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The Best Sailing Watches for 2023

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Whether you are a yachtsman, a sailor, or a naval hobbyist, sailing and accuracy must work together. Thus, your outfit would never be complete if you do not have the best sailing watches that are certified high-accuracy timepiece.

Besides, regatta watches share some similar characteristics with dive watches, but the latter is slightly more complicated. You would find these complexities very helpful while sailing. It is good to note that no matter what types of yachting watch you need, there is one specific option that could meet your requirements and satisfy your expectations.

best sailing watches

If you are looking for a sailing watch that can be your companion when speeding around a regatta course, a high-quality sailing watch is a must-have for you.

Fortunately, the following regatta watch reviews below are some of the top-rated options these days, and all the information tackled in this post would get you covered. Keep in mind the best features of the premium quality sailing watch that you must invest in when shopping; for sure, you can come up with a very worthwhile decision.

Top 3 Products

Best Overall

Seiko Watch


Honorable Mention

Optimum Time Sailing Timer


Best Looking

Casio Watch


Table of Contents

Best Sailing Watch Reviews of 2023

1. Seiko Divers Automatic Deep Blue Dial Men’s Watch

If you dream of the best watch for sailing that would give you a sporty look, it still looks classy; then, this option from Seiko is an excellent option. It functions exceptionally, but it does not force you to spend extravagantly. This watch can resist water, bumps, and scratch, so it is ideal for those who plan to use it in rugged activities. It is a tang clasp, comes with a solid case back, and the uni-directional rotating bezel is good.

The deep blue dial looks even more stunning with luminous hands. It is made with a screw-down crown and crafted with an excellent silver-tone stainless steel case that comes with a black rubber band. It fits well and does not look out of place or bulky. This item is right because of its small enough size.

Howbeit, a few minor concerns that you need to know before getting this watch are its being small size for those with large wrists, and the bezel is quite tight, making it nearly unworkable to rotate. Apart from minor issues, this watch is good to have, considering its impressive features and functions, and eye-catching price.
  • Made with a silver-tone stainless steel case and enhanced by luminous hands
  • Good for outdoor activities like trekking, kayaking, and abseiling
  • Comes with a solid case back, can resist scratch and designed with automatic movement
  • Looks sporty yet classic at the same time
  • Crafted as a waterproof and well-constructed watch that you can use daily
  • Bezel is quite tight and so hard to rotate
  • Not ideal for anyone with a large wrist
Lastly, you won’t regret investing in this Seiko sailing watch. This item is reliable to use even if you are always into adventurous activities. You can use it daily, and for some outdoor purposes, it can also complement a trendy outfit for the day. Looking closely at its build quality, you can quickly tell that this watch can stand up firmly to execute its job and help users look more stylish. This watch is good to have without the need to pay more.

2. Optimum Time Series 3 Sailing Timer

If you prefer a regatta watch that works excellently for sail racing, then you can check this product out. Many watch enthusiasts choose this option because it comes with a large display that is readable and crafted with polarized lenses. If you want, you could either stretch it around the mast or wear it around your waist. It is smooth sailing to operate, comes with large buttons, tightly sealed, and it is possible to rotate the display from horizontal to vertical.

In the same way, this is made capable of resisting water penetration by up to 5 ATM. It is also made with shock-proof construction and comes with a normal timekeeping mode of 12 or 24 hours. This watch is designed with specialist sailing timer functions too. If you opt for less expensive watch options, you can give it a go.

