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The Best Pontoon Seats for 2023

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Most boaters would agree that pontoon seats are precious components of a boat. However, the best pontoon seats are costly investments nowadays. This is why doing your research is a must before making the final shopping decision. As you know, lots of buying factors must be highly considered.

best pontoon seats

As buyers, we surely want to ensure that we don’t put our hard-earned money to waste. Fortunately, there are several credible pontoon seat manufacturers that we can trust at present. If you think it is high time to replace your overused pontoon seats, you will definitely find this article a great guide for you.

Consider checking out the product reviews below and compare each option. Remember to evaluate the important features and don’t merely focus on the price of the product. In doing so, you can certainly find the most suitable alternative for your boat. So, let’s get started!

Top 3 Products

Best Overall



Most Budget-Friendly

Wise Deluxe Seat


Most Modern


Leader Accessories Boat Seat


Table of Contents

Best Pontoon Seat Reviews

1. NORTHCAPTAIN S1 Deluxe High Back Folding Boat Seat

If you prefer high-density boat seats capable of offering additional convenience and comfort, this item is the safest bet. You can instantly set up this seat on any standard 4-bolt swivel or pedestal. The kit already includes the mounting fasteners. This option is available in several different designs and colors, and it is adept at locking securely when folded.

Like other more expensive boat seat options, this version is superb at holding up quite well for the long-term. It works excellently in fighting off UV and mildew, thanks to the marine-grade vinyl. Best of all, it can fit all types of budget because it is not so expensive.

What’s more, this boat seat’s compression foam padding is sturdy enough to stay firm for extended usage. Such an alternative also features an injection-molded plastic seat frame. As for comfort and stability, this is reliable enough.

More importantly, the high-back seat design of this option is perfect for fishing activities. If you’re going to observe this pontoon chair, you’ll see that it is built with solid aluminum hinges that allow the backrest to be flipped down. This feature is practical in that it helps create more space for boaters and passengers.

Meanwhile, this pontoon seat is not built with arms. Also, it does not come with swivels or pedestals. Take note of these minor flaws when buying one.
  • Can be set up on any standard 4-bolt swivel or pedestal, fasteners included
  • Available in different designs and colors
  • Features a high back and supportive seats at a budget-friendly price
  • Mildew and UV treated vinyl, compression foam padding
  • Injection-molded plastic seat frame; high-back design is great for fishing
  • Helps save more space
  • Not designed with arms
  • No swivel or pedestal included
To wrap things up, premium replacement pontoon boat seat cushions like this are recommended for buyers who prefer to sit back safely at high speeds.

2. Wise Deluxe High-Back Seat

Wise pontoon seats are undoubtedly cost-effective investments. Just like other premium brands, their boat chairs are superior in terms of ensuring comfort and support. This option features high-compression foam padding from the backrest to the seat that is meant to keep users comfortable while boat riding.

This high-back fishing boat seat is crafted with an injection-molded plastic frame. Yes, it is plastic made; however, it does not compromise quality and durability. This boat seat’s frame’s structural integrity is dependable so long as you do not exceed the weight capacity.

This boat seat’s construction is impressive because the manufacturer utilized marine-grade vinyl for the seat’s cover. Hence, it can exceptionally ward off mildew build-up and moisture. Indeed, since it comes with an ultraviolet treated surface, this boat chair won’t be susceptible to sun damage.

In terms of this boat chair’s build, you will adore its no-pinch aluminum hinges design. It comes with a dual hard stop which is superb at reducing flex and helps enhance stability. Such a practical feature is reliable because it keeps the seat from rocking, regardless of the extreme waves that hit the boat.

Needless to say, we do not prefer boat seats that are tedious to clean up and maintain. Luckily, this version allows an easy cleaning process. Taking care of this pontoon seat is hassle-free. It merely requires quick wiping. The dirt or stain can be easily removed with a proper cleaning agent.

Please take note that this pontoon seat can’t handle a weight capacity of 200 pounds. So, this means to say that it is not recommended for users who have a larger build and heavy weight. Otherwise, the cushion may be prone to becoming flat, and the frame might break. Be sure to consider this before making the final buying decision.
  • Features no-pinch aluminum hinges
  • Comes with a dual hard stop
  • A breeze to clean up and maintain
  • Made of a durable molded plastic frame
  • Fights off mildew, ultraviolet, and moisture
  • Built with top-quality high-compression foam padding
  • Not ideal for heavy and bigger users
Overall, this boat seat is ideal for boaters who prefer options built with decent quality and are a breeze to clean up and maintain.

