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The Best Dock Lines in 2023

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It matters to tie your watercraft into something solid if you do not want it to hover away. While it cannot be denied that chains are certainly sturdy enough to execute the job, still these are bulky and do not have any stretch or give to them.

Basically, this implies that all the impacts will be relayed to either the cleats on the moor or the ones on your vessel. Take note that this isn’t advantageous in that it would slowly work them unconstrained. Hence, the best dock lines are deemed necessary for you to invest in.

best dock lines

A minimum of two forms of dock lines are needed for your vessel; first is the transitory dock lines that are utilized when you are far from your regular anchoring and the permanent dock lines that are used when your vessel is in its customary dock.

It is significant to note that utilizing a distinct color for each shall aid you in instantly differentiating between them. In addition to this, dock lines also necessitate to have some stretch or give to them, and maximum protection from water, various types of weather and too much exposure from the sun’s UV light.

The buying guides and product reviews carefully tackled in this post can help you take through the process of determining which brand and type of dock line is the appropriate option for your watercraft and your present needs and style.

Top 3 Products

Best Overall


Airhead AHDL-4 Dockline


Most Durable


Seasense Dockline


Premium Choice


Seachoice Dock Line


Table of Contents

Best Dock Lines Reviews of 2023

1. Airhead AHDL-4 Bungee Dockline


Would you like to ensure the quickest way to dock the boat? Then, these mooring ropes for boats can be your best choice. Their elasticity appears to be just adequate. They remain snugged to the moor in rough water; nonetheless, not too tight that you’ll have to worry later. If you opt for a durable and quite easy to utilize one, then this one is for you.

These are made with 2 foam floats that are intended to safeguard the vessel from rubbing and sliding adjustment at both edges for hassle-free docking. For a fact, they are perceived as more convenient as compared to the traditional ropes. They are capable of stretching and smooth sailing to store.

Howbeit, these mooring ropes seem incapable of ensuring long-standing service. And, while it is true that they come with a spring that enables them to easily come on and off, there are times when they lose their capability to spring back. So, these are the factors that you have to inspect when buying this brand.
  • Built with 2 foam floats that provide utmost protection to vessels
  • Can absorb shock to cleats, pylons, vessels, docks and other hardware
  • Ideal for PWC’s and docking vessels that weigh by up to four thousand pounds
  • Come with a bungee cord that serves as a built-in snubber
  • Easy to utilize and helps save more time
  • Do not seem to last for many years of usage
  • Have the tendency to lose their capability to spring back

Overall, these ropes for dock lines absolutely rock. They are the solution to solve bad knots that come too loose or undone. They are ideal for temporary docking and can be instantly tied off to the moor and you won’t need to worry about your boat hovering away brought about by incorrect tie off- these make them great investment for boaters.

And, the best of all, they could excellently absorb shock between the vessel and dock cleat. These are a breeze to tie up at the fuel dock or ramp. Their versatility and functionality are superb! If you have them handy, then there will be no more struggles to deal with ropes.

2. Seasense Double Braid Nylon Dockline


It is true that searching for high quality marine ropes and lines can be a physically and mentally draining task to manage. But, with enough information regarding a good and reliable brand, you won’t be misled. Fortunately, this nylon dock line is manufactured well and can promise a good performance for your vessel.

This is a great quality dock line that comes with a very sturdy loop and accurately interweaved braids. It is strong yet quite soft to the touch. As a matter of fact, you won’t have issues if you have it with you, it is easy to use and plain sailing to install too. Thus, you won’t think twice of buying one again. What makes this product a must-have is that it is very portable for mooring, landings and even when loading on the trailer.

The color options are also a wonderful feature that you get to choose from. It can promise a good fit on a boat’s cleat and comes with stunning look. Unlike other similar products, it does not easily come loose whenever you use it.

Still and all, this boating rope comes with a shorter lifespan as compared to other brands available on the market these days. Likewise, it is more prone to chafing more easily than other ropes out there.
  • Can guarantee a secure fit that does not come loose while in use
  • Well-constructed and comes with appealing look
  • Capable of fitting nicely on the cleats of a vessel
  • Strong enough to pull a 50’ watercraft
  • Quite flexible to coil and handle
  • Susceptible to being rubbed easily
  • Comes with comparatively shorter usable lifespan
In a nutshell, this product is avant-garde. It is constructed well, ensures good handling and has the capability to provide nice shock absorption just as what you can expect with good quality nylon. For the price, this is incomparable and you’ll be impressed of how well it can hold. The finish and fit of the outer layer is so impressive that it does not come with unpleasant weaving and cuts. It is nice to know that you can have a good product without the need to spend extravagantly.

