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The Best Marine Holding Tank Treatments for 2023

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Boat owners must be seriously concerned about maintaining their marine heads and holding tanks. Issues with a black water tank should be avoided at all costs. As you might already know, holding tank repair can be quite pricey. This is why it must be kept comparably clean and odorless all the time.

What is more, improper use of your holding tank could result in sewage accumulation. This could eventually cause the sanitation system to malfunction. Hence, it is critical to sanitize the black water tank after every pump-out.

best marine holding tank treatment

Luckily, there are uncomplicated, less costly, and effective means of maintaining your holding tanks. And, since most black water tanks are heavily used, it is just right to keep them clean.

One of the essential products to use is the best marine holding tank treatment. This will take care of the mess and foul odor that you are most worried about.

If you find it challenging to pick the right treatment for your marine toilet and holding tank, this post would be your aid. Compare the products reviewed in this article to see which one precisely fits your requirements. Learning more about the features, pros, and cons of these products can help you come up with a commendable decision.

Top 3 Products

Best Overall

Happy Campers HC-18-oz


Honorable Mention

Thetford 28614


Premium Choice

Odorlos V77002 


Table of Contents

Best Marine Holding Tank Treatment Reviews

1. Happy Campers HC-18-oz Organic RV Holding Tank Treatment

Investing in holding tank treatment products nowadays is not as burdening as in the past. This is because there are organic options that you can go for. This powdered holding tank treatment comes with a tried and tested formulation that neutralizes undesired smells.

Among other available options, this is more reliable and economical to use. Its odor-neutralizing formulation exploits a superiorly concentrated mineral blend that is activated with water.

This product is quite a reasonable alternative to chemical-based treatments. It effectively eliminates unwanted smells present in holding tanks. Such treatment does not leave any sewer or chemical odors. This would undoubtedly keep working without the need to add more before dumping.

For sure, boaters prefer a kind of treatment that won’t expose them to chemicals. This option is also dependable when it comes to cleaning and unclogging the septic tank. Since it comes with organic formulation, it won’t cause any health hazards to users.

It is good news that you won’t have to purchase costly unique toilet papers when you could get it dissolved using an organic treatment. This option does not even call for more treatment more often. So, it is cost-effective, too! Indeed, it won’t cause any damage to the plumbing of your RV. Assuredly, this is the treatment you need to liquefy solids effectively.

Anyhow, one minor weak point that you can notice once you start using this treatment is its messy application since it comes in powder form. Hence, you need to be extra careful when using it.
  • Quite smooth sailing to use even for first-timers
  • Works quite well in both cold or hot weather conditions
  • Comes with a formulation that combats odor more effectively
  • Powerful at liquefying the contents of the septic tank
  • Does not come with sewer or strong chemical odor
  • Can be messy as it comes in powder form
To conclude, this odorless holding tank treatment is a great deal. It is biodegradable, so it is safe for you and the environment.

2. Thetford 28614 Aqua-Kem RV Holding Tank Treatment

This holding tank odor eliminator won’t fail your expectations. It cleans the holding tanks safely and effectively. Aside from this, such treatment cleans the tank walls thoroughly and drains lines without damaging them. This is such a versatile alternative that works as a detergent, deodorant, and sewage liquefier.

If you are having second thoughts about the right treatment for your septic tank, consider this alternative. This option is famous for being one of the most effective deodorants for odor control. It does not fail its job to disintegrate solid materials, too. It fights clogging and awful toilet smell.

Many boaters who used this treatment highly recommend it because it is versatile and functional at the same time. It is appropriate for boats and RVs. Such treatment is also useful for cleaning septic tanks. You can rely on this if you wish to liquefy the sewage and toilet tissues. This option will help you save more money in the long run.

Thus, if you want to get your money’s real worth, this alternative can work as a waste liquefier, detergent, and deodorant for your holding tank. As you can see, you can rely on this treatment because it works more than expected.

Take into consideration that this treatment tends to produce strong fumes. So, you may find it a little inconvenient or annoying if you have a very sensitive sense of smell.
  • Comes with a highly concentrated formulation that liquefies waste and disintegrates tissue
  • Specifically manufactured to get rid of holding tank odors
  • Capable of performing multiple functions
  • 100% biodegradable making it practical and safe for holding tanks
  • Famous for being one of the most robust deodorants for odor control
  • Tends to produce strong fumes
By and large, this boat holding tank treatment is an excellent catch in that it is a 3-in-1 product that you can get at a reasonable price.

