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The Best Marine Water Softeners for 2023

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Do you feel exhausted managing the unpleasant side effects of hard water? If you are getting drained of nursing headaches because of hard water issues, probably the best marine water softener can help solve your concerns.

best marine water softener

Setting up a water softener system to treat your water is a smart decision. This technique would not only remarkably help improve the softness and taste of your water, but such a device would also help you set aside some bucks, and save more time in the long term.

Is it your first time to invest in a water softener system? Then, don’t worry, we are here to help. In this article, we have gathered some of the most recommended water softener products on the market. Hopefully, it will be less hassle to pick the right match for your requirements by analyzing the products’ features, upsides, and downsides.

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Best Marine Water Softener Reviews of 2023

1. PRO+AQUA FBA-WS-P-16 Water Softener

This boat dock water softener is appropriate to utilize with the aid of a power washer. It comes with a total grain capacity of 16,000. You can rely on this device since it is adept at impeding rust and scale buildup formation. It is a very portable version that makes it no trouble to carry around wherever you go.

As for the assembly process, this unit already comes fully assembled. That means there is no need to use any special tools to get started. The system becomes all set to supply water within a few minutes, and it can offer 40% more soft water than other similar products available these days.

This water softening device can produce two thousand gallons of soft water at eight grains per gallon of hardness – take note that this would primarily rely on the hardness of water and your usage.

As for the flow rate, this system can produce five gallons per minute. This version does an outstanding job of improving the smell and taste of the water and soap lathering.

If you are looking for a solution that helps eliminate skin-damaging hard materials causing itching, dryness, eczema, and dry scalp, this water softener system is the safest bet. This unit works like a charm in ensuring healthy hair and skin even from the first use.

The longevity of your fixtures, plumbing, pipes, and other water-using appliances are guaranteed. That is because it can minimize the presence of radium, calcium, lead, iron, and magnesium.

Be that as it may, if you especially require a water softener system that can produce a superior flow rate, this might not be the best pick for you. Its flow rate is not sufficient for the needs of a big household.
  • Designed with a total of 16K grain capacity, yet easy to carry around
  • Helps ward off the formation of rust and scale accumulation
  • Effectively solves hard water issues
  • Very responsive customer service support
  • Capable of providing 2K gallons of soft water at eight grains per gallon
  • Its flow rate is not adequate to accommodate the requirements of a big household.
You can tag this version as one of the most sterling boat water softener systems in a nutshell. It is unbeatable in terms of solving hard water problems in an instant and efficient mode.

2. Mobile-Soft-Water Portable Water Softener

This water softener system comes with 16K grains, making it one of RVs’ most recommended options. It works more efficiently in eliminating hazardous metals such as iron, radium, calcium, and lead that are frequently uncovered in municipally supplied water.

If you need to soften a total of five gallons of water per minute, this unit’s capacity will suffice. It does an excellent job of getting rid of soluble iron and total hardness. Unlike other systems, this RV water softener installation is a breeze. It is not complicated to set up since it includes a comprehensive manual for installation.

Such a unit is certified by NSF61 and LEAD FREE USEPA. What makes this a practical choice to consider is that it does not call for electricity to regenerate. Since it comes with portable and compact design, this is a suitable option for those who find space a significant problem.

You can rest assured that it would work effectively in stopping any harmful mineral and other unhealthy materials from entering your household. Hence, you and the entire family can be guaranteed with clean, safe, and healthy drinking water.

This unit is by far the most reliable option on the market to date. Many homeowners who already used this system are impressed by its compact and portable design. Such attributes enable the device to be situated snugly within a recreational vehicle without causing any difficulty.

Luckily, the package already consists of the essentials when softening your water, such as resin, lead-free NSF 61 male GHC tank connections, and a distributor. It is less pricey than other competitor models, so this is a good value for the money.

However, if you observe this unit closer, you will see some of its cheap plastic quality components. Luckily, this does not hinder the unit from executing its purpose.
  • Comes with a total of 16K grains total hardness removal capacity
  • Top-rated for recreational vehicle use
  • Executes a great job of eliminating soluble iron and total hardness
  • Includes a comprehensive manual for installation
  • Certified by NSF61 and LEAD-FREE USEPA
  • Some of its components are built from low quality plastic material.
Overall, if you’re looking for reliable and portable water softener systems, this version won’t disappoint you. In our opinion, this is currently one of the most outstanding options available.

