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The Best Marine Toilets for 2023

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Are you wondering what the best marine toilet you could invest in nowadays? Of course, no one prefers a malfunctioning unit while they are touring the open waters. Many boaters and campers prefer options that are odorless, noise-free, and come with an eco-friendly design.

Nevertheless, there are several types of marine toilets sold on the market today. Indeed, most of them claim that they contain all the must-have features.

best marine toilet

It could be worrisome and messy without a boat toilet. Fortunately, there are many solutions to have for your boat. A lot of boating products and equipment come with different levels of practicality. This post aims to share some of the top-rated marine toilet options that you can consider. We do not want you to feel burdened, deciding on what’s the most appropriate option for you.

Hopefully, the product reviews and shopping guides discussed below can serve as useful information for your boating needs. So, keep on reading!

Top 3 Products

Best Overall

SereneLife SLCATL320


Most Modern

Nature’s Head NH-SPH


Most Budget-Friendly

Jabsco Marine Toilet


Table of Contents

Best Marine Toilet Reviews

1. SereneLife SLCATL320 Portable Toilet

SereneLife is a well-trusted brand manufacturing the best boat toilets. You can make your boating life even more enjoyable with this marine head. The tank comes with an odor-resistant feature that minimizes the terrible smell. The double seal blocks the odor and impedes any leaks. Apart from this, it also allows users to transport it quickly using a unique carrying bag.

You’ll love its flush option too. This feature restricts your exposure to sewage and bad smell. Furthermore, this version features a button style pump flusher. It does an excellent job of rinsing the toilet bowl quite well. It does not call for any external connections and comes with a freshwater reserve design.

This is your option if you prefer a small enough unit to be stored in the trunk of your vehicle. Surprisingly, it is big enough for boating and camping activities. You can also use this in various outdoor events, tailgating, or hiking.

However, the toilet seat seems small, so others may find it uncomfortable. Take the downside into account before spending lavishly.
  • Flushes utilize a manual pump
  • Equipped with splash-free spray spout
  • Includes a carrying case that allows for easy transport
  • Designed with a considerable sewage capacity of roughly 5.3 gallons
  • Comes with an indicator that notifies when to clean it out
  • Comes with a relatively small toilet seat
If you go over some marine toilets review, you’ll discover that this unit is one of the top-rated options for being dependable and durable

2. Nature’s Head NH-SPH Composting Toilet

The Nature’s Head self-contained marine toilet is easy to set up and odorless, making it a perfect choice for boat owners. This version comes with a considerable enhancement over previous composting toilet designs.

It can fit smaller spaces so it could be perfect for boats and RVs. Also, this stainless steel model is widely used by boaters due to the fantastic sturdiness. You will be amazed by its simple design. You can take it apart and empty it without any trouble.

You can pick either the right or left handle of the toilet to be affixed. The design is enhanced to optimize its compact size and shape. The manufacturer offered it with both a spider and a standard handle to enable super close quarters.

Additionally, this comes with a full-size toilet seat. Since it looks like a conventional toilet, you won’t have any discomfort using it. The package already contains a fan and vent hose. This model also comes with low wattage, making it a reliable and highly functional option to utilize.

If you are short on budget, then perhaps you need to save up some more to invest in this costly marine toilet.
  • Proudly crafted with space-saving and innovative design
  • A practical option for RVs and boats
  • Does not require a sewage connection or water supply
  • Not high maintenance, odor-free and comes with a five-year warranty
  • Designed with large capacity and a piece of cake to empty
  • Pretty high-priced
In a nutshell, this small boat toilet is the real deal. It is ideal, particularly when you need a toilet in a tight space.

3. Jabsco Twist n’ Lock Marine Toilet Boating Head

The Jabsco marine porta potty is available in a compact or regular size bowl. It excels at preventing sewage backflow and siphonic flooding.