3. Odorlos V77002 Holding Tank Treatment

If you need to deal with some marine waste holding tanks problems, this treatment can be your savior. It is dependable on maintaining the holding tank of your RV. This option creates no stains and does not come with a strong odor. It is also free of formaldehyde.

Many boat owners prefer this holding tank treatment because it can manage clogs and wastes quite well. Regardless of the kind of clogs you need to take care of, this would suffice. Besides, it does wonder in lubricating valves. It does not even require more application for it to work.

Surprisingly, this works effectively in getting rid of holding tank smells. It also works like a charm in liquefying sewage and toilet papers. So, you can finally say goodbye to clogs. This treatment is not only odor eliminator, but also useful in lubricating valves.

You won’t waste any single cent because this is ideal for recirculating tanks, marine gray and black, and RVs. If you want, you can also use it in septic, porcelain, and plastic toilets. As you can see, this is a multipurpose option that you can lean on.

If you have this, eliminating solid wastes, dissolving toilet papers, and getting rid of the odor is made more accessible. If you are sensitive to chemicals, then this is the perfect product for you. Isn’t it so nice to have a product that works exceptionally for its purpose?

Regardless, one thing that would make you a bit unhappy is the slightly challenging measuring task. Anyhow, this is a very common problem for most. This is a minor downside that you need to deal with, though.
  • Effective, practical and safe to use for all marine holding tanks, RV and septic tank systems
  • Helps speed up waste and tissue breakdown
  • Comes with non-toxic and 100% formaldehyde formulation
  • Reliable to use even under extreme temperatures
  • A great solution to clogging problems
  • Measuring can be a bit messy
In summary, this is an ideal marine black water tank treatment. You can do more by using less of it.

4. Unique 441-1 Marine Digest-It Holding Tank Treatment

Cleaning marine holding tank sludge can be challenging without the right cleaning agent. Luckily, this odor eliminator product can be your companion. It works powerfully in cleaning your holding tank. Indeed, a bad smell will no longer be a problem for you. This treatment cleans amazingly and eliminates odors if used with the right amount and a bit of time.

This product comes with a non-toxic formulation so that you won’t cause any problems with the environment. If you opt for products that do not contain hazardous chemicals, this will be a good option. This treatment is eco-friendly to use, because it is free of any overpowering fumes and can effectively digest sewages.

You will be stunned by its capability to digest waste with the aid of probiotic-enzyme strains. Isn’t it comforting to know that you can remove the odor without masking?

Fundamentally, the bio-enzymatic formulation is adept at staying active in marine or freshwater. You won’t go wrong because it does not pose any danger when dumping directly into the sea. This option is safe for marine life too.

So, if you feel stressed over backups and clogs, consider getting this product for you. Besides, it works wonder in cleaning the sensors. This product is also ideal for lubricating seals and valves. Best of all, it works efficiently in liquefying sewage to empty your holding tank without any difficulty. It is a practical choice when dealing with gray or black tanks.

On the other hand, you can’t expect to see results overnight but need to apply more of this formula to totally get rid of the odor. In doing so, you can observe satisfying results.
  • Thoroughly lubricates valves and seal and cleans sensors
  • Designed with the most advanced and robust strains of bio-cleaners
  • Gets rid bad smells without masking
  • Does not come with strong fumes
  • Ideal to use for gray and black tanks
  • Requires several applications to completely eliminate odor
Overall, this marine holding tank cleaner is a vital marine life requirement. It comes with a highly concentrated formulation that you can get at a surprisingly low price.

5. Boater’s Mate Zaal NoFlex Digestor

If you seriously need to conduct marine holding tank cleaning, getting the right treatment is necessary. Fortunately, this option is the solution to breaking down wastes that cause bad smells. Such treatment is practical for controlling undesired odor in holding systems and waste treatment. It is a bit costly but supported by a money-back guarantee program. Thus, it is a sure investment that you won’t ever regret.

