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The Best Pontoon Boat Cover Support Systems for 2023

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Pontoon boat covers are critical systems that protect the functional and structural integrity of compatible watercraft. But, a straightforward application of a cover to your pontoon boat can make the fabric prone to rips, tears, and other damages. Hence, consider buying the best pontoon boat cover support system in this regard.

best pontoon boat cover support system

The right support system for pontoon boat poles presents many benefits to both the watercraft and its users. Still, it doesn’t mean you should buy any pontoon boat cover support kit sitting on a store shelf.

In this pontoon boat cover support system review, we will tackle the best products in this sector. Continue reading, and you will also find other valuable information to help with your decision-making process.

Top 3 Products

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Better Boat Support Poles


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NEXCOVER Support Pole 


Table of Contents

Best Pontoon Boat Cover Support System Reviews

1. Better Boat Store Boat Cover Support Poles

Not to be beaten by the competition, this pack of two support poles for pontoon boat covers has features that bring excellent value to its customers.

To start, it has a telescoping design that allows extensions from 23.5 in. to a superb 56 in. I rarely have to fully extend these poles to create the ideal support system for my pontoon. Still, it is nice to know that I can extend them to great lengths if needed.

In my tests, I used different pontoon covers touting different materials. These include canvas, nylon, and plastic. I am content upon seeing that the support poles provide reasonable rigidity in holding each pontoon cover.

As for the poles’ designs, they come with mushroom caps, and button snap rubber ends. They also have slits to allow easy installation for additional support straps if desired. These features will come in handy to provide extra stability and security to pontoons and their covers during harsh weather.

The poles are also made out of marine-grade aluminum, which is corrosion and rust-resistant. Thus, I figured that I would be using these poles for more than a few weeks or perhaps even longer.

On the downside, I found that these two poles have difficulty holding pontoon covers for boats longer than 22 ft. Although it is still compatible for use for covers up to 24 ft. The solution to this issue to use more support poles, which might not be a feasible option for interested buyers on a tight budget.
  • They can extend to great lengths (from 23.5 in. to 56 in.)
  • Provides support to a broad range of pontoon covers
  • Easy to install
  • Provides options to install additional support straps
  • Marine-grade aluminum construction is resistant to corrosion and rust.
  • Some users may need to buy more than support poles.
Superior flexibility and durability come in this pack of two support poles for pontoon boat covers. It is no wonder why many pontoon owners would opt to buy this kit.

2. iCOVER SPS04 Boat Cover Support Pole

This pole system provides peace of mind to its users in more ways than one. Its design prevents water from pooling at the center of covers, and it even has a warranty and guarantee.

But first, the design of this support pole system for pontoon boat covers eliminates water pooling. In truth, I thought it was only a marketing ploy at the beginning. But, real-world use made me saw the light as it did more than a great job in ensuring moisture does not gather on the cover, particularly its center area.

The reason behind this feature is because the stand peaks in the middle. If you look at the cover with this support pole system underneath, it is like looking at a camping tent with a pointed top. So, rainwater slides down the sides instead of pooling at the center.

Next, the install process is a relatively straightforward endeavor. The entire system is reasonably easy to set up. It is also quite hassle-free to remove with the quick release bucks. Although, I do prefer if the bucks were made of a sturdier material as they showed signs of wear and tear after a few uses.

The height-adjustable aluminum poles also have support plates, providing the extra stability needed to carry heavy covers. They also do well in preventing the covers from falling, even when subjected to strong winds.

Finally, the brand also added a 1-year warranty and a 60-day money-back guarantee to this kit. Therefore, I can ask for part repairs and replacements if the components get broken or damaged due to natural causes.
  • Eliminates water pooling at the center
  • Enhances boat covers’ moisture-wicking abilities
  • Straightforward installation process
  • Easy to disassemble
  • 1-year warranty and 60-day money-back guarantee
  • Plastic bucks need to be more durable.
With this boat cover support pole system, users can have peace of mind, knowing that their pontoons and covers are safeguarded from harsh weather. Plus, it is always nice to know that there is an included limited warranty and guarantee.