Nonetheless, this watch is functional but still lacks in a few aspects. The strap seems to be too floppy after some time of use, and it needs replacement sooner. And, its lack of countdown customization feature is not preferable. There are only unalterable preset times. These are a couple of the not-so-good sides of this watch that you need to keep an eye on.
  • Can resist water by up to 5 ATM
  • Made with elasticated strap for the wrist or can be worn over the sleeve
  • Crafted with easy-to-adjust viewing angle
  • Pre-programmed with resounding warning signals and silenced if preferred
  • Designed with specialist sailing timer functions
  • Not designed with countdown customization features
  • Strap appears to be too floppy
All in all, this item can be regarded as one of the most functional yet reasonable sailing watches. It is durable, capable of taking some action, and could remain solid after. This watch is a must-have for anyone who wishes to be in the appropriate stance when the horn goes off. It is a piece of cake to use, and the numbers are big enough to be read easily. If you are on a budget, this can be one of your best bets.

3. Casio Analog Sport Watch

Sure thing, this watch is waterproof enough, so it is unnecessary to worry about it even if you use it daily, such as for shallow water sports and when showering. It sits low on the wrist, so this can provide a comfortable fit under long sleeves. This regatta watch also ticks silently, and it is not annoying at all.

The bezel turns without any noise and works smoothly. However, there are times when the bezel is difficult to grip. This watch comes with a comfortable rubber band with a unique sliding holder mechanism that claps the excess strap in the proper position, so there is no need to adjust it often all through the day. Indeed, the holder clicks into the stance you prefer it to be, and it stays in an appropriate position.

The only factors that you’ll probably be a little disappointed about this watch are its not being that reliable enough to be used for deep diving purposes and lacks any real glow features or backlight that could be especially useful at night. Take these glitches into account before buying this wristwatch for you. It is essential to uncover a product’s weak points to assist you in your final decision.
  • Practical to use for recreational swimming, water sports, surfing, sailing, and snorkeling
  • Waterproof, 12/24-hour timekeeping, and designed with Japanese quartz movement
  • Crafted as three hands analog watch with 43mm resin case equipped with mineral dial window
  • Made with molded resin band that comes with durable buckle closure
  • Comes with date and day display at 3’o clock
  • Does not come with any real glow feature or backlight to see at night
  • Not for reliable for deep dives
Laid on the line, if you are in the hunt for an outstanding value in a classic diver-look type of watch, you can end your search and get this option. By investing in this Casio sailing watch, you’ve got a kind of timepiece that is less complex to read, plain sailing to utilize, and sturdy enough to withstand rugged use. This watch looks functional but straightforward – this is a certified top-drawer black resin band analog watch with blackface. And, best of all, the price tag can fit all types of budget.

4. Bulova Men’s Marine Star

Bulova is one of the most renowned brands that produce the best nautical watches. And, one of their best-sellers is this men’s marine star watch. This is designed with high-quality stainless steel that is equipped with rose gold-tone accents. Generally speaking, this item is good for diverse professional marine activities and extreme water sports. You will love the blue glass insert on the ratcheted rotating bezel, and it also comes with a safety bar as well as an extender.

Apart from all these, it is also a 200-meter deep waterproof, designed with a screw-back case, calendar feature, blue dial that is equipped with markers and luminous hands, domed mineral crystal, and rose-gold tone bracelet. This item would satisfy anyone who prefers a six-hand chronograph movement. If you have a large wrist, this would fit well on you.

Be that as it may, if you plan to use this watch for some extreme diving activities, then sad to say, this may not serve that purpose quite well. Also, the lume fades instantly too. If it weren’t for these minor problems, this option is almost impeccable.
  • An ideal choice for many professional marine activities and extreme surface water sports
  • Designed with very dependable chronograph functions
  • Looks incredibly elegant and a real standout
  • Water resistant to 200 meters
  • Crafted with a 3-hand analog display that is furnished with quartz movement
  • Lume fades quite quickly
  • Not the perfect option for deep diving applications

As a whole, this is an amazingly accurate watch. For a fact, it is rated as a second to none dive watch down to a total of 200 meters. The stainless steel band is relatively easy to adjust if you have enough knowledge and the right tools to do it. This watch comes with a screw-down crown that aims to keep the watched tightly sealed.