You can also rely on this product if you wish to minimize sludge buildup. It liquefies the sludge and eliminates odors quickly in contact with waste. Likewise, it responds with sludge dispensing oxygen that disintegrates waste. It is dependable in releasing the proteins out of the slime that acts as an additional source of nutrition for live bacteria.

This treatment comes with a specific formulation free of biologic, weak enzymes, and toxic chemicals. It does an excellent job of lubricating the toilet seals to enjoy a fresh light scent and a super clean toilet bowl. This option is safe to use for ceramic, metals, plastic, and aluminum materials.

Interestingly, you will be guilt-free using this treatment because it is eco-friendly. It does not pose any risk to your boat systems and the environment. There would be no compromised pipes, blocked tanks, and plugged sensors for you to worry about.

Please take note that if you expect magic to happen, then this isn’t the perfect option. It may take some time for you to observe noticeable results. But, the final result will absolutely amaze you. This is the perfect example of a treatment that works slowly but surely.
  • Liquefies and gets rid of sludge, waste, and buildups
  • Does not contain any toxic chemicals
  • Reliable when neutralizing unpleasant smells
  • Safe to use for all pipe materials
  • Leaves the septic tank tidy, odor-free and healthy
  • Not the type of treatment that provides instant result
On the button, this NoFlex digestor can resolve bad odors and substantial buildups. It is second to none in terms of disintegrating the majority of solids.

6. Camco 41351 TST Marine Head Toilet Treatment

Choose a marine head treatment that would precisely work for your boating needs. This option is an excellent investment because all of its components are biodegradable. It comes with a buffer system that wards off acid formations and bad smells from the septic. The scent is even friendly for people with a sensitive sense of smell.

What is more, single-dose treatments do not need measuring or mixing. Hence, this treatment is user-friendly, too. While this product makes the RV have a slight chemical smell, it can effectively eliminate waste odor. The waste dissolves fast so that you can forget about clogging issues.

Many boat owners prefer this option because it works well, even in scorching, humid weather. If it is your dream to keep the septic from smelling, this is a great solution. There is no smelly liquid to spill, and it works great for its purpose. This treatment is guaranteed good stuff to invest in. It won’t even break the bank.

One more good thing is that you can store it in the medicine chest of your camper. This treatment is a must-have for boaters out there! It works to what it was designed for and it won’t cause you any inconvenience.

More importantly, this is straightforward to use. And, it is certified reliable in terms of taking the stink away. Such treatment leaves your septic looking and smelling clean and fresh all the time.

For all that, one minor flaw when buying this treatment is its more expensive price tag if purchased in department stores. It would be better if pricing were not an issue even when you buy it from local stores near you. But, if I were you, I would just look for this one online.
  • Can treat eight up to 40-gallon holding tanks
  • Not temperature-sensitive and comes with a long shelf life
  • Biodegradable and safe to use for marine applications
  • Enzyme or bacterial complex helps dissolve fats, waste, proteins, and tissue
  • Comes with a buffer system that inhibits the formation of acid
  • More expensive if purchased at Department Stores
Ultimately, you can consider this option as one of the best marine toilet chemicals. It works as an outstanding odor control that is packed in a convenient container.

7. Star Brite 071761 Instant Fresh Toilet Treatment

This holding tank treatment is for you for boaters who prefer safe, non-staining, and formaldehyde-free contents. It has been proven effective when it comes to eliminating the awful toilet smell. This product does not contain any harmful formulation, so it is safe for you and the environment.

In like manner, this product comes with the most advanced technological lubes that help keep drain valves from sticking. You will be impressed with its capability to dissolve sewage instantly and in an efficient manner. Its light and the fresh lemon fragrance is relaxing and refreshing. You can enjoy boating without yucky holding tank smell.

Please be guided that each 8-oz bottle can treat 40-gallons. On the other hand, the six-pack is capable of treating a total of 240 gallons. This is one of the most preferred options of environment-conscious people because it abides by the EU standard for biodegradable products.

Additionally, such treatment does a superb job of controlling holding tank gassing. If you have marine and portable toilets, or currently own an RV, this is a must-have product. You can pump it out at any dumping station. Cleaning and maintaining the septic does not have to be cumbersome.

