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The Best Jon Boat Seats of 2023

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If you are an avid fisher, hunter, or a jon boater, then your jon boat is your baby. It helps you get from one place to another while being simple and easy to maintain. You can easily accessorize your jon boat to whatever fits your needs. Like any other equipment, it can get its wear and tear and puts a need to replace or even upgrade your parts. Even if your jon boat is low maintenance, it does not hurt to invest in your upgrades to make them last longer.

If you are in need of recommendations on what Jon boat seats to buy and other tips to help you out then you are reading the right article.

best jon boat seats

Here are reviews of the top 8 best jon boat seats in the market:

Top 3 Products

Best Overall

Attwood 98391GNMX


Honorable Mention

Wise Low-Back Seat


Premium Choice

Wise Fishing Boat Seat


Table of Contents

Best Jon Boat Seat Reviews

1. Attwood 98391GNMX Padded Boat Seat

The Attwood Padded Boat Seat has plenty of features that may catch your eye. It is made up of a plastic frame and foldable backrest. It has built-in padding with a camouflage cushion exterior design. The seat measures 20 inches in width, 17 inches in depth, and 12 inches in height. It also comes with 4 threaded bolts to secure your seat. It has standard mounting holes that can fit most swivel seat mounts on a jon boat. The ergonomics of the seat encourages the user to fully sit against the backrest for maximum comfort.

What I like about camo jon boat seats is the convenience to flip it down and snap it in place to secure it, instead of removing the whole seat so that you could be able to see when traveling. Even with its feature of being disassembled, it is still comfortable and gives good back support. Many users have rated and reviewed that the seat is comfortable, aesthetically pleasing to look at, and the product is made of good quality.

What I do not like about this jon seat is the screw holes that come with it. It would be better if there was metal to reinforce and strengthen the product’s sturdiness.
  • Provides good back support for user
  • Compact and lightweight making it easy to transport
  • Easy to install
  • Screw holes are just plastic, no metal reinforcement
Even though the Attwood Padded Boat Seat had a minor con of lacking metal reinforcements, it is an ideal seat for those who would be spending long hours sitting in the boat and aim for convenience. It provides good qualities in a jon boat seat with an affordable price.

2. Wise Economy Low-Back Seat

Jon boat bench seat cushions are great chairs to sit on while fishing or lounging around in your boat. The Economy Low Back Seat by Wise has a mildew and UV-treated, dense, and firm compression foam. The seat comes with mounting fasteners that are compatible with any Standard BIA 4 bolt pedestal system. It is also offered in more than 10 color styles which you can choose from.

What I like about the seat is that it is one of the cheap jon boat seats on this list. It is available for people who are on a budget but still looking to upgrade the seats in their jon boat. Another thing I like is the wide variety of color styles I can choose from.

On the other hand, what I do not like about the product is that it seems flimsy for people on the heavier side and might be uncomfortable for people who do not prefer firm and dense seating as it may be too hard for them. It can also cause trouble for people who prefer to lean backward on the seat which can bend from the person’s weight.
  • The compression foam is firm and dense which makes it last longer.
  • The seat is made with a hard plastic base and metal side hinges which makes it look like it is constructed well.
  • It may be uncomfortable for people who are over 175 lbs.
  • The seat is prone to bending and folding backward due to heavyweight.
Overall, if you are looking for an affordable jon boat seat, the Wise Economy Low Back Seat is something you can consider installing into your boat. Even with the downside of its back bending and light weight limit, it can still do its job as a jon boat seat.

3. Wise Molded Fishing Boat Seat

The Wise 8WD139 is a simple jon boat chair that stands out. Its base is manufactured with an injection-molded plastic frame. The seat is made with high compression foam padding that gives comfort, Marine-grade vinyl covering the foam that is durable and makes it easy to clean.

What I liked about the Wise 8WD139 seat is it easy to assemble and requires no need for a drill. The colors it comes it also gives a retro vibe which I like. Sitting on the chair for hours, I did not feel any pain because of how comfortable the cushion was. Many users had reviewed this Wise chair to be easy to assemble and helps prevent backaches.

