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The Best Marine Greases for 2023

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Boat or ship owners should highly consider the significance of purchasing the best marine grease product as this would provide exceptional machinery lubrication under severely difficult conditions. Such product is a worthwhile investment when you own a small or large vessel precisely because this enables the superior levels of lubrication and pumpability even when aboard machinery is operating with great temperatures and speed.

Needless to say, watercrafts are very pricey investments reason why it is just right that you consider all possible care and maintenance products and methods to enable them to sustain superb performance and obtain the best possible protection since these are exposed to harsh weather conditions and rough waters.

best marine grease

The good news is that, if you are not that insightful about the most tried-and-true marine grease product that could be the perfect solution for your ship or boat’s needs, then this article will provide you with valuable information with regards to them. With the product reviews below, you can assess the features, pros and cons of the most recommendable products.

Fundamentally, with the purchasing guides tackled in this post, you’ll also gain some knowledge about the factors that must be highly contemplated on before you take the plunge. This way, you can rest assure that even if it is a costly investment, it won’t be a waste of money in the end.

Top 3 Products

Best Overall


Quicksilver Marine Grease


Honorable Mention


Sta-Lube Marine Grease


Premium Choice


Star Brite Bearing Grease


Table of Contents

Best Marine Grease Reviews in 2021

1. Quicksilver High Performance Multi-Purpose Extreme Marine Grease


You are most probably aware of the fact that purchasing the most suitable boat trailer bearing grease can significantly help allow your vessel to provide the best possible performance and be protected with corrosion otherwise this could bring serious damages if not properly taken care of. Hence, if you want a wise purchase that won’t fail your expectations, you may check out this supreme performance multipurpose marine grease manufactured by Quicksilver.

Fortunately, if you are in dire need of a good-performing and dependable lubricant, then this marine grease can work wonders for you. This is practical for general applications such as for greasing throttle and shift cables, steering system cables, trailer wheel bearings, suspension systems, U-joints and gimbal bearings. As you can clearly see, this is multipurpose making it a cost-effective choice even though it may be a little expensive.

Nevertheless, please be guided that it is highly advised to use rubber gloves when applying this grease as it could stain your clothing and fabric, and once it gets contact with your hands or skin, it may also be cumbersome to rinse as it is very sticky. And, for a small size, this is slightly pricey.
  • Engineered with PTFE
  • Practical choice for trailer wheel bearings
  • Known as premium quality lithium-based NLGI 2 grease that does not disintegrate when mixed on water
  • No sweat to apply
  • Does a stunning job of lubricating throttle, steering system cables, U-joints, gimbal bearings and suspension systems
  • A little overpriced
  • May stain clothing or fabric
Right-on, this high performance multi-purpose extreme marine grease is the real deal. While it comes in small size and is a little costly, this is effective and can be relied on. It comes with handy squeeze so applying it can be a breeze but make sure to handle it with care to avoid messy and sticky grease from staining your hands and outfit. Assuredly, this comes with solid water-resistant property and does not break down when mixed on water. It is capable of sliding smoothly and it works superbly just as advertised. You’ll also be impressed of how it could help optimize the performance of your MerCruiser stern drive or Mercury and Mariner outboard. Aren’t these world-class features that you should look for marine grease?

2. Sta-Lube Marine Boat Trailer Bearing Grease


Are you planning to purchase the right wheel bearing grease for boat trailers? Then, you have come to the right place. This product manufactured by Sta-Lube is one of the best-rated marine grease brands these days.

This product has been made with a polymer to from adhesiveness. In line with this, it is formulated with non-blend as well as water wash-out components. You can start using this by applying it into sections that require greasing and it can deliver long-standing results. It can also defy water and create a blockade between the elements and the components it safeguards.

Over and above, this is an awesome marine grease product as it is thicker and tacky if compared with all-purpose types of grease. If you want, you can also use it for bikes and you’ll discover that other than that it could offer more resistance in loose bearing hubs. It amazingly sticks like glue and is very adept at preventing generous amount of rust to spread or develop in the first place.

