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The Best Jon Boat Lights for 2023

Fact checked by William Hart

Every boater is well aware that visibility is crucial to ensure safe boating. The best Jon boat lights are less expensive means of keeping you and your passengers secured and safe in poor visibility and low light conditions.

While it is true that lighting is commonly about illumination and safety, picking suitable lights for your watercraft can also be about style. When investing in boat lights, there are plenty of distinct lighting approaches that you can utilize. Luckily, there are several different styles of lighting that are ready for use for every preference.

best jon boat lights

In this guide, we aim to give you all the important details that you need to effectively illuminate your Jon boat. The products reviewed in this post are some of the stylish, practical and safe alternatives that you can consider.

Hopefully, this buying guide can assist you in making a more practical final buying decision.

Top 3 Products

Best Overall

Shangyuan Boat Lights


Most Durable

Boaton Marine Boat Lights


Best Value

Seapon Blue Boat Light


Table of Contents

Best Jon Boat Light Reviews

1. Shangyuan Boat Lights

For Jon boat owners who prefer LED boat navigation lights that come with effective and stylish designs, this product is for you. This Jon boat stern light is commonly utilized for kayaks, pontoon boats, sailboats, and other small vessels. It is good to note that this option is backed up by a one-year warranty, so you can purchase with confidence.

In addition to this, this boat light is built with dust, shockproof features. It is specifically fitted for stern, navigation, starboard, port and bow lights. Compared to other available options, it comes with an extended lifespan since it can last for more than 50,000 hours.

You won’t go wrong if you have this boat light installed. It is low temperature, energy-saving, and does not call for high power consumption. For beginners, you don’t need to worry because this device is quite easy to install. The kit includes foam tape bases and a screw set. Besides, there are only 2 needed wire connections for assembly.

Since boaters need boat lights that could offer sufficient lighting, this alternative is worth buying because they can ensure adequate illumination. They are bright enough and not to the point that they could disturb others. This is why they work as great navigation lights. If you own one, you can stay safe while boating at nightfall.

On the other hand, the downside of this boat light is that it seems not designed to be 100% waterproof. So, to avoid water penetration, consider using silicone before you install this device to your boat. In doing so, you can protect the device from any sort of damage. This approach can also help ensure the unit’s longevity.
  • Designed with an extended lifespan
  • Dust and shockproof
  • Ideal to use for different types of vessels and different parts of boats
  • Has a 1 year warranty
  • Easy to install, bright but doesn’t disturb others
  • Low temperature, energy-saving, low power consumption
  • Not quite waterproof
By and large, if you want high-quality LED lights for Jon boat that could also add a sleek and modern look to your watercraft, then this product is one of the most recommended options.

2. Boaton Marine Boat Lights

Are you wondering how to install navigation lights on a Jon boat? Well, you don’t need to be stressed out because this version is definitely easy to install. Unlike other available alternatives, this device does not consume high power. It only requires low amp draw; it is energy-efficient, and low temperature too. Best of all, it is very affordable.

This can ensure reliable performance as it is made with an extended lifetime. For a fact, it can last for more than 50,000 hours. Users can even mount this boat light on irregular surfaces. Isn’t it convenient to know that mounting this unit can be accomplished in no time?

The kit contains super sturdy double-sided adhesive on the rear section of the strip lights. Additionally, this unit is smooth sailing to set up underneath the rail, above the rail, or on the rub rail. The flexible body design allows users to mount the device in any preferred spot. This model is 12-volt DC operated and includes a total of 18 5050 LED chips.

You have nothing to risk if you invest in this light kit. It is supported by a one-year warranty, so in case of product-related concerns, you can contact the seller. With IP67 waterproof grade, it can endure rugged marine applications. It works exceptionally as a navigation light for different types of small vessels.

This marine navigation light is built using solid ABS material, and it is tightly sealed with silicone. It is less complex to link to the wiring of the vessel as it comes with 32-inch long wire and 22 awg wire Guage. You can remain visible even from a remote distance if you have this unit installed.