3. NEXCOVER Support Pole for Boat Cover

This product can be the best budget-friendly pontoon boat cover support system on the market while still being able to provide great value to its users.

Opening its list of excellent features is its 6-stage multi-locking system. As the name of the trait implies, I can lock the device in six different places, providing optimal compatibility and versatility.

This locking mechanism benefits the telescoping pole, which extends from 12 to 54 in. It is a reasonable length, and it can be difficult to complain after seeing its price tag.

While on the subject of its costs, the manufacturer also gives its customers a 1-year worry-free warranty and 60-day money-back guarantee.

It seems that I may not avail of these advantages soon, but these offers still provide me with assurance, knowing that I can ask for my money back or request for part repairs and replacements if the product does not meet my requirements.

Furthermore, this support system for pontoon boat covers can be used in different applications, including storage and trailering. But, I noticed that the rustproof ABS material has difficulties staying still during trailering. Adding extra stabilization to the pole adds to this lack of stability.

It also means that this boat cover support system is best used while the watercraft is staying still, such as when it is in storage. It is for that reason that this can be an excellent option to keep pontoon decks clean without worry of damages from covers while in storage.

  • A budget-friendly option
  • A 6-stage multi-locking system with great extensibility (12-54 in.)
  • 1-year limited warranty with a 60-day money-back guarantee
  • It can be used during pontoon trailering or storage.
  • Rustproof ABS plastic construction
  • There might be stability issues during trailering.
Pontoon boat owners looking for a quality yet budget-friendly support system should not miss out on this product.

4. Extreme Marine Products 37904 Pontoon Cover Support System

Kickstarting this list is an excellent model from Extreme Marine Products. Dubbed the Arnall, this kit comes with four sets of brackets (a total of eight pieces) to support pontoon covers. For the most part, I found that it does a reasonably good job in holding covers for pontoons.

Before using this kit, keep in mind that there are size requirements. For instance, the boat rails must be 1.25-in. square. Additionally, this set can only cater to a maximum boat length of 24 ft. Otherwise, the system won’t work as intended, albeit these issues can be remedied with some DIY.

Further, this lack of universal compatibility is not a severe shortcoming as this is the case for relatively all boat cover support systems on the market. Hence, it is best to check the dimensions of the boat before making the purchase.

Moving forward, each bracket in this kit has a stainless steel construction. With this choice of material, the brackets are highly resistant to rust and corrosion, promoting improved longevity and use.

The brackets also create roomy arches. The space created does an efficient job in preventing the pontoon cover from “bleeding,” or when the color of the fabric dyes the boat’s surface. Also, the curvature prevents rainwater from pooling at the center of the cover, which would otherwise lead to certain issues like stagnant water.
  • Comes with four sets of brackets
  • Holds pontoon covers well
  • Hard-wearing stainless steel construction, rust- and corrosion-resistant
  • Prevents color bleeding of the boats
  • Prevents rainwater from pooling
  • Best used for rails of 1.25-in. square and boat lengths of up to 24 ft.
Keep the beauty, functionality, and ruggedness of your boat with the help of this excellent product. With its features, you cannot go wrong with buying this kit.

5. Redneck Convent Boat Cover Support System

Buying this support pole for my pontoon boat cover was one of the best ideas I followed. Plus, I did not have to spend a lot of money on the purchase.

This support pole is ideal for use for many watercraft as it worked well with appropriately-sized pontoons, jon boats, and carver boats. Furthermore, it expands from 28.5 to 51.25 in. Its expansibility is slightly shorter than some models. But, it is still long enough to cater to support most boat covers.

The pole also extends in two stages with a superb locking feel for each step, thanks to its twist-to-lock mechanism. It feels sturdy as it holds a tarp or boat cover. This model also provides above average results in preventing rainwater from pooling at a boat cover’s center.