Howbeit, this marine grease product is less versatile if compared with other similar alternatives sold on the market at present. And, since it is waterproof, washing your hands right after accomplishing the greasing task can be irritating since it requires more work than the actual greasing job. So, you better use gloves and work with more caution when using it to avoid having contact with your skin or outfit.
  • Especially manufactured using extraordinarily refined base oil
  • Can defy water under the toughest water conditions
  • Works quite well even in severely high temperatures
  • Comes with polymer formulation for more added protection
  • Designed with excellent ISO viscosity
  • Less versatile as compared to other brands
  • Rinsing your hands is cumbersome
On the button, if you want to end up buying a premium quality marine grease product, then don’t miss your chance and let Sta-Lube brand execute a satisfying greasing work for you. This is a great option in that it can perform outstandingly even in extreme temperatures, it is formulated with very strong water-repellent properties so it does not wash off with water, and is primarily designed with sterling ISO viscosity. It’s economical too since it can be used for a number of practical applications not merely focused on marine uses alone.

3. Star Brite Wheel Bearing Grease


It is given that it could be tricky to select reliable and practical boat trailer wheel bearing grease nowadays since there are countless of brands to pick from. So, for you to end your burden, give this marine grease cartridge by Star Brite a chance to prove its worthiness to you. This is particularly designed for marine applications and it is stringently engineered to provide utmost protection against rough weather elements.

Apart from all these, this is also equipped with sterling features such as its being resistant to wear, water washout, corrosion and rust. And, since it provides a temperature tolerance by up to 325-degrees F, this makes it stellar wheel bearing grease.

Furthermore, as mentioned earlier, when it comes to its formulation, this comes with powerful anti-corrosion and anti-rust properties; as a result, it is capable of providing shield from air, saltwater and other atmospheric chemicals that destroy metals.

Even so, this marine grease product is a first rate choice but just like other hundred-proof options, it also comes with drawbacks such as the serious need for a grease gun for it to be appropriately and easily applied and it may not perform best in super-high temperatures. Thus, you need to keep these cons in mind before getting one.
  • Performs exceptionally for marine environment
  • Highly advantageous to apply for corrosive marine
  • Can be used for water pumps, anchor chain reels, trailer wheel bearings, winches, pins and hinges
  • Designed with grease gun cartridge for easy application
  • Made using unique water-insoluble formula
  • May not be ideal for extremely high temperatures beyond what was indicated
  • Especially necessitates grease gun to ensure easy application
Ultimately, this product is a great deal that’s worth-considering. It is made using distinctive water-soluble formula that is greatly a good defense to washing out. This is practical to utilize for trailer wheel bearings, water pumps and the like. Once bought, this already comes with a grease gun cartridge that allows easy application whenever you most need it. And, most importantly, as a clear proof that it is worthy of every single penny you invest in it, this marine grease meets the ASTM D4950 requirements. Hence, there is no reason for you to doubt its effectiveness and top of the line performance.

4. Quicksilver Marine Lubricant Grease


Are you searching for top-quality marine-bearing grease for engines that are quite famous all over the globe? Then, Quicksilver brand is the name you can trust.

This product is best used for hinge pins, propeller shafts, boat trailer wheel bearings, cable linkages, and shift or throttle cables as well as in steering systems or anywhere that seriously requires generous amount of lubrication that does not easily disintegrate in water. It comes with a very pricey selling cost, but you can fully rely on it and you’ll be more than delighted to see how impressive it performs. This is absolutely a cost-effective investment that you won’t ever be upset about.

Truth is, many professionals prefer this brand because it does not come with restrictions to how many uses or applications it can handle. You can also utilize this for water pump installs and it is one of the few marine grease products that handle your seals with more caution without causing any damage.

However, while it is unquestionable that this marine grease product is definitely superb in all aspects, it is sold in overpriced cost which is to be expected for outstanding brands and it also comes with horrible smell that when you accidentally stained your clothes it will be impossible to remove.
  • Highly practical to apply for greasing propeller shaft splines
  • Equipped with dependable water resistant capacity
  • Can guarantee that prop could be lifted off when necessary
  • Not prone to disintegrate when mixed with water
  • Works anywhere that requires greasing
  • Can put hole in your pocket as it is quite costly
  • Comes with terrible smell
All in all, Quicksilver definitely nails it. This brand’s marine grease is top-rated precisely because it truly does an awesome job of lubricating what seriously needs to be greased. Its application is not solely limited for marine use but to anywhere where greasing is especially called for. It is surprising to witness how this product works just as exact as what it was indicated in its product description. Without any doubt, this is the lube you need if you do not wish your seals to be damaged.