Without any single doubt, this is a perfect option for those who are into professional marine activity and extreme surface water sports. However, this may not be that ideal for deep diving applications. The price is just right in exchange for a very functional and reliable nautical watch.

5. Ronstan Clear Start Race Timer

It could be daunting to look for high-quality yacht racing watch these days. But, fortunately, this item can somehow ease your burden in finding for a suitable one. This item features a precise start race timer that exhibits excellent styling as well as functionality. It comes with large buttons, so this makes reading the displays more effortlessly. Its new intuitive programing is beneficial for racing sailors.

What is more, this version can guarantee to set the standard for more years to come. Hence, if you are searching for a less complicated competitive edge, this can be the most excellent pick for your requirements. Its handy SYNC function works outstandingly in re-synchronizing the bright start to the official race time.

Please be guided that this watch is a little tough to turn on and figure out at the start. And, perhaps one of the reasons why is because it seems that the instructions are hard to understand and misleading.

You must carefully contemplate on these demerits first before buying one for you. However, with the right amount of patience and understanding when setting it up, you’ll be okay in the end, and it would work as advertised.

  • Completely updated with true sailing and bold styling functionality
  • Comes with oversized digit displays that allow easy and more convenient viewing
  • Crafted with handy SYNC functions
  • Designed with more advanced intuitive programming
  • Designed with instinctive, clear start sound signals
  • A little difficult to turn on at first
  • Manufacturer’s instructions are complicated and misleading

By and large, there are so many features to love about the best boating watches. The styling and functionality of this product are unrivaled, yet it does not come with a higher price that it could still be affordable to those who are short on budget. You’ll love its capability to be programmed for other countdown sequences by yachtsmen.

This watch is available in a total of 3 awesome color combinations and offers clean contemporary styling without the need to compromise usability and functionality. And, one thing more, isn’t it appealing to be able to instantly re-synchronize the bright start to the official race time?

6. Tissot Sailing-Touch Men’s Black Face Multi-Function Watch

This Tissot sailing watch is designed with lots of beneficial features and functions. It is resistant to scratch and made with Swiss quartz tactile movement. More than that, it could resist water by up to 660-feet deep and is crafted with battery end-of-life indicators. When the countdown arrives at 0, this turns into a racing chronograph.

The LCD display is backlit in a light blue and capable of defaulting to showing the time and date. And, hinged on the function, it indicates comparable data like barometric pressure, compass heading, and etcetera. If you want, you could set and then swap two times, and from there, it is easier to set 2 alarms. It is interesting to note that the metal and rubber watchband offers much-needed comfort, and you can adjust it to the wrist.

Sadly, it looks like this regatta watch’s rubber strap is made with low-quality material since it does not last long, and the background light is unreliable as well. Perhaps, this is due to battery concerns so it is a must to get a heavy-duty battery for this watch.
  • Especially crafted as a premium quality chronograph watch with a round case and luminous hands
  • Waterproof up to 330-feet deep and comes with perpetual calendar
  • Manufactured with a 24-hour alarm function that is equipped with resounding signal
  • Designed with HISTOGRAM that displays the relative pressure evolution during the last six hours
  • Made with black dial, red bezel, 2-time zones, and hour markers
  • Flimsy background light
  • Rubber watch strap is not durable

Right to it, whether you are a sailor or not, you will find this watch as functional and practical to your needs. Besides its impressive look and high construction materials, this is also excellent in many other features. It becomes more convenient to monitor meteorological conditions, comes with a perpetual calendar and compass. Since it has two distinct time zones, it is ideal for those who love to travel too.

This watch also comes with sleep function that helps extend the battery life. You will adore this watch because it can serve as a chronometer and can indicate the speed per distance.

7. SUUNTO Core All Black Military Sports Watch

If you are fishing for chart-topping nautical watches, then you can give this product a try. This watch seems to be made as your dependable companion wherever you wish to go. You can’t go wrong if you have it with you because it is built to bring out the explorer. This watch comes with a barometer, altimeter, and a compass that is equipped with valuable weather information.