Nonetheless, if you prefer a quick solution that works like magic, there is no such thing. This treatment may need some time to produce positive results. But, the good thing about it is that even though you’ll need more patience to wait, the final results are more than satisfying.
  • Comes with biodegradable, non-staining and formaldehyde-free formula
  • Effective at breaking down waste instantly
  • Contains lubricants that impede drain valves from sticking
  • A practical choice for RVs, portable and marine toilets
  • Produces fresh and light lemon scent that neutralizes holding tank odors
  • May take a while to take effect
To wrap up, you can consider this as one of the best holding tank treatments for boats. You may be able to finally end your search for effective treatments that can work for your requirements. It is slightly pricey but can produce satisfying results.

8. Firebelly Outfitters 5864295741 RV Septic Tank Treatment

When it is about managing marine toilets and holding tanks 101, picking the right treatment can make a huge difference. Firebelly Outfitters offer an exhaustive range of accessories that are practical to adventure lovers and their holding tank treatment can offer almost everything you prefer in a septic tank treatment.

This alternative cleans the holding tank and drain lines quite excellently. Indeed, it works as an efficient bad smells eliminator. This treatment comes with a unique and versatile formulation appropriate for boats, camping grounds, and RVs. It also does wonder in dissolving heavy sludge, scum, and solid sewages.

Similarly, if you are particularly concerned about the environment, you don’t need to be guilty. This product is designed with eco-friendly and an all-natural formulation so that it won’t pose any hazard to the planet. You won’t have to worry about potentially toxic substances as it is devoid of any formaldehyde contents.

A lot of boaters who prefer versatile alternatives go for this treatment. It serves as a reliable and exceptional waste liquefier every time. Hence, this is a cost-effective investment that is worth considering. Cleaning and maintaining your portable toilet does not need to be messy and daunting.

It is nice to know that no matter where your travel takes you, this treatment can help keep your marine toilet clean, fresh, and smelling good. Knowing how powerful this treatment is, would you still search elsewhere?

For all that, please be aware that this treatment may not take effect as quickly as you expected. Just give it some time, and you won’t regret using this all-natural and powerful treatment.
  • Ideal for disintegrating solids in the holding tank
  • Does not contain formaldehyde
  • Biodegradable, safe and effective to use for septic tanks
  • Comes with a fresh and refreshing mulberry scent
  • Capable of eliminating awful smell more efficiently than other options
  • Need some time to produce results
Right to it, this treatment for holding tanks is an excellent value for the money. You only need to drop a single packet onto the tank and wait for it to effect.

9. Green Gobbler Holding Tank Treatment Deodorizer & Digestant

It is essential to be prudent when buying Head o’ Matic shock treatment. If you pick an option that does not fit your needs, you’ll only end up getting disappointed. As you know, such products can be expensive, too. This alternative can set your spirit high because it works as an effective digestant and deodorizer.

Not to mention, this is dependable in terms of disintegrating organic sewage, toilet papers, and other sorts of waste. It also plays a vital role in destroying and controlling awful odors for an extended period. For sure, you will adore its fresh and clean scent. This treatment is safe to use and does not harm your health and the environment.

Are you problematic about frequent marine toilet clogging issues? Then, you can give this option a try. It is one of the best choices when it comes to thwarting clogs during pump-outs. Moreover, it minimizes pump-out frequency, so it helps you set aside some pennies in the long run.

In particular, boaters who have used this treatment claimed that it could surprisingly leave a fresh and clean scent even after a few days between pump-outs. Hence, you can solve your marine toilet smell issue with this potent treatment. It is also safe to use for pit toilets, portable potties, vessels, outhouses, and recreational vehicles in line with this. Isn’t it a good option considering its multi-use feature?

Nevertheless, this option appears not the ideal alternative if you want to get rid of the awful holding tank odor like magic. Of course, there is no such thing as magic, particularly when dealing with boat holding tank smells.
  • Comes with a superiorly concentrated formulation
  • Guarantees fresh scent that effectively gets rid of bad odors
  • Helps in saving more money by lessening pump-out
  • Superb at dissolving paper & wastes
  • Safe and practical for septic and drain systems
  • May not completely control odor overnight
In a nutshell, this marine toilet treatment is an essential requirement for boaters. It is safe and effective to utilize for holding tanks and drain lines.