3. On The Go OTG3NTP1DS Water Softener

Are you presently searching for premium quality and portable water softener for boats? Then, this version might be the one you have long been looking for. This is a perfect choice for recreational vehicles, and the kit comes complete with complimentary hard water test strips.

What is more, this unit can regenerate with table salt’s aid in as short as half an hour. Its large mouth opening makes the regeneration process less intricate, and it makes it unnecessary to disassemble the unit. Such a system also executes an exceptional performance in producing water that lathers excellently with soap.

This water softener system is the first choice of most consumers in terms of the less complicated regeneration process, portability, and minimal maintenance. It is a very stunning option because it effectively transforms hard water to soft water in an instant. If you invest in this system, you won’t get disappointed because it can deliver its promise.

While it is true that this device is a double unit, it is not a hassle to transport in your recreational vehicle. It does wonder when it comes to eliminating hard water minerals. Since the hard water is converted to soft water, this helps keep your hair and skin glowing and healthy.

Apart from that, this water softener system makes doing the laundry a no-sweat job to manage. Hence, you can enjoy wearing a stain-free wardrobe all the time. The flow rate can guarantee a superior flow rate and execute its functions in a more efficient and fast approach.

Even so, please make sure to follow the proper installation procedures of this On the Go double standard water softener. Some of its components are slightly difficult to assemble. It might be a little troublesome for those who will install such a device for the first time. It would have been better if there were step-by-step instructions included in the package.
  • A piece of cake to regenerate with the help of table salt
  • A practical option for recreational vehicles
  • Fast regenerating span of only half an hour
  • Kit consists of complimentary hard water test strips
  • Capable of producing water that washes well with soap
  • Assembling some components is not an easy task for beginners
If you want to ensure getting the real worth of your hard-earned money, On the Go water softener is the best choice. When it comes to efficient and quick performance, this is a must-have.

4. On The Go OTG4-StdSoft Water Softener

To guarantee clean, safe, and healthy water, you’ve got to be very meticulous when deciding on your marine water filter system. You won’t go wrong if choosing the right brand. Fortunately, this product is a perfect option since it is unbelievably efficient at providing consumers with soft water.

This recreational vehicle water softener is lightweight, compact, and portable. So, setting it up and operating it is a cinch. If soft water is what you’re trying to get, this won’t disappoint you. Its upgraded design makes it resistant to scale buildup and rust formation. And, it does wonder in terms of improving the overall smell and taste of your water.

This can offer superior flow rates, yet it does not require a high-pressure drop. So, it can effectively transform all the hard water into soft water at a reasonable rate. This unit also comes with a top handle, so users can easily carry it around wherever they wish to go. It is built with 8,000-grain capacity and works instantly.

You need to handle the plastic used in the fittings with extra care because the plastic material used is a bit flimsy.
  • Designed with more enhanced capability to impede scaling and rust formation
  • Enables superior flow rates with a shallow–pressure drop
  • Does a great job of improving the smell and taste of your water
  • Comes with an 8,000-grain capacity
  • Compact, lightweight and easy to transport
  • The plastic utilized in the fittings appear slightly weak and frail.
This water softener system is a worthwhile investment. It appears to have all the crucial elements in creating water that recreational vehicle owners would be satisfied to have inside their RVs.

5. Mobile-Soft-Water Portable & Manual Softener

Based on countless marine water softener reviews, you can consider this product one of the best portable water softeners for marine because of its durable, lightweight, and compact design. Beginners would find this unit user-friendly since it is duck soup to install and store.

More than that, it can treat by up to five gallons per minute. And even though it is offered at a low price, you will be amazed by its superb performance. It works well and does not require regeneration.

It is built with a vessel made from solid fiberglass and is also equipped with a lead-free nylon inlet connection. You can also shop with more peace of mind thanks to its one-year warranty program, so you’ll have insurance to refer to if you encounter problems with the unit.

Nonetheless, you need to purchase an adapter to connect the male hose to the male connection on the system. It would have been better if the adapter were already included in the kit.
  • Can treat up by up to a total of five gallons per minute
  • Backed up by a one-year warranty offer
  • Easy to set up and store
  • Comes with lead-free nylon inlet connection
  • Lightweight, portable and durable
  • Requires an adapter to link the male hose to the male attachment on the device
By reading several marine water softener reviews, you will agree that this model is one of the least expensive softeners available. Its inexpensive price tag does not stop this unit from being a top-rated option.