3. Seachoice Double Braid Nylon Dock Line


Are you hunting for affordable yet very reliable and adjustable dock lines for your watercraft? Then, this product from Seachoice is a good option for you. Many boat owners prefer this dock line because it is not susceptible to encouraging the accumulation of mildew or mold. And, it is a risk-free investment to consider in that it is backed up by a 3-year limited warranty.

Basically, this is recognized for being medium to high quality type of rope. It can ensure good binding or whipping on the working end and even on the eye splice. And, since the rope is soft to touch, it makes a sterling noise minimizer for roof racks. If you want something that could hold quite well in saltwater, then this may be the right pick for you.

This is nice choice mainly because it could effectively absorb intense shock loads and once purchased, this already comes complete with a 15-inch eye splice. This is ideal for beginners since it is flexible and no trouble to handle.

Notwithstanding, you’ve got to bear in mind that this comes with poorly built whipped ends and it commonly leaves foul smell or film on your hands whenever you utilize it. These are just a few of the minor concerns that must not be taken lightly.
  • Designed to be easy handle and quite flexible
  • Offers more excellent abrasion resistance and greater wet strength
  • Top quality dock line that could absorb extreme shock loads
  • Not prone to mildew or mold accumulation
  • Comes complete with a 15-inch eye splice
  • Leaves film or foul smell on user’s hands
  • Comes with poorly made whipped ends
Ultimately, you’ll like the fact that this dock line comes with heat stabilized and pre-shrunk features. And just like other expensive marine dock lines sold on the market today, it has the capability to offer more impressive abrasion resistance and greater wet strength as compared to other nylons. Besides, there is no need for you to worry about the possibility of severe mildew or mold formation as this is not prone to that kind of issue. Of course, this won’t hurt your pocket too as it comes with pocket-friendly price tag.

4. Extreme Max 3006.2352 BoatTector Bungee Dock Line


The dock line does a good job of enabling some play in order to keep the watercraft from bouncing back and forth when anchored. As you can see, this is a clear indication that it can execute what it was expected to do. Indeed, it could hold the paddle board nearby the anchor and could also reliably hold a jet ski properly. Isn’t it good news to know that it can take care of the weight without much play in the rope?

This dock line guarantees that your vessel does not wrench or thrust when at the harbor. It is essential to note that it has the capability to stretch without difficulty in order to adapt to the watercraft’s drifting and then pulls it if it hovers too far. To allow instant attachment, this is equipped with 10-inch loop and slider that are positioned on both edges between the vessel and the moor.

You can also choose your preferred color as this is available in 7 distinct colors like white, blue, black, yellow, red and so on. This is cost-effective because once bought, it comes with 2 packs already.

A few of the glitches that you need to unveil though if you decided to use this rope for boating are its very tiny loops and its slightly offensive smell. If these are not serious issues for you to deal with, then this is still a perfect pick for your docking needs.
  • Available in three distinct sizes
  • Capable of reducing tugging as well as jerking on anchored vessels
  • Supported by a 1-year replacement warranty
  • Ensures securing to a harbor quite convenient
  • Encourages effortless attachment made possible by its 10-inch loop and slider at each edge
  • Stink to high heaven
  • Comes with very tiny loops
Generally speaking, this dock line is worth every single penny spent for it. It is available in 3 different sizes and does a superb job of diminishing wrenching as well as thrusting on moored watercrafts. Once purchased, this is already backed up by a 1-year replacement warranty. You can also pick the color that you want. Undoubtedly, this is one great way to ensure a very smooth sailing and convenient dock.

5. Predator (NZ) Hi-Performance Dock Lines


You might be probably insightful of the fact that nylon is deemed as the best material to use for dock lines. And, this brand can be perceived as one of the best ropes for boating because it can stand the test of time and it is thoroughly built to be resistant to too much sun exposure, mold, oil and rot.

In like manner, the box already contains a total of 4 ropes wherein each of them comes with 12-inch eyelet in one edge, comes with a 3/8 inch diameter and is 15 feet in length. And, this product offers money back guarantee that makes it a better option. As you can see, you have more to gain and nothing to lose if you invest in these docking ropes.