This feature allows for a straightforward turn of the handle at 90-degree. If you wish to turn back to natural draining, all you need to do is turn the handle back to its primary position.

Moreover, the easy-to-reverse mounting design offers users the option to set up the pump on the left or right. You can also set it up underneath or above the waterline, thanks to its robust self-priming pump. You can also affix the top or face front to avoid high maintenance.

Many boaters adore this unit’s very adaptable design. This feature is what makes it ideal for discharging the holding tank or overboard. The clean seal replacement is a piece of cake because of the external seal housing full in size. Also, it is practical for having immediate access to the pump cylinder.

This model can combat corrosion to ensure long-lasting service. You will be satisfied with its redesigned bowl that comes with slick moldings and crevice-free contours. The toilet bowl is plain sailing to clean since it comes with pure white vitreous china material.

However, this marine toilet does not include mounting hardware. So, that means buying them separately, which is an additional cost for you.
  • An adaptable design for holding tank or overboard discharge
  • Robust self-priming pump allows below or above the waterline set-up
  • Designed with easy-to-reverse mounting
  • Comes with corrosion-blocking materials
  • Guarantee ease of installation and maintenance
  • Does not include mounting hardware
Ultimately, this Jabsco marine toilet guarantees peace of mind regardless of how long your expedition is. You will be impressed by its unique twist and lock feature.

4. TMC Marine Electric Toilet

If you dream of installing one of the best electric marine toilets, the TMC Marine Electric Toilet is worth a try.

It is an electric model that comes with similar designs with most standard toilets. If you have small spaces, this is the ideal choice. Most buyers find its compact size as quite convenient to use.

The manufacturer constructs this hardware using white vitreous China material. So, we are guaranteed that it won’t get instantly damaged. The simple push-button feature makes operation more straightforward. Since it is not heavy, you can move it from one place to another without sweat.

The stainless-steel surface of the toilet helps prevent microorganisms from building up. This material can keep the toilet odorless and last for an extended time. This unit is widely used for its high capacity scavenger. Such a feature dramatically aids in removing sewage quickly.

This electric head contains a strong macerator motor. Such distinctive features are proof of its premium quality construction. Its large bowl size allows you to sit on with much comfort. It is a breeze to connect and service as necessary. It is an excellent buy for boat owners out there.

A couple of flaws that you can experience when installing this toilet in your boat are some hose adapter issues and its very costly price tag. You need to take a careful look at the hose adapter when setting it up. This unit is one of the most expensive options available today.
  • Comes with easy-to-clean China bowl
  • Designed with very convenient on and off push button
  • Premium quality electric toilet with a compact design
  • Does an excellent job of grinding up sewage and pumping it out
  • Made with classy deluxe large seat cover
  • Priced higher than other brands
  • Tends to cause some hose adapter issues
Generally, if you’re going to check some marine macerator toilet reviews, you’ll see that this unit is a good catch. It is pricey, but you will benefit from its exceptional features and functions.

5. Camco 41544 Premium Travel Toilet

This marine head is a very comfortable and sturdy option. It is a must-have for those who love boating and road trips. Campers may also find this unit a necessity. This portable toilet comes with a 5.3-gallon sewage holding tank capacity- so you are good!

The holding tank comes with a smooth surface that makes sewage disposal more efficient. You can remove the flush tank from the holding tank. Do this by adjusting a simple locking spring-loaded latch. Meanwhile, the freshwater holding tank promotes a pump flush action that thoroughly washes off the bowl.

Moreover, you can lock the toilet lid in place during transport. Or, you can remove the cover altogether to allow easier access for cleaning. This marine toilet is not bulky when empty. Hence, it is not a problem to carry with you to your destination. Eliminating odors is also made accessible.