What to Look for When Buying a Marine Water Softener


There are plenty of shopping factors to contemplate when picking a suitable water softener system for your home. Depending on your current needs and situation, the costliest option does not necessarily mean it’s the best pick.

In fact, the first factor that you need to determine is how hard your water is. This is why it matters to begin by sending a water sample for testing or buying a test kit to experiment with yourself.

Being able to tell how hard your water is would undoubtedly help you point out what type of system you especially require.

Before making the final shopping decision, it is practical to look into the following guides:

  • The hardness level of water is gauged in grains per gallon. Take note that anything over seven grains per gallon pinpoints the need for a reliable water softener system.

To determine what size system you precisely require, take the number of grains per gallon of water. After that, figure out the amounts of gallons of water that your household consumers daily. Then, make a comparison to the number of hardness grains the unit is graded to eliminate per day.

  • If you have hard water at home, opt for salt-based water softener systems as these are top-rated for being the most efficient in softening very hard water.

It is essential to understand that the maintenance of salt-based water softener systems is minimal, and the most upgraded versions operate on a set. All you need to do is to add salt when necessary, and thoroughly clean the brine tank once in a year.

Such a system commonly comes with two tanks – the first one is intended for the resin, while the other is purposely for the brine or salt solution. Regardless, take note that salt-based systems especially require more space, and an intricate plumbing process is expected when installing one.

Moreover, be reminded to position them close by a drain. For RV dwellers, apartments and small homes, you can go for on-the-go water softener options. This version can execute the same job as a more extensive system, but it performs the task in a tiny compact form factor.

One-the-go water softeners are handy, so they are straightforward to hook up. You also need to run the hose when draining them.

  • Do you need a water softener system that is capable of doing more than just softening the water?

There are some alternatives that are made not only to soften hard water but are also designed to execute other purposes. For instance, some come with features that help get rid of sulfur, iron, calcium, sand, manganese, sediment, and rust during filtration.

On the other hand, other versions offer a more comprehensive range of services, such as being equipped with a UV filter to eliminate viruses and bacteria. It is a must to use your water test rules to point out if you seriously need these additional features.

  • Don’t you prefer salt-based water softener systems? Then, you may go for salt-free options.

Salt-free water softener systems simply require minimal maintenance once installed. They operate by balancing the minerals in the water through the crystallization process. This process helps inhibit minerals from sticking to surfaces. Even so, keep in mind that salt-free based systems are not ideal if you have very hard water.

  • Do you prefer more affordable versions and those that do not require ample space?

If space and budget are your main concerns when picking your water softener system, you can check out some recommended alternatives for beginners. You can DIY them without any special tools for installation, and they are certified beginner-friendly.

You only need to clip these types of water softener systems onto your primary water line where it enters the household. Moreover, since they utilize electromagnetic properties to counterbalance hard water minerals, there is no salt to purchase.

What is more, these are also energy-efficient and only necessitate small amounts of electricity to operate. Again, these are not practical for households with extremely high levels of hard water.

Other Important Factors to Consider


What is a marine water softener, and how does it work?

A water softener system is a device that softens the hard water that enters our households. The process is done by either getting rid of hard water causing minerals and transforming them into sodium ions, or altering these minerals’ structures to make them incapable of sticking to surfaces.

Both approaches help impede limescale and other concerns that result from having hard water. It is significant to note that standard water softeners come with two tanks. The first one is a resin tank where the exchange of ions emerges. The second one is attached to a salt or brine tank that functions to flush the resin tank and supply salt to the unit.

In line with this, most water softener systems come with automatic monitoring and LCD to alert users of the amount of salt left. Such systems are typically installed in a cabinet or garage nearby the household’s incoming water supply. This is to ensure that the water could run through it.

What are the different types of marine water softeners?

Water softener systems work in distinct approaches. Traditional versions would be best for hard water; however, if you have naturally softer water, or prefer to combine smaller units into your system, you can opt for salt-free alternatives.

  • Traditional Models

Tiny beads referred to as resin sift the mineral grains out of the water. It is the salt water that refines the beads as they acquire their filtering capacity. Such versions differ in price tags.

  • Salt-free Models

These softeners are available as magnetic, coating, electronic, or filtering.

