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The Best T Top Boat Covers for 2023

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You probably agree that a T-top boat looks impressive as it glides over the water. Its sporty appearance and sharp nose make it look like the sprinter of the sea. As the captain, you’re sitting in the center console, and the open water is right in front of you, it can be one hell of a rush to be speeding off into the horizon.

Getting the best T top boat cover for your T-top boat can be quite a challenge sometimes. Due to its shape, finding a boat cover with a good fit can be difficult. You cannot deny that compared to a pontoon or a bowrider, covering your T-top needs a little extra work.

best t top boat cover

Furthermore, your boat takes a lot of abuse in and off the water so making sure it’s covered properly with a good boat cover is important; to continue protecting it from harsh conditions, and other elemental factors such as dirt, wind, and stray animals.

There are several ways to cover your T-top using different types of T-top boat covers. We’ve put together a list of 10 best covers that you can use for your T-top.

Top 3 Products

Best Overall

Classic Accessories Cover


Most Durable

Budge B-621-X4 


Premium Choice

TaylorMade 678520B


Table of Contents

Best T Top Boat Cover Reviews of 2023

1. Classic Accessories T-Top Boat Cover

Since there are many T-top boat designs, finding the right center console boat covers with T top can be quite overwhelming. This is the reason why the Classic Accessories StormPro™ center console cover is highly recommended.

This boat cover comes in four different sizes, so you will not have problems like with an ill-fitting cover.

The Classic Accessories StormPro™ is made from heavy-duty 600D that is highly durable and waterproof. Its high strength polyester is a patented StormPro™ fabric that is made to withstand any kind of weather and use. On top of withstanding harsh conditions, the 600D polyester is also made to last during long-term storage.

Furthermore, its PVC-free fabric is free from any harmful and carcinogenic chemicals. So, it is safe to use and does not pose any health risks.

One of the most common issues of boat covers is movement and slipping. But, with this model, you can securely fit the cover onto your T-top boat. It has a top and bottom integrated strap system with quick-release buckles that will keep your boat cover in place.

For further hold and proper fit, the hem of this cover is fitted with elastic hem. After you’ve covered your boat, it’s important to make sure that the cover doesn’t sag, or water can pool in the pocket.

To prevent water leak into the interior of your boat, the Classic Accessories StormPro™ comes with a boat cover support pole so any slack or fold can be even out.

Additionally, as compared to other T-top boat covers, this model can cover your outboard as well.
  • Made from patented high strength StormPro™ 600D polyester
  • Top & bottom integrated strap system with quick-release buckles
  • Manufactured with an elastic hem to ensure a secure fit and hold
  • Comes with zippered access with buckle attachment
  • Fits boat with a wide beam
  • Often out of stock
All in all, if you’re dreaming of a T-top cover that can guarantee a secure fit and hold, and is ideal for trailering, then you don’t need to further your search.

2. Budge B-621-X4 T-Top Boat Cover

If you’re looking for a T-top boat cover that is made to be exceptionally durable during trailering, then look no further! Among many hard T-top boat covers, the Budge B-621-X4 is a favourite among many boaters for many good reasons.

Sometimes during trailering, a boat cover may move and lose its fit or even slip and come off. But the Budge B-621-X4 won’t budge! It’s built with a heavy shock cord hem that will give your T-top a semi-custom fit. So, you can rest assured that it will hug your boat securely as you trailer your boat.

In the same way, the full coverage of this boat cover gives full protection from the hardtop to chine. It is particularly made to protect your boat from marine conditions and harsh environment. This product’s waterproof material will repel snow, hot sun, and heavy rain so these elements won’t ruin your boat when it is not in use.

You will also be impressed with its 600-denier polyester material that is UV treated so it can give maximum and optimal protection. This is a great way to protect the interior and upholstery of your boat from heat and sun. The Budge B-621-X4 comes in two colours, and you can choose either grey or blue.

Even though the material is tough, it’s breathable enough to prevent any condensation build-up; therefore; it can further help reduce rust, mold, and mildew as your boat is covered. This model fits a boat that is up to 26’ in length and with a beamwidth of up to 106”.

