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The Best Underwater Boat Lights for 2023

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Fishermen and boat enthusiasts are well aware of how stunning nights in the ocean could be. Every boater would surely enjoy the times when the sun goes down. But, of course, it would be difficult to traverse the waters without a reliable boat light with you when evening strikes.

Even so, whether you would like to delight in an impressive view, stay in the sea to catch fish, or enjoy good times with loved ones or buddies, the first thing that must be highly considered is investing in the best underwater boat lights for you.

best underwater boat lights

Waters are not solely fascinating but could also be hazardous. And, this is the reason why it is important to reliably illuminate your evening activities. Essentially, buying premium quality underwater boat lights would assist you sail around and successfully hit your target when fishing.

Fortunately, with our 12 product reviews below, you will learn more about the must-have features and functions of the most durable and reliable underwater boat lights. There’s nothing to worry about because all the useful information prepared in this post are meant to help fishermen and boat owners come up with a practical shopping decision when investing in a high quality boat lights that are specifically designed for underwater applications.

Top 3 Products

Best Overall

Tidal Wake LED Light


Best Looking

Lumitec SeaBlaze Lights


Premium Choice

Jiawill Boat Lights


Table of Contents

Best Underwater Boat Light Reviews of 2023

1. Tidal Wake IP68 Underwater Boat Drain Plug LED Light

If you prefer underwater boat lights with no drilling options, then you can take a closer look at this product because it might be the one you have been looking for. This option won’t fool you even though it is not priced as expensive as other famous brands. It is a certified high-quality LED light that comes with a 50,000-hour life which means it can last for a very long time. It is built with overheat protected driver and there is no reason to worry about investing in it because it is offered with 3-year warranty program.

This is manufactured with incredibly solid stainless steel material, 27W 9 CREE LED, and can fit all threaded boat drain plugs measuring 1/2″. The package also contains a storage bag to allow easy storage and removal when trailering.

Howbeit, two negative aspects that you may observe if you choose this product are its shorter pigtail and you will need to buy the electrical switch separately because this is excluded in the box once bought. See to it to look through these minor glitches before taking the plunge when shopping.
  • Can be installed in no time and does not require drilling holes in your vessel
  • Reliable at creating a fun-filled and relaxing mood at night while enjoying your water activities
  • Certified high quality Ultrabright 1800 lumen LED underwater boat light
  • Helps boaters and fishermen become more visible and safe at night
  • Designed with waterproof quick to connect plug
  • Comes with a little shorter pigtail
  • Electrical switch must be purchased separately
Laid on the line, this underwater vessel light is a good deal considering it is priced less expensively than other available options on the market at present. Indeed, you can add it in your boat in a few minutes because it does not require drilling a hole when setting it up. Hence, if you wish to have more fun and great time when fishing, swimming, cruising and other water activities, then investing in a stellar product like this is a must. Its sturdy built, stunning features and reliability are what make it a wise buy that you shouldn’t ignore.

2. Lumitec SeaBlaze X 2 Underwater Lights

For boat owners or fishermen who are searching for underwater boat lights that are built with multiple color modes, can ensure great performance even underwater and manufactured by a time-tested brand, then this product is worth a shot. It is uncomplicated to set up since you only need to surface mount it with straightforward 3-wire hookup.

Likewise, this makes use of TTP technology that utilized simple on and off toggles of the power switch so to fully keep track of all the features of the fixtures. Take note that you won’t even need external controllers to do so. This light is capable of withstanding years of extreme underwater lighting and rugged use. Without a doubt, it works perfectly in fulfilling all the things you need in an underwater boat light.

Nevertheless, this underwater boat light won’t function superbly as advertised if installation procedures are not stringently adhered to and if you are on a short budget, this may not be the ideal choice for you.
  • Comes with 6,000+ lumens highest output SeaBlaze underwater light available
  • A piece of cake to set up and use
  • Designed with dual color output and does not come with external controllers
  • Backed up by a 3-year warranty and reliable customer service support
  • Designed with naval-grade bronze housing that is equipped with heat tempered glass
  • Does not come with affordable selling price
  • May not work as expected if manufacturer’s installation instructions are not strictly followed
All in all, this Lumitec underwater boat light is a great deal since it is capable of delivering quality, outstanding performance, and great value. In the same way, this can deliver over six thousand coordinating-sphere-gauged-lumens. It is straightforward to install and all you need to do is to surface mount. This can be your go-to if you go for quality, reliability and functionality. It is a foolproof purchase because it is supported by a 3-year warranty and it is complemented by a soothing color cycle mode.

