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The Best Electric Trailer Dollies for 2023

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Nowadays, as buyers, we are so fortunate that we can freely select what tools to purchase to make our lives more convenient and comfortable. One of the most important equipments that we commonly invest in is an electric dolly trailer.

This is primarily because we cannot efficiently carry out trailer transporting tasks without the best electric trailer dolly to help us. Since maneuvering a trailer isn’t a piece of cake, a motorized trailer dolly is our perfect companion to finish the heavy-duty job.

best electric trailer dolly

Hence, if you are in search of a top-quality electric dolly trailer, this buying guide aims to help you figure things out. Feel free to check out our product reviews, and explore the other valuable information we have gathered for you.

We hope that you’ll find this buyer’s guide a great advantage when picking the right model for your requirements.

Top 3 Products

Best Overall

SuperHandy Trailer Dolly 


Most Modern

Trailer Valet Trailer Dolly


Most Budget-Friendly

Happybuy Trailer Mover


Table of Contents

Best Electric Trailer Dolly Reviews

1. SuperHandy Trailer Dolly Electric Power

Are you planning to buy a high-quality powered trailer mover? Then, you don’t need to search everywhere because what you need is right in front of you. This product is loaded with unique features and functions that make it a great choice for boating fanatics and those engaged in motorsports.

Its avant-garde design allows silent mode of operation and maneuvering heavier loads can be done fast with less burden. As you can see on its overall build, the manufacturer utilized a solid steel frame that comes with unrivaled maneuverable wheels.

The ball attachment is painless to adjust, so users can take pleasure in ease of use and superior maneuverability. If you need to easily move a trailer into tight spaces, this is perfect for that. Moreover, this appliance drive system feature allows low maintenance performance for a long period. As for powerful capabilities, this version is a thumbs-up choice.

Assembling this power trailer dolly is child’s play. It allows users to benefit from a collapsible assembly approach that makes it more convenient to maneuver a broad range of trailers. Meanwhile, the overload protector feature is aimed at shutting down the equipment in the occurrence of electrical overloading. This is ideal for providing the utmost protection for both the unit and the operator.

The swivel wheel is a significant feature too because this is meant for navigating tight spots that would be quite challenging to do manually. This unit is reliable to use for different applications, and if outstanding maneuverability is your top priority, then this is your best bet.

For all that, one major gripe for this equipment is the lack of a “stop” function on the wheels. When you release the button, the boat trailer will compel the dolly to roll in a reverse direction or forward. Which one happens is contingent on momentum or the slope (if you happen to be on one).
  • Assembled with an overload protector feature
  • Guarantees noise-free and easy operation
  • Is low-maintenance
  • Allow easy installation method and collapsible assembly
  • Features a solid steel frame and a swivel wheel for navigating tight spaces
  • Ideal for wide application and superior maneuverability
  • No “stop” function on the wheels
In a nutshell, this motorized trailer mover is the best bang for the bucks. You’ll be impressed by this machine’s powerful and reliable capacity.

2. Trailer Valet TVXL2 XL Trailer Dolly

This electric trailer valet is popular for being more compact, tougher and for having more upgraded features and functions than its brother. It has been regarded as one of the most favorable options to be used for horses, boats, RTV, construction, RV, flat bed and farm trailers.

To ensure more superior safety, this version is designed with an auto brake system that activates when the handle is released. The automatic brake function also serves as a wheel chock that can excellently keep the trailer in a proper position. Meanwhile, the Posi-traction attribute is meant to ensure ease of handling and optimal traction.

If you are searching for an electric trailer moving dolly that is top-rated when it comes to guaranteeing superb maneuverability and instant attachment, the patented ball attachment mechanism of this product is first-rate. The kit includes the patented ball mount, spanner wrench, and the drill attachment.

As for durability, this is one-of-a-kind because it is built using top-quality brass bearings as well as solid steel with powder coat hammer finish. Plus, if you’re going to examine its tires, these are made of solid rubber material that makes them sturdy enough to endure 500 pounds of pressure each.

This trailer valet XL model is capable of maneuvering most trailers that weigh ten thousand pounds by merely utilizing an 18-Volt drill or a quick-to-attach crank handle. This is actually one of the reasons why such an alternative is one of the most solid and sturdy trailer dollies on the market nowadays.