One minor downside that you can encounter with this Budge B-621-X4 model is that it could only fit a specific type of vehicle.
  • Exceptionally reliable and durable for trailering
  • Has heavy shock cord hem with top/bottom strap system for maximum hold
  • Sized to fit with the custom-like design
  • Made from UV-treated 600-denier polyester
  • Built with waterproof, yet breathable material
  • Fits specific vehicle
Surprisingly, for such a good make, this model is not as expensive as many other T-top boat covers in the market. It is a great purchase that won’t let you down in the long run.

3. TaylorMade 678520B T-Top Cover

Taylor Made’s 678520B Universal T-Top cover is one of the most preferred center console T top covers by many boaters.

A T-top is the metal frame that is mounted onto the deck of a center console boat with either canvas or hardtop. The purpose of this structure is to provide standing height shade for the person navigating the boat while giving him an open area of movement.

This center console of a T-top can be covered with its own type of cover if a boater does not wish to cover the entire boat.

It is a suitable center console cover because it will enclose various console sizes as well as the seat. This boat cover, which measures 48” x 60” x 66”, can be tailored to fit better if the console is of smaller size.

The adjustable straps that come with quick-release buckles allow the cover to fit and conform to most center console’s configurations. With this type of center console boat cover, you’re able to protect the console from any weather conditions and external elements.

This bright blue Taylormade 678520B Universal T-Top has a marine-grade zipper that allows you to install it to your center console without much effort, and also makes for easy removal.

However, please note that several buyers mentioned that this TaylorMade model doesn’t fit their center console well despite having it tailored to fit better.

So, it’s recommended by the manufacturer that buyers measure the fitting space before purchasing, even though the TaylorMade 678520B Universal T-Top boat cover is made to fit almost any type of center console of a T-top boat.

  • Installation is a breeze.
  • Equipped with a marine-grade high-quality zipper for easy access
  • Adjustable straps with quick-release buckles, fit for any center console
  • Can enclose various console sizes, seat, and combination of T-top support
  • Can be secured to the bottom of a stationary T-top structure
  • May cause poor fitting if center console fitting space is not measured
Among Taylor made t top boat covers, this model is an outstanding choice. This brand is the name on which you can rely.

4. Oceansouth Console T-Top Cover

Among many T top boats cover reviews, Oceansouth Center Console T-top Cover

received many positive feedbacks. Many boaters have attested to its durability to withstand extreme wind and even made it through hurricanes.

The Oceansouth Center Console cover comes with a strong elastic band along the entire hem, including at the top, to ensure maximum coverage and proper snug fit on your center console.

This boat cover is made from UV resistant and breathable material so that your center console is not only protected from dirt, rain, or dust, but it will also not cause any rust, mildew, or mold.

Moreover, to ensure that you have this cover on right and proper, it has a 1” webbing and nylon adjustable strap with quick-release buckles. Even though the Oceansouth Center Console T-top Cover is made to fit almost any size center console, Oceansouth still recommends you to get a proper measurement to ensure you’re able to fit this one.

There has been report from some boaters that the full-length #8 Delrin zipper failed after several installations. However, this was an isolated case where the center console wasn’t properly measured to fit the boat cover.

If this happens to you, Oceansouth will respond immediately to have them exchanged. As a good measure, boat owners are still encouraged to measure their center console to avoid any unwanted incident.
  • Made from UV-resistant and breathable material
  • Has 1” webbing and nylon adjustable strap with quick-release buckles
  • Highly durable to withstand strong wind and hurricane
  • Versatile for many different types of boats
  • Comes with an elastic band around all hem, including top hem
  • Always unavailable both in local stores and online
Laid on the line, the durability and superb performance of this T-top cover are unmatched. Thus, it is not surprising why it is always out of stock.

5. EmpireCovers 600 Boat Cover

The EmpireCovers Triton 600 Denier is as tough as it can get. This T-top boat cover, made from 600-denier polyester, is 100% waterproof and can withstand harsh outdoor elements such as strong sunlight, heavy rain, snow, random debris, and even bird droppings.

More than that, this boat cover comes in three sizes so you can pick the right one for your T-top boat. The smallest cover fits a T-top that measures 20’ – 22’ in length. A medium-size fits T-tops that measure 22’ – 24’ in length, and the largest size is suitable for T-top boats that are 24’ – 26’ in length.

All sizes can fit T-tops that have a beamwidth of 106”, and also those with hardtops.