3. Jiawill 60W Cree LED Surface Mount Underwater Boat Lights

If you prefer underwater led lights for boats that are reliable at making your nighttime diving, fishing and swimming more rewarding; then there is no need to further your search because the one best matches your requirements and taste can be this product. This is built with shock and vibration resistance and its stainless steel housing is made with shatterproof polycarbonate lens. So, as for durability and reliability- this is unrivaled.

Unquestionably, this is a very fascinating piece of equipment in that it is designed with awesome features that make it practical to use for fishermen or boat owners who love exploring the water at night time. This underwater vessel light is good at illuminating the location well beyond the swim platform. What is more, it is plain sailing to set up since it only calls for easy mount installation.

Regardless, this underwater boat light does not include the switch once purchased so that means you’ll need to buy it separately which adds more cost. And, the green color light is not solid green once illuminated. Take these minor issues in mind before getting one for your vessel.
  • Manufactured with a total of 316 marine-grade stainless steel housing
  • Guarantees less equipment to affix and fewer devices and connections to fail
  • Makes use of 6 Cree 10watt LEDs that generate outstanding white illumination
  • Can successfully add color and more fun to your wake and adept at luring more fish
  • Utilizes 12 Cree LEDs for blue, green and red illumination
  • The package does not include the switch
  • Green color lights does not appear to be solid green
As a whole, this product is highly recommended. It is not that expensive yet it can be reliable, functional and comes with stunning features. The housing construction is durable since it is built with marine-grade stainless steel. You’ll also like its capability to provide 10 years of life service without the need for frequent replacements. Its superb illumination performance can guarantee purely radiant lighting. Hence, your vessel is visibly noticeable on the harbor or while on open water. Without question, this is a wise investment that you won’t ever regret.

4. T-H Marine LED High-Intensity Underwater LED Light

Wiring underwater boat lights is not a serious problem to deal with if you use this option. It comes with a small hole for wiring or you could surface mount it as well. The package already contains a total of six very radiant LED lights that comes with longer lifespan than traditional bulbs. The lights also come with lower amperage draw. And, unlike other products available today, these are very cheap to invest in.

Furthermore, this unit has 180 lumens which are adequate to provide a bright lighting source. It is also very flexible in terms of applications. Aside from working as a light source underwater, this can be used in other applications like lighting on trim tabs, placing it on the transom, and on swimming pool steps.

Sadly, this product appears to be not the type of light that could last for a long period of rugged use. What is more, it is not fully waterproof since water can easily penetrate in and it looks like more prone to corrosion. Be sure to carefully inspect these negative aspects to avoid spending more in the end.
  • Reasonably priced high-intensity LED underwater vessel light
  • Designed with a total of 100,000 hour lifetime
  • Can be utilized underneath or above the water line
  • Waterproof and can provide super bright lighting
  • Made with superior light output and a broader aperture
  • Seems not meant to last for years
  • Not waterproof as advertised
Lastly, you can now buy a cheaper alternative for LED underwater vessel lighting. This product is designed with high-intensity LED underwater lights that can be utilized on top of or underneath the water line. The wide flood light effect is made by the engineered optics of the convex light face. The housing appears to be of good quality since it could still shield the lights against rust formation. What makes it a prominent option despite its other drawbacks is that it comes with a more superior light output and an expansive aperture.

5. BASIKER Waterproof Marine Lights

If you opt for good quality yet affordable LED underwater lights; then this product can be one of the best selections. The lights can work just like more costly options but they won’t force you to break the bank. The materials used for constructing them are high quality ensuring that the product can last for a long time. These are designed to be waterproof and come with long lifespan too.

You won’t have issues setting these lights up because they come with a stainless steel housing that comes with rubber gaskets and mounting screws. Hence, it won’t cost you more time to install it in your vessel. The working voltage is 10-30V DC. They are ideal to use for mobile homes, boats, RV and a lot more.