What I do not like about the seat is that the strap is weak and more prone to rust. Some users reviewed that they do not like how far back the seat is able to go when you lean back. Another thing I do not like is that you have to use screws into a plastic hole which gives it the possibility of popping out.
  • It is easy to assemble because it attaches by clamps and no drilling is involved.
  • The cushion is comfortable and helps prevents backaches.
  • It can easily become a swivel seat as it is compatible with any standard jon boat swivel seat mounts.
  • The straps to hold down the seat are weak and more prone to rust.
  • For some people, it may lean back too much to comfortably fish.
  • It uses screws into a plastic hole.
Even with its listed features that I did not like, it is still a good, simple chair with a somewhat economic price. It may need improving, but it does provide its function of being a jon boat chair.

4. Attwood Folding Padded Boat Seat

This low-back padded, high impact plastic frame boat seat from Attwood is a lightweight yet comfortable chair for people who opt for a simple and minimalist looking chair. The plastic frame and aluminum hinges are what compose the chair and measures 7 inches width x 16 inches depth x 16 inches height. It is a standard seat that is UV and mildew treated.

What I like about the Attwood low-back padded, high-impact folding boat seat is that it is a sturdy jon boat chair that can withstand environmental factors. Most customers who have purchased this Attwood low-back plastic frame chair have said that it fits their boat, is comfortable to use, and that they got their money’s worth.

What I do not like about this Attwood folding boat seat for jon boats is that it is not easy to clean despite having a vinyl covering. Another thing I do not like is that the padding is thinner than it is expected to be.
  • The hardware and its base are durable and strong.
  • The seat can withstand UV rays and mildew.
  • The seat strap is strong.
  • It is light and compact
  • It is not really easy to clean despite being advertised as easy to clean vinyl seat covering.
  • It will be hot when exposed to sunlight after a period of time.
  • Padding is thinner than expected which may be uncomfortable for some.
Overall, this seat for jon boats is one of the most affordable on the list with good reviews from various customers. It is a good chair despite its few downsides which in the long run do not necessarily impact the jon boat seat’s long-term function of someone sitting in it; most of which can be remedied by putting a cloth over it or extra padding to improve one’s experience while using it.

5. Leader Accessories New Low Back Folding Boat Seat

This low-back folding chair from Leader Accessories is a chair that can heighten your fishing experience with the comfort it is able to provide. Its design is to fit the contours of your body which can give you a snug fit while sitting. It resists UV rays as its material is treated with the feature and made of marine-grade vinyl. Leader Accessories also design the backrest to be higher than usual boat seats and a deeper seat to really accommodate the person sitting. Its dimensions are 16 inches width x 14 inches depth 19 inches in height.

What I like about the chair is the variety of designs available for anyone to choose from. They offer different designs such as one color, two-color, and camo design.

Users commended the high quality and high comfort they experienced using the chair.

What I do not like is the plastic base that supports the seat. It can crack after multiple uses and the color of the vinyl material will fade over time.
  • It is ergonomically designed to fit the user’s body contour for maximum comfort.
  • This jon seat is well upholstered and the padding is great.
  • The design of the chair is stylish.
  • It does not get super hot when exposed to sunlight.
  • The base is made of plastic which can probably crack under a sudden heavy weight or after a long time due to many uses.
  • The color of the vinyl covering fades over time.
Even if it has a plastic base, it does provide comfort while sitting down. It can definitely turn an uncomfortable ride into luxurious travel with its comfortability. It is also one of the most affordable seats on the list and has promising features with many positive reviews despite its downsides.

6. Attwood 98391GY Padded Flip Boat Seat

Getting a simple jon boat seat is possible when you consider the Attwood Padded Flip Boat Seat in gray. This seat is made of molded plastic that can be folded with the hinge on the backrest. The thick padding provides comfort despite it being light and compact making it easy to transport around and store away. The vinyl covering on the seat padding will make the seat easy to clean.