Please note that this option is not the ideal choice for heavier and larger watercrafts. In the same way, the ropes seem to be short and thin. Hence, if you are a large boat owner, then opt for the one that are longer and thicker to precisely accommodate the needs of your vessel.
  • Resistant to mold, oil, rot and too much sunlight exposure
  • Package contains a total of four ropes
  • Supported by a money-back guarantee offer
  • Manufactured by professional New Zealand team with over 60 years of boating experience
  • Include a storage bag for storage purposes when not in use
  • Not the perfect pick for larger watercrafts
  • Appear to be short and thin
Right to it, these are highly recommendable dock lines that come with ideal length to all around the vessel. They are superb when it comes to durability, quality and impressive packaging. Essentially, their being resistant to excessive sun exposure, oil, rot and mold is a clear sign that they can fight off rugged use for many years to come. These even come with a breathable storage bag that you can practically utilize when you need to store the stuff- take note that these are not prone to getting moldy or developing mildew. They can also be a perfect present to any boat enthusiast. You can have all these without breaking the bank!

6. Skog Å Kust Premium Dock Lines


Without any shadow of doubt, shopping for the best boat dock lines could be tiring; but the case won’t be so if you give this product a chance. These are sturdy, strong enough and ideal for tying up your vessel quite easily. They work best for pontoon boats and are the perfect pick if you especially require anchoring lines that could secure the vessel in its slip.

What is more, you can utilize them both for marine and freshwater. They are constructed to be resistant to rust. It is worth mentioning that a lot of people choose this brand over the others because you can use it for lightweight personal vessels, SUPs and kayaks. And, since these are designed with highly visible green and yellow colors, they are quite noticeable and easy to access even at evening time.

Apart from these, the ropes are thick and are equipped with superb loop on one edge. Moreover, the hook is actually so easy to open as compared to those made with plastic material. They are water and sting resistant and quite plain sailing to utilize with the clips solidly fastened.

Regardless, these ropes are not long enough. And, they do not come with heavy duty snap. You need to take these factors into account before getting yours.
  • Designed for both freshwater and saltwater use
  • Highly practical to use for SUPs, kayaks or lightweight personal vessel
  • Backed up by lifetime warranty for any manufacturing defects
  • Built with custom high visibility green and yellow colors
  • Serves as gilt-edge dock lines for tying up watercrafts
  • Quite short
  • Do not come with heavy duty snap
In essence, these can be one of the best ropes for boat mooring that you won’t regret investing in. They are quite convenient to use in different situations and they are budget-friendly options because once bought, you instantly get two packs already. Aside from this, these are packaged using reusable Velcro cinch wrap that allows effortless storage when you’re not using them. Most importantly, they are supported by satisfaction guarantee and lifetime warranty in the event that you encounter some defects.

7. Botepon 2Pcs Boat Dock Line


These boat rope accessories are undemanding to utilize. They are designed with a sleeve that makes it effortless to modify the size of the loop to connect to a cleat or wooden post. To boot, these also come with foam bumpers that are situated on each edge and these are particularly meant to impede the dock lines from submerging even when they go overboard.

If you have these with you, you can be guaranteed of a more secured docking. They are quite elastic and could bump around but the surprising part is that it can remain solidly attached. You’ll love these ropes because they are capable of stretching enough to keep them from getting loose but not sufficient to blow the dock.

Meanwhile, a few of the shortcomings of these ropes are their incapability to accommodate larger watercrafts and these are not the suitable options if you intend to use them for permanent docking.
  • Allows instant and convenient docking
  • Capable of keeping the vessel solidly snugged against the harbor
  • Can absorb shock to docks, cleats, pylons, vessels and other hardware
  • Ideal for transient docking
  • Highly recommended for pontoon, bass boat, kayak and lots more
  • Not appropriate for larger vessels
  • Not highly recommended for permanent docking
In the rear, these ropes are practical to use for transient docking mainly because these are quite easy to utilize as compared to traditional ropes and they have been tested and proven to be life-saving. In substance, these come with sterling elasticity and are especially constructed to be very heavy-duty that make them extraordinary when it comes to keeping your watercraft durable if you utilize it on a river channel where the level of water heightens and drops. But, take note that these are not practical to use for larger boats and permanent docking applications.

8. Boat Lines & Dock Ties Boat Dock Tie Bungee


Are you into durability, topnotch quality and sun protection features? Then, you can consider having these high quality bungee dock lines in your shopping list. They may be a little pricey, but you’ll later realize that they are economical to use.

