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The Best Greases for Boat Trailer Bearings for 2023

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Modifying the wheel bearing grease on your boat trailer is deemed as one of the tasks that could be administered on your own provided that you are well-aware of how the wheel hub is set up. In addition to this, it is very imperative that wheel bearings are appropriately greased, otherwise they would not be able to maneuver freely and smoothly; and sooner or after, this could bring about serious damage to the wheel.

For all that, it is vital that you pick the suitable and the best grease for boat trailer bearings. There are options that come with certain features that make them appropriate for a few unique applications just like in saltwater environment.

best grease for boat trailer bearings

Meanwhile, other options are designed for universal applications. And, in order to provide you with comprehensive assistance when it comes to selecting the most suitable wheel bearing grease for your boat trailer, this article has prepared a very detailed and exhaustive guide on how you can ensure a great shopping experience.

In this post, you will learn that all grease is not made equal. And, the truth is, even those products tagged as “for marine use” could be inappropriate with use on vessel trailers. Hence, you must not alter the type you utilize unless you are tidying or repacking bearings.

Top 3 Products

Best Overall

Sta-Lube Marine Grease


Honorable Mention

Plews & Edelmann LubriMatic 11404


Premium Choice

Star Brite Bearing Grease


Table of Contents

Best Grease for Boat Trailer Bearings Reviews of 2023

1. Sta-Lube Marine Grease for Boat Trailer Wheel Bearings

If you opt for a waterproof bearing grease that could work best for your greasing needs but does not intend to put a big hole in your pocket, then this can be the perfect match you have been looking for.

This lube is not limited to a single application because it is practical to utilize for other purposes too such as greasing marine equipment, vessel trailers and 4WD vehicles. It is nice to know that it can be used for many different uses so it is a must-have if you own any of this equipment.

If you prefer grease that can effectively repel water even in the most severe conditions, then there is no need to further your search. This is manufactured with a polymer that makes it adept at offering water-wash out, non-blend and adhesive properties. It is formulated with vastly refined oil-based content that makes it tacky and aluminum complex type of lube.

This lube is not meant for greasing disk brakes and it appears to be very prone to melting and leaking that could create mess. These are a couple of the negative aspects that you can experience when using this grease.
  • Formulated with superiorly refined oil-based contents
  • Can withstand water even under the most rugged conditions
  • Designed to be aluminum complex type of lube that’s blue and tacky
  • Ideal pick for marine equipment, 4WD and vessel trailers
  • Capable of offering non-blend, adhesive and water wash-out properties
  • Not recommended to be used for disc brakes
  • Prone to melting and leaking
Overall, this blue marine grease is a great purchase that won’t make you upset. It is made to be creamy, thick and comes with strong waterproof characteristic that make it a go-to type of lube for lubricating wheel hub bearings, bottom bracket as well as inner gear hubs. For the price, this is an economical option that would make anyone with limited budget happy and satisfied.

2. Plews & Edelmann LubriMatic 11404 Marine Trailer Wheel Bearing Grease

If you are still feeling baffled about what type of grease for trailer wheel bearings to buy, then you may take a careful look at this brand. You can use this for swivel hinges, anchor chain reels, wheel bearings, winches and pins. This option has been regarded as one of the top-rated picks by countless of boat trailer owners due to its superb quality and dependable performance.

One of the reasons why it is unnecessary to hesitate to buy this grease or not is the fact that it is well worth the money paid for it. It is dependable in offering outstanding corrosion shield against harsh environmental conditions brought about by wind, water and marine environment.

If you are looking for less expensive options, then you may skip this brand. And, if you intend to use it for heavy-duty purposes, please note that this lube is not designed for such type of applications. These are a few of the drawbacks that you need to pay attention to prior to making the final purchasing decision.
  • Formulated with water inso luble formula and special calcium sulfonate complex
  • Can offer massive shield against rugged weather conditions
  • Perfect for both marine and non-marine applications subject to extreme temperatures
  • Superior at providing superb greasing and corrosion protection
  • Designed with 550 Fahrenheit drop point
  • Not the right pick for those who prefer cheaper options
  • Not reliable in terms of heavy-duty sort of applications
Conclusively, this boat trailer grease is the perfect combination of heat tolerance, viscosity, massive lubrication and water resistance. While it is priced a little higher, its quality and performance are unrivaled. This is ideal for a number of marine and non-marine applications and is reliable in combating temperatures as high as 550-degrees F. you won’t feel disappointed because this can offer maximum corrosion protection to your most prized possession too.