What I like is the simple design and the wide design it has. Some may not like a wide and big seat but I like it personally. It does not feel cramped and really does provide a comfortable sitting while traveling. It also has better support in the middle of the backrest which makes the seat not only supportive of your lower back but also your mid-back. Many other customers who have reviewed the product were very pleased with the experience they had while using it. Many have said they loved sitting in the chair all day and it showed promising and durable qualities.

What I do not like how the strap that holds the seat together looks flimsy and can be easily damaged. It also does not have a regular metal button snap.
  • The wide design provides spacious and comfortable sitting.
  • The padding is not thin.
  • Installing the seat is simple.
  • The vinyl covering is easy to clean.
  • The strap looks weak and may be damaged or torn off. Cushion strap does not have a metal button snap.
It does surprise me that this seat has only one downside which proves that the Attwood 98391GY provides the comfort it proudly advertises with a price that will not burn a hole in your pocket.

7. Millennium Marine B100 Boat Seat

The Millenium Marine Boat Seat is one of the B-Series seats by Millenium Treestands. The jon boat seat cushions provide the whole day comfort with the Millenium Marine’s ComfortMax that is contoured to fit the user and breathable, cool fabric. In comparison to other vinyl jon boat seats, the Millenium Marine B100 is different, with its sun umbrella-like material that ensures its durability being part of the chair without losing comfort. Another feature of the seat is its resistance to many natural factors such as ultraviolet, mildew, and mold.

What I like about the B100 Boat Seat is its simple yet ergonomic design. The strap to hold the seat down is bolted which make it easily replaceable when it frays or gets damaged. The jon boat seat also comes with mounting hardware which makes it easy to install.

What I do not like about the boat seat is the steel bolts that come with it. Given that the nature of its environment is water, it makes it more prone to rust and later on, breakage and in need of replacing.
  • It is user-friendly with its weight capacity of 400 lbs.
  • It only weighs 7 pounds which makes it lightweight to carry around and easy to put and store away.
  • The user does not accumulate sweat and feels sticky because of the breathable fabric.
  • If the strap breaks, it is easily replaceable at a cheap cost.
  • The seat gets hot when exposed to sunlight for a period of time.
  • It comes with steel boats which can later on rust.
Overall, this B100 Boat Seat from Millenium Marine is a good boat seat with its good ergonomic design that focuses its details into making the user’s experience a good and comfortable one.

8. Tempress All-Weather High Back Seat

The Tempress All-Weather jon boat seat is a versatile chair that can be converted into any type of seat you would like; whether you want a swivel or slide chair. It has high-density foam padding and a 30 oz. Marine-grade UV stable vinyl covering. The hinges on the chair are made of stainless steel to allow it to be folded. Its ergonomic design is contoured and made to fit the user’s body. It also accepts quick disconnect mount.

What I like about this jon boat chair is the lumbar support it provides even for big-boned or heavyweight people. It is easily removable for quick storage. Many users commended its comfortability and well-made product design. They added that the fabric was also of good quality.

What I do not like about this boat seat for jon boats is that it lacks a locking mechanism for when the seat is folded. The seat also retains water when it gets wet. When water is absorbed into the foam padding, it retains and only is released when squeezed or someone sits on it which makes for a bad experience.
  • It can be easily removed for storage.
  • The seat is comfortable even after sitting on it for a long time.
  • The backrest is not flimsy or weak. It also provides good back support.
  • Cushions can be easily removed if in need of cleaning or replacing.
  • It has no locking mechanism to strap the seat down when not in use or during travels.
  • When the seat gets wet, it absorbs the water and retains it in the foam padding.
The Tempress All Weather boat seat does have its downsides of soaking up rainwater and keeping it in the seat until one sits down and it lacks a strap to keep the seat folded down, but it is a seat that still delivers. It has other additional features that are not so common in comparison with other seats on this list such as a removable cushion.

MSC Folding Boat Seat (Outdated)

These folding jon boat seats are made by MSC that features 360-degree rotation and compression padding. This low back folding boat seat is part of the MSC Back Armour ™ Series which ensures the safety of the user while enjoying their time fishing. Its seat frame is made of hi-impact injection molded plastic and aluminum hinges on the side. Its seat trim is made up of 28 oz. marine-grade vinyl. Its padding is made of polyurethane foam which ensures comfort while sitting. The seat cover is available in gray, light and dark gray, and white and blue.