3. Leader Accessories Pontoon Captains Bucket Boat Seat


Leader Accessories is unquestionably one of the most popular pontoon boat seat manufacturers. So, if you need to replace your old pontoon seats, this brand is worth considering. This alternative is appropriate if your vessel comes with limited space and you don’t wish to add more weight. Thanks to this boat chair’s compact design, it does not need to take up much space inside the boat.

Built using a heavy-duty marine-grade vinyl cover, this seat is tough enough to withstand rugged marine water conditions. It is also designed with a heavy-duty injection-molded plastic-made frame that comes with a high-impact feature. To ensure a firmer seat, this alternative is built with deluxe foam padding that is roughly 5-inches thick. Its color blends well with whatever backdrop you prefer for your boat.

Similarly, this boat chair’s base comes with mounting holes already so that it could be effortlessly affixed to any regular pedestal. The kit also contains the mounting hardware required for easy assembly. It is excellent at providing back support, even though it is not very high.

More importantly, this boat seat’s perfect curve design allows users to sit more comfortably and avoid all sorts of back pains. In fact, lots of buyers pick this model because of its exceptional ergonomic design. Luckily, even though this seat is built with sterling features, it is sold at a reasonable price tag. Hence, if you have a limited budget, this won’t force you to spend more upfront.

The major downside of this boat seat is its being narrow. Hence, if you have a larger physique, this might not offer you enough comfort and durability.
  • Manufactured with heavy-duty marine-grade vinyl cover
  • Injection-molded plastic frame with high-impact feature
  • Features a compact, ergonomic design that blends with all backdrops
  • One of the most affordable options
  • Mounts effortlessly on any regular pedestal
  • Designed with a deluxe foam padding for a firmer seat
  • The seat seems narrow for users with a larger frame.
Overall, for boaters searching for affordable yet high-quality pontoon boat replacement seats, this boat chair by Leader Accessories is a great option to buy.

4. Wise 8WD100-221-Parent Pontoon Bench Seat

It is nice to know that the majority of replacement seats for pontoon boat today come with warranties. This product is backed up by a 5-year warranty offer on the seat’s frame. Moreover, you also get a 3-year warranty for the upholstery. That alone already proves how great this option is as an investment.

Not to mention, many boaters find this item a practical replacement for worn-out boat seats. It is made in a perfect size, and it is also lightweight. This is smooth sailing to set up too. If you have a suitable base, affixing and setting up this boat seat is a cinch.

The seat cushions can transform the boat into a more appealing and relaxing vessel for boaters and passengers. As for its comfort and relaxing feature, this boat seat is worth a shot. The seat cushion is evidently built with premium quality.

The compression foam padding appears strong and durable. This version is also engineered with marine-grade vinyl material. It is sturdy enough to combat mildew formation and UV rays. Such features help improve the overall quality of this boat chair.

This pontoon seat is proudly crafted using a high-impact molded plastic base and molded plastic seat frame system. As for the overall build, it seems robust enough to stand the test of rugged applications. It can complement other amenities that can bring a huge difference to your vessel.

On the other hand, the disadvantage seen on this product is its lack of seat base. This means that there is an additional cost for you to deal with since you need to buy the base separately.
  • Ideal replacement for old boat seats
  • Supported by a 5-year warranty on frame and 3-year warranty for upholstery
  • Easy to install if you have a seat base
  • Comes with super durable compression foam padding, plastic base and frame
  • Marine-grade vinyl, resistance to mildew and UV rays
  • Built lightweight with a perfect size
  • Does not come with a base
In a nutshell, if you are on the hunt for pontoon replacement seats that are easy to install and built with unbeatable quality, this product is for you.

5. Seamander Boat Captain Pontoon Bucket Seat

This pontoon seating replacement is a foolproof choice because it can complement the color of any boat. This item is designed with a marine-grade soft-to-touch vinyl cover that could fight off mildew formation and ultraviolet lights. Such a cover is intended to make the boat chair appear new amidst frequent and extended usage with regular maintenance.