Indeed, there is no doubt that this valet XL trailer is tough and functional; however, it is not easy to use as seen on videos. It being bulky makes it tougher for users to tow it in and out of the truck to the trailer hitch.
  • Tough, upgraded and compact built
  • Wide range of use (horses, boats, and more)
  • Patented ball attachment mechanism structure
  • Can easily move trailers up to 10000 pounds
  • Equipped with a quick-to-attach crank handle and posi-traction
  • Automatic brake for superior safety
  • Not so easy to utilize as seen on videos
This powered trailer dolly is unrivalled in terms of being compact, tough and having upgraded features. It is absolutely a must-have for boat owners!

3. Happybuy Trailer Mover

For those in need of a powerful and reliable electric tow dolly, this alternative can work wonders for you. It is dependable in terms of maneuvering items in a fast and less stressful approach. This is beginner-friendly as it is easy to put together and operate.

The manufacturer built this appliance with heavy-duty materials, so it can deliver many years of unmatched performance and service. The powerful motor and sturdy build make this electric trailer dolly fit enough to handle 2,270 kilograms. This jockey’s wheel load amounts to a total of 272 kilograms. Undoubtedly, guiding the trailer is made easier for you.

Designed with broadened wheels for rugged outdoor applications, this unit allows maximum torque. It is reliable in ensuring optimal traction on any type of surface, and its automatic brake function is intended to guarantee utmost security and safety. This product is outfitted with 2 control handles so it is easy to operate.

The intelligent control components located within the control box do a significant job of safeguarding the motor from overheating damage. The motor offers a good amount of power to the gear mechanism, and the reduction gears are capable enough to transform this motor energy into great maneuvering force.

More importantly, users won’t have issues mounting the bracket to ensure a convenient attachment. You can use this electric trailer dolly to transport various items not limited to trailers alone. Please keep in mind that this equipment requires a 12V lead battery to operate.

Nonetheless, many buyers who have already utilized this electric trailer dolly have complained that this works exceptionally only for smaller utility trailers. Hence, if you need to maneuver items bulkier than a smaller utility trailer, this equipment might not be enough to carry out the task outstandingly.
  • Makes transporting items a cinch
  • Intelligent control components and 2 handles
  • Easy assembly and use with mounting bracket
  • Widened wheels for excellent outdoor application
  • Automatic brake function, powerful motor and reduction gears
  • Super solid overall construction
  • Appears ideal for smaller utility trailers only
Overall, the intelligent control components of this motorized trailer jockey are what make it a more prominent option than other available products.

4. Tow Tuff TMD-3500ETD Electric Trailer Dolly

Even if you’ll need to spend more up front buying this top-notch travel trailer dolly, you are still a winner buyer because you are investing in a peerless product that could offer you more benefits for the long term. Its heavy-duty structure can ensure more years of superb service and performance. So, it is actually economical if you do the math.

Featuring a unique and functional third wheel design, this trailer dolly considerably aids in stabilizing the load to transport equipment and trailers in a safer approach. This appliance is operated by two sealed 24 V 7 AH batteries. It functions with a 2-inch coupler, comes with a tongue weight capacity of 600 pounds and 3,500 pounds weight capacity.

Best of all, this unit is an appropriate alternative for various types of trailers. It is designed with a variable speed in reverse and forward. It allows easy ball height adjustment and can travel 4.5 mph. This trailer dolly comes with 2 solid tires and a swivel caster. It is also manufactured with a step to offer additional foot leverage.

The package contains a LED light to indicate battery. Since this model is battery powered, it is essential to ensure that the battery is always on top working condition. This equipment is best for transporting cargo trailers, utilities, and fish houses. This purchase is backed up by a one-year limited manufacturer’s parts offer.