What makes this watch truly a standout among other available options is that it is a superb tool for monitoring your direction while hiking, skiing, or exploring new places. Users will find it easier set and adhere to a bearing with a conventional rotating bezel, or you could just point the top portion of the sailing watch toward your desired destination, and you can lock it on.

Not the less, this watch’s bezel is merely made of low-quality plastic material that comes with printed numbers. Additionally, the backlight seems not serviceable and can only produce dim display. It is critical to inspect these drawbacks first before taking the plunge.
  • Crafted with storm alarm and weather trend graph
  • Built with barometer, compass, and altimeter
  • Helps you stay safe and carefully plan your outdoor activities
  • Can function in many different languages
  • Built with stylish designs that could serve different functions
  • Bezel is crafted with simple plastic with printed numbers
  • Backlight appears non-working and comes with very dim display
All features considered, this watch is something to love. It’s a wrist-top computer watch that is built with a functional compass, barometer and weather indicator. It is designed with smart storm alarm senses that drop in air pressure and let you know if a storm is coming. Wearing this watch can also complete your outfit for the day.

Meanwhile, its altimeter indicates the current elevation, displays descent or ascent, and practically records session too. Moreover, the battery life is fine, so long as you do not leave the unneeded features on all the time. With proper care and maintenance, this watch can last for many years and can provide you with satisfying services.

8. Wrist Armor U.S. Military Men’s Analog-Digital Chronograph Watch

Many of us generally think that the best marine watches are priced higher; still and all, it is possible to find affordable options that can also provide the best possible functions and services. Just like this watch by Wrist Armor, it is reasonably priced, yet it does not compromise quality.

For those searching for sailing watches that are classic yet stylish, and specially crafted and designed to satisfy most military standards, this option would work great for your preference. This watch can guarantee sturdy and innovative components and movements that you can find in high-end brands- but this one won’t force you to break the bank.

Furthermore, this can be a lovely gift to those who are into snorkeling, swimming, military activities, and other outdoor sports. To get started, all you need to do is to set the time and other functions, and it would already be completely operational right out of the package.

A couple of things that would somehow dissatisfy you if you choose this watch are its low-quality packaging because it is not placed in a nice box that could make it a special gift to someone for some special occasions. Contrary to what was advertised, this watch is quite lightweight. Perhaps, these are to be expected since the watch is sold at a much cheaper price tag.
  • A great option for anyone who loves to snorkel and swim
  • Reasonably priced sports watch that’s designed with dual time, alarm, and backlight
  • Manufactured with top quality resin band that comes with buckle closure
  • Built with quartz movement equipped with digital and analog display
  • Can resist water to 165-feet
  • Very lightweight
  • Does not come with decent packaging
In summary, this regatta watch can guarantee users with maximum precision and performance even under extreme conditions. Isn’t it awesome to have all these without the need to spend lavishly for a marine watch? As for easiness to read, comfort and durability- this can compete with more expensive options. It looks fashionable and gives the user a more appealing and sporty look. This can be used in various rugged activities except for deep diving purposes.

9. Garmin Instinct Rugged Outdoor Watch with GPS

For consumers who prefer branded GPS sailing watch, this option won’t dismay you. This item would work best and become your reliable partner whenever you need to explore even the environment’s harshest conditions. This is built with several global navigation satellite systems that are intended to help users precisely monitor harsh environmental conditions than GPS alone. It also makes training with preloaded activity profiles more easily.

What is more, as compared to other sailing watches, this is manufactured with auto data uploads to the brand’s connect online fitness community. It is labeled as a very dependable and genius regatta watch in that it keeps track of your estimated stress, activity, and heart rate. You can use Garmin’s website and app if you have plans to have your trip in advance.