What is more, this captain seat is built with a standard mounting bolt pattern. It is not complicated to affix since the kit already contains the necessary hardware for installation. It also comes with high-compression OEM grade foam padding that is not too hard and not too soft. In short, it feels just right to ensure long-lasting comfort.

Besides, this product is engineered with a high-density plastic-made and easy-to-rotate molded frame that is purposely for keeping the boat chair intact even after an extended period of constant use. This captain chair is ideal for boaters who prefer low back seating. Once correctly set up in your boat, you will absolutely love the new upgrade in your vessel.

As for the price, I think the price tag is just right. Considering the useful features of this boat seat, it is worth purchasing. With its excellent functions, you won’t regret spending on this high-quality boat chair. As a matter of fact, this item is one of the most picked options since it is not that expensive.

Nonetheless, this boat seat is designed with a low backrest. Hence, it is ideal for boaters who are not after the height of the rear seat. Luckily, even though it has a low back seat, it is still comfortable enough to sit on while you’re boating.
  • Ideal in complementing the color of any boat
  • Not that expensive
  • Features a high-density plastic-made and easy-to-rotate molded frame
  • Designed with soft-to-touch vinyl cover with mildew and UV resistance
  • Manufactured using high-compression OEM grade foam padding
  • Includes the standard mounting bolt pattern and other hardware for assembly
  • Designed with a low backrest
In general, this pontoon stuff is unrivaled in terms of offering an impressive complement to any boat. Its practical features are amazing too!

6. Moeller Marine ST2000-HD Boat Helm Seat

Unquestionably, all boaters go for premium pontoon boat seats. If you are searching for versions made with double-walled, seamless, and ultraviolet-stabilized seating substrate, this item seems the perfect match for your requirements.

Likewise, you won’t question its overall construction because this boat seat is built with decent quality. As you can see, it features UV-resistant marine-grade vinyl construction. That only proves that it can survive the harsh marine water environment and other natural damaging factors in the surroundings.

Fundamentally, the ergonomic design of this boat helm seat is specifically for offering lower back comfort. This comes with a stunning white color, so it can surely blend well with any boat color. The kit includes the mounting plate that allows a straightforward assembly method.

Many buyers adore the reliable cushion set of this item. Aside from this, you will find this option a practical choice because it is manufactured with molded arms. This means that even if you spend long hours fishing, sailing, or boating, you won’t easily feel the strain, backaches, and stress.

Surprisingly, while this boat helm seat looks bulky, it is actually lightweight. As for the brand, you can rely on this product’s manufacturer. Moeller Marine is known for quality construction, innovative engineering, and outstanding service. This is a smart purchase that won’t force you to break the bank.

Be that as it may, this boat seat is a bit smaller than expected. For taller and larger individuals, the sides of this boat helm seat are tight on the hips.
  • Features UV-resistant marine-grade vinyl construction
  • From a reliable manufacturer
  • Affordable, lightweight and blends well with boats
  • Built with molded arms, offers lower back comfort
  • Double-walled, seamless, and ultraviolet-stabilized seating substrate
  • The kit includes the mounting plate for easy assembly.
  • A little tight for larger people
As a whole, you won’t get disappointed picking this alternative because it is a high-quality low-back boat seat that could offer you adequate comfort.

7. DeckMate Pontoon Flip Flop Seats

If you invest in Deckmate pontoon seats, you are guaranteed to take pleasure in a worthwhile investment. This version is loaded with awesome features that you won’t find in other available alternatives. Looking at it closely, you’ll be amazed by how impressive the overall craft is. You won’t get dismayed if you prefer a very functional seat for your pontoon.

This pillowed plush pontoon seat is designed with high-quality double topstitching to give your boat a more elegant appearance. The manufacturer used only the best mildew and UV treated polyester thread. Hence, foam and vinyl quality is superb and won’t be prone to various damaging factors.

The foam pontoon boat seat cushion is specifically engineered with a combination of dense and soft foam. Basically, the purpose of this is to offer more additional comfort and support where needed. This boat chair is also built using stainless steel hardware and a comfortable plush swing back seat with aluminum arms.

You will find the large, totally enclosed plastic frame designed with a drain plug because this serves as storage or a cooler. Such a unique feature is truly advantageous whenever you frequently sail, fish, or do boat riding. The seat base is manufactured with molded drain channels to avoid trapping water and damaging your boat.