10. West Marine ExterminOdor Head and Holding Tank Treatment

This holding tank treatment by West Marine is a smart investment. Even though it comes with a chemical-based formula, it is safe to use. It does a dependable job of blocking awful odors. This treatment is also famous for assisting sanitation systems to work without any problem. Its four ounces size can already treat a total of a 20-gallon holding tank. You will love its refreshing scent that lasts a while.

Furthermore, if you prefer an effortless approach to control holding tank gassing and odor, this is a must-have for your boat. This option is one of the most recommended marine toilets and holding tank treatments that work like a charm. Unlike other chemical-based treatments, this does not contain any formaldehyde contents to block unpleasant odor.

It also comes with exclusive additives that keep the drain lines and holding tanks walls free from residues and other sorts of filth. This is a prominent option since it features the most advanced technology lubes that keep the drain valves from sticking. Many boaters pick this product because it is eco-friendly. It is easy to use and allows pump-outs at any dumping site.

Take into account that this marine head treatment may need more applications for it to ensure a more satisfying effect. Anyhow, the good news is that even if you’ll need to apply more of this treatment, remarkable results are guaranteed.
  • Adept at dissolving sewage and tissue
  • Works as a very reliable and robust odor blocker
  • Capable of producing refreshing mint scent
  • Does not contain any formaldehyde contents
  • Can sufficiently treat a 20-gallon holding tank
  • May require more applications for instant and effective results
Generally speaking, this marine head and holding tank treatment is a good investment. It is effective and safe to use for marine toilets, holding tanks, and recreational vehicles.

What to Look for When Buying a Marine Holding Tank Treatment


Picking the most suitable marine holding tank treatment can be a severe challenge. After all, this plays a crucial role in keeping your marine toilet and sanitation system’s outstanding health and conditions.

Hence, before buying one for you, take a look at these practical buying guides:

  • Types

You can choose from three types of marine holding tank treatments. These are available in tablet, liquid, and chemical-based forms.

Even though the different types of treatments work similarly, they differ in terms of convenience of use. Some boaters prefer the tablet form because they do not require measuring when controlling the marine head and septic tank odor.

You only need to toss the tablet in the toilet and allow it to disintegrate before flushing the toilet bowl. Afterward, the enzymes would break down the waste materials and sludge. This treatment would help keep the toilet free from clogging issues.

Meanwhile, the liquid form is convenient, too, because you do not need to wait for it to dissolve. Chemical-based forms work effectively and instantly. However, they may cause damage to the toilet, marine life, and the environment.

  • Ease of Use

In general, applying a holding tank treatment can be a slow or instant procedure. You could simply drop or pour in the compound within a few minutes, or wait for a while, and then apply it all through the day.

Regardless, it is critical to strictly follow the manufacturer’s instructions when applying the holding tank treatment.

  • What do they digest?

It is necessary to consider the digesting ability of the holding tank treatment. Opt for the ones that could absorb solid sewages and heavy-duty toilet tissues.

  • Are they biodegradable and eco-friendly?

Go for options that are safe for your health, marine life, and the environment. Stay away from treatments that contain formaldehyde contents. Moreover, see to it that the product is biodegradable.

Biodegradability is about the ability of the product to dissolve naturally without the help of chemicals.

  • Long-lasting Protection

There is no need to worry about adding the treatment solution daily or weekly. The most outstanding alternatives would ensure that the gray or black water tank is odor or clog-free for at least one month.

It is essential to apply the treatment solution once a month to ensure that the tank is properly maintained.

  • Does it come with reliable deodorizing power?

One of the significant issues of marine heads and holding tanks is the odor. So, choose options that are adept at eliminating the awful smell. Indeed, it is ideal to buy the ones that can keep the toilet smelling clean and fresh.

Mostly, several toilets and holding tank treatments are scent-free, while others come with specific fragrances. The more natural nitrate-based or, the more mineral-based the treatments are, the more they could upcycle the awful odor into an odorless gas.

The public health publication has asserted that a type of treatment that is enzyme or bacteria-based is the most excellent alternative.