While it can’t be questioned that Garmin is a great brand, of course, it can’t be free from some flaws as well. This watch is proven to have a short battery lifespan, which means you’ll need to replace it more often, so that’s an additional cost. Also, expect delayed responses for iOS devices.
  • Designed as a rugged GPS watch that could combat the harshest environments
  • Comes with barometric altimeter and three-axis compass
  • Helps users to stay connected with intelligent alerts
  • Keeps track of your activity, estimated heart rate, and stress
  • Resistant to shock, water and thermal by up to 100 meters
  • Poor battery life
  • No quick responses for iOS devices
In few words, this watch is not bulky at all. It comes with precise tracking for GPS activities and is straightforward to navigate. If you have it with you, there is no need to worry about breaking and getting beaten up. The screen is easy and clear to view and can guarantee clean navigation. It’s certified visually-appealing and durable enough to last for many years of rugged use. For the price, this is a great deal considering a reputable brand makes it.

10. Timex Men’s Intelligent Quartz Compass Tide Temperature Watch

An excellent alternative to Citizen sailing watch is this model that’s specially engineered by Timex. This watch is built with several useful functions that consist of an electronic compass, temperature sensor, and tide tracker. Without questions, this can serve as an ultimate accessory for those who are into adventurous activities and are touted as tech-savvy professionals.

You can press the button or crown if you wish to activate the Indiglo night light feature. Such technology allows users to illuminate the entire watch face in gloomy conditions or at the evening time. Users can easily adjust the leather strap to obtain the desired fit. This sailing watch is also crafted with buckle closure and a protective mineral crystal dial window.

Regardless, you need to check if the text and digits that display the temperature and other data on the dial are readable enough for you because they come in a small font size that makes them slightly hard to read without closely looking at them. The wrist band appears to be built with poor quality, it breaks easily, and it’s uncomfortable too.
  • Built with an off-white dial, compass markings and date window at 6 o’clock
  • Highly recommended for swimming and snorkeling activities
  • Designed with luminous hands, silver-tone 45-mm stainless steel case and Indiglo light-up watch
  • Comes with an analog compass, thermometer and tide tracker
  • Easy-to-adjust genuine leather strap
  • Wrist band seems made with cheap quality
  • Text and digits come in a small font size
On the whole, this watch is a good catch. It is built with a precise compass that is equipped with easy to modify a declination angle. And, the tide tracker is good at tracking time remaining to the next low or high tide. Meanwhile, the digital thermometer that is furnished with an analog display is capable of gauging ambient air temperature, and it could be situated underwater too for water temperature.

11. Timex Intelligent Quartz Tide Temp Compass Watch

When looking for top-rated waterproof sailing watches, some of the features that you need to search for include thermometer with analog display and capable of gauging water and air temperature. Moreover, it must resist water at a 100-meter distance and designed with a tide tracker that counts down to low or high tide- all these can be found in this INDIGLO Night-Light watch by Timex.

If you prefer a watch where functions are readily available and do not give you a hard time making some sort of adjustments, then this item seems to match your preferences. It ensures users that the time remains on course all through your work and play, and most of all; it is not prone to falter.

Likewise, the tidal indicator is exact, and the compass is precise if you set the magnetic declination. Take note that this watch is a little large, so it may not fit those with smaller wrists.

Please be reminded that if you are into diving activities, this watch is not ideal for such purpose. Another minor issue that you need to look through before making the final buying decision is the bezel of this timepiece. There have been reports that the bezel is merely fastened by a very narrow plastic channel that makes it easily damaged and falling off.
  • Designed with a black dial that comes with date window, adjustable strap and compass markings
  • Crafted with luminous hands and Indiglo light-up watch dial
  • Can function as an analog compass, tide tracker, and measure water and air temperature
  • Highly recommended for swimming and snorkeling activities
  • Includes readily available functions and easy to adjust features
  • Not suitable to use for diving activities
  • Bezel is attached by a skinny plastic channel
Overall, this Timex sailing watch is a significant investment. This watch is a great deal because of its multiple functions, such as the temperature sensor, tide tracker, and electronic compass. All these are all driven by a 4th hand Timex tide-temperatures-compass that is a convenient accessory for adventurous activities and certified tech-savvy individuals. It is waterproof and looks trendy as well. This product is the best for those who frequently go swimming and snorkeling.