What I like about the MSC Folding Boat Seat is its retro design and color. It has many color choices to choose from which makes it easy to match seat with the boat you have or select according to your preference. The seat is also easy to clean and durable. Another convenient thing to notice is that it does not get hot when under direct sunlight. Many users who have bought this seat has aired the same positive sentiments.

What I do not like is the brittleness of the strap which hinders it from being stayed shut. It might also be too small for other people.
  • The boat seat folds flat and can be shut with a strap.
  • It does not get hot under due to sun exposure.
  • The boat seat covering makes it easy to clean.
  • The strap is weak and brittle. It breaks easily.
  • The seat might be a little small for some users.
The MSC Folding boat seat is a good deal despite the weak strap that supposedly shuts the seat. If having your seat shut is not a big deal to you, overall, this jon boat seat can be good for you.

Premium Low-Back Boat Seats (Outdated)

Seamander has released a jon boat seat that is made for fishing and boating. These are aluminum boat seats with an injection-molded high-impact marine-grade frame. It also has a weight limit of 225 lbs which makes it user-friendly for other boaters. You can choose from a camo style or a blue and white color scheme design. You can fold the seat down which makes it about 10 to 12 inches and strap it further down to 8 to 10 inches making it convenient and does not take up too much space. The seats come with threaded inserts and machine screws for you to install them with.

What I like about the product is the high-compression foam padding which provides long-lasting comfort. Another thing I like is the unique design that the seat comes in. It also comes with fasteners if you are mounting it into a swivel or pedestal system which comes in handy if you are looking to make that adjustment.

Although, what I do not like about the product is that the color of the fabric fades over time and the backrest can bend backward which might make its lifespan shorter than expected. It does indicate that its backrest cannot take much weight without bending or folding.
  • You get a pair of jon boat seats.
  • The seat is easy to install.
  • It is user-friendly because it can able to withstand up to 225 lbs of weight.
  • Strapping the folded seat down decreases the space occupied by 2 more inches.
  • The color of the fabric easily fades which can make it look old fast.
  • The backrest may bend backward if you lean back too far back or with too much weight.
Despite the color fading fast and the flimsy backrest, the boat seats are stylish and are compatible with swivels and pedestals. It is also a good deal because you get a two jon boat seats for the price one.

What to Look For When Buying a Jon Boat Seat


Looking for the perfect jon boat seat may be daunting if you do not know what to look for. Here are some tips on what to look for when buying a jon boat seat:

  • Budget

Setting a budget is one of the first factors you have to consider when looking for a jon boat seat. It is one of the first things you have to look out for before looking for other factors. Even if you have a low budget, there are always seats that will fit your budget, regardless if brand new or secondhand. In the long run, it is better to opt for something brand new to last you long as you will not be only investing in your seat and boat but also on yourself.

  • Type of seat

Knowing the different types of seat available on the market can help you narrow down what seat type is compatible with your preferences and lifestyle. Some of these seat types may be hard plastic and jon boat seats with foam. Some seat types are plastic seats, low-back seats, swivel seats, sliding seats, clamp seat, and bench seat. We will later expound on each of the types of seats mentioned in the latter half part of this article.

  • Features

There are different features offered which can make your boating experience much more convenient and enjoyable. There are jon boat swivel seats that rotate 360 degrees, there are foldable jon boat seats which you can fold and strap down when not in use, and many other features. Another feature of a sliding jon boat chair which you can move to the right or left which maximizes the jon boat’s space.

Some features focus on the material made with the seat covering; some may be the typically used vinyl while others utilize different ones. Some other feature to take note of are the ability to fold, strap the seat down, parts can be easily replaced, etc.

  • Reviews

In making a purchase, it is always a good idea to see what others who have purchased the product think of it and what they had experienced with it. If a product has many positive reviews then you can expect it to be of good quality. Some do receive negative reviews which can be influenced by delivery issues, but not on the product itself. If a product receives a lot of bad reviews then be wary of buying it.