Fundamentally, these are meticulously assembled and examined by the manufacturer to guarantee topmost quality. They are proud USA products. They’re machine-sewn which clearly indicates that they do not have any metal in them. In point of fact, these are labeled as one of the most outstanding bungee dock lines sold on the market at present.

Likewise, these are manufactured with durable nylon cover that is the one responsible for providing ultraviolet shield from sun damage and provides this dock line a longer lifespan. It is furnished with 9-inch loops on each edge that enables easy attachment to the anchor cleats.

Not the less, these come in slightly pricey costs which may not fit those with limited budget. And, they are small that makes them slightly inconvenient for some situations at times.
  • Makes securing a vessel to the dock quite effortless
  • Does not contain any metal and are machine sewn
  • Certified durable and designed with outer UV protective nylon cover
  • Ensures easy attachment to anchor cleats
  • Capable of stretching enough to ward off any sorts of damage
  • Designed to be small
  • A little costly
Laid on the line, these can successfully keep a vessel against bumpers and this is made possible because of their superb stretching capability that makes them adept at warding off any serious damage. You can utilize them not only for long-term anchoring every evening, but these could also be used for securing the tube to the vessel when not utilizing it. Considering their sterling features, these are the best option to secure your boat to the harbor.

9. DC Cargo Mall Marine-Grade Double-Braided Dock Lines


This can be regarded as one of the best boat dock ropes because it can keep your watercraft secured even when you are away. And, as clear proof of its solidness and durability, this is particularly designed to be resistant to chafing, mildew, molding and extreme exposure to sunlight.

While the nylon is made to be quite solid and sturdy and marine-grade, it is soft to touch which means to say that it won’t hurt your hands as it slides through. And, since it comes with soft texture, it won’t damage the finish of your vessel.

The downsides that you need to watch out for if you picked this brand are its being impractical to use for bigger boats and the loop is only situated on one edge.
  • Can fight off winter winds and strong currents
  • Resistant to chafing, UV rays from the sun, mildew and mold
  • Reliable, easy and secure to utilize
  • Easy on your hands and most cherished watercraft
  • One of the top-drawer marine-grade double-braided nylon products
  • Not a practical option for larger vessels
  • Loop is only on one edge
To wrap things up, this is an excellent choice if you want to be at peace even if there are strong currents and winter winds. It can provide utmost security and protection to your most treasured watercraft when it especially requires it the most. This marine-grade double-braided nylon can be used for long-term and it can guarantee maximum stretchability, sturdiness and shock-absorbency. Take note that this only comes with a single loop on one edge and is not suitable for vessels that are designed with larger sizes.

10. Obcursco PWC Bungee Dock Line Stretchable


These are quite lightweight and easy to store. They are particularly practical to utilize for more vessels and other intended situations. These bungee dock lines are capable of providing more power to the loading and are built to be capable of combatting too much sun exposure and saltwater. You can use them for various applications as well.

In addition to this, these are the suitable choice if you hope to make anchoring your PWC a breeze. These are flexible enough and enable some extra flexibility when attempting to reach moor cleats that might be out of reach for a traditional dock rope. It is interesting to consider that the products’ very visible green color allows it to be easily dropped in water and it is a lot easier to find them swaying by the hook when mooring.

However, there are some things that you need to discover about these bungee dock lines and these are its not-so-pocket-friendly price tag and expect some minor elasticity issues in the long run.
  • Practical to use for both marine and freshwater applications
  • Can deliver very powerful loading capacity
  • Already contain two set of high quality bungee ropes
  • Recognized for their being stretchable and superb shock absorbency feature
  • Specifically designed with protective foam float
  • Come with some minor elasticity issues
  • A little expensive
To conclude, this is a kind of investment that you can be proud of. This is superior in terms of preventing your watercraft from being rubbed during quick docking. And, many boaters prefer this product over other options because it is proudly made with impressive shock absorbency and higher stretch features as compared to other available choices out there.

11. Extreme Max 3006.2168 BoatTector Double Braid Nylon


Are you having a tough time seeking for the right rope sizes for boats? Then, why not take a closer look at this product?

If you’re going to examine these dock lines closely, you will be impressed of the double-braided built that is quite heavy duty yet they’re easy on your hands. These are ideal for securing a broad range of small vessels. These come with heavy weight, stunning dark color and nice texture. The loop at the edge is quite practicable that allows instant attachment.