Withal, a couple of flaws that can be encountered once these lights were installed are their unreliability to light up any significant location and the sealant around the wires appear poorly applied. So, to be sure, consider putting some more sealant as a precaution.
  • Built with premium quality stainless steel housing construction
  • Can withstand strong wind and rain and remains waterproof
  • Guarantees very efficient power draw and are designed with overheat protection
  • Installation process is not time-consuming
  • Can function exceptionally underneath the water line
  • Sealant surrounding the wires looks poorly applied
  • Not that reliable in lighting up any significant area
Right to it, the brightness of these lights is excellent. Take note that the results are going to rely on the spot where you mount, the angle you have them at as well as the clarity of the water. They look impressive when underway and come with a cool glow when stopped. The lights appear well-built but to be sure consider adding additional sealant as precaution. The price tag can meet any type of budget.

6. Jiawill Stainless Steel Underwater Boat Drain Plug

For fishermen or boat owners hunting for affordable yet durable and functional underwater boat lights drain plug, this brand can satisfy your expectations. This product is built with shock and vibration resistance underwater drain plug that comes with 316L stainless steel housing that’s marine-grade. It is also designed with overheat protection and if you prefer, you could test the lights out of water. The drain plug light could operate within a broad 9-30V DC range.

These lights do not require any external controllers because it is manufactured with its own contained circuitry. The drain plug controls the operation of the lights with the help of the broad 9-30-volt D/C range of electric supply. Besides, it is equipped with reverse polarity protection to secure both the plug and the light.

Unfortunately, you’ll be a little disappointed with the green color lights because they do not really come with sheer green color and if you’re going to closely inspect the lights, you will see that the threads are not perfectly cut deep. These are a few of the defects that can be seen if you use these LED lights for your boat.
  • Drain plug is designed with reverse polarity protection
  • Package includes 9 tiny-sized LED lights that come with 27Watts high-intensity brightness
  • Can be installed on transoms, swim steps, trim tabs and T-tops
  • Comes with circular shaped design to signify elegance
  • Not prone to overheating and made with a total of 5,000 hours lifespan
  • Threads are not thoroughly cut deep
  • Green color lights are not pure green
On the whole, this is the best bang for the money. As you can see, it is designed with elegant appearance and the package already contains 9 small-sized good quality LED lights with 27-Watt high-intensity brightness. It is built with non-breakable polycarbonate lenses that are intended to provide shield for the lights from damage. This light is easy to set up on swim steps, T-tops, transoms and trim tabs. And, best of all, even after long period of usage, there is no need to worry about overheating issues. The LED lights are cost-effective since they come with a total of 5,000 hour lifespan.

7. Lumitec SeaBlazeX LED Underwater Boat Light

If you’re going to read some underwater light comparisons, you will uncover that Lumitec brand is one of the toughest options. Just like these LED lights, they are manufactured with 4000 lumens, available in several different colors, marine-grade bronze alloy housing and comes with cross fades and strobe modes. Apart from all these, they are compatible with 12 up to 24V power source. This can last for longer period of usage since it comes with 50,000 hours of total service life.

This form of underwater lighting unit is appropriate for boat owners who are fishing for LED lights that are adept at delivering greater lighting performance. Your boat would be superbly noticeable at any angle while moving or docking.

Not the less, these lights may be tricky to set up especially for novices, and at times, the assistance of a professional may be necessary. Additionally, if you are buying underwater lights of bigger vessels, these models may not be enough to do the job well. Thus, it is suggested to look for other units that could fit the size of your boat.
  • 4000 lumens and 50,000 hours of service life
  • Extremely durable and energy-efficient
  • Made with marine-grade bronze housing
  • Choose styles and alter colors with the aid of a toggle switch
  • Can be mounted on the vessel’s transom
  • Installation can be a little challenging to accomplish for beginners
  • Not ideal for boats that are too big
Ultimately, these are undoubtedly one of the best underwater LED boat lights since they are incredibly durable that would help make your evening water trips more worthwhile. These are economical options precisely because you could save more pennies in the long run as they are certified energy-efficient. You can choose styles and change the colors too with just a single toggle of a switch. However, you should be ready to spend lavishly at the start.

8. Firewatermarine Super Delux 10 WATT Garboard Brass Boat Plug Light

With these LED lights installed in your vessel, draining your boat is not a major concern. All you need to do is to loosen the plug and allow it to lay to the edge or unfasten it and stick the light in your pocket with the new quick-release feature. Alternatively, you can hang them over the edge of the vessel to lure more fish. You have nothing to lose with this product because it comes with 60-day warranty.