The only minor gripe about this boat light kit is that the shipping process takes some time. So, if you need to have one immediately, you should hurry to add it to your shopping cart.
  • Engineered with IP67 waterproof rating
  • A piece of cake to mount and install with double-sided adhesive
  • Comes with a longer lifespan and affordable price
  • Solid ABS and silicone, 32-inch long wire and 22awg wire Guage
  • Supported by a one-year warranty
  • Does not consume much power, doesn’t get hot
  • Shipping takes a while
Lastly, this marine boat light is a worthwhile investment since it emits decent lighting and is quite visible even from a remote distance.

3. Seapon Blue Boat Light

It is practical to buy boat light kits that include almost all the accessories for assembly like this product. It already contains a total of 10 LED strip clips, blue marine LED strip lights plus the screws. If you are in search of reliable and top-quality Jon boat LED lights to enjoy your fishing activities at night, then this is it for you!

What makes this kit a more convenient option than others is that it is intended for many different uses. This means that it does not limit your applications. You can utilize it for various types of boats and it can ensure an easy installation process. The assembly process can be done in minutes as it is hassle-free to carry out.

The overall build of this boat navigation light seems durable and long-lasting. It is actually designed with IP65 waterproof grade. If extended lifespan is what you’re aiming for, this alternative is a sure buy because it is built to last for over 50,000 hours. This device is a great pick for buyers who wish to save more on energy expenses or consumption.

Moreover, if you are eco-conscious and prefer products that do not cause any harm to the planet, then this is the perfect choice. It is one of the few reasonably priced and environmentally–friendly alternatives these days. Please note that the working voltage for this unit is 12-Volt DC.

Nevertheless, one weak point that you will notice about this boat light is the slightly flimsy screws which are included in the kit once purchased. The screws would have been better if they came in a larger size and built with a more solid material. To solve this issue, you can just buy better quality screws.
  • Practical to use for many different applications
  • Features eco-friendly and energy saving design
  • Is reasonably priced
  • Built with IP65 waterproof rating
  • Long lifespan of more than 50,000 hours
  • Easy to install with accessories
  • The provided screws are a bit flimsy.
In a nutshell, this Jon boat interior lighting is the best bang for the money. The price is right and the quality is thumbs up.

4. Attwood 14191-7 Boat Light 

Fortunately, there are several options that you can check out if you need to buy Jon boat navigation lights. But, if you wish to be guaranteed with a great purchase, this option is worth a try. This device is specifically made to endure harsh environmental conditions. If you prefer units that have longer run time, then you don’t need to look elsewhere, since this one can operate for over 150 hours.

This model is engineered with shatterproof polycarbonate lens and the electronic components of this unit are tightly sealed. As a proof of its tough quality overall construction, this boat light is crafted with super durable and shockproof composite casing. Take note that you’ll need 3 AAA batteries to operate this device.

A lot of boaters who have already tried and tested this version claim that this product is an excellent clamp-on type of boat light. This works outstandingly for night fishing and other related boating adventures at dusk. It is a perfect choice for small vessels as it is easy to move. The batteries seem to last longer as well.

This navigation light for boats is not too bright, so it won’t interrupt other boaters in the area. The illumination it offers is visible and just right to keep you and your passengers safer while navigating in the open waters at sunset.

Be that as it may, the product description is slightly confusing. The kit only includes the C-clamp base and does not include the molded mount. If you look at the photo ad, the pole is not telescopic like shown in the photo; the back pole is also screwed together. Hopefully, the seller will fix the product information so as not to confuse buyers.
  • Manufactured with tightly sealed electronic components
  • Built with shatterproof polycarbonate lens
  • Designed with more than 150 hours run time
  • Comes with sturdy and shock-proof composite casing
  • Can withstand rugged conditions in the environment
  • Sufficiently bright and easy to move
  • The product description seems a little different from the actual product.
All in all, this Jon boat navigation light kit is a product that you can count on if you want to invest in durable, long-lasting and functional boat lights.