Please be guided that these are not lengthy enough to cater the needs of distinct vessels and moors. And at the same time, the dye seems to have the tendency to stain the boat’s finish.
  • Made to be double-braided to disallow too much stretch but allow increased more shock absorbency
  • Resistant to abrasion, saltwater, mildew, gas, acids, UV rays and oil
  • Highly ideal to use for kayaks, cruisers, pontoons, and fishing boats
  • Backed up by limited lifetime warranty
  • Built to be quite durable and easy on the hands
  • Not long enough to accommodate different watercrafts and docks
  • The dye may stain the boat’s finish
In summary, these are great quality for the price. The ends were sealed tightly and you can see that these are securely stitched to impede shredding or prevent the core from sliding within the sleeve. These are unquestionably very stunning fender lines that are quite easy on the hands. However, these aren’t long enough to meet the needs of larger vessels and docks.

12. Shoreline Marine Double Braided Nylon Dock Line

Shoreline Marine Double Braided Nylon Dock Line

This nylon boat rope is available in a broad array of colors as well as sizes that are meant to fit your particular vessel or dock combination. It is designed with double braided nylon that sustains a wonderful feel that won’t in any way crumble the finish of your watercraft. In line with this, it is manufactured with a durable loop on one end and an aligned end on the other- this is specifically intended to enable boaters to easily customize their berth configuration.

It is interesting to note that these lines could also be effortlessly utilized accordingly with any brand of watercraft bumper or fender. As you might already know, nylon is a very reliable material and it has the capability to provide a measure of stretch that aids in securing watercrafts at the time of unanticipated high wave events especially when you require the most vigorous of docking lines for vessels.

On the other hand, there are a couple of minus points to look into if you choose this product and these include its being unreliable during harsh weather conditions as the lines appear to be not thick enough for heavier and larger types of watercraft.
  • Designed with very durable double braided nylon
  • Can be instantly utilized with any brand of boat fender or bumper
  • Available in a broad array of colors and sizes
  • Built with sturdy loop on one end and an aligned end on the other
  • Greatly aids in securing vessels at the time of unforeseen high wave events
  • Lines appear to be quite thin for heavier and larger vessels
  • Not that reliable during harsh weather conditions
All in all, this dock line is well worth the money. It has an outstanding feel in the hand and the rope is capable of holding the knots exceptionally. And, it seems that it can withstand long years of usage provided it is not used for heavier and larger vessels and during tough weather conditions. Indeed, the nylon material used for this dock line is sturdy enough that it is not prone to kinking or rotating and it also has the capability to sustain a smooth feel that will not scrape the vessel’s finish.

What to Look For When Buying a Dock Line

best boat dock rope

When shopping for high quality dock lines, there are some vital points to take into account before making the final decision and these consist of the following:

  • Are you purchasing dock lines for permanent or transient use? Take into consideration that temporary dock lines are utilized while you’re away from the harbor while permanent dock lines are used when your vessel is in its regular dock. Consider what you will use it for before getting one.
  • Dock lines must be manufactured using durable quality nylon rope. There are other versions that are made with polypropylene but these are prone to getting instantly deteriorated in the sun, they do not come with some level of required stretch and comes with low breaking power which makes them generally the least option to consider.

What’s more, dock lines generally come in 3 forms of weaves and these are:

Braided nylon. This comes with appealing look; they are easy on the hands and are definitely stronger.

Three-stand. This has the capability to stretch more, abrasion-resistant and a piece of cake to interweave, and the best of all, they come in reasonable price tags.

Double Braided Nylon. This is no sweat to handle, known as the strongest type, made to be abrasion-resistant, looks great and can ensure controlled elongation.

As you can see, there is a subtle distinction between these types; however, any of them makes sufficient dock line.

  • Fundamentally, dock lines come in different colors. And, while the color doesn’t have helpful use besides aesthetic appeal, take note that darker lines are more prone to rapidly fading as compared to light-colored ones. Inversely, lighter lines accumulate dirt a lot easier than the darker lines.
  • Also consider the length, size, diameter and quantity of dock line that you especially require.

Note that these are just some of the critical factors that you need to mull over when buying the most suitable dock lines for your boat.

Other Important Factors to Consider

best boat dock lines

What is a dock line?

Dock lines also called mooring lines are specifically built to help in securing a watercraft to a moor, or to another vessel when boating, either transiently or permanently. It is worth noting that these uses generally demand distinct forms of dock lines.