3. Star Brite Wheel Bearing Grease

This marine wheel bearing grease performs outstandingly for saltwater environment. It comes with a lube gun cartridge to allow easy application and to prevent mess while using it. This is one of the best choices if you plan to use it for corrosive marine. This is known for having distinctive water-insoluble type of formation.

Likewise, this lube offers temperature tolerance of 325-degrees and this is the obvious reason why it is touted as one of the most preferred options for many boat trailer owners. It can combat wash-out and instant wear too. Indeed, this is a practical choice that would make you feel satisfied to your application.

Be reminded that this grease product is not the one that can be fully relied on if you need to deal with super extreme temperatures especially those that exceed what was indicated and it can only be applied without trouble with the aid of a lube gun.
  • Specifically formulated to withstand marine environment
  • Primarily used to grease vessel wheel bearings, water pumps, anchor chain reels, , pins, hinges etc.
  • Top-drawer pick for corrosive marine
  • Made with specialized water-insoluble content that can repel wash-out
  • Built with rust and corrosion proof features
  • Calls for the use of lube gun to guarantee smooth application
  • Not practical for superiorly extreme temperatures more than what was specified
By and large, this marine trailer bearing grease is a great deal. Once you have it, there is no reason for you to worry about rusting and corrosion issues since it could provide the perfect solution for that. It does a sterling job of providing maximum shield against marine, wind and other atmospheric chemicals that cause the deterioration of metals. With the help of a lube gun cartridge, this can be smoothly applied.

4. CRC SL3184 Marine Grease for Boat Trailer

Many boat trailer owners who have already used this trailer wheel bearing grease have stated that it is dependable when it comes to standing up to rugged weather conditions. It comes with aluminum complex base that also features high oil content formulation. This is smooth sailing to apply since you can use it with the help of mini-sized grease guns.

This lube’s leakage level and oxidization stability level both gauged at 5. And, its dropping point amounts to a total of 500-dgeree Fahrenheit and goes along with a pouring point of 0-degree Fahrenheit. It is worth stating that it is specially designed for slow moving type of vehicles.

There is no need for you to think of ways on how to get the lube in place because the gun cartridges greatly aid in applying the grease without any mess.

Be that as it may, this grease for vessel trailer bearing appears to be made only to precisely fit small lube guns and if you intend to use it for bulky and large machineries, this is not the practical option that you should invest in.
  • Certified non-combustible unlike other similar options
  • Designed with aluminum complex base with high oil formulation content
  • Built with a dropping point of 500-degrees Fahrenheit
  • Can be reliable to work in many different conditions
  • Already comes with a total of 3 cartridges once bought
  • Not highly recommended for bulky and large machineries applications
  • Appears to be built only for small lube guns
As a whole, if you are searching for one of the best wheel bearing grease for boat trailers, this brand can meet your requirements. It appears to be the perfect solution if you hope to combat extreme weather conditions. It is one of the safest options in that it is designed to be non-combustible. Besides, you’ll love the fact that it could work for many different conditions.

5. Timken GR224C Wheel Bearing Grease

This lithium grease for wheel bearings is particularly manufactured for disc and drum applications. For a fact, a lot of smart consumers around the world today pick this brand because of its superb anti-corrosion and wear resistance feature.

Aside from these, it also comes with superior tolerance to heat and comes with superior level of water resistance. If you are eyeing to use this grease for some demanding applications, then this is the right choice for your requirements.

When it comes to mechanical stability and capability to combat softening, this grease brand won’t fail your expectations. It is also good for a number of distinct applications that make it even a more practical product worth-buying.