12. Garmin Quatix 5 Multisport Marine Smartwatch

Garmin sailing watch is superb at providing connectivity with adaptable Garmin chart plotters as well as other devices to offer remote waypoint marking, autopilot control, and data streaming that consists of temperature, wind, depth, and speed. Indeed, this comes with built-in Fusion-Link Lite app controls that are connected with stereo-active products.

This item is made with a rear case, buttons, and steel bezel while also featuring Quick Fit band system. This watch comes with guaranteed 24/7 monitoring without using the chest strap. Besides, this watch is known for its premium quality and exceptional built-in activity tracking unlike other options.

While it is evident that this watch comes with unique and more advanced features than other watches out there, it can seriously create a large hole in your pocket because it is quite pricey. Well, probably this is because of its many distinct functions that are lacking in other models available.

For a very high price, it is not reliable enough to overcome rugged outdoor activities. Be sure to carefully think about these downsides before spending lavishly on this product.
  • Guarantees outstanding and reliable sail racing assistance
  • Crafted with built-in Fusion-Link App controls
  • Can keep track of your dry land or water physical activities
  • Provides advanced fitness training features with training statistics
  • Manufactured with built-in GPS, elevate wrist-based heart rate and Quick Fit band system
  • Can break the bank
  • Does not appear as a very robust outdoor wristwatch

Ultimately, if you want to invest in superb quality sailing watches with GPS, this product is a surefire option that you will not regret. You will be stunned by its excellent sail racing assistance feature such as race countdown timers, virtual starting line, tack assist, and distance to start line.

This watch is preferable because it offers advanced fitness training features that comprise activity profiles and training statistics for several activities and sports like golfing, swimming, and running, hiking, plus biking. It can be costly, but this is because it is a certified multisport marine smartwatch adept at offering exhaustive boat connectivity.

What to Look for When Buying Sailing Watches


Regatta watches not only guarantee grandiose functions, but they could also be trendy and complement your wardrobe. Fundamentally, sailing entails more contact with water, so it is essential to opt for yachting watches that are resistant to water. Before buying one, it is a must to ponder several factors to ensure that you’re getting your real money’s worth.

What valuable considerations should you take into account when shopping for top quality sailing watches?

  • Reputable and Dependable Brand

Not to mention, the brand of the product is what you should focus on when shopping. And, this is especially applicable when buying functional sailing watches. Several brands offer yachting watches that are designed with distinct designs, superb quality, and price range.

It is vital to take in mind that experienced and highly recognized brands commonly not solely give the supreme quality but also guarantee outstanding product warranties and customer service support.

  • Functions

Look for regatta watches that come with diverse features hinged on their types. Digital models are equipped with more unique features like altimeter, barometer, compass, thermometer, and many more. On the other hand, analog models are merely equipped with date and day display.

It is worth mentioning that the watches are also equipped with luminous features. It is essential to look for models that are equipped with countdown timers too, as this allows users to countdown to the beginning of a race. The countdown timer could either be hinged on some etchings located on their bezels or on a sort of disc system found on their dials.

  • Durability

Since you often engage in various water activities while sailing, many regatta watches are specifically manufactured to carry out such activities like swimming, diving, fishing, and snorkeling. Many watches these days come with distinct water pressure resistance.

Hence, the deeper you dive, the higher the water pressure is. If you want to ensure that your yachting watch is sturdy, you need to learn about the pressure limit of the watch you’re eyeing to buy.

A lot of regatta watches could resist the pressure of 100 meters or 10ATM underneath the water surface. Even so, there are models that are primarily crafted for divers who could work at 300 by up to 1000 meters underwater.