5. Bright Eyes Boating Lights

Are you planning to purchase aluminum boat lights? If yes, you may give a closer look at this product. This boat light is famous for being a practical accessory that you can add to different types of small vessels. It is portable, easy to carry around, and allows easy storage. If you are in need of an effective and less intricate boat safety lighting solution, this is a great alternative.

Likewise, if you wish to remain visible to other boaters while boating at dusky spots, this boat navigation light can be your perfect buddy. The LED lighting it provides is reliable, so you can ensure your safety even when navigating or fishing at sunset. You can utilize this unit as running, stern or bow light. If convenience and functionality are what you’re looking for, this option won’t disappoint you.

As for the assembly process, this boat light is a cinch to set up around any cylindrical object or poles on the vessel. It is engineered with a diameter of 1-inch to 1.5-inches. The package contains extra batteries, making it a cost-effective alternative that you can rely on. This item is designed with three lighting modes consisting of slow blink, strobe, as well as solid brightness.

When it comes to build, this navigation boat light is housed with solid and hardened anodized aluminum. Hence, many boaters consider this model as an exceptional solution for marine environment. If you have a loved one or a friend who owns a small boat, you can consider this product a great gift for any occasion.

However, it appears that it is not completely water-resistant as advertised. This is why it is essential to keep the boat light dry as much as possible. To do that, you’ll need to check it more often. Otherwise, moisture can penetrate in and may bring about some damage that could affect the excellent function of the device.
  • A great accessory for small boats
  • Portable, easy to transport and store
  • Has batteries and 3 lighting modes
  • Can be used as running, stern, or bow light
  • Installation is a breeze.
  • Housed in hardened anodized aluminum
  • Avoid exposing it to water as moisture can penetrate easily
Ultimately, this LED aluminum marine boat light is a decent option. It is very portable and convenient to use.

6. Green Blob Navigation LED

Do you need some creative and dependable Jon boat lighting ideas? Then, how about uncovering what this navigation light strips kit can do for you? Fundamentally, this device makes a cost-effective investment in that it is built with flexibility and durability in mind. It can deliver long-lasting service as it comes with a superb waterproof feature that makes it ideal for marine and freshwater.

Aside from these, this boat light is not convoluted to set up. All you need to do is to utilize the included wire crimp nuts to link to a standard 12V power supply. Alternatively, you can link it directly to your current navigation wires. The strips are wrapped completely in silicone.

In line with this, the LED strips are sturdy and flexible. So, you won’t have troubles affixing them around extreme bends and corners. They light brightly, and guarantee a sleeker and even lighting effect. More importantly, you’ll remain visible even when you’re far away. Thus, you and other people in your boat will be safe and secure at night.

This navigation light works exceptionally according to what it was designed for. However, it is important for boaters to position it in a protected place. Avoid placing it in an area where ropes can rub against it, or an anchor can hit it. This is to extend its lifespan and avoid any damages to its overall function.

Another flaw that I have observed on this boat light is that the wire appears to be flimsy and smaller than 22 guage.
  • Manufactured to offer flexibility and durability
  • Waterproof graded for both marine and freshwater
  • Installation is super easy.
  • Provides even and sleek illumination effect
  • Kit contains required accessories for assembly
  • It looks like the wire is frail and smaller than 22 guage.
  • Should not be placed near ropes or anchor
To sum up, this boat lighting solution for Jon boats is a first-rate option. You can rest assured that you’ll be seen from much greater distances.

7. Seapon Green Boat Light

This Jon boat light kit includes a total of 10 LED strip clips, a piece of 5-meter marine LED strip green lights, and the assembly screws. Just like most boat lights, this model is also straightforward to set up. It is one of the easiest and most convenient to assemble navigation lights available today.

Furthermore, boaters will find this boat light an economical purchase since it is practical for several different uses, and regardless of what type of small boat you have, this can offer ample amount of illumination at night. So, you can continuously enjoy boating, fishing and doing other water activities in the dark.

You won’t have to worry about colliding with other vessels because this navigation light can help you remain visible. This unit is popular for having an extended lifetime, so it can serve you for a long time. Besides, it is manufactured with IP65 waterproof grade, so it can survive harsh outdoor conditions. Its durable construction is a clear proof that it is made to last.