For all that, this grease cannot be deemed as one of the most picked options if you plan to use it for marine applications and as for the price tag, you can find other options that are low-priced. Take these weak points into consideration first before buying this lube.
  • Designed with NO. 2 lithium complex thickener
  • Capable of dealing with any type of demanding applications
  • Built with remarkable corrosion, waterproof and anti-wear protection features
  • Famous for being one of the most trusted brands
  • Can guarantee unbeatable mechanical stability
  • Not the best option for marine applications
  • More expensive than other competitors
In summary, this red grease for wheel bearings is a good catch for you not to overlook. It is made with special superior temperature red grease characteristic that is specifically meant to work exceptionally for agricultural vehicles, various types of cars and boat trailers. Once bought, it can be readily applied because it is equipped with lube gun cartridge that makes application done without any sweat and in a fast mode.

6. Quicksilver 802863Q1 2-4-C Marine Grease/Lubricant

If you find it daunting to shop for the best grease for boat trailer wheel bearings, you can end your stress by checking out the special features and functions this grease product is proud of.

Over and above, this product is a certified excellent quality for a lube gun. It has the capability to function well on a vessel trailer. This is a good choice since it stays on longer and is not disrupted by water. Without any doubt, this is the lube you necessitate for your outboard grease fittings and propeller shaft.

Additionally, if you need a lube that would work wonders in lubricating throttle and shift cables, propeller shaft, swivel pins, steering system cables, and remote controls; this lubricant can accomplish the job for you in no time.

However, you need to know that this grease for vessel trailer bearings come with a size that seems to be small and considering its mini size it appears slightly costly as compared to other available products.
  • Ideal pick to deal with trailer wheel bearings
  • Known for being superb quality and considerably versatile lithium-based grease
  • Can perfectly fit standard lube guns
  • One of the most effective and dependable general use lube
  • Not prone to breaking down when combined with water
  • A little pricey than other products sold on the market today
  • Size seems to be small
Laid on the line, this brand can be labeled as one of the best boat trailer grease because it is well-known for its avant-garde waterproof property, it is perceived as a very practical lube to apply to many different uses and it is a must-buy to sustain Mercury outboards. In like manner, it can be applied liberally without worrying since it is designed to be slick. As for its superior resistance to degradation and oxidation, this is a smart investment for boat trailer owners.

7. Triax Atlas 600 Full Synthetic Heavy Duty Ultra High Performance Grease

Boat trailer owners seeking for one of a kind synthetic marine wheel bearing grease can find this brand the real deal to solve their problem. As for superiorly high performance, this is unparalleled. This can guarantee excellent shield during the hottest and coldest seasons and can ensure fail proof operation in temperatures from 40-degree Fahrenheit by up to 400-dgeree Fahrenheit.

By the same token, this can be smoothly applied to 5th wheels, disk brake wheel bearings, U-joints, severe service high loads, superior high temperature wheel bearings, and continuous water contact.

Howbeit, bear in mind that even if this lube comes with a lot of stunning features, it is not that mighty to be used to whatever purpose you have in mind, just use it for its intended application and don’t use it for firearms. This grease is priced so expensively too.
  • Guarantees strong adhesion to metal parts
  • Popular for offering all-around performance
  • Built with state of the art mechanical stability
  • Capable of sustaining cohesion even under shock loading and extreme stress
  • Can offer comprehensive shield against water and corrosion
  • Not a budget-friendly option
  • Not designed to lubricate firearms
On the button, what makes this lubricant a worthwhile investment is that it is not prone to separating, shearing or liquefying. It is highly recognized for having the greatest performance rating for all-around applications. Although priced expensively, this comes with extraordinary mechanical stability and matchless adhesion feature. It can protect your most precious possession against water and corrosion and other harsh environmental elements.

8. Plews & Edelmann Aqua LubriMatic 11400 Marine Trailer Grease

It is interesting to consider that this lube is one of the best picks in terms of grease products that work like a charm for saltwater applications. If you prefer to finally end your corrosion issues and other extreme weather conditions, then this is the best lube for you to use.