Other Important Factors to Consider


What is a jon boat seat?

Jon boat seats are seats installed in your jon boat to accommodate yourself and/or your passengers in your traveling. Think of it as the chairs in your car, on public road transportation, and even on airplanes. It is there to make the passengers comfortable while traveling. Everyone knows how difficult it is to travel in an uncomfortable seat so getting a jon boat can help alleviate that difficulty.

How does it work?

Jon boats are flat-bottom boats with built-in benches. These benches may be uncomfortable to sit on for long hours because they are made of the same material the boat is. Installing seats for jon boats can be down with the help of different additional components such as a mounting system.

What are the different types of jon boat seats?

The market offers many different types of jon boat seats that you can choose from according to your preference. Knowing what types of boat seats are available in the market will help you see what your wants and needs in a jon boat seat. Here are some different types of jon boat seats on the market:

  • Low-back boat seat

Low-back boat seats are jon boat seats that promote comfort for your back, most especially the lower back region. Low-back boat seats usually have padding and ergonomic designs that help support your back while sitting for hours on end.

  • Plastic seat

Plastic seats are usually made of molded plastic. Some plastic seats are standalone pure plastic while some plastic seats come with a cushion or padding.

  • Clamp seat

Clamp seats are jon boat seats used with clamp mounts to attach it to the boat. The use of clamp seats provides that installing the boat seat is done without drilling.

  • Swivel seat

The swivel seat allows the user to rotate the chair while sitting down. A swivel seat for jon boat can rotate 360 degrees which makes it easy to move about in the area around your chair while sitting down. It allows you to move around in various positions. Swivel seats need a seat clamp in order to rotate.

  • Sliding jon seat

The boat seat slider bracket allows the attached jon boat chair to slide from side to side. To install a boat seat that slides back and forth, you need to install a slider mounting bracket first to achieve this. Some sliding jon boat seats can be removed after use then stored away until the next boating trip.

  • Bench seat

A bench seat is one long seat, usually with its own legs, and needs no serious installation as you just simply put it into your boat. It usually has no backrest and its frame can be folded to be easily transported and stashed away for storage. It can accommodate more than one person to sit on it or provide more space to put your stuff on and underneath it. In comparison to the built-in bench seat in your jon boat, this provides more comfort while sitting.

Why do you need a jon boat seat?

You might wonder why you would need jon boat chairs if the boat itself has benches where you and other passengers can sit on. Installing boat seats for jon boats is not a bad move if you are an avid fisher or boater as it can be seen as an upgrade. In general, upgrades are done to help improve the experience of using an item. Installing flat bottom boat seats comes with benefits. Here are some of those benefits as to why you need a jon boat seat:

  • It provides comfort while fishing or traveling.
  • Sitting in a seat gives you more room to accommodate more items and prevents a messy and unorganized jon boat.
  • It aids in your physical health. It prevents your back and joints from aching due to prolonged sitting. This can cause discomfort and even prolonged pain.
  • It provides convenience by being easily collapsible, foldable, or even removable to your preference.
  • It helps accommodate more passengers in your jon boat.
  • The adding of jon boat seats is low-maintenance yet good for the long run upgrade not only for your boat but for you as well.

Choosing your jon boat seat is situational as to how you want to experience comfort while sitting and waiting in your jon boat.

Frequently Asked Questions


Q: What are the most trusted jon boat seat brands?

A: Some of the most trusted jon boat seat brands in the market are Attwood, MSC, Millenium Treestands, Leader Accessories, and Wise. Most of these brands have been producing fishing and boating equipment for a long time now which gives them an advantage to really know those who use their product. Not only can you get jon boat seats from these brands, but other boat components as well.

  • Attwood

Attwood has been in the marine business for more than 100 years now. They offer almost all the components that consist of the boat from electrical, fuel, to seating and accessories. Attwood’s top priority for their customers is to ensure safety and reliability brought about by their products. They are one of the most affordable brands for jon boat seats yet garner many positive reviews and feedback from using their product. For your jon boat needs, besides selling jon boat seats, they also sell boat seat swivels and seat mounts.