Essentially, if you do not wish to cause more harm to the environment, this boat light can be of great help. It is designed as safe to use, so it won’t pollute our planet. It helps users save more energy too. As you can see, you can save more power and money in the long run.

Even so, I find the double-sided tape not as useful as described in the product’s ad. Even though I already cleaned the sides several times using rubbing alcohol, it is still prone to peeling off. It seems that I have no other choice but to purchase better quality 3M double-sided tape. It would have been better if I had no extra expense to deal with.
  • Easy and convenient to set up
  • Recommended for different types of small boats
  • Long lifespan and IP65 waterproof rating
  • Eco-friendly and helps save more energy and money
  • The double-sided tape is not super adhesive.
For boaters who wish to buy straightforward and convenient to set up navigation lights that can last long, this product is worth considering.

8. Bravodeal Navigation Lights

Undeniably, Jon boat running lights are perfect gifts for boat enthusiasts. Of course, aside from adding a great look to your most prized small vessel, such lights can adequately illuminate your boat at night. So, you and your companions will be kept visible and safe while delighting in your boating adventures amidst darkness. This Bravodeal model is no exception.

Another thing that makes this product a practical choice is that it is easy, portable and safe to install on your boat. You can affix it instantly on a mast, stern, paddle or bow without the need to use special tools. If you own a kayak, Skeeter, Jon or pontoon boat, this boat light can make a cost-effective accessory. Indeed, your fishing experience will never be the same.

Many boaters who have already installed this LED navigation light on their boats have attested that it is functional for its purpose. It lights up adequately, so the illumination is not painful to the eyes. It’s easy to transport, and compact design is also a plus feature that you’ll find irresistible. For its price, this model can fit all types of budget since it is pocket-friendly.

This device is designed with a single button that is meant to control the three mode functions: flash, strobe and steady on. Aside from boat-related applications, this navigation light is also ideal for camping, running and climbing activities.

While it was indicated that this running light is water resistant, its overall performance can still be affected, particularly if exposed to water for a long time. So, it is a must to handle this device with extra caution. Make it a habit to inspect it for any signs of moisture penetration.
  • Practical boat accessory gifts for boat enthusiasts
  • Budget-friendly, ideal for camping, running, climbing
  • Safe, straightforward, and portable to utilize
  • Illumination is not painful to the eyes
  • Recommended for kayaks, Skeeter, Jon and pontoon boats
  • Built with three mode functions and a control button
  • Performance is affected if exposed to water for an extended period.
To wrap up, this LED navigation light is a sterling and inexpensive backup light set that’s worth investing in. You are guaranteed that it functions as well as other reputable options.

9. Interwebz IWD-NAVLIGHT LED 

Are you exhausted searching for dependable duck boat headlights? Well, you don’t need to pressure yourself more because the right LED lighting solution is here for you. This lighting kit contains 1 green LED strip and 1 red LED strip, both measuring 12 inches. These devices are an efficient and smooth alternative to the conventional pole style boat lights.

Luckily, boaters who have not installed duck boat headlights before won’t be pressured in installing these headlights. This is because they are a child’s play to handle and are convenient to assemble. Not to mention, affixing them on irregular surfaces is not a serious problem at all.

You will also like their capability to blend well with the backdrop. They can match the rub rails and most boat exteriors quite well. These devices help improve the overall appearance of your boat. And, they can keep you safe and secure even when you continue your boating adventures at the wee hours. Other boaters will take notice of you, so it is unnecessary to worry about collisions.

The package comes with a very sticky double-sided 3M adhesive tape. However, it is required to thoroughly clean the mounting application before you apply to ensure more effective function. Consider adding long-term reinforcement by using transparent marine-grade silicone adhesive. Meanwhile, you can run the wires directly to your 12-volt battery if you own a Jon boat.

These models are designed with an IP68 waterproof rating. Additionally, they are manufactured with a silicone protected build. Hence, they can last long even under rugged applications.