It provides maximum coverage for boats. It’s built with a heavy-duty shock cord hem and elastic band around its hem so it can ensure a proper fit that will hug your boat snugly but not too tightly.

Furthermore, to ensure the EmpireCovers Triton 600D is built to last, there are reinforced stitched seams all around its seams.

The good news is that when you purchase this model, it also comes with adjustable tie-down straps with quick-release buckles. Not only that, but you will also receive a matching 600D polyester storage bag.

Nevertheless, this T-top cover does not come with a slit for the antenna, not to mention, it does not have rod holders, either. These are the minor glitches that you’ll need to deal with.
  • Can resist any kind of weather thanks to incredibly durable 600D polyester
  • Heavy-duty shock cord hem with an elastic band around the hem
  • Designed with reinforced stitched seams
  • Can provide maximum coverage from top to chine
  • Comes with UV-resistant and 100% waterproof features
  • No slit for antenna and doesn’t come with rod holders
In conclusion, this T-top cover is loved by countless boaters because it is tough enough to fight off any kind of elements and rugged weather. So, if you prefer something that can last for an extended time, this is it!

6. Classic Accessories T-Top Boat Cover

If you’re looking for custom T top boat covers that fit like a glove, this model is the one for you. This Stellex Center Console with Roof Boat Cover comes in two sizes that offers you a custom-like fit.

Likewise, the small size is suitable for T-top boats that measure 20’ – 22’ in length with a beamwidth of 106”; while the larger size cover fits a boat that measures 22’ – 24’ in length with a beamwidth of 116”.

The patented Stellex™ tough polyester is specifically made to withstand any harsh elements such as rain, snow, sleet, and random debris.

To ensure maximum life of the boat cover, the Stellex™ boat cover is equipped with marine-grade boating accessories.

If your boat is berthed at sea, investing in marine-grade materials is absolutely worth it because it’s proven to resist corrosive saltwater and the harsh wind from the open sea.

The Classic Accessories Stellex Center Console T-top Roof Boat Cover comes with an integrated buckle and strap system where you can easily fix and remove them with the quick-release buckles. It also has zippered access with buckle attachment to make it easy for you to access your center console.

Additionally, to ensure full and proper coverage, the hem of this cover is fitted with an elastic band that is tough yet flexible enough to hug any curves and corners of your boat. You will also receive a storage bag with the kit.
  • Can repel harsh marine conditions with Tough polyester Stellex™ fabric
  • Interspersed buckle and strap system with quick-release buckles
  • Tough yet flexible elastic band around the hem for maximum hold
  • Designed with zippered access with buckle attachment
  • Available in two sizes
  • Installation instructions are a little complicated.
Sure thing, you will never go wrong if you invest in this T-top cover. When it comes to tough, secure and maximum protection, you won’t regret picking this model for your boat.

7. Budge B-1221-X7 1200 T-Top Boat Cover

If you’re looking for something even stronger and much tougher, then the Budge B-1221-X7 1200 Denier version is exactly the one for you.

This model is built for heavy-duty applications and to stand any kind of weather and elements. In its system of measurement, 1 denier means that 1 gram of yarn has a length of 9000 meters.

The Budge B-1221-X7 1200 Denier is 100% waterproof, and its polyester material is certified marine-grade.

The thickness and yet breathable feature of this boat cover will ensure full coverage of your boat while at the same gives maximum protection of your boat’s finishing and interior.

Furthermore, it comes with pocket vents to allow airflow so it can reduce the risk of mold and mildew building up inside even when your boat cover is fitted snugly. e B-1221-X7 1200 Denier has many cool features that boaters absolutely love.

The cover is tough and strong due to its 1200D polyester. Other than that, the material is also UV-resistant to continue protecting your interior. What’s also great is this cover is waterproof both on the outside and inside.

The Budge B-1221-X7 1200 Denier comes in four sizes. The smallest size is suitable for boats between the lengths of 16’ – 18’, and the biggest size can fit boats that are between 24’ – 26’ in length. All four sizes can fit T-top boats that have a beamwidth of 106”.
  • Heavy-duty 1200D polyester cover to withstand the harshest weather
  • Can guarantee good defense against harsh winter weather
  • Breathable pocket vents to allow airflow to reduce mold and mildew
  • Top and bottom sewn-in strap
  • Quick-release buckles to keep cover in place
  • Elastic band hem to allow a secure fit
  • Cost slightly more than competitors
Lastly, for boaters who go for a T-top cover that is tough enough to combat rugged winter conditions, this is worth a try!