5. Tie Down Engineering Lucas Oil Marine Grease

Tie Down Engineering Lucas Oil Marine Grease

Are you currently undecided about the most effective marine trailer bearing grease product to purchase? If so, why not consider this marine grease manufactured by Tie Down Engineering?

This product is particularly manufactured using distinctive polymers, lithium complex and anti-wear agents that ensure exhaustive resistance to corrosion and rust. It has the capacity to stay in place, formulated to have an excellent water wash-out and can perform best even under rough weather conditions. For a fact, many smart consumers prefer it over the others because it is one of the most gilt-edge wheel bearing greases for multipurpose marine applications.

Indeed, if you wish to shield your vessel from corrosion or rust that are commonly brought about saltwater and freshwater environments, then this is the most ideal pick. It comes with a very reliable water resistance feature, can combat extreme pressure and also functions as a very stringent friction reducer.

On the other hand, a couple of the glitches that you need to keep an eye on if you decide to get this marine grease product for your vessel are its not being recommended for centralized dispensing systems and the reality that it could be difficult to find especially if you buy it on local hardware or marine supply stores.
  • Ensures maximum corrosion and rust protection
  • Can offer long-standing performance
  • Known for being equipped with superior water resistance feature
  • Capable of fighting off extreme pressure
  • Has the capacity to work as sterling friction reducer
  • Can be difficult to find
  • Not ideal for centralized dispensing systems
Overall, this marine grease is a topnotch choice that won’t disappoint you. It’s known for being unrivaled heavy duty lithium certified grease that is specifically designed using distinctive additive system that is meant to provide greatest amount of lubrication even under the toughest marine operating conditions. This is ideal to utilize for trailer chassis lubrication, trailer wheel bearing as well as automotive outboards and wheel bearing. It’s the type of marine grease product that could guarantee matchless water resistance, maximum rust and corrosion shield and longer-lasting performance. Are there more for you to ask for?

6. CRC Marine Grease


As a boat owner, looking after and maintaining your vessel is not always an easy task to manage. But, with the right products, tools and equipment, the job can be accomplished in a more rewarding means.

This boat trailer marine grease is popular for being blue and tacky aluminum complex grease that makes use of vastly redefined base oil. As a matter of fact, it has been manufactured using polymer which is especially intended to create solid adhesiveness. Substantially, when mixed on water, it does not wash out and it appears to be non-blend.

As for the protection it could provide to your boat, this will considerably execute a standout water-proof performance that could fight off even the harshest weather conditions. Once purchased, this already comes with a total of 3 packs of 3 oz. cartridges. And if used accordingly, this could last a long time. See to it to adhere to the application instructions indicated on the product’s label.

Howbeit, this marine grease product is not the recommended pick for those who do not have beyond affordable budget for such product. And, since it comes in small size, you should refrain from it if you have larger grease guns as it won’t fit them. But, if you’re going to dig deeper these are not really serious issues for you to be bothered about.
  • Makes use of superiorly refined base oil
  • Quite adhesive, non-blend and water wash out properties
  • Non-combustible unlike other similar products
  • Package contains 3 packs of 3 oz. cartridge
  • Supported by powerful water-repellent characteristic
  • Seems to be designed only for mini grease guns
  • Not good option for anyone with short funds
Once and for all, this is out-of-the-ordinary greasing product that it can be labeled as one of the best grease for boat trailer bearings. It has the capability to get the job done in a magnificent approach. If you have tiny grease guns, then this could provide the best fit for them. This could surely grease everything that has a fitting. Its peerless water-repellent characteristic enables it to provide generous amount of protection even under rugged weather conditions. This way, you no longer need to worry about your most cherished vessel. It is also risk-free to use since it is not combustible unlike others.