It cannot be denied that this travel trailer is unparalleled in terms of exceptional features and incredible functions. For all that, you also need to be willing to spend more for this equipment. Its current price may be considered pricey for those with a limited budget.
  • Stabilizes the load to transport equipment and trailers safely
  • Battery-powered with LED battery indicator light
  • Heavy-duty structure for longevity of use, one-year manufacturer’s parts offer
  • Suitable for a broad array of trailers and utilities
  • Designed with variable speed in reverse and forward
  • Easy ball height adjustment, has a step for additional foot leverage
  • Comes in an expensive price tag
If you’re going to think more logically, this battery-powered trailer dolly is the first-class purchase because even though it is a bit costly, quality and outstanding performance are not compromised.

5. Trailer Valet RVR 5

Without question, this electric boat trailer dolly is one of the most unique and reliable when it comes to features and performance. It is durable enough to pull or push by up to a total weight of roughly 5,500 pounds. More importantly, it is unrivaled in terms of guaranteeing easy maneuverability.

If you want a trailer mover that can offer more convenience and practicality, this equipment is your safest choice. It is outfitted with a user-friendly remote control that allows users to transport any camper or trailer from nearly all angles without a spotter. It is also designed with a 3-minute automatic shut-off function.

Such an appliance is manufactured with sturdy caterpillar treads. There is no need to utilize a truck anymore when transporting your trailer around. In that sense, it shows how capable and practical it is for many different situations. It is unnecessary to bend over or use a hand drill, as with the aid of this equipment, you can execute the job with more precision.

This electric trailer mover allows users to effortlessly maneuver trailers in any direction. This means that you can maneuver on any axis you prefer and that it offers fine-tuned controls on precisely where your trailers are going to be. The battery of this trailer mover is built in and you can also recharge it if needed.

Surely, there are lots of useful features and functions to love about this electric trailer dolly for boats. The design is such an excellent option and the controls are amazing. However, the only complaint I have is the appliance’s slow ground speed. Transporting my watercraft from the driveway into the barn takes around 20 minutes.
  • Features 3-minute automatic shut-off function
  • Equipped with a very convenient and user-friendly remote control
  • Capable of pulling or pushing over 5 000 pounds
  • Engineered with durable caterpillar treads
  • Allows easy maneuverability, no need for bending or drilling
  • Built-in, rechargeable battery
  • Very slow ground speed
In general, this self-motorized and remote-controlled trailer dolly is the best solution to easily move the trailer into the intended location or other narrow areas. It’s super expensive, but definitely worth the price!

6. Mini Mover Generation 2

Mini Mover 2 is indeed the equipment you need to provide extra muscle when transporting campers, boats, trailers, caravans, or anything that utilizes a jockey wheel. You’ll certainly adore this version features and powerful motor that have been improved compared to the previous version.

Gone are the days when you need to break your back just to maneuver your boat trailer. With this piece of equipment, you can enjoy moving a trailer or bulky items without the need to put in more effort. The transporting job does not need to be time-consuming either.

This motorized trailer dolly is famous for having more improved design and heavy-duty rust-resistant aluminum frame construction. Since quality materials are used for its craftsmanship, you can revel in extended service and top-notch performance. It is capable enough to handle a total weight of 6 000 lbs.

The automatic brake system feature helps users to maneuver the trailer around with much ease and comfort. There is a uniquely designed clutch that allows users to roll the trailer dolly on the ground in a neutral gear mode. The incredibly sturdy rubber wheel is also reliable in serving its purpose. A 12-Volt DC 24Ah battery is required to power this unit. Take note that the battery is sold separately.

This Mini Mover is also furnished with a security lock that comes with keys. In fact, many buyers adore this equipment’s unique jockey wheel locking system mainly because once locked, nobody can lift the jockey wheel without the key. There are 2 keys included in the kit.

All the same, sometimes it is a bit annoying to see the product you want to buy is “out of stock”. So, if you have finally made up your mind and you have the budget to purchase this model, then be sure to add it to your shopping cart before they run out of stock again.
  • Enhanced design and powerful motor compared to its predecessor
  • Solid rust-resistant aluminum frame
  • Auto brake system and incredibly sturdy rubber wheel
  • Can transport a weight of 6,000 pounds
  • Features security lock with keys, uniquely designed clutch
  • Suitable for anything that utilizes a jockey wheel
  • Sometimes out of stock
  • Battery is sold separately
For buyers who seriously need extra muscle to successfully carry out transporting jobs, this electric boat dolly can be your best friend.