Not to mention, its being manufactured with distinctive calcium sulfonate complex and water insoluble features are what make it a splendid choice that would satisfy your greasing requirements. Its steep drop point also makes this lube the impeccable lube to deal with superior heat wheel bearing uses.

Two minor issues that can be experienced if you buy this lubricant are its tiny size that makes it incapable to provide the precise fit for other types of lube guns and it could be stressful if you try to shop for it in local stores.
  • Ideal pick for superior heat wheel bearing uses
  • The right partner for saltwater applications
  • Comes with a drop point of 550-degrees F
  • Formulated with water insoluble content and specialized calcium sulfonate complex
  • Capable of repelling strong winds and hazardous marine conditions
  • Tiny size is incapable to suit other lube guns
  • Finding it in local stores can be difficult
In essence, this product can be applied on boat trailer bearing. It does a reliable job of keeping the watercraft in good condition even when used more frequently and for a longer period of time. Whether you need to deal with severe marine conditions, this green grease for boat trailer bearings can be your most practical and safest bet. As for the selling price, this is a cost-effective deal since it already includes a total of 4 packs of 3-ounce cartridge that are specifically designed for tiny lube guns.

9. WD-40 Specialist Marine Grade Water Resistant Grease

This boat trailer bearing grease is highly recommended for boat trailer owners who would like to invest in a product that could provide them with maximum lubrication. This is the right companion for you if you wish to protect your treasured possession against freshwater and marine environments.

Furthermore, this comes with the ability to repel melting by up to 620-degree Fahrenheit. And, even if the coldest season comes, this won’t disrupt its superb performance. Since it is equipped with dependable wash-out performance, it enables the lube to remain in place. If you have troubles greasing machineries in drenched conditions, start using this lube.

A few of the minor concerns that some people who have used this lube are its strong smell and its tendency to leave some sorts of stains on concrete materials. These are a couple of the rough spots that must be taken into account if you have the plan to get this lube.
  • Can ward off corrosion and rust issues in no time
  • Designed to be lithium-complex type of lube
  • Guarantees first-rate wash-out performance
  • Beneficial to use for construction and farm equipment
  • Works well even in very cold weather conditions
  • Comes with strong odor
  • Tend to leave stains on concrete materials
To sum things up, this lubricant is an A1 choice since it can be relied on a broad array of applications. It won’t dismay you as it can be used without any trouble around the home. And, the best of all, this does a good job in lubricating rails, for car and boat trailer maintenance as well. As you can see, this is advantageous to keep around just in case you need to the greasing job.

10. Lucas Oil 10682 Marine Grease

Haven’t you found the right boat trailer axle grease for your greasing needs? If that is so, learn more about what this lube can do for your current concern.

Grease that would work excellently for wheel bearings must be made with premium quality. This brand appears to be the type of product that would execute a wonderful job for all saltwater applications. This is a decent price for marine lube. You can apply it in liberal amounts on your vessel trailers and outboards.

You need to check the tubes because it seems that they are merely filled with air and only contain less grease. And, the cartridge fails to fit even a standard tiny lube gun. It is critical to consider these flaws before getting yours.
  • Already contains 3 x 3 ounce tubes once purchased
  • Guarantees long-standing and efficient water resistance
  • Comes with 550-degree drop point
  • Ensures outstanding corrosion and rust protection in both marine and freshwater environments
  • Well-known for being a reducer of severe friction problems
  • Tubes appear to be only filled with air but less grease
  • Cartridge fails to fit a regular tiny lube gun
Generally, this lube is formulated with a special additive system that can surely provide superior lubrication even under the toughest marine conditions. This can be used in many different applications such as in auto wheel bearings, trailer wheel bearing, outboards and trailer chassis greasing. It is quite sticky so this makes it capable of holding up quite well and, the best of all; it could stay on where you apply it.

What to Look for When Buying Grease for Boat Trailer Bearings


Here are some buying guides to contemplate on when buying the right wheel bearing grease for your vessel trailer:

  •  Is it superb at fighting off extreme temperatures? Many a time, you would notice the grease temperature range labeled on the canister where it is supplied in. more than this labeled range; the grease disintegrates and loses its structure. It becomes incapable of supplying protection or lubrication.