I should note that this product does not come with an instruction manual. So, beginners may find it challenging to set it up initially. It may take a few trials and errors, but overall, it will not take an entire afternoon to accomplish. After finishing the initial setup process, each use after that is going to be a walk in the park.

Last but not least, this durable anodized aluminum support pole offers a reasonable price. Thus, it can become an ideal option for fairly limited spending allowances.

  • Compatible with different watercrafts
  • Above-average extensibility (28.5 to 51.25 in)
  • Secure twist-to-lock function
  • Prevents rainwater from pooling at a boat cover center
  • Durable anodized aluminum construction
  • Fairly reasonable price
If you are looking for a support pole for a pontoon boat cover, this product can be at the top of your shopping list. It is an excellent model with great durability, longevity, and price.

6. Carver Industries Boat Cover Support System

Some boat cover support systems take the fun away from an exciting water excursion because of their complicated designs. Thankfully, that is not the case with this product from Carver Industries.

Installing this support system for pontoon covers is reasonably straightforward. The kit comes with two adjustable support poles. The installation process is quite similar to setting up a tent, albeit for a watercraft. There is also an instruction manual in the package for those who still have trouble assembling this system.

Please note that the poles extend from 40 to 70 in., which makes the system ideal for fairly large water vessels. However, it also means that this kit might not be the best choice for smaller boats. Using it on a small boat does not provide a tight fit, and that can lead to the cover falling down, defeating the support poles’ primary purpose.

But for those that can make use of this system, do know that it does its moisture-wicking job well. It effectively slides snow and water to the sides to prevent pooling. As a bonus, it helps increase the life of my watercraft as excess moisture can deal serious damage to boat decks if left untouched.

The poles also securely lock into place with their rear tow hooks. There is also a 40-ft. adjustable strap that cradles the bow and provides sufficient stability to the system.
  • Straightforward installation process
  • The package includes an instruction manual.
  • Ideal for large pontoons, able to extend up to 70 inch
  • Slides snow and water to the sides efficiently
  • Secure fit and excellent stability
  • It may not be ideal for small water vessels.
Large pontoon boat owners, this product can be an ideal choice to support your watercraft’s cover, thanks to its set of first-rate features.

7. Taylor Made 55745 Marine Cover Support System

The removal process of a pontoon boat cover support kit should be part of the overall experience. With this kit, removing it from the watercraft is a breeze, thanks to its quick-release component.

But, the system’s removal is not the only feature that is a joy to behold. This 2-pole support kit can adjust from 27 to 50 in. With those figures, it can fit most pontoons, especially those 22 to 24-ft. in length. There is also some room for adjustments, considering that the entire length of each pole is 60 in.

While it stays on the boat, the four injection-molded hooks promote a secure hold on the system and the water vessel. For the most part, it did not seem to considerably move around during travel.

The polypropylene construction is also quite durable. This plastic material has a high melting point to help it survive through significantly hot temperatures. Leaving this system out in the sun, even without a cover, does not damage its structural integrity.

Further, the polypropylene material is also resistant to cracks and stress. Plus, it does not adversely react with harsh chemicals, making it easy to clean and maintain.

Still, there are more durable options on the market. Aluminum, in particular, is a popular choice for many boat cover support system manufacturers. Still, this polypropylene kit holds well against different weather conditions without giving severe issues.

  • Convenient removal process thanks to its quick-release component
  • Compatible with many pontoon sizes
  • The 2-pole support kit has high extensibility (from 27 to 50 in)
  • Secure and stable connection
  • Reasonably durable construction, resistant to cracks and stress
  • Can withstand harsh chemicals, easy to clean and maintain
  • There are more durable materials that can be used.
This support for pontoon boat covers brings itself to be an excellent choice for many watercraft owners. Its sufficiently sturdy construction and superior convenience during installations and removals provide great value.

8. Camco 41971 Pontoon Boat Cover Support

Superb value arrives into the boat cover support system sector with this kit. Its set of three supports, two hooked straps, and support plates provide excellent customer value from top to bottom.