Why do you need a boat water softener? (Benefits)

Setting up a water softener system at home could offer several health perks. Besides, this can help you maintain cleanliness at home and extend the lifespan of different water-using appliances, water heaters, and pipes. Such devices are cost-effective in that they can help you save more bucks after the upfront cost.

Here are the benefits of installing a premium quality water softener system:

  • Reliable water softener systems execute a vital role in improving drinking water quality throughout the household.

Sure thing, softened water does not come with any strange and unpleasant taste, so you can rest assured that your loved ones drink clean and healthy water all the time.

Experts reveal that drinking hard water could bring about various diseases such as reproductive issues and cardiovascular ailments due to the excess minerals consumed.

  • Softened water is beneficial for the hair and skin.

Have you ever noticed having glossier, softer, and healthier skin and hair after using softened water for a short period?

Soft water can help solve skin problems such as dry and itchy skin. In the same way, the hair becomes less brittle and shinier when you use soft water. This is thanks to less harmful minerals present in the water.

  • Softened water can help sustain the cleanliness at home.

Did you know that household cleaning agents become more effective if you use soft water? This is because using soft water when cleaning minimized the amount of cleaner you require by up to roughly 70%.

The glassware and dishes would be free from any dirt when they come out of the dishwater.

  • Using soft water makes laundry a breeze.

If you use softened water, the clothes, linens, and towels are softer, cleaner, whiter, and brighter than ever.

  • Soft water helps keep the bathroom clean and stain-free.

Take note that hard water is accountable for the undesired stains on toilets, bathroom fixtures, showers, and tubs. So, using soft water can help you avoid all unsightly stains. Cleaning the bathroom is no longer a pain in the neck since you can reduce the need for scrubbing away the grimy film, stains, and scum that are left behind by hard water.

  • Water softener systems can significantly help extend the service and lifespan of our water-using appliances and devices.

A water softener is quite necessary to ensure that the washing machine, dishwasher, water heater, and other water-using devices are kept in good condition. It is essential to know that mineral accumulation from hard water is the primary root of appliance failure.

Besides, hard water could affect the water heater’s efficiency. The water heater needs to work harder and consume more electricity. In the end, this would add higher costs to your electricity expenses.

  • Setting up a water softener system can prolong the service and lifetime of showerheads, faucets, plumbing, and pipes.

If you have installed a top-quality water softener system at home, severe clogging in pipes, showerheads, plumbing, and faucets is unlikely to occur.

Hard water causes scale to accumulate inside the fixtures and plumbing, which eventually limits water flow. In the long run, scale accumulation could result in a reduction of water pressure. So, the fixtures and pipes would become clogged more quickly.

Fundamentally, a water softener system does not merely impede new scale buildup from forming, but this could immensely help minimize the amount of current scale after the installation process.

Frequently Asked Questions


What are the most trusted marine water softener brands?

The tried and tested brands for second to none water softener systems include:

  • Mobile-Soft-Water
  • On-the-Go
  • PRO+AQUA Store

How to install and use?

When installing and using the water softener system, consider the following:

Position the device correctly. The inlet must be linked to the water supply while the outlet must be facing the direction of the hot water appliances.

  • Switch off the water supply to your house at the primary line.
  • Drain the pipes.
  • Cut into the main water that directly leads to the water supply line.
  • Gauge, cut, and link the pipes.
  • Clamp the drain hose.
  • Finally, link the overflow tube.

How to care and maintain?

It is essential to clean the brine tank of your water softener system thoroughly. Do this once yearly. In the same way, routine maintenance guarantees that your unit is running at peak performance. Regular cleaning would allow the device to work more effectively.

Improper cleaning and maintenance could clog the water inlet valves, and you may deal with some salt mushing problems. Clean the tank any time you observe smelly or discolored water or notice a decline in performance or formation of the salt bridge in the tank.

Regular cleaning and maintenance can extend your system’s lifespan, and you will be guaranteed soft water. When cleaning, utilize high purity salt pellets that do not have any insoluble mineral contents.


As previously mentioned, setting up the best marine water softener in your household could offer several advantages for your home, family, and budget.

This article encourages shoppers to always begin with a water test first to figure out what you exactly need. Remember that the type of system you require would differ hinged on the hardness of your water. The good news is that the priciest option is not always necessary.

We hope the product reviews we shared in this post would help you come up with a well-contemplated and confident final buying decision. Look into the shopping guides we have provided above to have ideas on what precise system’s features and functions are the most appropriate for your household needs.

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