And, since these are responsible for keeping your vessel in place at the harbor, it is indispensable to look for the type of dock line that it is elastic and strong enough to take in shock loads or impacts. In like manner, it should be resistant to rot, UV rays and abrasion.

How does it work?

Dock lines work by being left in place to pick up and drop when leaving and returning. Most watercraft owners adjust all dock lines in order to keep the vessel as close to mid-slip as feasible through all the wind and tide alterations that take place when the vessel is at rest- as you can see, this is especially practical to use when leaving the vessel unattended.

What are the different types of dock lines?

Did you know that there are so many distinct dock lines for you to freely pick from? To unveil more of them, read the following:

Polyester dock line. This is described as having similar strength to nylon. Aside from this, it is also capable of providing awesome resistance to abrasion and ultraviolet rays. This implies that it has the tendency to last for longer consumption while sustaining its flexibility.

But, polyester tends to stretch slightly and due to this it is not capable of taking in shock. Thus, extra caution is required when utilizing this type of rope.

Nylon dock line. This offers more strength as compared to polyester. Basically, this stretches more than polyester which conveys that it is more excellent at managing shock loads even in rugged conditions.

However, this is more susceptible to losing its flexibility over a long period of time and does not hover in water and is more likely to lose some of its strength when drenched.

Steel wire mooring lines. This is typically composed of six strands of steel wire wound in a curled configuration. It comes with some identical properties to a chain; nevertheless, it is lighter so this makes it no trouble to handle; while still sustaining the same power.

Withal, it provides better elasticity as compared to a chain and this is the reason why it is exceptional at taking in shock. Note that this type is quite sensitive to corrosion so it specifically calls for high maintenance than other forms of dock ropes or lines.

Sisal or other synthetic fibres. This is certainly built from the yarns of Agava Sisalana. The rope is quite strong; nonetheless, it does not stretch quite properly, making it incapable of taking in huge amounts of shock. This is also abrasive that it requires being handled with utmost care and treatment.

Regardless, this is resistant to UV and can guarantee good grip. It commonly lasts long and even longer if treated with preservers.

Polypropylene. This is a well-known substitute to nylon and could many a time be found at a less expensive price tag. The rope has the capability to retain its flexibility, hover in water and can fight off rot.

For all that, this is not the strongest of docking lines and it is prone to getting damaged by UV rays. Hence, it is advised to store it indoors to extend its lifespan.

Why do you need a dock line? (Benefits)

As what was mentioned earlier, dock lines are precisely designed to aid in keeping a vessel safe and secured when securing it to a wharf, or to another boat when sailing, either permanently or transitorily. As a boat owner, it is beneficial to invest in a top quality one because of the following reasons and benefits:

  1. They float in the water.
  2. These come in similar strength as steel wire rope of the same size and they are highly recognized for being stronger as compared to other types of mooring ropes or line available on the market nowadays.
  3. Do not require more manpower to handle the job.
  4. Do not necessitate the use of heavy equipment.
  5. These are hand-friendly.
  6. They are generally lightweight and allow easy handling.
  7. Mooring lines are generally chemical-resistant, rustproof and come with longer lifespan.
  8. They can guarantee safer and more secured work sites.
  9. These are designed to be capable of bending fatigue resistance and high tension.
  10. Do not call for lubrication.
  11. They can ensure low elongation. It is worth mentioning that this is made possible because the backlash energy stored is much lower as compared in the steel wire rope.

Frequently Asked Questions


What are the most trusted dock line brands?

If you’re feeling skeptical about the best brand for you to trust when it comes to investing in reliable and durable mooring lines, then the following brands are credible enough for you to consider:

  • Shoreline Marine
  • Seasense
  • DC Cargo Mall
  • Skog Å Kust
  • Extreme Max
  • Boat Lines & Dock Ties LLC

How long should dock lines be?

Please be guided that mooring lines should be approximately 2/3 of the length of the vessel when utilized on the stern and bow. In the same way, spring lines must be comparable to the length of the barge.

How to tie dock line knots?

It is crucial for boaters and sailors to have some designated mooring lines aboard, the ones that come with spliced eyes are highly recommendable as these come ready when you lock them up somewhere. Generally, the eye in the end is instantly passed around a piling or a cleat by anyone on the harbor and the bitter end is altered on board. Likewise, there are numerous combinations of lengths as well as diameters.