7. Liquid Wrench Grease


If you want to lubricate the sway bars on your vehicle, then this could execute the job to a great extent. In addition to this, it is very easy to apply and use provided that you have the right-sized grease gun to accomplish the task. What is quite impressive about this auto and truck greasing product is that it can work wonders even for seriously very old metal components of your vehicle, so you can have the chance to avoid more expensive cost of having them repaired.

Still, there are a couple of defects that you need to seriously look into with regards to purchasing this brand and these consist of the tendency for it to be quite filthy if you happen to utilize a grease gun that does not come with perfect fit; and it appears to work excellently for outboard motor only. If you’re still fine despite these irregularities, then you may take the plunge.

As compared to other similar products sold on the market, this brand does not ask you to pay more considering it’s very advantageous for handling the greasing needs of your car or truck. For you to take proper care and maintenance for your vehicle and to avoid more expensive costs of having them repaired in car repair shops, you better use the right lubricant to avoid rust and corrosion; hence save your car from more serious damages in the future.
  • Works quite practically for automotive and truck maintenance
  • Manufactured in USA
  • Comes in decent selling price
  • Very easy to apply and use
  • Adept at greasing age-old metal parts
  • Can be messy if unsuitable grease gun was used
  • Seems to extraordinarily perform only for an outboard motor
In the long run, you’ll realize for yourself that owning a car or other types of vehicle can be exhausting and costly. Thus, to extend the lifespan of your most valued car, doing repairs ahead of time should be taken seriously. Luckily, with this auto greasing product, you can revive even those very old car parts that need to be properly lubricated for them to perform better once more. This is easy to use and apply; you just need to make sure that you have the right grease gun to use in order to finish the job just like how you wanted it to be.

8. Nitro Lubricants Tacky Red Lithium Complex Tube Grease


Can’t you still find the right trailer-bearing grease for your vessel or vehicle? If so, you can check out this automotive and marine grease to solve your troubles right away.

This red lithium grease is primarily crafted to be applied for power-sport racing, marine applications, high performance automotive, industrial and agricultural equipment, u-joints, bucket pins, wheel bearings and bushings. As you can see, it is certainly nice to have a kind of product that can execute multipurpose tasks.

In like manner, it comes with superb viscosity index which implies that the grease can remain in place, won’t squeeze or sling or seep out of your application. Evidently, this is a clear benefit since it could extend the service intervals on your application by up two times. Plus, this is also backed up by a strong water-proof property.

Still and all, two of the minus points for this marine grease product are its tendency to create sticky mess while executing the greasing job. And, its plastic tube seems to be made of cheap quality that makes it more susceptible to instantly getting destroyed. If these are serious concerns for you, then perhaps looking for other options is a must. These cons do not diminish its being a great marine grease product though.
  • Crafted using 100% all-plastic grease tube
  • Formulated with advanced additive technology
  • Does not squeeze and sling and remain in place
  • Can repel heavy impact, extreme pressure and spinning
  • Grease does not separate over time
  • Plastic tube may be prone to easily getting damaged
  • May produce sticky mess
To wrap things up, this marine grease product is highly deemed as the tacky king. This simply conveys that if you prefer grease that has the capability to stick solidly to everything except water, then this is the ideal option for you. Additionally, you can utilize this for bearings and zerks as well. And, the best of all, this is engineered with advanced additive technology that makes it heavy-duty grease since this enables it to become stickier and thinner as compared to other greases out there. It can excellently repel heavy impact, spinning, and extreme pressure plus it can also withstand marine applications. So, this is absolutely the best bang for the money!

9. Plews & Edelmann LubriMatic Marine Trailer Wheel Bearing Grease


Do you find it troublesome thinking over what type of grease for trailer wheel bearings for you to invest in? Then, you better stop frowning from now on and see for yourself how this marine grease product can help you solve your problem.

If you’re wondering what makes this product a good choice to consider, then the answer to your question is this marine grease’s unique water-insoluble formulation that is specifically meant for marine applications. And, it can offer paramount protection from harsh weather conditions that make it quite beneficial for different marine applications. It also comes with anti-corrosion properties so it can ensure that your vessel is properly taken care of.