  • Additives

Chemicals contained in holding tank treatments work to get rid of debris, disintegrate toilet tissues, and dissolve solid wastes. The contents that make up the formulation may differ from one option to another. Yet, this would enhance the output of the treatment.

Some options come with detergents to add some scents. Even so, these are not a long-term solution to clearing out the septic tank. Sooner or later, you would need to eliminate everything inside the tank.

  • Compatibility

It is essential to know if the brand is compatible with your current holding tank. This is because several options are graded to handle holding tanks up to a specific size.

Hence, if you have a big space, but a compound can only function on smaller tanks, more solution is necessary. Make sure to consider this factor before you add the treatment to your holding tank.

Other Important Factors to Consider

What is a marine holding tank treatment?

The purposes of a marine holding tank treatment are dissolving wastes or controlling bad odors in freshwater, gray and black tanks. These products are practical to use for boats, motorhomes, campers, and tiny homes. They are generally eco-friendly and do not require the use of toilet papers.

Moreover, most of them come with a particular enzyme and bacteria formulation that could instantly disintegrate even the most heavy-duty toilet papers. They are adept at dissolving solid sewage materials rather fast, too.

For all that, the main objective of such treatments is eliminating blockages and serious clogs. Hence, if you are concerned about the clogged marine head, this product is the ideal solution to get rid of that.

Besides, it also does wonder in dissolving various sorts of waste materials and sludge, which could bring about severe problems inside the boat or camper. Such treatments can also leave a clean and fresh scent in your marine head.

How does it work?

Using marine holding tank treatment is relatively simple. All you have to do is pour it if it is in liquid form or drop it into the tank if it is in a tablet form. Note that this would depend on the type of treatment you are using. As for the amount or dosage, follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

After pouring or dropping the treatment, flush it, and allow it to soak. The treatment will start working instantly and efficiently. Some options can medicate as much as 40-gallons of wastewater per session.

Such products are adept at fulfilling their roles. They could treat both the sanitation system and the marine head.

What are the different types of marine holding tank treatments?

  • Tablet Holding Tank Treatments

Tablet forms are generally more natural options. What makes them more prominent options are that they do not require diluting, mixing, and measuring. Thus, portion control is not a severe concern to worry about.

All you need to do is to drop the recommended number of tablets, and that’s it. However, the tablets must be soaked and dissolved before flushing.

  • Liquid Holding Tank Treatments

Liquid holding tank treatments may necessitate more work. You need to dilute it and do some measurements. But, after measuring and diluting, it is all set to be poured into the toilet. This form of treatment is as effective as tablet forms. The only difference is the need for measuring and diluting.

  • Chemical-based Holding Tank Treatments

This form of treatment commonly contains chemical ingredients such as formaldehyde. This chemical is useful for controlling lousy odor. It is ideal for dissolving solid wastes, too. Such treatment exterminates all sorts of bacteria, including the good ones. Indeed, it is not eco-friendly.

Why do you need boat marine tank treatments? (Benefits)

Marine holding tank treatments are essential investments for boat and RV owners because maintaining portable toilets and a black water tank is crucial. However, if you have the right treatment to assist you as you clean and maintain it, you won’t have severe future problems.

Here are some benefits that you can enjoy:

  • Marine holding tank treatments are reliable in eliminating awful toilet odor. Such deodorizers could adequately cover up and eliminate the unpleasant odors, so there is no need to open the windows all the time.
  • You can solve significant clogging issues. The holding tank will eventually be filled up with wastes. Since there is no drain line for the sewage to pass through, the chemicals disintegrate most of the holding tank. The best treatments would clean out the blockages.
  •  Boaters can thoroughly clean the system. Treatments for marine heads and holding tanks come with particular enzymes that clean the system, too. Some options can clean level gauges as well. Thus, the system could indicate how full the holding tank is. Indeed, you can address the problem even before it gets worse.
  • Save more money, energy, and time. Undeniably, managing oversaturated and clogged holding tanks can result in costly expenditures. But, if you will use premium quality compound treatment, this would rescue you from spending more. The holding tank will be kept clean and properly maintained at all times.

Frequently Asked Questions


What are the most trusted marine holding tank treatment brands?