Anyhow, this boat seat is not the most affordable option for those with a limited budget. It is actually pricey, but given its unique and functional features, it is perfect. Besides, it comes with a lifetime warranty on frames and a 3-year warranty on upholstery, so I think this is a great investment you won’t ever regret.
  • Built with a large totally closed plastic frame that comes with a drain plug
  • Lifetime warranty on frames and a 3-year warranty for upholstery
  • Engineered with a combination of dense and soft foam
  • Stainless steel hardware and comfortable plush swing back seat, aluminum arms
  • Designed with top-quality double topstitching
  • Mildew and UV treated polyester thread, molded drain channels
  • Priced more expensively than other available options
In conclusion, you’ll need to spend a bit more on this luxury pontoon furniture at first; however, the long-term benefits it can offer are priceless.

8. NORTHCAPTAIN Pontoon Boat Seat

It is just right to pick pontoon seat skins that are made to last. Aside from comfort, of course, durability should not be taken for granted. This pontoon seat is particularly designed to ensure maximum comfort for boaters and passengers. You’ll adore this chair because it can completely fit the contour of your body.

Additionally, the material it is made of is super sturdy. It is built with marine-grade vinyl that is durable enough to repel UV lights. It is also treated with mildew blockers to make the seat less prone to natural damage. As for its overall craftsmanship, this seat seems to last for many years with proper care and maintenance.

Designed with a lightweight high-impact rotational molded boat seat frame and high-density compression foam padding, this option can offer a more eye-catching appearance for your boat. If you are after stability and comfort, this boat seat is second to none in that aspect.

You can easily assemble this pontoon seat on a universal mounting bolt pattern. The kit already contains the washers and stainless steel mounting screws required for the installation.The foam is particularly designed with a moisture blocker to impede dew.

The boat seat cover is first-rate. This is made with a waterproof and sturdy design. It works like a charm in safeguarding the captain boat chair from dust, accidental scratches, UV fading, and corrosion. Remember that it is a must to ensure that your watercraft is clean and dry before covering it.

One minor complaint I have on this boat seat is its tendency to produce a slight noise when swiveling in the chair. I tried to put some oil on it to reduce the noise but it didn’t work.
  • Can perfectly fit the contour of your body
  • Marine-grade vinyl with mildew and UV blockers, moisture-blocking foam
  • Lightweight high-impact rotational molded boat seat frame
  • High density compression foam padding
  • Universal mounting bolt pattern and installation tools
  • Features a waterproof and heavy-duty boat seat cover
  • Produces a bit of noise when swiveling in the chair
By and large, this pontoon seat for boats looks exquisite and good at providing comfort when you most need it. It’s definitely the best bang for your bucks.

9. Tempress NaviStyle High Back Seat

For pontoon boat owners searching for boat seats that aren’t complicated to set up, this model is one of the easiest to install. You can mount it to any standard seat or slide spider, or marine swivel. Essentially, as you can see, its color is not difficult to blend with other boat accessories. It looks sophisticated and can transform the overall look of your boat.

Many boaters invest in this boat seat because of its comfortable style panels meant to provide outstanding lumbar support. Without any doubt, this is highly recommended for upgrading to an extraordinary comfort. Spending more time boat riding does not need to be stressful due to backaches.

If you are after unique and functional features, this alternative is a sure purchase. In fact, it is built with abrasion and ultraviolet–resistant polyester thread. Apart from this, it features a no-pinch hinge design with a fold-down locking tab. Truly, having a functional boat chair installed in your boat can make a remarkable difference in your boating experience.

If you think and feel that it is high time to replace uncomfortable and damaged boat seats, this product will make a great choice for your pontoon boat. Built with top-quality materials, this seat is reliable to use on the open water all day. It can remain cushiony and firm and isn’t prone to flattening out for frequent and extended use.

Regardless, this pontoon seat would have gotten a higher rating if it was designed as waterproof. Other than this flaw, in my viewpoint, this is a nice seat that you can install in your vessel to enjoy your boating adventures even more.
  • Ensures easy installation process
  • Ideal for upgrading to one-of-a-kind comfort
  • Designed with abrasion and ultraviolet –resistant polyester thread
  • Features no-pinch hinge design with fold-down locking tab
  • Built with comfort style panels that come with excellent lumbar support
  • Firm with a sophisticated look
  • Not designed as waterproof
Lastly, this boat seat is unparalleled in quality, safety, comfort, and installation ease. If you are a pontoon boat owner, this is a must-have.