What is more, you won’t find these portable underwater lights for boats troubling because they are not prone to leakage for there is no glass or plastic to break. They are designed with unmatched 160 degree light angle and also contain new waterproof and fully encapsulated LED driver that are easy to disconnect anytime. These models are manufactured with rugged and thick brass as well.

A couple of complaints regarding these LED lights are its too short plug and too small thread diameter. Aside from this, you will also need to deal with some modifications if you have an outboard or inboard motor. Make it a point to take these downsides seriously to avoid more problems in the future.
  • Crafted with crystal clear lens and ultraviolet resistant epoxy
  • Designed with completely sealed 10W driver
  • Built with heavy brass construction
  • Supported by a 60-day warranty program making it a risk-free investment
  • Can deliver stunning brightness output of 800 up to 1,200 lumens
  • Takes a few modifications if you have an outboard or inboard motor
  • Thread diameter is too small and the plug is too short
Generally speaking, these underwater boat lights for fishing are the real deal. They can offer very bright superior output of 800 up to 1,200 lumens. To ensure quality and durability, they are crafted with incredibly heavy brass construction. And, most importantly, as compared to other boat lights out there; you do not need to worry about leakage problems because these are specifically designed to avoid such problem from taking place.

9. Lumitec SeaBlaze3 LED Underwater Boat Light

By reading underwater boat lights reviews, you will discover that this brand is one of the most trusted options. As for its built, quality and functionality; you won’t feel dismayed because it is manufactured with more durability and dependability whenever you use the light underwater. It does not call for intricate installation instructions and you can choose from many different colors available such as green, blue and white.

Since this light has undergone thorough salt spray testing, its quality is reliable. Operating the light is not troublesome at all because there is available toggle switch for you to rely on. All the vessel light features can be controlled with no exterior controller. This unit comes with a two-wire hookup system as well as European conformity.

For all that, a few things that you won’t be satisfied about this option are its non-dimmable design and it could cost an arm and a leg. So, if you intend to spend only a limited budget for a good quality underwater vessel light; then the current price tag would surely make you unhappy.
  • Made with marine-grade anodized aluminum housing
  • Installing and operating the lights is made easy and more convenient
  • Working operation is simplified due to the presence of toggle switch
  • Designed, tested and assembled in the USA
  • Available in different colors like blue, white and green
  • Costs expensively
  • Comes with non-dimmable design
Overall, these underwater lights for boats are fairly straightforward to set up, so it won’t consume more time to install for busy boat owners or fishermen. The templates and instructions were made easy so these are user-friendly. And, you won’t need extra controller to control the diverse functions of the light and you could select from several different colors. If you prefer a unit that won’t fail you when fishing or doing water activities at night, then this option can work best for your needs.

10. Jiawill 120W Cree LED Surface Mount Underwater Boat Lights

These underwater vessel lights are perfectly deigned with two sets of lights- 12 illuminating lights plus 12 Cree LED lights. Its shatterproof lens is made with high quality polycarbonate material. You can also choose from various colors such as red, green and white. This is built with overheat shield so they are safeguarded from any damages.

The length of the light’s body measure 128mm and volt power is 9 to 32V DC. You can set them up on trim tabs or transom of the vessels with the aid of a mounting bracket. These are waterproof so it is unnecessary to worry about leakages.

Two things that you might dislike about these LED lights are its inaccurate product description that is contrary to the actual functions of the product and the mounting bracket should be purchased separately.
  • Vibration proof and shock resistant
  • Designed with overheating protection and not susceptible to damage
  • Manufactured with IP68 rating waterproof and 9 to 32V DC volt power
  • Equipped with shatterproof lens
  • Requires easy installation either mounting in trim tabs or transom on vessels
  • Buy the mounting bracket separately
  • Misleading product description
In summary, these underwater lights for fishing are a great purchase. They are equipped with awesome IP68-rated waterproofing features which imply that they could fight off underwater submersion for a long time such as marine exposure. This is supported by 3-year warranty and you can take pleasure in its lifetime free maintenance program.

11. Pactrade Marine Boat Pontoon LED Blue Underwater Light

It is good news to know that the best boat LED lights are not always priced higher. Just like this product, it is affordable yet it does not compromise quality, reliability and functionality. It does not necessitate through hull installation and can be easily set up on the surface.

Over and above, these come with 12Watts and a beam angle of 120. Many boat owners prefer its 125 lumen. As compared to other underwater vessel lights, you do not have to install them through a hull. Their overall built is pretty amazing and not easily damaged.