It starts providing value with its easy-to-use telescoping structure. This design extends from 30 to 50 in. Furthermore, it is possible to lock the poles for each 2.5-in. increment, providing a total of 20 possible lock placements to use. Also, the pole length allows the kit to fit most pontoons up to 33-ft. in deck length.

Next, each pole is self-standing. But, if these poles have difficulties in providing adequate support, such as during strong winds, there are support plats and foam pads to protect the system from unwanted shifts.

When propped up, it creates enough room for a boat cover to protect the watercraft from different hazards, including rain, snow, and occasional bird droppings.

Its design also does not let water pool at the center, which would otherwise invite stagnant water. Keep in mind that excess moisture can still damage sturdy pontoon covers despite their waterproof traits.

Additionally, installing this kit is reasonably fast and convenient. Then, if I want to store it, most of the components, particularly the poles, become compact for easy storage.

In my experience, this boat cover support system offers more-than-average value to its users. However, its price is higher than some other competing products, making it a difficult choice for people with tight budgets.
  • Extensive lock placements
  • The easy-to-use telescoping design extends from 30 to 50 in
  • Fits most pontoon boats up to 33-ft.
  • Includes accessories to add stability to the self-standing poles
  • Prevents damage from different hazards
  • Installation and removal processes are quick and easy.
  • Slightly more expensive
I highly recommend this product as it serves as an ideal support system for pontoon covers. If you find it in a store, do not think twice about getting it.

9. Leader Shrimp Marine Grade Pontoon Boat Cover

It can be daunting to purchase a pontoon boat cover and support system separately. But, this kit offers both products in a complete package.

The cover is made with marine-grade polyester material for optimal durability. Then, that fabric has a double PU coating to actively and efficiently resist water. I put these features to the test by letting it stay under a heavy downpour. For the most part, the cover resisted most of the moisture that would otherwise enter the pontoon.

Aside from the cover, there is also a set of ten webbing straps with accompanying buckles. These components efficiently create security and stability to the pontoon cover. They even held the cover reasonably strong during strong winds.

As for the support system, it comes in three size options. The first support kit is ideal for 17 to 20-ft. boats, the second is great for 21 to 24-ft. watercraft and the last is for 25 to 28-ft. pontoons. These choices provide ideal scenarios for optimal flexibility and versatility.

The brand also provides its customers with a 1-year limited warranty. This guarantee even involves return and refund requests. Now, I can rest easy, knowing that the company can return my hard-earned cash if this product failed to meet my expectations.

However, at the time of writing, I did not see any significant reason that would warrant me to create serious complaints against this set.
  • Pontoon cover is of marine-grade polyester material for optimal durability.
  • The double PU coating helps prevent water and moisture.
  • Efficient security and stability
  • Three boat cover support system options, fit any water vessels from 17-28-ft.
  • 1-year limited warranty
This pontoon cover set can be a long-term investment, considering that it has features that present excellent value to its users.

10. Vortex Boat Cover Support Pole System

It is now the end of this list of the top pontoon boat cover support systems, and this product is a great way to complete this tally.

One of the reasons for this kit’s greatness is its compatibility. The poles can fit most pontoons up to 20-ft. It is also possible to use this support pole system on boats larger than 20 ft. However, the requirements will now call for two of these kits instead of one. Still, the center pole extends from 28 to 60 in., and that extensibility is enough to fit a broad range of pontoon boats and their covers.

Also, I would recommend using two poles for this system to work better instead of one. Water still tends to slightly pool if one pole is used. The problem disappeared once I used two poles.

The kit also includes the necessary accessories to provide sufficient stability and rigidity. These components include a base, topper, strap, and hook. The center pole also has a twist-to-lock mechanism, which works reasonably well.

However, I find that this mechanism is quite fragile. I fear that adding more than the required amount of pressure will damage it. It is possible to drill a hole through the pole where a lock pin can go. I found that this DIY solution completely eliminated the possibility of collapse for the center pole.