Since the toilet sits low, it may need a platform to ensure much-needed comfort. It is necessary to check these glitches out before making the final purchase.
  • Offers comfortable and reliable experience for road trips, boating, and camping
  • Makes sewage disposal a smooth sailing task to handle
  • Comes with lockable toilet lid for a more convenient transport
  • Allows pumping flush action
  • Designed with 5.3-gallon sewage holding tank
  • Toilet requires a platform to offer more comfort
Right to it, this can be one of the best marine heads to consider. It is ideal for campers and boaters who prefer compact, functional, and well-built toilets.

6. Johnson Pumps 80-47435-01 Electric Marine Toilet

Observe the beautiful finish of this Johnson Pumps toilet, you will be impressed by the remarkable craftsmanship and well-thought-out design.

Since the manufacturer used premium materials to manufacture this unit for long-lasting utilization. It can withstand marine applications and does not produce noise when used.

Once you have this hygienic marine toilet with you, your boating or camping experience will be trouble-free. Furthermore, you won’t even have a hard time setting it up on your boat.

Buyers love the fact that it is not troublesome to use and clean. Such a unit comes with a combined pump design that is useful for both flushing and waste disposal. With all amazing features at a reasonable price, this is one of the most cost-effective electrical toilets available today.

Many boaters pick this option because it is practical for almost any marine toilet. Be sure to follow the manufacturer’s installation procedures to avoid any issues during set-up.

Meanwhile, this marine toilet is not ideal to use for plumbing arrangements that make use of pressurized water sources. In addition to this, you need to keep an eye on the pump because it freezes up sometimes.
  • Comes with compact design and white vitreous porcelain made
  • Designed with anti-corrosion feature
  • Silent, reliable and hygienic option
  • Furnished with a consolidated pump unit for flushing and disposal
  • No sweat to clean and maintain
  • Not practical for plumbing arrangement that uses a pressurized water source
  • Pump tends to freeze up at times
To conclude, this unit works as advertised and quite well-built. In a single press of a button, your toilet is thoroughly flushed and not messy at all!

7. Jabsco 37010 Electric Marine Toilet

You can consider the Jabsco 37010 as one of the top-rated marine portable toilets. It utilizes a total of 12 or 24 volts with a superior rate of macerator. You are guaranteed to enjoy a strong water flush capacity. With a macerator provided, you can avoid leaks or clogs. Also, the bowl is durable enough for rugged use.

This version contains a scavenger pump that helps completely grind and flush all sewage out of the bowl. Various sorts of microorganisms are blocked due to its stainless steel build. This material inhibits mildew, bacteria, and germs from moving around the surface of the toilet.

The good news is that operating this hardware is not tricky, even for first-timers. The bowl is large enough for everyone regardless of your body size and weight.

Some owners have had an issue with the manner the toilet pumps out. This makes the unit unable to prime.
  • Equipped with an integral self-priming rinse pump
  • Mounts underneath or above the waterline with proper plumbing
  • Comes with a built-in backflow blocker
  • Appropriate unit for overboard or holding tank discharge
  • Has a permanent magnet-type motor and stainless steel shaft
  • Pump out issues
This unit is ideal for those looking for a compact bowl where space is a primary concern. Best of all, it is not as pricey as its competitors.

8. Raritan 61772 PH Superflush Toilet

Like the Raritan marine elegance, the Raritan PH Superflush Toilet is a great deal to take a closer look at. It features integrated locks that execute an excellent job of keeping the seat stable even in motion. This comes with a slow close seat design and a telescopic handle that folds away to avoid using more space.

Likewise, you can set this up underneath or above the waterline. It offers a dry flush option as well. The double-action piston pump is much more significant as compared to the manual marine heads. On the other hand, the manual piston pump comes with field reversible design to allow left-hand operation.

This marine head allows effortless pumping. More than that, its robust telescopic lever style handle makes pumping less complicated. This is ideal even in the most challenging plumbing set-ups. If you prefer superior strength, then there is no need for you to further your search.