Sure thing, temperatures could get really extreme in the wheels of a vessel trailer, so it matters to search for grease that comes with broad operating temperature range.

  • Is it designed to be waterproof? Resistance to water is a great indication of the grease’s capability to create a shielded sheet to protect the wheel bearings against moisture and water penetration. This is commonly linked to the grease’s oil content. Indeed, grease products that are utilized in saltwater environments have to be waterproof.

This is to enable them to safeguard metal components from instantly corroding so they could last for many years. As you know, marine water is a serious hazard when it comes to corrosion.

  • What is the grease’s viscosity? It is essential to note that greases come in a range of thickness as well as viscosities. The one that is labeled as 0 is quite runny while grease labeled as 6 is quite hard.

What is more, most grease made for wheel bearings specifically require a rating of 2 that is slightly identical to a peanut butter.

  •  Would it resist extreme pressures? Grease that is adept at repelling extreme pressures in a wheel is what you should search for. Generally speaking, some manufacturers would provide a maximum pressure limit.

Other Important Factors to Consider


What is boat trailer bearing grease and how does it work?

Boat trailer bearing grease are products that are especially manufactured not solely to take the cold or hot cycles while greasing the bearings, these are also made to aid in tolerating a specific amount of water intervention and still lubricate.

Such product works by keeping the vessel trailer in the best possible condition and help prolong its lifespan. This helps guarantee that the bearings are completely safeguarded and properly lubricated in order to impede water from penetrating the bearings. It is practical to use for greasing winches and other components as well.

What are the different types of greases for boat trailer bearings?

Wheel bearing grease for boat trailers come in many distinct kinds. Essentially, it is practical to learn more about them so that you could delve into their different properties. In so doing, you can come up with well-thought-of decision regarding the best option for your current needs.

  • Calcium-based Grease

Such type of wheel bearing grease comes with very superior waterproof feature. Nonetheless, it is not ideal for extreme temperatures. If you wish, it is also possible to opt for a sodium-based grease as this comes with stellar temperature resistance but not good enough to resist water. This is the reason why they are seen as impractical to use for greasing the wheel bearing.

  • Multipurpose Grease

This type of lube come with a number of properties from all of the other specially designed type of grease. This could be exploited in several distinct household as well as automotive settings.

  • White-lithium Grease

This is one of the most picked options due to its multipurpose applications. These could be utilized in metal to metal contacts since this lube is A1 in terms of combating corrosion as it has the capability to offer utmost shield against moisture. It is more practical for vehicle chassis as compared to wheel bearings.

  • Disc and Drum Wheel Bearing Grease

This type of lube is highly recommended for superior speed uses surrounding wheel bearings. It is exceptional at fighting off exorbitant temperatures produced by a vehicle brake. This could be utilized on both disc and drum brakes and it can also execute good job for other greasing jobs.

  • Marine Wheel Bearing Grease

This is the most suitable lube if you seriously need to withstand marine environment and wish to avoid at all cost all sorts of corrosion-causing problems. It is recommended for wheel bearings; notwithstanding, it comes with additives that provide well-enhanced water resistance property. Besides, this could be utilized on anchor chains and winches.

  • Lithium-based Grease

Such type is well-known for being ideal to use for wheel bearings mainly because it comes with both excellent water and superior temperatures resistance features.

  • Moly EP Grease

This stands for Molybdenum Disulfide and Extreme Pressure. Such type of lube is highly recognized for being suitable for universal applications. It works quite outstandingly in extreme temperatures and it is highly practical to use for ball joints as well as U-joints.

Why do you need grease for boat trailer wheel bearings? (Benefits)

Beyond doubt, once you were able to buy the right type of wheel bearing grease for your vessel trailer, you could have the opportunity to enjoy a number of perks.

To get started, it cannot be denied that wheel bearings employ a couple of very valuable jobs in your vessel trailer. They enable the wheel to rotate without any trouble with barely any friction. And they need to support the boat’s weight as well. These also need to be able to combat very robust forces.