7. Stark 22098 Electric Jockey Wheel Mover

If you find it quite tricky to make a DIY electric trailer dolly, then you may consider buying a premium quality trailer dolly that could make your transporting jobs more convenient and easier. In that aspect, you can give this product a shot. Primarily, there are lots of perks you can yield if you invest in this piece of equipment.

This motorized jockey wheel mover is acclaimed for its super solid built. As a matter of fact, it is engineered with rust-resistant and trouble-free powder coat finish. If you’re going to take a closer look at the rubber wheel, you’ll discover that this seems built to last and meant for extreme types of transporting application.

If you are in the hunt for a top-quality motorized dolly to straightforwardly maneuver a trailer, this product is designed with a button-controlled handle that allows more effortless maneuvering. So, you don’t need to be troubled moving a trailer every time you need to.

To guarantee a superb level of safety, this trailer mover is specifically designed with auto brake function. There are also included keys and lock that are intended to offer more security for the jockey.

The rubber wheel appears to be designed particularly for extended durability and long-lasting performance. They are 8-inch in thickness, which makes them sturdy enough to handle even the toughest transporting jobs.

One major flaw for this product is the unavailability of nut, washer, bracket and bolts that are needed for the frame. I find them tricky to find even online.
  • Incredibly sturdy rubber wheel
  • Comes with lock and keys to secure jockey
  • Rust-resistant and trouble-free powder coat finish
  • Solid overall built and auto brake function
  • Equipped with a button-controlled handle
  • The bracket and bolts, nut or washer for the frame are difficult to find.
By and large, just like the Trax power dolly, this alternative is a surefire investment that won’t make you feel disappointed.

What to Look for When Buying an Electric Trailer Dolly


Electric motor trailer dollies are great options because they are built to handle bulkier weights compared to manual versions. They could carry bulky weights amounting to 12,000 pounds.

Besides, they are more straightforward to maneuver even though they are costlier than manually operated ones.

So, what are the buying features that we need to consider when investing in a top-quality electric trailer dolly?

  • The capacity of weight it can handle

The reason why many boat owners pick motorized electric dollies is because they are more adept at handling bulkier items than manual models. In addition to this, such a piece of equipment is issued with several elements that offer additional safety and quality.

Since motorized trailer dollies are made to be supportive and reliable, they are not prone to breaking easily. They are powerful, with no possible breaking hazards.

  • Adjustability

Trailer dollies are built in distinct sizes and shapes. However, it is imperative to first check out the flexibility of the appliance. For example, if you need to connect your trailer dolly on uneven terrain, adjustability is a must.

Flexibility is important especially if you wish to set the trailer hitch without the need to push the knob, or if you require affixing the trailer on bumpy surfaces.

This is why it matters to search for an adjustable piece of appliance with a ball that could be situated higher or lower to make your job a lot easier.

  • The purpose of application

The manner of usage is a very vital buying consideration too. You can choose between differently-sized balls and trailer dollies that come with shifting designs. Likewise, you can select differently-sized tires, be it something that is built from non-slip rubber or options that are inflatable.

Apart from this, it is also important to think about the surface where you need to use the electric trailer dolly. Some versions are designed with additional caster wheels to ensure more convenience in tight spaces.

  • Long-lasting performance, durability and minimal maintenance

Motorized power dollies are particularly invented to execute their purpose with low maintenance required for users. You can keep them away while not in use, so that they would be in excellent working condition when you most need them.

Storing them does not require a huge space as some options are built with collapsible assembly that makes them easy to store. That is the only maintenance work you’ll need to deal with.

High quality electric trailer dollies are meant for long-lasting use and maximum performance. They are super sturdy, and this is all thanks to their solid steel built and exceptional powder coat finishes that can fight off corrosion over time.

Their heavy-duty construction makes them capable and robust enough to perform at their best, and at the same time, makes them strong despite what is thrown at them. So, if you are after longevity, you need to carefully check the construction materials used.

Other Important Factors to Consider

What is an electric trailer dolly?

Obviously, from the name itself, an electric trailer dolly is a piece of appliance that uses electricity. It is more heavy-duty and powerful compared to manual versions. It is no sweat to operate, portable, and won’t be challenging to assemble even for non-pros.