Best of all, you don’t need to be disturbed about slamming seats. The soft-close feature inhibits this irking condition. Since it comes with a distinctive feature that locks the position in place, even when the waves are continuous, you won’t be distracted.

Since the new unit’s base has altered, replacing the previous version necessitates some fiberglass work to ensure a precise fit. And, this is also a bit more costly than other similar options out there. Examine these minor issues first before coming up with a final decision.
  • Comes with more robust and reliable design
  • Designed with a soft close seat that impedes irking seat slamming
  • Guarantees easy, quick and efficient use
  • Equipped with a sturdy telescopic lever style handle
  • Comes with a dry flush option
  • Base does not fit older placement
  • Does not come with an affordable price tag
Lastly, this Raritan marine toilet is worth a shot. This can guarantee no backflow from the holding tank regardless of whether you mount it above the head’s level. The upgraded features and design of this marine toilet is unrivaled.

9. Five Oceans FO-3869 Marine Electric Toilet

If you are planning to invest in high-quality marine toilets for small boats, do not overlook the unit’s essential features and functions. It comes with practical features that would help make your camping and boating experience more convenient.

Boaters who used this marine head claimed that they are impressed by the high capacity scavenger pump. This unique feature does a wonderful job of grinding up the waste and pumping it out more efficiently. This is a practical choice for RVs and boats that come with smart flush control design.

What is fantastic about this version is its pre-wetting feature so that it can ensure low maintenance. The model can be set up by up to 25 inches in height. Likewise, you can push it up by up to two feet high. This is not as expensive as the others, but it is relatively dependable and effective.

Indeed, you can elevate the pumping action of this system. Alternatively, people may utilize a pressurized water system that comes with a solenoid valve. If you want a marine head that could significantly help you save on electricity, time, and water, this is your safest bet.

Please take note that this unit will not work efficiently for basement placements. In line with this, its low-pressure pump limits its use in other spots. Take a closer look at these defects before you make the final buying decision.
  • Contains a small bowl with a macerator pump and smart flush control
  • Allows a more convenient push-button flush
  • Designed with slow closing seat function
  • Comes with a durable bowl that is easy to clean
  • Crafted with dual-function pump
  • Not practical to use for basement placement
  • Low-pressure pump restricts its use in other locations
As a whole, this is an excellent value for the cost. It is reliable in terms of pumping grind up sewage and pumping it out.

10. Camco 41541 Portable Travel Toilet

The pump flush of this Camco toilet is reliable in terms of long-standing durability. As compared to electric or battery-powered flushing, this version allows efficient pumping. It comes with a wet-flush bowl that uses a pump flush action to rinse the toilet’s bowl appropriately.

It is not troublesome to dump your own separate water from a bucket with the pump flush to ensure a more effective and thorough flush. This is a very versatile marine head that comes in three distinct versions to select from.

This marine toilet allows for easy sewage disposal. This is because of its smooth surface in the interior of the tank. This unit is lightweight and can guarantee the much-needed comfort whenever you travel. Such a model is quite useful, which makes it an excellent investment.

Since this comes with a small size, it is easier to fit and store in small vehicles. Also, this model is not exhausting to clean and maintain. Best of all, you won’t have difficulties emptying and refilling it.

Notwithstanding, since the waste tank spout does not rotate, the sewage is closer to you when emptying the marine head.
  • Guarantees easy sewage disposal
  • Quite easy to transport
  • Optional flush enables seers to save more water
  • Made with a sealed gate valve that locks in lousy smell and sewage
  • One of the most reasonably priced options
  • Comes with a non-rotating waste tank spout
To sum things up, this is an outstanding choice because it is dependable. More importantly, it comes with a sealed waste reservoir that you could bank on.

11. TMC FO-720 Marine Electric Toilet

Are you in the hunt for a compact, functional and uniquely crafted marine head? If yes, this option can be suitable. This features a dual-function pump that omits the requirement of hand pumps and dry–bowl valves. This already consists of an incredibly durable push-button. It has a self-priming flush pump that washes off the bowl.