Notwithstanding, these lights appears not that ideal to use for some extreme water activities. Also, these are sometimes not available in some local stores.
  • Working Voltage is 10-30 VDC
  • Attractive design and energy-efficient
  • Comes with well-polished 316 stainless steel housing
  • Can offer impressive blue LED underwater light
  • Guarantees plain sailing installation procedure
  • Seems not good enough for some extreme marine activities
  • May be difficult to find in local stores
To conclude, these lights are impressive in terms of their innovative design. Their structure is not prone to emitting extreme heat; and thus, it gives you peace of mind regarding overheating concerns. Their quality makes it appropriate for longer lighting applications. As for the price, these underwater vessel lights won’t create a huge hole in your pocket.

12. Five Oceans Marine Boat LED Underwater Pontoon Transom Lights

These underwater vessel lights are IP68 protected from any residues or dust and are also safeguarded from long-term submersion up to a certain pressure. This product is TUV, RoHS, CE and UL certified.

If you are a pontoon boat owner and love to explore the marine environment, then these lights can be your dependable companion to guarantee enjoyable water exploration activities. Enjoy its multiple functions without the need to spend extravagantly.

On the other hand, a few of the potential issues that you need to look through are the tendency for leakage because the lights are not watertight. There have been complaints that leakage into the housing is slightly frequent after a few trips on the waters. Additionally, they can’t provide super brightness as advertised.
  • Manufactured with top quality IP68 waterproof materials
  • Crafted with solid polished 316 stainless steel trim ring ideal to combat rugged marine environment
  • A practical option for pontoon boats
  • Wattage of 5.2Watts, 450LM lumens and a voltage of 12 up to 30VDC
  • Can be quite functional to use either for water or land applications
  • Not watertight
  • Not as bright as advertised
To sum things up, these underwater lights for docks are superb in terms of built, quality and functions. They are practical to use and can survive harsh saltwater conditions. Their convenient features enable them to be employed underwater and in land. It cannot be denied that they could be a very valuable part of your vessel.

What to Look for When Buying an Underwater Boat Light


Here is a list of the factors for you to inspect when picking underwater boat lights:

  • Brand

A renowned brand name does not generally imply premium quality; still and all, many a time, this rule is tested and proven. When selecting an excellent boat lights that can be used underwater, always search for an option that are produced by a credible brand.

In so doing, you’ll have a greater possibility of picking dependable units, and even if the product received is defective or has issues, you can avail of the warranties offered.

  • Durability

Needless to say, the durability of the product must be one of the top priorities. This is especially important because the lights would be used underwater. They must be waterproof of course.

Nonetheless, see to it that they are resistant to shocks and designed with very sturdy casing.

  • Installation

Underwater boat lights come in different forms. There are those that are easy to set up while some are slightly tricky to install. Either way, it is crucial to strictly adhere to the manufacturer’s directions to ensure that they are properly installed.

When installing them, always keep an eye on the mounting position. Search for more versatile lights that are capable of offering you with distinct mounting locations. The drain plug, transom and trim tab are the spots that are less complicated to work with.

  • Energy-Efficiency

Sure thing, we look for boat lights that could provide decent lighting. So, you have to ensure that your choice is not a power hog. Refrain from those that could drain your battery faster or those that demand more power systems. For this, the best options are LED lights since they help conserve energy.

  • Beam Width

This is linked with the angle view of the light. Something that is over 90° is regarded wide, on the other hand, something less than 90° is considered as narrow. It is suggested to search for options that are designed with a full bead width.

  • Brightness

Make sure that you are insightful about the distinction between lumens and watts when picking underwater boat lights. The light’s brightness is expressed by lumens – so, the more the lumens, the greater the illumination. Roughly 600 lumens are already sufficient for navigating applications.

Notwithstanding, if you prefer more exceptional lighting to encourage safe movement and to easily lure fish, then go higher than 600 lumens.

  • Use

It is critical to precisely learn what you want for an underwater boat light. For instance, if you dream of making your fishing experience more successful and rewarding, then opt for LED lights because these can entice more fish.

  • Reviews, feedback, testimonials, and comments from consumers who have already used the product

These can be reliable sources of information before buying a product. As you know, manufacturers generally note down the positive aspects of their products. So, if you want to know more realistic information and feedback, you can refer to the experience or comments of the consumers who have already used the underwater boat light you are planning to purchase.