  • Millenium Treestands

Millenium Treestands is known for producing good hunting gear in various locations in United States such as Texas, Alberta, and South Carolina. They not only specialize in ground hunting but also other equipment for fishing and boating.

  • Wise

Founded by Charles W. Wise in 1961, The Wise Company has been producing machinery and equipment for various industries and areas such as road machinery, trucks, golf cars, and boats. Their more than three decades service has garnered recognition from across the United States. For marine necessities, they offer boats, seats, coolers, and other accessories. Wise knows their customers because of how they study and produce well-designed jon boat seats at an affordable price.

  • MSC

For more than a decade, MSC has dedicated their time into improving the water and outdoor experiences of thousands of people. Promising top quality at a competitive price, they ensure that all those who buy their product will get their money’s worth with satisfaction.

  • Leader Accessories

Leader Accessories does not just cover water leisure but also dedicate their effort into other leisures such as camping, hunting, and watersports. They cover from the outside to the automotive to the insides. Over 30 years of experience, they simply want their customers to make their outdoor experiences enjoyable and memorable.

Q: How to install?

A: Installing a jon boat seat chair is not a very complicated process. Some jon boat seats follow a standard procedure of installing while others need a different procedure. It all depends on how what type of features you would like your jon boat to have.

Some of the basic things you need in installing a new or an upgraded chair into your jon boat are a seat mount, a base plate, a clamp system, the needed screws or bolts, and nuts, and the chair.

You may encounter some problems which require you to drill certain parts or add parts separate from the chair itself. It is indeed situational as to how you install the chair or what problems you may possibly encounter.

Many videos and tutorials are available online which you can find with the help of a search engine.

Q: How to use?

A: Simply sit on the chair when needed or desired. The function of the chair varies from its features. If you have purchased a foldable jon boat, you can simply fold it and strap it down to secure its place. If your chair for your jon boat is a swivel type, you can rotate your seat to face whichever direction the user pleases. For bench seats, just simply prop up the frame and place the seat into the boat, ensure that the bench is securely in place before sitting down or placing items atop of it.

Q: What else do I need?

A: Before installing your seat, make sure you have the right parts, component, screws, and the likes. It might bring about frustration if you have the wrong components. Another thing you need is patience which you may need depending on the installation of a seat will be longer than expected.

Q:What is the warranty?

A: Warranty varies from manufacturer to manufacturer. Read the conditions that come with the product or contact the supplier or manufacturer for more details. Calling the manufacturer or seller will help you directly talk to them on what warranty covers the product you have bought. You can also check out their websites if available on their warranty policy. Some allow the return of money or exchange with another product if the product you bought was found faulty or defective.

Q: Where to buy?

A: You can buy jon boat seats in boat gear stores in your area. Using your search engine, you can type in “jon boat seats” and the area in which you are located or willing to travel to. One of the advantages of being able to buy from stores is that you can see and touch the product itself; another advantage is to be able to converse and inquire about the product to the seller.

You can also buy jon boat seats in online selling platforms like Amazon, eBay, and others. In most cases, you are purchasing from the manufacturer themselves, compared to boating stores where they are sold by merchants or distributors. An advantage to online shopping is seeing reviews from customers who have purchased the item; there you can take into consideration the experiences of other people with the item you are considering to purchase.

Prices for seats bought from a store and online may vary. Sales can occur which can help you save money. It is a good idea to be on the lookout for price comparisons and upcoming sales.


If you have reached the end of this article, kudos to you for feeding your curiosity and hunger for knowledge regarding your boating hobby.

Here is a short summarization from what you have read: research for the best jon boat seats according to your boat and needs, read up on reviews and recommendations from other users, and to stock up on knowledge about the ins and outs of your jon boat. Reading up on different articles and reviews will definitely help in narrowing down jon boat seats to consider installing in your boat.

It might be overwhelming with all the information but in the long run, your boat will thank you for your reading on informative articles. Not only will you stumble on experiences and recommendations from fellow boaters but also useful tips and tricks that you can do to make your boating experience a hassle-free and fun one. Happy boating!

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