Please be extra careful when mounting these LED headlights. Do not mount them in an area that might hit the dock if you don’t wish to damage them.
  • Easy and convenient to set up even for novices
  • Blends well with most rub rails and boat exteriors
  • Includes super durable double-sided 3M adhesive tape
  • No sweat to mount even in irregular surfaces
  • Built with IP68 waterproof grade and silicone protected build
  • Wires can be run directly to a 12V battery on jon boats
  • Mounting application should be cleaned before installing
  • Avoid affixing these lights in a spot that might hit the dock
These boat headlights are absolutely awesome accessories for your small boat. They do not solely improve the aesthetics of your boat; they also provide sufficient illumination just when you need it the most.

10. PSEQT Boat Interior Navigation 

Looking for a top-quality light bar on Jon boat can be tricky. But, it does not need to be so if you pick this stellar interior adornment light. It can be a great accessory that could decorate and illuminate the interior of your boat. Since it is meant for universal applications, this is a very practical investment that you can make.

Not to mention, this product is manufactured with impressive features. Each light contains six LED bulbs that are built with durable PC lens and solid ABS casing. This model is designed with sealed, dustproof, IP66 waterproof graded and anti-corrosion features. Hence, it can work exceptionally under any rugged conditions in the environment.

Besides, with 50,000 hours lifespan, this item is sure to last long. This is a risk-free investment for it is supported by a 5-year warranty program. If you are wishing for a hassle-free assembly approach, this boat light can guarantee a very painless installation process.

This comes with a surface mount design, foam tape bases and screw sets. It is operated by a 12-volt DC and requires two wires connection. If you are in need of a sterling interior adornment light that is appropriate for any type of marine vessel, opt for this boat light and you’ll never go wrong.

A lot of boaters prefer this version because it is known for being second to none LED boat interior lights. You can set them up in any spot you prefer. More importantly, they are specifically designed to fully satisfy the requirements of marine operations.

Regardless, these LED utility lights do not come with extra wire. So, this simply means that if you’re running them anywhere, some wires and electrical supplies are necessary.
  • Outstanding interior adornment light for different types of boat
  • 50000 hours of lifespan, comes with foam tape bases and screw sets
  • Durable PC lens and ABS casing
  • Designed with IP66 waterproof feature, dustproof, anti-collision and sealed
  • Backed up by a 5-year warranty program
  • Allows a straightforward installation method
  • Do not come with extra wire
In essence, 5-year warranty, outstanding interior decoration, and practical features are what make this boat light way better than other available options.

11. Obcursco Boat Bow Navigation

Practically speaking, this bow light kit will serve as an outstanding replacement light. It is recommended to be installed on the front section of marine boats. Unquestionably, this product will make an excellent boat accessory gift to any boat enthusiasts. Best of all, it meets fisheries and wildlife regulations, so it is safe to use.

These LED strips could precisely be submerged in water, and you can be confident that they could execute their function quite well. This is all thanks to their IP67 waterproof rating. Furthermore, if you want a version that is quick and easy to set up, this option won’t dismay you.

The package contains 3M double-sided tape. But, before setting up this bow navigation light, it is crucial to thoroughly clean the mounting spot before peeling and sticking the double-sided tape. This is to ensure stronger adhesion.

These LED strips work outstandingly in transforming the overall appearance of your boat. And, the good news is that you can upgrade your small boat without breaking the bank. If you’re going to compare the price tag of this item to other similar products, you’ll agree that this is a cheaper alternative.

Apart from the decorative purposes, you will also be guaranteed a decent amount of illumination whenever you sail in the darkness. Hence, other boaters will easily spot your boat and avoid various sorts of accidents. Navigating at night with this bow light can bring a huge difference to your boating life.

You will certainly find this bow navigation light functional and practical. However, the 3M double-sided tape might not last long. To avoid this, consider using superglue or epoxy for a stronger effect and impede peeling off.
  • Meets fisheries and wildlife regulations
  • Built with IP67 waterproof rating and easy installation method
  • Can provide adequate lighting
  • Comes with double-sided 3M adhesive tape
  • Guarantees a more affordable upgrade for a small vessel
  • Helps improve the overall appearance of a boat
  • The 3M adhesive double-sided tape might not be very strong.
In substance, this navigation light is a first-rate less expensive upgrade for a Jon boat. Without a doubt, it can work as a perfect replacement light!