By the same token, this can be applied on swivel hinges, wheel bearings, winches, pins and anchor chain reels that need to be lubricated and be provided with massive protection from corrosion. This way, your vessel is shielded from any potential damage that would be more costly to deal with if ever.

Nonetheless, a few of the weak points that go with this marine grease product are its not so reasonably priced selling cost since there are other similar options out there that are a lot cheaper yet can perform just the same and this is not highly dependable for heavy-duty applications.
  • Made using unique water insoluble marine grease formula
  • Highly recommended for disc brake wheel bearings
  • Can offer matchless shield from harsh weather conditions
  • Comes with 550 Fahrenheit drop point
  • Equipped with superb anti-corrosion feature
  • Unreliable to use for heavy-duty applications
  • Comes with not so affordable price
In a nutshell, if you eagerly wish to provide peerless protection to your boat or ship, then it won’t cost you much if you purchase this brand even though its current price tag is perceived to be pricey. Just the thought that it is capable of providing the greasing needs for marine and other non-marine applications that are subject to high temperatures is already enough proof why this is not a waste of money to think through. Besides, it can also safeguard your watercraft from severe air, freshwater and saltwater environment.

10. Plews & Edelmann Aqua LubriMatic


Are you having a hard time searching for the leading marine wheel-bearing grease to date? Then, allow Plews & Edelmann Aqua LubriMatic to do the greasing job for you.

This is highly recommendable for marine applications and can provide supreme anti-corrosion feature under serious conditions brought about by air and saltwater. It is made using water insoluble and unique calcium sulfonate complex formulation. Likewise, this is especially engineered with superior drop point so this makes it exquisite grease primarily for high-heat wheel bearing applications.

Basically, you can utilize this grease on the trailer bearings for vessels. This could help keep your boat trailers in the best possible shape even for many years to come. Obviously, this is a kind of investment that won’t leave you disheartened in the end. So, you better not think twice.

For all that, a few of the minor issues that you may encounter if you buy this marine grease product are its being small in size that may bring about troubles fitting other grease guns and these could be slightly hard to find in local shops these days. Thus, your only option might be to look for them online.
  • Perfect for marine applications
  • Drop point 550-degrees Fahrenheit
  • Can deliver utmost protection against corrosion under tough air and saltwater conditions
  • Contains special calcium sulfonate complex and water insoluble formulation
  • Ideal for high-heat wheel bearing applications
  • May be challenging to find locally now
  • Small size may not fit other grease guns
In summary, once purchased, the package already includes 4 packs of 3 oz. cartridge designed for tiny grease guns only. As evidence of its excellence, it was rated gc-lb by NLGI; NLGI 2. Fundamentally, this can be used for wheel bearings consisting of disc brake wheel bearings, winches, swivel hinges, anchor chain reels, as well as pins to offer better corrosion protection and lubrication. For sure, you will agree of the fact that it is so awesome to have a tiny gun that’s often prepared and filled with grease just when you require it the most. For the price tag, this is a good catch that you should not take lightly.

What to Look for When Buying Marine Greases

boat trailer bearing grease

When shopping for the most suitable marine grease for your boat or vehicle needs, there are of course some valuable determinants that you should look for and these consist of the following:

How much is the price tag? Needless to say, the amount you are more than eager to spend for a marine grease product could help you determine which brand you can purchase. There are those that are priced expensively, while others are sold at reasonable costs. The choice is yours, but whatever the outcome is, be prepared to face the consequences.

Whatever your choice is, be sure that quality is not compromised for that is all that will matter the most in the end. Do not hesitate buying a slightly costly option if quality, reliability and performance are guaranteed. Likewise, do not settle for low price if quality is not something that you could depend on.

Does it ensure solid water-resistant, anti-corrosion, and anti-rust features? As you know, these are must-have properties of the marine grease product you should get. The reason is because this could provide much needed protection for your vehicle or boat. Thus, these should not be left out.

Ease of use and application. Consider if the marine grease product is user-friendly even for beginners. Check if it is a piece of cake to use and apply and if it won’t especially require much time and effort to accomplish the job. And, better go for options that do not come with strong odor.