This appliance is practical to use as it gives users the opportunity to instantly maneuver into narrow places that would be difficult to reach if done manually. It is superb at leveling up your accuracy and offers more possibilities of where to transport your trailer with fewer risks.

How does it work?

An electric trailer dolly is more convenient and comfortable to use because the entire engine will execute the job for you. All the controls are placed on the knob; some products come with a remote for backward and forward maneuverability.

Basically, a motorized trailer dolly works by maneuvering around bulky objects in a more effortless, convenient and stable approach. Hence, it helps avoid injuries and other sorts of accidents. They execute transporting jobs with less strain and more security.

This type of trailer dolly is a great investment primarily for those who frequently engage in lifting bulkier weights. It is plain sailing to transport and use. As a matter of fact, this equipment starts operating with a simple press of a button.

What are the different types of electric trailer dollies?

Now, let us uncover your options when it comes to the different forms of electric dollies:

  • Direct-Current Electric Dolly

This type utilizes a direct current to shift from electrical to mechanical power. It is furnished with carbon brushes and a commutator that utilizes a spinning armature to alter the direction of the current.

Compared to an alternating-current electric dolly, this type requires less energy to form a magnetic field. This is why it is perceived as more efficient to use. However, because it is built from several movable components, you need to invest in altering it more often than other low maintenance alternating-current motors.

In terms of traveling speed, it doesn’t get beyond half a foot per second. It requires more cooldowns than alternating-current motors as well.

  •  Alternating-Current Electric Dolly

This type utilizes AC to shift from electrical to mechanical power. When using this, it is necessary to carry an extension string with you. Caution is needed to avoid any electrocution-related issues, particularly if the ground is drenched. Avoid tripping into the cord too.

Alternating-current electric dollies require an electric brake system. In addition, they are slow for they could merely progress with a minimized speed, not beyond 10 to 15 feet per minute.

These electric dollies can deliver superb performance for an extended time, for they don’t require high maintenance.

  • Jack Lift

This version is specifically engineered to help users lug a trailer to a vehicle. It is equipped to navigate and lug your trailer coupler to your vehicle.

  • Three-wheeled Trailer Dolly

This is simply a well improved version of a two-wheeled trailer dolly. The wheel caster that comes with the 2 wheels offers the trailer carrier additional stability.

Aside from this, it is smooth sailing to manipulate and designed to be more precise.

  •  Two-wheeled Trailer Dolly

This type is outfitted with the basic; however, this does not imply that it is not a great alternative. Truth is, it can offer quality at an affordable price range, so it is still a good option, particularly for buyers who consider utilizing it to maneuver lighter objects.

Built with a metal frame and hitch ball, this alternative is dependable, stable and low maintenance.

  • Dolly especially built for canoes and kayaks

This is specifically engineered with a set of lightweight wheels that help users glide their appliance over the sand. It is made to be a cinch to put together and take apart, so you can take it with you when traversing the water.

Why do you need an electric trailer dolly? (Benefits)

The best electric trailer dolly is designed to offer more practicality to users. Electric dollies are straightforward to operate, and this equipment can be utilized to maneuver not only trailers but also other types of bulky gears without the need to exert great effort.

Some trailer dollies may come with one tire, while other versions are built with two wheels, or more. Even so, what makes them similar is their capability to maneuver trailers through outside highways, garages, and parking lots with less hassle.

If you invest in high quality trailer movers, you can shield your body from back pains and other injuries since the equipment will do most of the job for you. These appliances are specifically built to move your trailer in tight spaces with less pressure on your body.

Additionally, electric trailer dollies are not high maintenance and their solid overall construction allows them to endure rugged application and guarantee a long-lasting performance. Most models are engineered with solid steel that comes with powder coating finish.

This unique and heavy-duty build makes them solid enough to resist corrosion. As a result, you are guaranteed of a priceless investment. Take note that the only thing that you need to ensure is that the electric trailer dolly must be kept away from sunlight as this may bring about some sorts of damage over time. Aside from this, consider doing the powder coating again every few years to ward off wear and tear.