12. Partsam 4X Boat Navigation 

Primarily, boat owners prefer a Jon boat light bar that can ensure universal fit. If that feature is what you’re searching for, this alternative is the right choice. This model can universally fit any 12-volt vehicles. Likewise, you can utilize it almost anywhere. It also comes with a low amp draw to allow the battery life to last long.

Unlike other available options, these lights need a hole for the screws. In my opinion, this method is better compared to stick-on alternatives as they are more durable and stable when mounted. If you wish to adorn or light up your Jon boat, these LED utility strip lights can significantly help transform your dull-looking boat into a stunning one.

In addition to this, this fishing boat light is ideal if you dream of cool illumination at night. This device is no trouble to set up. It comes with a couple of bare end wires, a ground wire and a separate lead wire. This is rated as 12 volt. Such a model is popular since it can last long. You only need to affix the unit on the surface for a straightforward assembly method.

This product is a great deal in that the circuit board is tightly sealed in epoxy. As a result, you will be worry-free since it can fight off corrosion, water and vibration. You can utilize this strip light almost anywhere where light is needed. Just connect it to a 12-volt power source. The black rubber gasket needed for mounting to all surfaces is included in the kit.

All the same, the strip lights are surprisingly small in person. I think the photo advertisement is a little deceiving. Luckily, this isn’t a serious problem since the boat lights can work appropriately for their purpose.
  • Can withstand corrosion, water, and vibration
  • Embellishes and illuminates any 12-volt vehicles
  • A duck soup to install and offers cool lighting
  • Long-lasting battery with hole for screws
  • Smaller than expected
In general, if you want boat navigation lights that can provide a multipurpose solution, then search no more because the one you’re looking for is right in front of you!

What to Look for When Buying Jon Boat Lights


As already mentioned, Jon boat lights are very valuable investments to better manage low light conditions and poor visibility. Jon boat owners need to strictly adhere to lights regulations in order to safely navigate at night.

Installing high quality boat lights in your vessel can significantly help inhibit accidents; you can safely and easily maneuver in the open waters, and ward off colliding with other watercraft that also sail at night.

So, it is just right that you invest in the right boat lighting product. But, before making the final buying decision, it is practical to consider the following buying guide:

  • Types of Boat Lights

Boat owners can select from lights that call for electrical wiring. Alternatively, you may pick LED versions that necessitate AAA batteries to operate. Keep in mind that the types of lights that you can install on your Jon boat consist of stern lights, side lights, bow lights, as well as transom lights.

Please note that getting the appropriate type of Jon boat lights means getting yourself some top-quality LEDs. This is because LED lights are top options for they are bright enough, long-lasting, and do not require much energy.

As you might already know, other types of lights require frequent replacements, maximum maintenance, and suck your battery dry. Moreover, they are sometimes not a piece of cake to set up like LEDs.

  • The Price of the Lights

Luckily, there is no need to spend lavishly on Jon boat lights. There are countless manufacturers that produce lights which are appropriate for Jon boats.

The good news is that you can find alternatives that cost less than $50. You only need to be patient when searching for affordable options. They are as good as expensive versions.

  • The Color of the Lights

Generally speaking, Jon boats fall into the small classification of vessels. Hence, they merely require red or green bow lights, and all-around white light at the stern.

Keep in mind that the red light is intended to be flashed portside. On the other hand, the green light must be installed on the starboard side of the watercraft.

Alternatively, it is okay to have the all-around white light at the stern and lights affixed to the edges of the vessel.

  • Recommendations for Jon Boats

While it is not actually mandated by law, additional stern lights and side lights are also helpful in terms of assisting boaters to see when they’re out on a Jon boat.

Frequently Asked Questions


What are the most trusted Jon boat light brands?

You already know the reason why it is quite critical to invest in premium quality Jon boat lights. So, you should be insightful when choosing the brand. This is because if the brand is already tried and tested, then you can guarantee your safety and security while navigating at night.