  • Housing Materials

Top-quality housing is necessary when you wish to contain underwater boat lights in rugged conditions. The option you have is either an injection-molded transparent polymer or aluminum bronze.

Fundamentally, an injection-molded transparent polymer is more practical for underwater lights because it is very sturdy and incredibly dependable. Indeed, polymer housing is not prone to corrosion since there is no metal in contact with the water.

Meanwhile, aluminum bronze is deemed as one of the most solid metals utilized underwater. This comes with better resistance to marine water corrosion and comes with distinctive thermal features that would help keep the lights fresh.

  • Colors- One or Multicolored Options

There are underwater boat lights that are capable of emitting only a single color. Nevertheless, a lot of boat owners prefer lighting devices that are designed with more than one color, so you could pick your unit discreetly, depending on your preferences.

Other Important Factors to Consider


What is an underwater boat light?

These are lights that are positioned on the exterior portion of the boat, generally on the transom, underneath the waterline. Underwater boat lights are capable of illuminating the water below your vessel so fishing and other water activities become more enjoyable.

They are not merely designed to light up the vessel in whatever color you prefer, but these lights also guarantee that you have a clear sight of everything around you and remain safe as you traverse the waters in darker areas or at night.

How does it work?

Underwater boat lights are capable of converting 80% into a light output- this enables fishermen or boat owners to enjoy brighter surroundings and cooler bulbs. They are manufactured with a wide range of structural designs. These are flexible that they consider the beam angle while changing the light configuration that would balance both diffusion and saturation.

Hence, if you opt for decorative lighting for your yacht party, you would need something that is a bit distinct from the requirements of night fishermen searching to lure fish underwater. Once you switched on the boat lights, you would obtain instant full brightness. Boat owners have the option of switching the lights on or off, as several times as they prefer, without compromising the lifespan of the bulbs.

Underwater boat lights also work best when it comes to creating a dispersed glow such as a beacon- this makes other sailors catch sight of your location, and for you and your companions to get home safely after an evening of party.

What are the different types of underwater boat lights?

In general, the majority of the lights sold on the market these days are LEDs. However, there are other forms of underwater boat lights, more especially one other type referred to as incandescent lights. They are not utilized as light-emitting options.

Here are the different types of underwater boat lights to choose from:

  • LED Underwater Lights

These are the most preferred option because they can offer lots of advantages. For beginners, the lights generate a minimum amount of heat, and thus they troch cooler than as compared to incandescent ones.

LED lights are more preferred because they have the capability to provide 100,000 working hours than other available options. These do not come with filament reason why they have longer lifespan. These are energy-efficient and not fragile.

LED lights are costly and not as water sensitive as incandescent options, but they do not contain any toxic chemicals and do not emit mercury. They are famous for being environmentally friendly.

  • Incandescent Bulbs

Please be guided that the wattage of this type of light indicates the light intensity you obtain. Furthermore, the light is generated by fairly heated filaments. So, for the brightness to be increased, the wattage must also be elevated.

This is the reason why such lights are recognized for the generation of heat and the wastage of energy. And, since it allows equal generation of light surrounding the lamp, this causes another energy loss.

Fundamentally, incandescent underwater boat lights are less expensive and would provide you with a stunning warm glow. Regardless, these are also prominent for premature damage and are not as sturdy as LED lights. The filaments burn out instantly and you frequently need to replace the bulb. They are also sensitive to water.

Why do you need an underwater boat light? (Benefits)

If you wish to take pleasure in traversing the waters or fishing at night, outstanding lighting is especially required. The good news is that you can enjoy several perks once you start using underwater boat lights and these include the following:

  • Remain Safe

In the event you decide to go swimming with loved ones or friends, the lights would help illuminate the water so you could exactly catch sight of what you’re diving into. Evidently, this is important not solely when swimming because it can also help you spot any danger as soon as it surfaces.

  • Cost-effectiveness

Top-notch underwater boat lights are worthwhile investments. These can last for a long time and if you go for LED lights, you can set aside more money because they are energy-efficient.

  • Delight in Better Fishing Experience

Fishermen who are presently searching for marine supplies for their vessels that would help make their fishing or boating experience more comfortable and enjoyable can fully rely on premium quality underwater boat lights.