Moreover, in order for them to execute this task auspiciously, they need to be in the best possible condition. Thus, they must be packed with appropriate grease. Fundamentally, the primary purpose of grease is to lubricate them and provide them the most outstanding shield they specifically require to function accordingly.

Basically, a seal is provided surrounding the wheel bearing that is there to aid in keeping the grease in, resist water and keep it away from any pollutants.

It is crucial to note that if there is no grease there, or it becomes polluted, then it would not be able to provide the necessary lubrication and there would be friction in between the bearings and the wheel. If there is lack of lubrication, the wheel bearings would begin to wear away and disintegrate. As a result, the wheel would not be able to turn at all.

An evident sign that there is a problem would be an uncommon irking sound similar with something that rumbles or chirps. There are a number of wheel bearing assemblies that are totally sealed and you could not be able to apply more lubrication on your own. And, all you could do is the replace the entire unit.

Be that as it may, if it is not sealed, it is fundamental to remove and tidy the bearings and start packing them again with the aid of a fresh lube. In the same way, the wheel bearing son trailers also necessitate being serviced and the trailer bearing lube applied when necessary.

In the even wheel bearings break down, the wheel could literally come away from the boat trailer and this can be considered a very hazardous scenario. Take into account that wheel bearings that are not sufficiently greased would not enable the boat trailer wheels to spin instantly and evenly since there would be excessive friction. This generally causes unbalanced and exorbitant damage on the tires and this may also impair other components of the hub assembly.

Frequently Asked Questions


What are the most trusted boat trailer bearing grease brands?

If you would like to get the most top-drawer options when it comes to buying grease for boat trailer bearings, then it is important to look into the most credible brands that almost all boat trailer owners rely on. Needless to say, you can go wrong with products that have been tried and tested.

While, there are a lot of options to select from these days, it is wise to narrow down your choices by carefully checking what brands are the most trusted when lubricating vessel trailer bearings. As you might already know, you can have foolproof choice if the product is manufactured by one of the most renowned and respected manufacturer in the field.

The following brands are just a few of the most outstanding options that you can consider if you are in the hunt for a top quality lube for boat trailer bearings:

  • Plews & Edelmann
  • Quicksilver
  • Timken
  • Triax
  • CRC

Most of the lube products sold by these brands are slightly pricey as compared to other competitors. But, you can be guaranteed of unmatched quality and performance.

How to install and use?

When using grease for boat trailer bearings, the following methods must be properly executed:

  • First, secure the vessel on jack stands and make sure to rock the wheel through putting your hands at 12 and 6 o’clock angle and from there you can place your hands again at a 3 and 9 o’clock angle. Take note that the wheel bearings would have to be replaced if there is equal amount of free play.
  • After that, tidy the races and hub first with the aid of white spirit, keep in mind that it is imperative to hold the races off from each other. Here, it is necessary to have a socket to be utilized as a pusher. From there, you can start lengthening the socket using an extension piece and begin tapping this mildly using a bulky hammer.

You will notice that the race would come out sooner. Make sure to be careful not to scrape the inside part of the hub.

  • Then, it is high time to tidy all of the bearings using white spirit. It is essential to ensure that you do not lubricate the brakes. When doing routine greasing, the external races could just remain on the stub. Be very cautious for any indications of wearing or signs that the bearings have to be replaced.
  • Afterward, it is time to pack the bearing with the lube. There are a few hubs that require the middle spot to be massively loaded with lube; on the other hand, there are those that merely call for light greasing.

You may refer to the manufacturer’s instructions to learn more about this. See to it to make it a habit to pack the bearings with as much lubrication as you could get in them. And, also, make certain to force the grease between the races utilizing your fingers.

  • The next step would be to embed the new lube seal in order to ensure that it suits right all the way round. From there, start tapping it mildly into place. You may consider utilizing a socket if it broke off.
  • Finally, it is high time to re-assemble the hub as well as the bearings. This could be executed through gently lubricating the stub axle. After that, you may push the hub onto the axle. You may tap it mildly using a hammer if the lube sticks.

Then, embed the internal race of an external roller bearing and embed a new split-pin. Lastly, re-assemble the brakes.