8. Trident T-Top Boat Cover

This boat cover with a T top will protect your boat from the hardtop down to the chine. The polyester is made to resist the effects of UV light, and it can prevent mildew so it can keep your boat protected. It’s highly weather-resistant to protect the interior and the condition of your boat.

It uses the thread that is anti-wick and has folded join seams using the 4-ply system throughout its construction.

To ensure a snug fit on your T-top boat, durable 1/4” marine braid cord is sewn into the hem. So all you have to do is pull on it and voila, your boat is covered! If you’re not berthing your boat in the waters, the Titan boat cover is made for trailering too.

It has a double-enforced built-in strap bow so you can fit it at the bow pulpit and special anchor-roller so the boat cover won’t move as you’re trailering.

Meanwhile, another remarkable feature of the Titan boat cover that we love is how there is a dual-zippered entry on both sides for easy access. On top of that, this boat cover is made to accommodate antennas, mounts for outrigger, and GPS.

The kit comes with a durable storage bag, two pieces of support poles, a repair kit, durable ratchet for the ropes, and tie-down rope braided with tie-down loops. The Titan boat cover is suitable for any boats between 17.5” and 29.5” in length.

However, please take note that the length of this boat cover does not cover the outboard. Be sure to check this out before taking the plunge.
  • Manufactured using marine-grade polyester material
  • Comes with anti-wick thread seams and 4-ply join folds for added strength and hold
  • Designed with built-in strap systems for easy trailering
  • Crafted with super-strong marine braid cord for fitting
  • Specially designed to accommodate antenna and outrigger mounts
  • Length doesn’t cover outboard
Ultimately, this is a smart investment since the kit comes complete with all the necessary accessories that can offer maximum protection for your boat.

9. Vortex T-Top Boat Cover

This is another great heavy-duty boat cover if you’re in the hunt for a specific T-top boat canvas. It is reliable and super strong. It’s made with strength and durability in mind because you can use this for three purposes, i.e. storing, anchoring, and trailering your boat.

The Vortex Heavy Duty T-top Console cover, made from 600D marine-grade canvas, is a good option if you prefer canvas material to polyester. While polyester may offer better waterproof options, a canvas boat cover is more breathable, allowing better airflow under your boat cover.

However, if you prefer canvas to polyester, be sure that the seams are strong and waterproof because water can still leak over time. Canvas boat cover may be a better option if you’re in an area where it’s prone to rain or heavy sleet. Take this suggestion in mind when choosing one.

Not to mention, what’s impressive about this product is that Vortex delivers it to you within days. So, if you’re in a rush to get a boat cover replacement, or need something quickly, this is a good option to go with because many boaters said they receive it within 1-4 working days.

This boat cover, however, doesn’t come with an integrated buckle & strap system for its cover, so you need to use a good support pole system to ensure your cover stays on. For added measure, you can purchase additional webbing strap and secure the cover from top to bottom, especially when you’re mooring or trailering your T-top.

It is essential to bear in mind that this model is slightly difficult to find both in local stores and online. That is because many boaters globally pick this version for their boating, trailering and anchoring needs. So, be quick to grab yours when you come across it.

  • High quality breathable marine-grade canvas
  • Tri-purpose: Storing, anchoring, and/or trailering
  • Reliable and durable to be used for any type of weather
  • Can ensure maximum coverage from top to chine
  • Guarantees fast shipping
  • Does not contain a strap system and interspersed buckle
This option won’t dismay you if you are after superb durability and multipurpose use. It’s a great addition to consider for your most prized boat!

10. Trident T-Con I T-top Cover

To make your job of T-top boat cover installation a breeze, T-Con center console cover is a great choice. All you have to do is to place it on and hook it in place.

Compared to many other center console covers, the T-Con I T-top cover gives you complete and secure coverage of your center console. This way, while you’re trailering your boat or keeping it away from the sun, the cover will protect your seat by keeping it clean. What’s also great is the fabric will help keep your seat cool while it’s not in use.