If you want to be guaranteed the best holding tank treatment products, you need to invest in highly trusted manufacturers. Sure thing, you won’t have anything to regret in the end if you choose credible brands.

Here are a few of the top-rated holding tank treatment brands that you can count on:

  • Odorlos
  • Happy Campers
  • Boaters Mate
  • Camco
  • Thetford

Such manufacturers shared above will help you get rid of awful marine holding tank odors. In the same way, their treatment products are tried and tested in liquefying wastes, fighting clogs, and other marine toilet issues.

Can you put bleach in a marine toilet?

Putting bleach in a marine head is not suitable for the seals in the toilet if you flush it. However, it is possible to pour the bleach at the end of the pump-out if you want to clean it up for winter. Please be reminded that this is not recommended, though.

Doing so could exterminate all the good bacteria, and this won’t be good for the environment, too.

How do I stop my boat toilet from smelling?

To prevent the awful smell of your boat toilet, consider the following tricks:

  • Ensure that the holding tank system has sufficient airflow. Remove any low spots in the vent lines that hinder the flow of air. Take note that good bacteria need adequate oxygen to thrive and work.
  • When using marine head and holding tank treatment, use options that are bromine and formaldehyde-free. This is to enable good bacteria to thrive and function in the tank.
  • Refrain from using dish soap, bleach, detergent, and other cleaning agents in the holding tank.
  • Inspect the impellers, gaskets, seals, and hoses in your sanitation system regularly. If there is a problem, see to it to repair it immediately.
  • It is essential to pump out whenever you can before the tank becomes full. This approach is to prevent filling the air breather or overflowing. You can also avoid some leakages into the bilge or back up in the marine head.

How to clean a boat holding tank?

It is essential to empty the holding tank, then fill it approximately halfway using freshwater. Afterward, add about 8 oz. of bleach-free liquid treatment to the water before getting afoot.

Consider adding a considerable quantity of ice to the holding tank together with the detergent. This approach is ideal in intensifying the cleaning action while afoot. If possible, you may add the ice through the access port.

On the other hand, to prevent future odors and waste accumulation, always follow the proper marine toilet best practices. You can start by adding water to the toilet bowl before any solid wastes are formed.

Then, utilize single-ply toilet tissue or little amounts of quick-dissolve. It is also a must to add a holding tank treatment regularly. Make it a habit to lubricate the head according to the instructions. But, avoid oils.

Make sure that the tank is correctly vented. Then, flush the tank using fresh water every 4 to 5 pump-outs, or more if you could.

How do you clean a marine toilet?

Be careful when cleaning marine heads. Avoid using any product down the drains that would damage the environment and marine life.

When cleaning the toilet, use gloves. Get rid of the stains by soaking a shop towel or paper towel with distilled white vinegar. Carefully pat this onto the stains, allow setting for half an hour.

Afterward, scrub the marine head with a soft or non-scratch pad. You can clean the marine head by pouring the distilled white vinegar directly onto a cotton toilet bowl mop. From there, thoroughly wipe over the head.

Then, just wait for a few minutes. Scrub the toilet with a little baking soda poured on the cotton bowl mop.

Where to buy?

The best place to search for premium quality holding tank treatments would be Amazon. This is because this online shopping site has the most exceptional deals and countless options to offer. You can enjoy great products that are less expensive than buying in local stores.

If you are lucky enough, you can also avail of some freebies and special promos.


In general, sewage problems are quite stressful to deal with. The good news is that with the aid of the best marine holding tank treatment, the cleaning task can become a breeze. Cleaning and maintaining your marine head and sanitation system does not need to be burdensome.

For a fact, the little concern here is that there is a broad array of options sold on the market to date. In the same way, all these treatment products claim that they are more prominent from the rest. As you can see, coming up with a sterling shopping decision is a great challenge. So, which option is suitable for you?

Fortunately, this is the very reason why we want to share this post with you. We are more than willing to assist you as you pick the right marine holding tank treatment. We are aware that such treatments are valuable products for your RV or boat sanitation and septic system.

Likewise, we want to provide you with practical guides and information about these products to solve the clogging and odor issues that you often encounter. Hopefully, the buying guides and other related information tackled in this post would help you decide your RV or boating needs.

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