  • Construction Materials

Different materials are utilized to manufacture regatta watches- whether for the machine, screen, and strap. The device and case are made with water-resistant stainless steel and set up quite rigidly to ward off water from ruining the functions of the device.

On the other hand, the watch straps are crafted with different materials that consist of:

  • Leather. This is barely utilized since the quality of the leather would be lessened after continuous water exposure.
  • Rubber or Synthetic. This is deemed as the safest and most common to utilize for activities in freshwater, saltwater, rivers, and lakes.
  • Stainless Steel. This watch is initially not the type of material that’s seawater-friendly. All the same, at present, many regatta watchmakers coated their stainless steel watches with rust-proof material.

Primarily, stainless yachting watch does not merely come with the function that the sailor requires but also made to be sturdy and stylish.

  • Price Range

Regatta watches are sold in a broad array of prices. Of course, high-end brands are expected to be sold at much higher selling costs, but luckily, there are readily available options that are sold at a more reasonable price.

Other Important Factors to Consider


What is a sailing watch?

The other name for a sailing watch is a regatta watch or yachting watch. This item is the type of watch that has been primarily crafted as a countdown timer for sailing competitions or races.

Unquestionably, starting a water race isn’t plain sailing like lining up on a race track while waiting for the signal of the start gun. It is quite critical for yachtsmen to control their vessels in the wind and countdown to begin the race.

Moreover, this is where the countdown timer proves its significance. From the resounding signal, which is commonly a horn sound, you could begin your sailing timer.

Hence, your regatta watch provides you a progress measurement while onboard when the race would commence. It is the one that guides yachtsmen in sailing their vessel at speed with high hopes of arriving at the start line for the start gun to blow up.

How does it work?

Yachting timers come with different means of telling the countdown time. Typically, these are equipped with numbered or multi-colored disc rotating on the underneath portion of the dial with numerals or colors displaying through windows identical with a date disc.

What are the different types of sailing watches?

Sailing watches comes in different forms, such as:

  • Water-resistant ones generally come with a set of pressure and depth for which they could work before soaking it in. The standard models come with a range of 30 up to 200 meters or 3 to 20 ATM. These watches can withstand shallow diving and some extreme water sports.

On the other hand, waterproof watches are merely resistant to sudden water splashes and are not ideal for extreme sailing expeditions.

  • Leather, stainless steel or silicon made? Stainless steel band watches tend to get damaged faster because of exposure to salt. Meanwhile, leather-based options respond negatively with some skin types, particularly if soaked in warps or marine water.

Silicone straps are ideal for sailing because these are versatile, come with hardwearing physical properties, and ensure unmatched ability to avert sea spray, dirt, and other sorts of debris when sailing.

  • You can select from digital, automatic, analog, chronograph, dress, diving, mechanical, and quartz watch. As you can see, depending on what you are going to use the watch for, there are specific options for you to choose from.

Many of them are designed with slightly distinct functions, equipped with more advanced features and capable of providing multiple benefits to users.

Why do you need sailing watches? (Benefits)

Investing in premium quality regatta watches is quite crucial for those who love extreme outdoor sports and activities, adventurous water sports and other activities in rugged conditions because these are reliable and execute a vital role in the success of any race, practice or regatta.

Most of the yachtsmen watch these days as technologically advanced, easy to start and reset, and options meant for the rolling countdown to make the team race commences straightforward to follow. They also help users keep track of the weather, and other elements in the environment that may affect your outdoor activities.

Sailing watches help users monitor the precise time and give them easy access to weather-related information that they need to know to ensure that they could carefully plan their adventurous activities.

Today’s regatta watches are built to be a practical and straightforward timepiece equipped with excellent dial aesthetics. They are easy to read and use. Many of them are built with a superb set of professional sailing functions, and, best of all, users could utilize their mobile phones to make some adjustments to the sailing watch’s settings.