Made from breathable poly/cotton fabric, this center console cover can help resist mildew and water damage. There is nothing worse than to find mildew or mold on your center console, and you’d have to spend extra to have them cleaned or worse, any components and the seat replaced.

Primarily, you will love how this center console cover is super easy to install and remove. It doesn’t have any complicated straps or hooks to confuse you. All you have to do is use the hook to keep the cover in place!

Even more convenient for you is that the T-Con I T-top cover has a loop sleeve for your VHF antenna. So, this means that it is unnecessary to cut the slit yourself and risk ruining the fabric or the whole thing itself.

However, it’s worth noting that this cover is not made for long-term outdoor exposure. If not properly taken care of, maintained and stored, it is more likely to fade and wear off.
  • Guarantees easy installation and removal procedure
  • Manufactured using breathable material made from poly/cotton
  • Comes with convenient hook and loop sleeve for VHF antenna
  • Helps ward off water damage and mildew growth
  • Has zipper access and shock cord at the hem
  • Not recommended for long-term outdoor exposure
To wrap things up, this option is the best bang for the money. It is user-friendly, and it is built to last an extended period of superb performance.

What to Look for When Buying a T-top Boat Cover


Unlike other boat covers, you may need to consider more things when buying T top covers. One of the most important things many boaters look for is the material of the boat cover.

There are many types of boat cover available in the market. Whether you’re looking for something that can withstand brutal winter conditions, or you want something lightweight but tough, choosing the right boat cover material depends on your need, preference, and at times, budget.

Another good point to consider when buying T-top boat cover is how much coverage it provides to your boat. Some boaters prefer a simple T-top curtain cover, whereas others love a total coverage from hardtop to chine. However, choosing how much coverage you want to give your boat also depends on why and how long you’re storing it.

If you’re covering your boat because you’re trailering it from one place to another, you may need something with straps and hooks to make sure it can withstand the wind and not come off while it’s en route.

On the other hand, if you want to cover your boat while you’re not using it for a short time, you need something simpler but still durable in case the weather suddenly takes a turn.

Meanwhile, if you’re storing your boat away for the whole winter, you will need something tougher with extra security so it can repel the snow and keep moisture out. So, it’s not uncommon at all for a boater to have several types of boat cover because it’s going to depend on what, and when he or she uses it for.

Whatever you use or need a T-top boat cover for, it is recommended that you choose a cover that is made from high-quality material or marine-grade material. Whether you’re keeping your boat in or off water, high-quality and breathable material can help your T-top boat cover last longer and stay durable no matter the use.

Marine-grade material may cost slightly more, but it is believed they’re a good investment in the long run because you can ensure its long-life usage.

Other Important Factors to Consider


What is a T-top boat cover?

A T-top boat cover is a type of cover made specifically for T-top boats. Unlike other boat covers for a Jon, or a bowrider, or a pontoon, for example, the shape and make is slightly different because these boats don’t have the T-top in the middle of the vessel.

A T-top boat cover will ensure maximum coverage from the hardtop to the chine, so every part of your vessel is protected from any weather condition and also debris, dust, or grime. Another common type of T-top boat cover is the center console cover, where it only covers the T-top’s center console.

How does it work?

Like any other boat cover, a T-top boat cover has the same concept as having a tent for your boat. It covers and protects your boat from harsh weather and also any random debris such as dirt, dust, leaves, or even bird dropping.

A T-top boat cover installation is often easy but requires a little more work than when you’re fixing a cover on a bowrider. Most boat cover requires a boat cover support pole to make sure the cover doesn’t cave in and therefore cause water to collect.

Suppose you’re using a boat cover support pole (which we strongly recommend you do). In that case, you can place the T-top boat cover on top of the webbing strap and remove all slack by pulling it snugly, usually either by the help of shock cord in the hem or it does it for you through the elastic band that’s sewn along with the helm.

Depending on the cover you use, you can either latch on the buckles to secure the straps, or you can add your own webbing straps on top of the cover for extra support and hold.

What are the different types of T-top boat covers?

There are several types of cover you can choose from for your T-top boat. The most favoured type is the one that covers a T-top from its hardtop to the chine. This way, boaters can be sure every aspect of the boat is covered and protected from rain, snow, wind, or dust.