Does it contain eco-friendly, biodegradable and non-toxic formulation? For sure, we all want to protect ourselves and the environment whenever we use such product like this. So, to avoid any health issues and contributing to the pile up of waste to the environment we live in, always go for environmentally-friendly options.

Can it provide effective and long-lasting greasing or lubrication? Indubitably, the reason why we invest in top quality marine grease product is because we want to provide the best possible protection for our boat and vehicle and other transportation modes. When these are properly lubricated, we can extend their service and greatly improve their performance.

Other Important Factors to Consider

marine wheel bearing grease

What is marine grease?

This lubricant is specifically manufactured to offer maximum water resistance that could bring about corrosion and other serious damages to vehicles, boats and other modes of transportation. Its primary purpose is to grease boat trailer’s wheel bearings, or lubricate any other components that normally get submerged in water.

How does it work?

Marine grease product is must-have for vehicle, various modes of transportation and boat owners because it is especially designed to satisfy their greasing needs. Once vehicles and boats are properly lubricated, their performance will auspiciously be improved and they can provide long-standing service too.

Marine grease product works by:

  • Offering superb anti-corrosion and anti-oxidation properties
  • Handling bush type journal bearings
  • Managing bearings that are subjected to shock and heavy loading when rotation speeds are superiorly high
  • Working wonders to guide bearings and plain sleeve

Aside from all these, such product works by providing out-of-the-ordinary levels of water resistance even when superior volumes of water come into contact with the grease. Evidently, by using the most suitable marine product, vehicle and vessel owners will be surprised of how capable this product is in remarkably optimizing machinery service life as well as maximizing maintenance of the boat or vehicle.

What are the different types of marine greases?

  1. Synthetic grease. This is best for vehicles that are specifically manufactured in Japan, US and Europe.
  2. Heavy-duty grease. This is highly practical to use for large trucks, construction equipment and large farms.
  3. Multipurpose lithium complex grease. This is appropriate for industrial, agricultural and automobile applications.
  4. Marine wheel bearing grease. This is suitable for various marine applications.
  5. Medium grease lubricant. This is especially intended for low temperature applications, photographic equipment, motor vehicles and industrial settings.
  6. Synthetic bearing grease with grease gun. This is best used for marine settings, motor vehicles as well as household applications.
  7. Moly EP grease. This pertains to all-purpose lubricant that works well at extreme pressures and is also utilized in U-joints and ball joints.
  8. Calcium-based grease. This is not reliable on high temperatures but it comes with very strong water-proof characteristic.
  9. Drum and disc wheel bearing grease. Such lubricant is appropriate to utilize for high-speed applications surrounding wheel bearings. It can be used on drum brakes and disc as well as other greasing jobs. This can defy very extremely high temperatures produced by the brake of a vehicle.
  10. White lithium grease. This can be utilized for metal to metal contact applications. It is practical to use for vehicle chassis. This has the capability to fight off corrosion through offering maximum shield from moisture. Truth is, these are the reasons why it is regarded as multipurpose grease.

Now that you have learned more about the different types of marine grease products and their intended uses, it will be less difficult for you to decide which one is most suitable for your needs.

Why do you need marine grease?

As previously mentioned, marine grease products are primarily used to lube boat trailer’s wheel bearings, and other components that are naturally submerged in water.

These are formulated with different components; some are non-toxic, biodegradable and eco-friendly while others contain some chemicals. Anyhow, majority of them are manufactured to offer exhaustive and balanced performance and are appropriate for a broad array of marine operating conditions as well as temperature.

Marine grease products work wonders by:

  1. Offering greatest amount of protection against wear
  2. Defying water washout, shielding against corrosion and rust
  3. Supporting lengthier lubrication intervals
  4. Regulating maintenance and replacement costs
  5. Allowing trouble-free operation

Since it can help protect and improve the performance of vehicles and boats, users can avoid higher repair costs and can remarkably extend the lifespan of your most cherished vessel or vehicle.

Frequently Asked Questions


What are the most trusted marine grease brands?

Based from the product reviews you have read in this post, you have unveiled that there are diverse brands that manufacture marine grease products nowadays. Some have been in the business for years and some are new in the field. However, when it comes to marine grease products, the best brands that you can count on are:

  • Quicksilver
  • Star Brite
  • Plews & Edelmann

Marine grease vs. Regular grease: What’s the difference?