It is unwise to simply get an option just because it is the only one available. First, you need to research the most outstanding manufacturers of Jon boat lights, so that you can ensure a wise investment.

If you are wondering which brand you can trust, then you may check out the following:

  • Boaton
  • Interwebz
  • Bravodeal
  • Obcursco
  • Partsam

How do you wire a Jon boat light?

Jon boat lights wiring must be set up as per the recognized wiring code. Please remember that a white cable is commonly utilized from the switch to the light. On the other hand, the black cable is utilized for the negative conductor or return.

In line with this, the circuit needs to be precisely fitted with a circuit breaker or a fuse. Take note that there should be no other equipment aside from the boat lights on that circuit.

As for the conductors that are utilized for wiring, they must be sized to guarantee voltage drop does not go beyond 3%. Furthermore, it is important for the lights to be wired so that one placement of the switch turns on all the necessary operating lights and another switch position turns on merely the anchor light.

If it’s your preference, you may consider using two switches to accomplish the same outcome.

A Reminder

When installing electrical wires that power fixed illumination using the battery of your watercraft, make sure your circuitry includes all controls, switches, and lights.

It is substantial to look for a means of appropriately concealing the wiring in order to safeguard it from water exposure.

Do you need lights on a Jon boat?

If you own a Jon boat, then you must adhere to lights regulations. Jon boats are required to flash navigation lights between sunset and sunrise, as well as during adverse weather conditions like rain, haze or fog.

This is for boaters to properly deal with restricted visibility or low light conditions. On the other hand, vessels that do not have engines call for an electric torch. This is essential to impede collision with other vessels.

At a minimum, Jon boats must abide by lighting regulations that have been established to guarantee the safety and security of all boaters.

Jon boaters without engines need to carry with them a reliable and functional electric torch to flash at other approaching vessels. Jon boats that are operated by an engine are required to have identical lighting to other power vessels.

Where to buy?

If you are buying high quality Jon boat lights, you may start your search in local marine products stores in your current location. I suggest you ask the seller for some recommendations if it is your first time buying one.

However, if you prefer to shop online, you can always rely on Amazon. This online shopping site is one of the trusted sites worldwide. You can choose from countless options and you can also enjoy the best shopping deals.

In the same way, you can uncover some of the most reputable brands that manufacture top-quality lights for Jon boats. If you are lucky enough, you may even avail of special discounts, promos and giveaways.

More importantly, you can also learn more about the product you are planning to buy. Amazon has real feedback and reviews from customers. This way, you can decide if the product is right for you.

Is it practical to consider boat lighting for your Jon boat?

The answer to this question is definitely yes. Truth is, Jon boat lights are not merely designed for embellishing the interior or exterior section of your small vessel. More importantly, such lighting devices are intended to help boaters remain visible while sailing, fishing, or doing various boating activities at night.

Hence, the primary purpose why you are installing a boat light for your Jon boat is to keep you safe, secured and visible at dusk. As you know, there are boating regulations that you need to strictly adhere to. You can avoid various kinds of accidents that are related to boating adventures.

Aside from the fact that navigation lights are a must for Jon boat owners, having an extra glow can absolutely help. Since the boat interiors are visible in the dark, moving around without making a mess is easy.

However, before setting up Jon boat lights, there are questions that you need to answer. Such questions include the following:

  •  What types of Jon boat lights are available on the market?
  • Where should I install the boat lights?
  • Are there distinct colors that are legally permitted to be utilized by Jon boat owners?
  •  Is it alright to power all of my boat lights?
  • How many boat lights does my Jon boat require?


Ultimately, the best Jon boat lights are a necessity if you are into night boating or frequently deal with low light conditions. As you already know, boats must be appropriately equipped with premium quality lights to maintain visibility and ward off collisions.

Unquestionably, if you have top-quality lights for your Jon boat, then you can rest assured that your boating journey at night would be hassle-free and more worthwhile.

Lastly, don’t forget to compare the essential features of each option and pick the one that meets your specific boating lighting requirements.

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