The scavenger pump comes with superior capacity. The macerator works to grind up sewage and efficiently pump it out. The bowl is stable and not burdening to clean up. It is critical to keep the water source closer to maintain an excellent priming condition. The water pump inlet must not be over 25-inches above the water level.

Furthermore, this won’t consume more space wherever you place it. It is not difficult to maintain and won’t break the bank just like other available marine toilets sold on the market to date.

In addition to this, the installation was slightly challenging because of the existing hoses on the vessel. So, you may need to grind the fitting a little.
  • Quiet, efficient and easy to install the unit
  • Guarantees smooth sailing marine toilet installation
  • Comes complete with the required accessories for installation
  • Highly recognized for its compact and low profile design
  • Equipped with built-In macerator
  • Tricky installation method
Generally speaking, this is a tremendous marine head for a houseboat. It is a good value for the price because it comes complete with accessories.

12. Dometic SeaLand – 302510483 Plus Bone Toilet

If you are looking for a robust and reliable toilet for boats, this unit is worth-considering.

It features an efficient rim flush action that consumes only 0.5 liters of freshwater per flush. This upgraded version does not require the use of electricity. What sets it apart from other options is its integral anti-siphon vacuum breaker that safeguards potable water supply.

In the same way, this device can guarantee clean and fresh operation every time. You do not need to worry about bad smells that are common to marine flushing toilets. Since this comes with a self-cleaning flush ball with a seal, the unpleasant odors are blocked.

The bowl is built with strong porcelain that does not break easily. Due to the considerable space, so regardless of your size, it is comfortable to use.

The cost-efficient upgrades of this marine toilet are quite impressive too. You will love its high-gloss finish. It is reliable to use while traversing the open waters. Unlike other marine heads, the kit already includes the hardware needed for installation.

Aside from this, the metal flush cover appears not ideal for long-standing use. Be sure to consider these defects before making the final purchase.
  • Come with a lasting finish that fights off scratching and stains
  • Designed with robust and reliable rim wash
  • Feature water-efficient design and functions
  • Can guarantee more enhanced comfort for boaters and travelers
  • Crafted with a unique self-cleaning flush ball and Teflon seal
  • Metal flush cover seems made using inferior materials
Overall, this marine toilet is a significant investment. It can offer a home-like toileting experience. If you want the best bang for the money, this is an excellent option for you!

What to Look for When Buying a Marine Toilet


Choosing the best marine toilet for your boat largely relies on your preferences and requirements. This would also depend on your budget and the dimensions of your vessel.

Here are some buying considerations to take note of:

  • The type of marine toilet to buy.

There are available different types of marine toilets. Some options to select from include cassette toilet, pump-out toilets, vacuum toilets, macerator and centrifugal, gravity discharge, and composting toilet.

Each option comes with unique features, pros, and cons. So, pick the one that best matches your boating needs.

  • Eco-friendly Design

It is essential to do our part in protecting the environment. Hence, it is a must to strictly adhere to the rules and regulations when it comes to boat waste disposal.

Take in mind that dumping all your trash and sewage into the water is not an option. You need to use biodegradable toilet paper and odor removal devices.

  • Build Material

Marine toilets are exposed to harsh conditions. This is why it is just right to choose the ones that come with a durable build. Apart from the hardware inside the toilets commonly manufactured using stainless steel to defy corrosion, the two most typical materials for making marine toilet include:

Porcelain. This material is denser. However, it looks better and comes with a surface that enables an instant and effortless cleaning process.

Plastic. This is lightweight and comes with an anti-damage feature. But, it is a little more tedious to clean than porcelain.

  • Smell

It is a nightmare to bear your sewage’s unpleasant odor in a very confined and small boat. So, it is a must to get a toilet that comes with a holding tank that is tightly sealed. You must also consider using some deodorizers to eliminate the odor.