10. DeckMate Premium 38″ Pontoon Boat Seats

Just like Overton pontoon boat seats, this item is worth considering. In terms of providing outstanding comfort and support, this boat chair won’t fail you. It is a risk-free and cost-effective investment, even though it’s slightly pricey. This is because it offers a 3-year warranty on the upholstery and a lifetime warranty on the frames.

Many pontoon owners pick this option because of its functional features. The seat base is engineered with molded drain channels that aid in extending the lifespan of the boat’s flooring. This is done by enabling the water to elude the deck rather than allowing the moisture to get stuck and making the decking and boat carpet totally soaked.

Besides, this pillowed plush boat seat is manufactured with top-quality double topstitching. Thus, it helps boaters enhance the overall look of their pontoon boat. The foam and vinyl materials used for this product are of premium quality, so they are long-lasting.

The manufacturer used mildew and ultraviolet treated polyester thread. This marine-grade vinyl seat is covered and treated with super solid mildew and ultraviolet resistance. So, if you are worried about instant wear and tear issues, this is far from happening. Manufactured with a combo of dense and soft foam, this seat can offer extraordinary comfort and support to boaters and passengers.

I think it is nice that the seat cushions hinge in place. Meanwhile, the enclosed plastic seat bases are another functional feature that you’ll be impressed with. These can be used for storing other boating items. Furthermore, the high-impact seat cushion frames are heavy-duty enough to stand the test of the marine water environment.

As for drawbacks, the installation instructions are not very useful. It would be better if they were more specific.
  • Proficient at guaranteeing much-needed comfort and support
  • Backed up by irresistible product warranty offer
  • Built with completely enclosed plastic bases with drain channels
  • Utilized high-quality foam and vinyl material with double-stitch on seams
  • Mildew and ultraviolet treated; high-impact frames
  • The seat cushions hinge in place.
  • Is slightly pricey
  • Installation instructions could be better
On the button, if you are fishing for a boat seat that offers superior quality, and ease of assembly, this alternative is worth checking out.

What to Look for When Buying Pontoon Seats


Let us check out the essential buying guides you need to be aware of when picking the right pontoon boat seats for yourself:

  • Material

This is one of the most vital features to consider since this is where you’ll see the significant difference in longevity and quality. It is practical to pick pontoon seats that are manufactured using the most durable materials. This is to ensure that they’re capable of holding up amidst extreme elements.

Always consider the material that the mounting hardware and brackets are built of. The more durable they are, the better.

Besides, the durability of pontoon seats is directly linked to the craftsmanship and quality of materials used. Aside from picking the most durable fabrics and frames, check out if the craft is excellent.

  • Comfort

Some options are made softer while others are designed as firmer.

While this is a matter of preference, consider if you intend to spend more time sitting on the boat seats.

Check out the padding that is utilized, as well as the comfort rating of the product of your choice. Read some reviews of the seats’ cushioning.

  • Compatibility and Size

See to it that the seats you pick are compatible with your boat. To find the right size, take the pontoon seats’ measurements or those of the area where you need to fasten the new seats.

It is a must to ensure that the new seats will precisely fit in the boat. Check if you could properly secure them without any trouble. It is required to make some changes if you’re altering the seating configurations. This includes setting up the mounting hardware.

  • The Reputation of the Manufacturer

It is easy to find cheaper deals; however, make sure that you don’t end up sacrificing durability, comfort, and quality just to save a few dollars. Over time, it is likely to cost you more if you need to replace the pontoon seats sooner than expected.

This is why it is advantageous to research the brand’s reputation, such as how long it has been in the industry, what kind of reputation the firm has already established, and its consumer ratings.

  • The Cost and Warranty of the Product

Keep in mind that the priciest option does not surely imply that it is the best choice. In line with this, cheaper options do not mean they are not good options.

Consider comparing the prices of available products and weigh them against the perks that you could get. Also, look into the warranty coverage.

Other Important Factors to Consider


What is a pontoon seat?

Pontoon seats were originally built as wooden benches. Later on, they were upgraded to offer more comfort to boaters. Today, seats designed for pontoons are padded and made of vinyl upholstery.