Marine grease comes with special formulation to effectively lubricate and provide the needed shield for bearings and other components. Likewise, it is capable of combating extreme moisture conditions just like when your vessel is commonly submerged in water. It is tacky and stickier reason why it can make grease stick a lot better. This also comes with anti-rust and anti-corrosion properties that work best for marine applications.

In line with this, while it is true that marine grease and regular grease execute the same job, regular grease works only in washing out components, but it leaves these parts unshielded and more prone to damage.

How to use?

There are a few things to keep in mind when using or applying marine grease and these are as follows:

  1. Not all kinds of grease thickeners are made equal. Thus, not all of them are compatible even if they are formulated for the same application.
  2. Choose a type with either the one that is compatible or the same type of thickener when replenishing old grease.
  3. If you are unaware of what grease you are replacing, consider cleaning out the old grease, if probable. In case you find it hard to remove the old grease, try to apply sufficient amount of new grease to push out as much of the old grease as you could.
  4. Search for the necessary information regarding the type of thickener utilized in your grease on the product’s packaging or label. Take note that the manufacturer might point out to the thickener as soap, thickener or base.
  5. When applying the grease, check the instructions first on how to precisely execute it. This is indicated in the product’s label.

What is the warranty?

As for the warranty offers of marine grease products, you can learn more about the type of warranty your chosen brand is backed up by. It is worth noting that different manufacturers of these products offer varied warranties that customers can take pleasure in. Moreover, it is elating to know that all the products reviewed in this post come with warranties that would benefit customers in the end.

In case you can’t find the warranty information of your chosen marine grease product because it is not indicated in the product description, then check out the customer service support of the manufacturer and ask them about the warranty they offer. It is best to ensure that the product you’re eyeing to buy is supported by a warranty.

Where to buy?

You can shop for marine grease products through local hardware or marine supply stores in your area or by browsing on them from legit online shopping sites like Amazon. While it is true that personally shopping for this product from local marine supply stores or hardware in your area is a good alternative to consider, the options might be limited.

You may consider shopping online if you want to check out various brands and if you want to browse on limitless options that could help you come up with well-informed decision. As you might already know, shopping online is quite convenient, can offer you with lots of options and brands to look into and you can also avail of some special promos and discounts that could make your shopping experience even more worthwhile.

How to care and maintain?

To boot, boat maintenance is virtually very similar with vehicle maintenance. It is noteworthy that there are a handful of essential items that calls for regular maintenance which the vessel owner typically looks after, and some of the items that need consistent maintenance include the vessel’s topsides and hulls, engine, HVAC systems (larger vessels) and moving parts (zippers, tracks, hinges) plumbing, upholstery and canvas, and electrical systems. These are sometimes handled by well-experienced boaters while others prefer to leave it to the professionals.

It is worth mentioning that the most underlying maintenance tasks are generally keeping things neat, and where necessary, well-greased. Fundamentally, this is a significant consequence on a vessel. By happy chance, other than tidying the watercraft and keeping it well-lubricated, there is no need to be burdened by other maintenance tasks since these are the only major ones that need to be accomplished accordingly.

When you keep your boat clean and appropriately lubricated, you can avoid more expensive repair costs in the future and you can sustain your boat’s maximum performance and extend its lifespan.


Finally, you have learned from this article that in order to purchase the best marine grease products, it is practical to carefully ponder on the various factors, features, pros and cons of each product. In so doing, it will be a lot easier for you to come up with a well-evaluated and more precise decision.

As you have read in this post, such products come in different features that are especially designed for various purposes. Hence, it is crucial for you to learn more about the needs of your vessel first or what you’re going to use it for before spending extravagantly.

Once you have carefully mulled over the product descriptions, their formulation and how they could perform, you can instantly decide at once which options can be your perfect match. Not to mention, it pays off when you are well-informed before purchasing marine grease product since one single mistake could ruin everything. After all, you certainly wouldn’t want to spend your money on futile products that won’t offer a rewarding result in the future.

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