 dock bumpers to install in order to guarantee a safer and smooth sailing mooring experience. These are advantageous for both newbies and experienced sailors, and these are particularly practical to anyone who is a solo boater, hooked in more challenging conditions and berth without much difficulty.

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