This type of cover is suitable if you’re storing your boat away for a long time, let’s say, during the winter, or when you’re trailering your boat where you can’t be sure of the weather condition while your boat is travelling.

Another type of cover is a center console cover or a curtain type. This cover only protects the center console of your T-top. This cover is usually suitable for temporary and/or short-term coverage. This is because most of this type of cover is not made from material that can withstand long-term sun or rain exposure.

Why do you need a T-top cover?

A T-top cover is vital in protecting your boat’s finishing and its interior when your boat is not in use. Much like how you use a cover for your car or motorcycle, a T-top boat cover is essential for your T-top if you want to keep it in tip-top condition.

A boat cover can help to extend the life of your boat by protecting its essential parts and also keep rust, mildew, and mold away from damaging the interior or components of your boat.

When you own a boat, whether a T-top boat or a pontoon, keeping it covered when it’s not in use is a responsible boating habit. Not only it can help to maintain your boat’s life and its good looks, but it can also help you save money because you can avoid unnecessary incidents that will cause you to fork out more money to have her repaired, repainted, or reupholstered.

Frequently Asked Questions


What are the most trusted T-top boat cover brands?

Many manufacturers are making good boating hardware and equipment brands. However, with so many in the market, it can be easy to be overwhelmed with many brands offering promises on durable boat cover.

As a boater, it’s your responsibility to research as much as you can before making any purchase related to your boat and its care. Certain makers are better at their products such as Carver T-top boat cover or even the Sunbrella T-top boat covers.

What’s important when trying to find the right brand for your boat is to consider its T top installation and material. You wouldn’t want to be stuck with something expensive but really difficult to install, and you don’t want to have one that’s a bargain, but ended up torn and shredded after two seasons.

However, to help you get started in the right direction, here are the most trusted T-top boat cover brands:

  • Classic Accessories
  • Budge
  • iCover
  • Titan
  • Taylor Made

Keep in mind that because these brands are the most trusted marine and boating equipment manufacturers, their products can be and usually are slightly more costly than other brands.

However, many boaters are more than happy to pay the extra price for the guarantee, durability, reliability, and quality these brands offer.

How to install and use?

Before you can place a boat cover on your T-top, you will need to prep your boat with proper boat cover support system. A good support system will help hold your cover and also keep in place so that wind and/or rain won’t affect it.

After you’ve installed the boat cover support system, you can place the T-top boat shade on the webbing strap and secure it in place. Some T-top boat covers are built with an integrated strap and buckle system. All you have to do is adjust the strap to remove any slack from the boat cover and latch on the buckles underneath your boat.

For some T-top boat cover that doesn’t come with an integrated buckle and strap system, you’d have to get the straps separately and with some skills, secure those straps onto your boat cover and your boat.

How to care and maintain?

Maintaining and caring for a boat cover is serious work. You need to make sure the cover is properly cared for so you can maintain the condition of the material. Even if your boat cover is made from high-grade and high-quality material, bad habits in taking care of your boat cover will eventually ruin it.

The best way to know how to care and maintain your T-top boat cover is to read and understand the instructions. Some boat covers can be washed with mild detergent, and others only require a wash with water. You wouldn’t want to use detergent on something sensitive to soap and risk ruining any treatment your material has been subjected to.

After a boat cover is cleaned and dried, you can store them in their specific storage unit. Some covers come with a duffel-like bag where you can roll and fold the cover and keep it there. Some boat covers have their own special case or container where it helps to further protect your boat cover from dust and animals while it’s in storage.


Having a boat is one of life’s best luxuries that almost everyone dreams of. If you’re a boat owner and are proud of your boat, it only makes sense if you take care of it at all times.

Being able to take your boat out in the open water and feel the fine mist on your fair, the wind in your hair is an absolute privilege. You may have worked hard to own a boat, so it should work as hard to keep it at its best.

From regular inspection to making sure every part of your boat is working and in good condition to giving it a facelift whenever it needs to. Other than the actual condition of your boat, it’s also equally important for you to invest in good boating hardware and equipment.

All these will help you to maintain your boat better and also protect it from unnecessary damage or accidents. Choosing the best T top boat cover is not a difficult thing to do once you know what to look for and what to expect.

Furthermore, with the right boat cover, you’re able to extend the life of your boat and maintain how great it looks for a long time. Just like your home, your boat deserves much TLC too!

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