They are manufactured in distinct shapes, sizes, and levels of quality. Some versions are built as premium seats, while others are designed as discount seats.

In addition to these, some versions can be installed by do-it-yourselfers. Any boat owner sometimes prefers to purchase pre-owned pontoon furniture.

How does it work?

Seats designed for pontoon boats are especially intended to allow comfortable steering. Both deck and interior models are manufactured to control exhaustion during long hours at the helm. On the other hand, some versions are purposely designed to keep boaters from falling overboard and reduce the strain on the back while fishing or sailing.

Primarily, boat seats allow users to enjoy different boating activities such as fishing, sunbathing, and the like without causing fatigue or back pains.

What are the different types of pontoon seats?

  • Captain Seats

These are commonly swiveling seats that enable the captain to turn about with no sweat and obtain a clearer sight of the vessel’s objects. In general, the type of upholstery utilized for captain seats is covered with shielding materials to bolster its durability.

The most typical upholstery option is vinyl material. This material comes with a range of grades and patterns. As for the foam utilized in pontoon seats, this is generally made of high-density polyurethane foam.

  • Bench Seats

These pontoon seats come with a comparative width of 3 feet and rest on a curved base that could be utilized to store other items. The top portion is pivoted to a curve bottom and enables users to easily access the storage.

The hinges are built using stainless steel or aluminum materials. Such materials can repel the corrosive effects of the marine water environment. Contemporary pontoon bench seats are constructed using durable plastic material or pressurized wood.

Take note that this material is lighter than plywood that was utilized previously. The seats are also designed as cushioned to ensure more additional comfort.

  • Fishing Seats

This type of pontoon seat comes in portable and fixed options. The bicycle seat fishing chairs are the most well-known. These are straightforward to set up and come in different styles that fit all angler’s budget and preferences.

The majority of fishing chairs are also built with an affixed rod holder to facilitate the control of the fishing rod. Such seats are engineered to ensure a more sufficient lumbar support during fishing activities. This is also beneficial since it offers back ventilation that lets your lower back breathe.

  • Lounge Seats

These versions are specifically built for onboard relaxation. These seats are designed as buoyant and waterproof to guarantee additional safety. Such models pertain to several kinds of pontoon seats that are primarily built for resting in a prone position.

Essentially, shielding polymers are sprayed on the upholstery utilized for pontoon lounge seats to ensure their elasticity. This feature is advantageous in that it is meant to accommodate a variety of movements and stretches.

Why do you need pontoon seats? (Benefits)

Pontoon boats are actually not solely basic types of watercrafts. For a fact, you won’t recognize its full potential without a specific on-deck seat for entertainment and relaxation. It is imperative to invest in premium quality pontoon seats because quality options could make a significant difference in your sailing, cruising, fishing, and other boating adventures.

You need a high-quality boat seat because spending long hours in your boat can cause various sorts of back pains and strain. Nevertheless, if you have a reliable boat seat installed in your vessel, you can enjoy a different comfort level. Hunters, anglers, and pleasure boaters all depend on functional boat seats to keep their vessel more comfortable for their back and backsides.

Having a boat seat properly installed in your vessel can guarantee that you’ll remain comfortable when cruising or angling the open waters. It is good to note that best-selling seats for pontoon boats do a great job of maximizing storage space in a vessel.

On the other hand, there are options that are designed to be easy-to-adjust and could be converted into a bench that comes with a backrest. Bear in mind that you must not neglect your body while enjoying your boat riding experience.

Different pontoon seat models are engineered with unique features. So, before buying one, it is a must to check what makes it different from other products. The more unique and functional features it has, the better. This is because it could offer more perks to users.

Frequently Asked Questions


What are the most trusted pontoon seat brands?

To date, you can encounter countless pontoon seats manufacturers. While this is good, sometimes, this makes the selection process a great challenge. Of course, it is impractical to merely fall for what various brands claim when it comes to quality, reliability, and functionality.

Surely, no one wants to end up getting the wrong product; so to prevent this from happening, researching for the most trusted brands is necessary.

Here are a few of the most credible brands that manufacture high-quality pontoon seats:

  • DeckMate
  • Wise
  • Moeller Marine
  • Leader Accessories

How do you install pontoon boat seats?