Furthermore, the automatic brake system is intended to help avoid any unfortunate incidents. As you might already know, attempting to maneuver your trailer manually and unable to react in a timely manner in the event you misuse your appliance might bring about some injuries to you and damages to other vehicles close by.

Another advantage is the quality-price ratio. Motorized trailer dollies are designed with uncomplicated features. This is to ensure that everyone won’t have a hard time using them. Their durability and dependability are more important aspects to consider.

In essence, given the appliance long-lasting functionality, an electric trailer dolly is a worthwhile and long-term investment for boat owners. While this type of trailer dolly is slightly more expensive than manual options, they are a cost-effective purchase that you won’t ever regret.

Frequently Asked Questions


What are the most trusted electric trailer dolly brands?

All shoppers want to get the product that can satisfy or exceed their expectations. To achieve this, we need to search for the best manufacturer of trailer movers. As you might already know, this equipment can be a pricey investment.

So, making a mistake when picking the right brand and model for you can solely put your money to waste, and you’ll end up regretful. Hence, if you want to protect your investment, be sure to choose a reputable brand.

When it comes to manufacturing premium quality, top-performing and reliable powered trailer dollies, the following brands are a few of the most trusted ones:

  • Trailer Valet
  • SuperHandy
  • Tow Tuff
  • Happybuy

Don’t be surprised if these brands are more expensive than other available options on the market. The reason behind this is because their products are made of unmatched quality, can guarantee superior performance, and are built to last.

As you can see, all these great attributes make them a worthwhile purchase even though it will mean you’ll have to initially spend more.

How to use?

Powered trailer dollies are easy to assemble and use. Depending on your current requirements, these appliances are built with adjustable features that allow precise fit for various types of applications.

How to easily connect your dolly to a trailer is detailed in the user manual. You can refer to manufacturer’s instructions too when connecting on a bumpy ground. Don’t worry because they are designed to be easy to utilize, so if it is your first time using one, you have no problem to deal with.

It is always painless to utilize it at a position that feels more comfortable, convenient and natural to you.

How to care and maintain?

The good news is that powered trailer dollies are manufactured to work with low maintenance. You only need to make sure that you keep them away from direct exposure to sunlight for a very long time to avoid any damage.

After using them, it is a must to store them properly, so you can guarantee that they can work at their best performance when you need them. Always adhere to the user manual for some instructions of assembly and usage.

Luckily, this equipment is intended for rugged and long-term usage. It is built with solid steel and powder coat finish that could combat corrosion over time.

It is a priceless investment because it works like a charm in getting the job accomplished in a timely manner, and you can use it repeatedly for many years to come.

Where to buy?

The best place to buy electric trailer dollies is Amazon. While there are several online shopping sites available, this specific online shopping site is the most trusted when it comes to quality products and reasonable price tags.

More than that, it is the site where you can be offered lots of top-quality options to check out. This online shopping site is where you can unveil some of the world’s first-rate brands that many smart shoppers globally patronize.

There are plenty of special discounts, freebies and special promos offered on this online shopping site, so for sure your shopping experience will become even more worthwhile and exciting. Almost all products that you need are found here. This is the home of the most reliable, heavy-duty and second to none electric trailer dollies.

Which is a more excellent option: manual or powered trailer dollies?

The answer to this question will depend on your current needs or what you will use the equipment for. Manual versions are more reasonably priced if you only need to maneuver around lighter weights — for example: a small watercraft. Manual trailer dollies are also not tricky to maintain at all.

On the other hand, if you need to frequently transport heavier objects or trailers, a powered trailer dolly is what you need. As for the price, they are costlier than manually-operated alternatives; nonetheless, they make your burdens less painful if you have bulkier trailers and several units.


If you are a boat, kayak or Jet Ski owner, then you surely require the best electric trailer dolly that could help you move them from one spot to another. This is why we have made the assessment above to help you sort out which type you need, and how the equipment can be utilized.

You can always count on the top-rated electric trailer dollies in this post because these are the best in terms of efficiency, durability and maximum performance. Since there are countless available options out there, we decided to present to you the most excellent alternatives.

By reading the buying guide and the other valuable information we have collected in this article, you can make the right choice.

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