Here are a few methods on how to tie dock line knots:

  1. Make a turn around a post. Afterward, create a loop that comes with free end that splits on the inner section.
  2. Clasp the standing line and from there, pull a section by the loop.
  3. The next stage is to clasp a part of the free end and then pull the part way via the new loop.
  4. Stiffen the knot through pulling it down on the standing line. Lastly, unfastened the knot by way of pulling the free end.

How to install and use?

Whenever setting up docking lines, it is definitely required to discuss matters with local harbormaster first. It is specifically crucial to figure out the ground tackle requirements in your wharf prior to investing in mooring lines and other related gears.

Needless to say, quality and complete attention to detail is especially needed for what are commonly labeled as the weak spots in anchoring system. In line with this, it is vital that all berthing line components are properly set up by professionals, with utmost care and in full conformity with the specifications of the manufacturer.

Please take note of the following:

Spiral Strand Mooring Wire. This is probably the hardest mooring item to set up as it is sensitive to twisting, sheathing damage, slippage as well as bending. Thus, gilt-edge installation could only be accomplished with sufficient insight and proper equipment.

Mooring Chain. It is compulsory to ward off knot’s risk and assembly without disproportionate twist.

Polyester lines. If appropriate equipment is used, polyester lines that are generally used for deep water projects are comparably a piece of cake to set up. Assuredly, without the aid of the most outstanding equipment and experts, these would be intricate to install.

What is the warranty?

As always, warranties vary depending on the manufacturer or brand you choose. The same goes when buying dock lines. One brand may not offer what other brands or manufacturers offer. So, if you want to learn more about the warranty that you can avail of when buying a specific dock line product, you need to check out the product description first.

However, if the warranty was not clearly detailed in the product description, then you may directly ask the manufacturer of your chosen dock line product. Keep in mind that credible sellers offer warranties to their most valued clients; hence, if the manufacturer does not offer any warranty, then skip that kind of deal and look for other options.

Where to buy?

Dock lines should be bought from highly credible deals so you won’t have a tough time managing returns. Moreover, you may wish to purchase these on local marine supply stores near your town; on the other hand, you can perhaps uncover some cost-effective deals on the web. A lot of online sellers offer some free shipping and discount offers on specific orders over a specific price tag.

Surely, you can find the right dock lines for you both on local marine supply stores and through online shopping. But, by shopping online, you can be provided with a number of options to choose from. And, many times, you can encounter more brands, options and products that are designed with unique features than shopping locally. What matters is that you ensure that the online shopping site is legit and has 24/7 customer support service.

How to care and maintain?

Mooring lines must be stringently inspected for signs of damage or wear on a periodic basis. When used for a longer period of time, it is necessary to check any indications of damage caused by discoloration, unraveling as well as chafing damage. Take in mind that these must be replaced prior to wearing away or aging become a liability.

Bear in mind that the deterioration along the rope must be externally inspected as well as the areas of damage and fusing on man-made fibre ropes must also be carefully examined to evaluate the reliability of the rope at these times.

Additionally, actinic deterioration areas must be looked in to determine if the rope is still safe and secure enough to be used continuously. The eye wear and eye splice integrity has to be inspected and consider opening the rope strands to examine some inner wear away issues.

Essentially, the piling of the inner surfaces on a man-made fibre rope is a sign of rugged use. It is essential to understand that docking ropes, both those that are on winch drums and the loose coils should be detached and the eye must be re-spliced or end because ended once becomes frayed.

It is highly suggested that serious damage must not be detached from the length within the rope and see to it to replace this using a short splice for this will lessen the power of the rope. Anyhow, in the event that you are doubtful of the integrity or strength of the rope, then consider buying a new one.


To sum things up, you have learned from this post how important it is to invest in the best dock lines to keep your boat safe and sound when mooring. Once you returned from the sailing, there is a serious need to securely rest your watercraft at the moor in an efficient and risk-free approach. Anchoring you vessel might be for temporary while when in transit or permanently till the next time the sailing calls.

Essentially, when anchoring your watercraft, there is one valuable item that is usually disregarded yet it guarantees that you have a boat to return to at the time you need to get back into the sea. Not to mention, as a vessel owner, it is crucial to invest in a top quality dock line that will solidly hold your watercraft in place. By having one, this will greatly help in impeding it from colliding with other watercrafts at the wharf.

With the practical shopping guides and product reviews aforesaid, you won’t be misled in getting the right match that can satisfy your needs and preference for a dock line.

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