The first thing that you need to do when installing or reinstalling pontoon seats is to remove the old ones. You can start by disassembling the seats. To do this, it is necessary to remove all the hardware mounting them to the boat.

Afterwards, put the hardware in labeled bags so that it will be easier for you to locate them for later use. This will also help avoid losing any components.

In case you prefer to keep any of the covered pieces like the backrests or seat cushions, see to it that you detach the seats after you remove them.

Please note that when mounting your boat seats, modern pontoon seats are intended to be affixed on a pedestal — in particular, a swivel pedestal. Nonetheless, there are some versions that are intended to be mounted directly to the boat’s flooring.

How much does it cost to get a pontoon seat reupholstered?

The truth is reupholstering boat seats can cost a lot of money. Generally speaking, the overall cost will depend on how major the re-upholstery job is. Let us take a sample below:

Vinyl fabrics are commonly utilized in upholstering marine furniture. In general, they cost roughly forty dollars up to sixty dollars per square yard.

For example, when doing upholstery projects for layback boat seats, utilizing the current seat box and hardware may cost around six hundred dollars up to one thousand two hundred dollars each.

The overall expense to reupholster a boat seat can vary between five hundred dollars and three thousand five hundred dollars. On the other hand, for a comparatively simple upholstery job, it may cost approximately fifty dollars only.

Meanwhile, for a more complex reupholstering job, it can cost as much as $600. Take note that the cost for reupholstering pontoon seats may vary based on several distinct factors.

How to care and maintain?

Rain or shine, regular cleaning and proper maintenance can extend the longevity of your pontoon boat seats. This will also keep the overall look of your boat stunning and new at all times.

As you already know, boat ownership costs differ; however, proper maintenance would significantly assist you in avoiding any expensive repairs. While you should not be daunted in rocking the watercraft and getting out on the open water, proper cleaning and maintenance can work like a charm.

Proper pontoon boat care and maintenance can help your vessel operate at its best for a long time.

To keep your pontoon seats clean and properly maintained, please consider the following guides:

  • Clean the seats immediately. This is essential because allowing the dirt or stain to stay for longer can seriously taint the overall appearance of your boat seats.

Cleaning up stains, spills and other sorts of filth is quite beneficial in that it will help minimize serious damage.

  •  Wipe the seats after each use. This method can help inhibit any possible build-up that could be very difficult to clean if the dirt or stain becomes deep-seated.
  • Consider covering the pontoon boat when not in use. In doing so, you can effectively impede any filth and other issues while you’re not around to look after them at once.
  • Be sure to create a cleaning schedule. Keep in mind how often you use your boat and how filthy it gets when you’re using it can be great determining factors on how frequent you should make cleaning a priority.

Fundamentally, it is vital to ensure that you clean the boat the moment you observe any build-up of grime or dirt – this is even if you’re not scheduled to do so.

Cleaning the boat seats with mild soap and water, getting rid of stains and vacuuming is a must. This process must be done at least two times annually. In case you utilize a specialized cleaning solution, test the cleaning solution on a small section of your pontoon furniture first.

An Important Reminder

Caring for pontoon seats is very crucial to ensure their longevity. Regular cleaning with the aid of a marine cleaning agent and regular application of a protectant to impede mildew and mold buildup are also necessary. This approach can go a long way in safeguarding your boat seats.

Where to buy?

You can find high-quality pontoon seats in many local marine or boating stores in your area. Visiting local stores personally gives you the opportunity to see the actual product and inspect it right away.

However, if you don’t have time to drop by local boating stores, or you find shopping online more convenient, Amazon can offer you lots of options to choose from. Other online shopping sites where you can find top-quality pontoon seats include Westmarine, Walmart, Wholesalemarine, etc.

Shopping online can introduce you to different brands you haven’t encountered before. Best of all, you can enjoy some practical shopping deals that can help you save more.


In summary, it is quite crucial to make your own list of questions and concentrate on what’s essential for your boating needs before picking your pontoon seat brand. This way, you can ensure that you are only getting the best pontoon seats for your requirements.

Hopefully, the information you have obtained from this article can point you to the right direction in terms of everything pontoon seats-related. Carefully assess each product reviewed here, so you can learn more about the important features to look for.

More importantly, read the buying guide shared in this post, so you won’t get lost in the process.

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