  • Size and Installation

You need to inspect the available space in your boat first before buying a toilet. Be sure to compare the measurements so you would know if it fits the interior of your vessel. Some toilets for boats call for drilling holes into the boat when setting it up. Some options do not require this, though.

  • Silent Operation

Some marine toilets flush quite loudly. So, this could cause some inconvenience or disturbance. This may not be a severe concern for some, but a noise-free option is better. A quiet flushing system is commonly more powerful. This means that it is unnecessary to use multiple flushes.

Other Important Factors to Consider


What is a marine toilet/head?

Marine toilets, as the name suggests, come with designs that are perfect for and could withstand marine applications. Durability, portability, and flexibility are the features they are mostly known for.

Such types of toilets come with electronic or manual flushing systems or designs. These are must-have for long expeditions in the open water.

How does it work?

The primary purpose of a marine toilet is to collect waste in a holding tank on board. Then, once it is full, you can pump it out into an inland waste-disposal amenity. A lot of this type of toilet comes with a hand pump.

The hand pump’s job is to enable the direct use of water from the lake or sea to flush the toilet. It is crucial to adhere to inland and coastal regulations when setting up a marine toilet. It is impossible to discharge the untreated waste into the water. You must first ensure that the head discharge hose is directly linked with a holding tank.

What are the different types of marine toilets?

  • Pump-Out Toilet

This is available in an electric or manual design. The manual type requires users to clean and flush it. Take in mind that flushing commonly necessitates more than ten pulls from the lever. It is critical to turn it to the other side to allow the freshwater wash into the system.

Meanwhile, the electronic types are generally more costly. However, the best thing about it is that you need to pump it yourself.

  • Cassette Toilet

This type is more preferred because of its portability. You can set it up permanently as well. Nonetheless, you must empty and wash it off after being filled. As you know, this may be a little troubling to some.

  • Composting Toilet

This marine toilet is famous for being an eco-friendly option. It does not use up any water. More than that, every sewage is transformed into useful compost. It is typically larger than the traditional marine head. As for the price, they can be pricier than other options too.

Regardless, this remains the more appropriate option for those who are environmentally conscious. It does not require high maintenance and is not prone to causing clogging concerns.

  • Gravity Discharge

This is also known as a drop-through type of toilet. It offers a straightforward solution to pump out systems. The toilet sits directly over the sewage tank. Hence, it is unlikely to cause significant problems.

However, the odor could become a severe concern, especially if you do not regularly pump out the tank.

  • Vacuum Toilets

This is popular for being a very efficient type of toilet. Many boaters prefer it due to the number of pump-outs and water consumption required. The usual water consumption is about 0.4 liters even though this necessitates increasing for solids.

On the other hand, the above-average costs would be neutralized by the savings made in pump-outs. This works from a vacuum pump through the vacuum tank. Then, up to the toilet.

Typically between 30 up to 45 seconds, the discharge mechanism is operated as the vacuum becomes stabilized. The vacuum gets rid of the bowl’s contents at high speed. After that, it pulls it through the aid of a vacuum tank up to the vacuum pump. This is where it is pushed into the sewage tank.

  • Macerator and Centrifugal

These are almost identical to the standard household toilet. Their design is freestanding and would pump an extensive distance to a remote sewage tank. Most of them come with eco-flush amenities. Hence, they minimize the amount of water consumed.

Ideally, this is an advantage where sewage capacity and water is limited. Both toilets work in a similar approach. They dispose of the bowl’s sewage and into a chamber that comes with either stainless steel or plastic blade.

This turns the sewage matter into a semiliquid mixture and transmits it to the sewage tank. Premium quality models are noise-free and work more efficiently.