Additionally, besides complementing your wardrobe and making you look more stylish, their functions are impressive and can make your adventurous activities worthwhile and fun-filled.

Frequently Asked Questions


What are the most trusted sailing watch brands?

If it is your dream to own a premium quality sailing watch, you need to save it hard to be able to invest in a highly recognized brand. Take in mind that buying from prestigious brands does not mean trying to boast; buying from high-end brands assure you that the watch you purchase can last for years and can outstandingly serve its purpose.

A few of the most tested and proven watch brands that you can always rely on include:

  • Garmin
  • Bulova
  • Seiko
  • Tissot
  • Casio

Most of these brands are a little more expensive than other competitors, but quality, durability, and satisfaction are guaranteed. If you are patient and lucky enough, you can search for a few watch models made by these mentioned brands that are priced lower.

How to use?

Sailing watches are designed with different models, functions, and uses. When it comes to instructions on how to use them precisely, it is highly suggested to review the manufacturer’s instructions or manual for more details. Step-by-step procedures are provided to get you started.

Where to buy?

If you are wristwatch enthusiasts, you are probably well aware that New York, London, and Geneva are the best places around the globe where to buy authentic, long-lasting, uniquely crafted, and durable watches. Of course, there is no need for you to travel to these far places to shop for a premium quality regatta watch.

You can hop to legit watch stores in local department stores, shopping malls, and jewelry shops. In so doing, you can see many watches personally and have a closer look at them. You can even try them to see if they look good on you.

Meanwhile, if you find it inconvenient to personally shop in local watch stores, then buying them online is also a great decision. You only have to ensure that the online shopping site you plan to purchase sailing watches is legit and highly trusted. As you know, regatta watches are expensive investments too.

Shopping online is exciting and overwhelming at the same time. You would surely enjoy browsing limitless options to select from, and you’ll be delighted to check out the most famous brands worldwide. Sure thing, whatever you are searching for, you would find high-end watches from all the renowned brands in every price range.

It is good news to know that you can buy your dream watch in just a single click.

How to care and maintain?

When it comes to proper care and maintenance of sailing watches, consider the following guides:

  • Thoroughly clean your sailing watch as frequently as possible.
  • Have it serviced regularly, preferably every 2 or 3 years.
  • To avoid affecting the timekeeping function of your regatta watch, avoid placing them near magnets.
  • Be well aware of the water-resistance capacity of your watch.
  • Take better care of the crystal of your sailing watch. Avoid anything that could scratch or damage it.
  • Keep it in a storage box after use. This would help keep your regatta watch in good condition, free of any scratch or damage.
  • Avoid contact with chemicals.
  • Avoid too much sunlight exposure as intense heat could shorten the battery life.
  • Always read the watch manual if you need to make some adjustments or need to know something. Fortunately, watches come with manual that you can always refer to when setting the time or need to consider some modifications.
  • If you are not knowledgeable enough, do not open your watch by yourself. Let a watch expert do the necessary repairs. This is for you to avoid aggravating any problem from taking place.


In general, searching for the best sailing watches can be a bit complicated and challenging, especially if it is your first time to buy one. As you have read in this article, there are several essential features that you need to look into, such as the compasses, the visual and audible countdowns, the design, and other functions.

The good news is that there is a perfect regatta watch for every seafaring watch enthusiasts. However, before purchasing one, of course, deciding which one you should choose isn’t a piece of cake. And, this is what this post is all about. With the product reviews carefully detailed here, it would be a lot easier to compare each product to narrow down your options.

It is useful to have a few yachting watch reviews to get you started, mainly if this is a special present for a loved one, a friend, or a plan of rewarding yourself for your hard work. There is no need to worry if you have no idea that the best regatta watches for this post aim to assist you as you get started on the right path with very comprehensive watch reviews.

Hopefully, the list of the best-selling regatta watches reviewed above acts as a practical guide for you during your shopping process.

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