How often to grease boat trailer bearings?

Whether a trailer is transporting or hauling a vessel or anything bulky, the safety of the cargo inside highly relies on correct trailer wheel bearing maintenance. In reality, lubricating the bearings must be executed at regular intervals in order to guarantee sufficient load distribution and to guarantee the wheel’s mechanical integrity. Always be reminded that inadequately maintained wheel bearings could cause detached wheels without any previous warning and this may lead to serious trailer damage, its cargo and other people.

The frequency of maintenance when dealing with wheel bearings largely relies on the type of trailer, average load weight as well as the size of the wheel. In substance, there are a number of manufacturers that recommend checking and lubricating the wheel bearings of RVs at least once every season or at a minimum of every ten thousand miles.

On the other hand, vessel trailers that come with tiny wheels call for re-packing every two thousand miles. In general, the smaller the tire, the swifter the wheels spin, and this obviously puts excessive stress on the part of the bearings.

Essentially, frequency could be figured by looking into how the trailer is exploited and the where it has toured.

What is the warranty?

As for the warranty of the grease for boat trailer bearings product, it is practical to first go over the product description of your chosen product. When shopping online or even in local stores, it is good if you can be provided with customer protection in the form of a product warranty.

Product warranties are something that you can rely on whenever you encounter some problems with the product you bought from a certain manufacturer. Of course, all consumers want to protect their investment, and one way to do so is to ensure that you select a product that is supported by a warranty.

Luckily, most products are backed up by warranties these days. Hence, if you notice that the product you are planning to buy does not offer it, then you may start searching for other options that has it. This is particularly important when shopping online since you do not see the product you are purchasing in person.

So, in case you have some complaints on the product bought, you can always have your problems resolved in a timely manner.

Where to buy?

You can come across a number of boat trailer bearing grease products in local marine and boating supply stores in your current city. Lubes specifically designed for marine use can be found in heavily stocked local stores so make sure to visit large stores to have the chance to check out numerous options.

Meanwhile, another alternative when shopping for boat trailer bearing grease products is through visiting renowned and trustworthy online shopping sites like Amazon, WestMarine and Walmart. These are the perfect sites where almost all the products that you could ever ask for can be found.

These are the sites where you could find limitless options when it comes to boat trailer products. Not to mention, these sites are also the homes of many topnotch brands that are known globally. You can also delight in many special promos and discounts that make shopping experience such an awesome one.

How to care and maintain?

Most wheel boat trailer bearings units are totally sealed. In general, they need to be replaced and could not be lubricated or fixed when they break down. All the same, others can be professionally serviced. If you prefer, it is possible to take your boat trailer to a mechanic to the work done; nevertheless, it is task that you could execute on your own.

It is slightly filthy to do the job but it is not that time-consuming particularly if you are well-versed with the manner the wheels are built and how they operate. Please be reminded that servicing the wheel bearings of your boat trailer on a regular basis would absolutely safeguard them from instant wear and tear and this could effectively extend their lifespan.


If you are a boat trailer or RV owner, then you might be insightful of the fact that if you take any of these on frequent trips, then it is a must to invest in the best grease for boat trailer bearings. This is especially critical because in doing so you could successfully improve the overall performance of your wheels.

As what was clearly tackled in this article, superb quality grease can ensure that the bearings stay in the best possible conditions and free of any damage. Aside from this, lubrication does a wonderful job of safeguarding metal components from extreme heat and water. This surely helps prolong the lifespan of the bearings.

By and large, it is wise to pick superior quality synthetic marine lube that is waterproof and quite sterling at clearing away the old lube when repacking. It is not advisable to combine old and new lube, it is also practical to take note of the type of grease you are using in order for you to discern what to apply when your bearings especially require a shot of greasy stuff but not yet high time to execute a comprehensive repack.

Investing in a universal purpose lube that comes with superior water and extreme temperature resistance features is a great catch as it could be exploited for motor vehicles, vessel trailers and many household devices. Unquestionably, this is the real deal if you are searching for pocket-friendly grease to be used for uncomplicated maintenance service for your wheel bearings.

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