Why do you need a boat toilet? (Benefits)

Investing in high-quality marine toilets can offer you lots of benefits, and these consist of:

  • Making your camping, boating, or traveling experience a stress-free activity.
  • There is no need to cut your trip short just to use a toilet. This is because you can spend more days in the wilderness without the need to worry about toileting.
  • Having a marine toilet is more hygienic than doing your business in unsafe and dirty places.
  • Such units are easier to clean and maintain.
  • They make your boat or vehicle look more comfortable and cozy.

Frequently Asked Questions


What are the most trusted marine toilet brands?

If you want to ensure more convenient and comfortable camping or boating experience, invest in a top-quality marine toilet. Since marine heads are expensive investments, you need to be a smart shopper when buying one. One of the most important things to consider is the brand of the product you plan to invest in.

A few of the most reliable and credible brands that manufacture premium quality marine toilets include: TMC, Nature’s Head, SereneLife, Jabsco and some more.

These brands are priced more expensively than their competitors. This is because their quality is guaranteed and second to none. Hence, you can get the real value of your hard-earned money.

You may initially spend extravagantly, but you will realize that buying products from these brands are more economical in the long run.

How much water does a marine toilet use?

In general, a marine toilet utilizes approximately half a gallon per flush. However, some models may require more than this amount of water.

How do you flush a marine toilet?

Some marine vessels come with a hand pump. The hand pump requires users to pump the water into the bowl. The purpose of this is to rinse away the sewage. On the other hand, other marine toilets come with a foot pedal that fills the toilet bowl with water before using it. Afterward, the user opens the slide valve to get rid of the sewage.

What is a marine bathroom?

A marine bathroom comes with a unique design that allows for sanitary conditions while on board. You can keep it dry until such a period that it is being used. Afterward, you will need to pump the water into the bowl.

How to care and maintain?

Here are some useful tips on how to take proper care and maintenance for your marine toilet:

  • When unclogging your marine toilet, it is necessary to avoid the use of strong chemicals. Consider pouring a little amount of vinegar (or the right holding tank treatment) into the bowl.

After that, use a plunger to free the toilet bowl from the clog. Since most clogs emerge in the outlet hose, you may disassemble it to tidy it up thoroughly.

  • Make sure only to use biodegradable toilet paper for your boat toilet.
  • Before a haul-out flush, see to it to clean and pump dry the holding tank. Drain any water in the toilet once it is on the hard. This approach aims to avoid freeze-up damage during winter storage.
  • Always use it in moderation. Allow it to be mellow as it is yellow. On the other hand, be sure to flush it down if it is brown.
  • One part bleach to ten parts water can already exterminate any germs in any cleanup.
  • It is a must to safeguard the environment you use for recreation. As a responsible boater and citizen, it is just right for you to get acquainted with the local pump-out amenities and personnel.
  • Utilize a check valve to guarantee that the drained water won’t flow back into the toilet.
  • An adequate supply of fresh water to the central on-board pressure water system or the pump is a must.

Where can you buy them?

Buying a premium quality marine toilet does not need to be a daunting task. You can find them in many local boating supply stores. But, if you prefer a more convenient way of shopping, you can browse them online.

Amazon, WestMarine, Walmart, eBay are just a few of the most reliable online shopping sites. You can refer to them if you plan to buy top quality marine toilets. What makes them great sites to consider is that high-end brands are found in these sites.

If you shop online more often, you can witness that almost all the items you need for your boating activities are found here. You can even enjoy some exclusive promos, discounts, and freebies. These online shopping sites can guarantee you the best deals today!


Investing in the best marine toilets these days can be a little challenging. This is because there are several types and features to check out. It is difficult to discern which option is the most suitable for your boating needs. You probably prefer odorless, quiet, and easy to install options. You might also prefer options with eco-friendly or more advanced features. As you know, we all have different preferences.

The products reviewed aforementioned are just some of the most recommended options. By taking a closer look at their features, pros, and cons, you can decide prudently. Your long expeditions would be stress-free if you picked the suitable toilet for your boat.

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