All of these great features come at a relatively reasonable price. Hence, this product can fit different budget ranges.

  • It can fit many pontoon boats.
  • Excellent 28 to 60-in. pole extensibility
  • Eliminates water pooling with two poles
  • Provides reasonable stability and security with the included accessories
  • A fairly reasonable price point
  • The twist-locking mechanism requires reinforcement for stability.
This boat cover support system meets stability and rigidity requirements for many pontoon owners. If these are the traits you are looking for in this product category, do not hesitate to buy this kit.

What to Look for When Buying Pontoon Boat Cover Support System


This section was made to help you make a concrete and meaningful buying decision. Here, you will find the things to consider before you spend money on a pontoon cover system. Furthermore, this section is designed to help both beginners and veterans in choosing the correct kit for their specific needs.

So, without further ado, here are the essential factors you need to ponder upon when shopping for a cover support system for your pontoon boat.

  • Consider the Application

At its core, a pontoon cover support pole should provide bear the form and weight of a boat cover to reduce the risks of damaging the fabric. It should also provide sufficient protection to the watercraft.

However, different support covers provide different services. You can find models that are ideal for protecting pontoons from thick snow. Other kits may do better in providing complete security from rainwater.

Choose the correct product that meets your requirements. Hastily pick a pontoon boat cover without thinking about its application increases the likelihood of spending money on an incompatible product.

  • Consider the Extension Length

A conventional pontoon boat cover support pole system generally has a telescopic design. However, the lengths in which each cover support poles extend differ for each model.

If you need support poles to allow a large cover to secure a massive pontoon, you may need shafts with high extensibility. On the other hand, small boats may only need to cover support systems with standard lengths.

As a rule of thumb, think about buying longer pole systems than purchasing shorter models. The reason behind this analogy is because it is possible to shorten long poles. But, it can be challenging to lengthen short poles. Thus, you can gain more value by buying support systems with long ones.

  • Consider the Ease of Installation

The time it takes to set up a boat cover support pole should not be a big deal. Most reliable kits tend to be quite easy to install, and these models may not require additional hands to complete the setup properly.

However, do not disregard this factor since you might come across a system that creates unnecessary difficulty during the installation. Therefore, consider reading credible online reviews, like the list found above, and ask around the community to verify their experiences with a particular pontoon boat cover support kit.

How to Make a Pontoon Boat Cover Support


Some options exist if you want to make a DIY pontoon cover support system. Continue reading to know some methods to create a homemade pontoon boat cover support system.

  • Use PVC Pipes

If you spare PVC pipes sitting around your home, you can use them to build DIY pontoon boat cover supports. Gather as many 1.5-in. PVC pipes and fittings as you can. Make sure to remove their ends.

Run about six tubes across each side of the boat. Next, attach a long pipe in the middle to form a tent shape.

You must secure the connections. Otherwise, the homemade system has a risk of falling apart once you place the cover.

  • Use Painting Poles

Aside from PVC pipes, you can also use painting poles. The process of creating the system is fairly similar. However, instead of PVC fittings, you are going to use tennis balls. Keep in mind that it is not the prettiest sight. Still, it should work, provided that the connection is stable.

  • Use Patio Umbrellas

If you think about it, pontoon boats tend to look like floating patios. So, using a patio umbrella as a homemade boat cover support pole can make sense.

Kindly note that there is a method to this madness, albeit it is a relatively straightforward solution. You only need to place one or two patio umbrellas on your boat’s deck. Prop them open, and rest the cover on top of it. Do not forget to tighten the fabric with sturdy cords or ropes for security.


This buying guide should provide you with enough information to purchase the best pontoon boat cover support system. Take the time and choose from ten of the best pontoon cover support system on the market.

However, if you want to go with my proposition, consider buying the Camco 41971. This kit with telescoping poles fits a broad range of watercraft up to 33 ft. Furthermore, it provides optimal convenience, durability, and value to its users.

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