Since various fish species love lights, if you were able to pick dependable units, then you won’t have a tough time having a great catch whenever you go fishing.

  • Say Goodbye to Stress

Being in a very dark spot and not being able to see clearly can be uncomfortable and frustrating. There is always a hazard of hitting something that could scratch or wreck your boat.

But, if you have a reliable and functional underwater boat light, you won’t be stressful as you navigate. These devices are more practical when you need to park your vessel in the berth or harbor.

  • Give your boat a more enhanced visual appeal and more modern look

There is nothing more impressive and relaxing than spending your evening in the waters with your loved ones or friends and being surrounded by some fascinating and stunning colored lights.

If you invest in good quality underwater boat lights, then this could form an ideal ambiance for relaxation and fun-filled boating or fishing experience.

Frequently Asked Questions


What are the most trusted underwater boat light brands?

A few of the most trusted brands when looking for top quality underwater boat lights include:

  • Lumitec
  • Jiawill
  • Tidal Wake

What color of underwater light is best?

The most well-known color of fish lights we often see is green. A lot of us perceive that green lights are the sole means to lure fish, but this isn’t true. For a fact, the color of the light does not make any distinction to the number of fish the light attracts.

Whilst fish lights appear to wondrously lure fish to the berth, it is actually a less complicated scientific process. What is more, any light below the water, regardless of the color, would lure fish. And, when lights are situated underwater, they reflect off some particles in the water.

As a result, these small particles boost a natural source of food for bait fish. The bait fish are then lured to the light. So, once the bait fish are lured, they bring in larger game fish such as bass, tarpon as well as snook.

How long do the lights last?

Using underwater LED boat lights can last between 40,000 up to 50,000 hours. If you are going to compute this, it would be 4.5 years of continuous light output. So, even if they are pricey, there is no need to replace the bulbs more frequently as compared to using incandescent boat lights.

All the same, since these lights are generally submerged in water, they call for a bit of additional care and maintenance. It is critical to remove and clean the underwater boat lights monthly so you could get rid of any algae buildup, barnacles, or other sorts of sludge that has amassed.

Where do you mount underwater lights on a boat?

There are basically three means to affix underwater boat lights. You could go with a hull model that pertains to the mounted puck with the wire being the sole thing that goes through the boat’s framework, set up the lights into the vessel just above the waterline, or affix it through a true surface-mount light wherein the feed wire goes up the transom on the outer section of the boat.

It is worth noting that the surface-puck option with the wires that go through the vessel’s framework is often chosen for installation. Either way, see to it to go over the manufacturer’s instructions that come with whatever underwater boat lights you prefer to buy.

How to install underwater boat lights?

Here are the installation guides for underwater boat lights:

  • Prepare the required materials and tools before the installation process.
  • Mount the lights on the vessel’s transom. Please take note that the underwater boat lights must be affixed underneath the water line when the vessel is motionless.
  • Look for a dry, safe, and well-ventilated area to affix the power supply box.
  • Supply 12-volt power to the liquid lumens power supply box with the aid of the provided 8-gauge fused wire.
  • The next step would be to link the light wires to the inner portion of the vessel from the mounting area to the power supply box.
  • Then, it is high time to link the factory dashboard switch wires to the power supply box.
  • Lastly, test the underwater boat lights. See to it not to look at the source of light directly. Keep in mind that the lights you are setting up come with superior light output that could impair your vision if you look at them directly.

How to wire up underwater boat lights?

Run the wires of the underwater boat lights through the hole in the center. To do so, it is essential to give your surface a wipe to remove any restudies that could be present on the surface.

Then, run a little amount of sealant surrounding the perimeter of the lights, approximately 1/8” to 1/4” in from the rim. It is also necessary to apply some sealant in and surrounding the center and mounting holes. A watertight seal in and surrounding the light is required here to avoid potential issues in the future.

You may refer to the wiring diagrams included in the package when wiring the lighting. Make certain that the exposed wire is completely covered with electrical tape to ward off corrosion.

Lastly, test the lights and you are all set!

Do underwater boat lights attract fish?

The color of the light is quite vital just as it is with luring fish. Distinct colors of light traverse further underneath as compared to others in distinct conditions. Shifting from white light to green light can make a huge distinction in the world from the eyes of various finned species.

Bear in mind that just because green light might not be working does not convey that white light won’t. It is at times utilizing both colors combined is the most excellent solution to obtaining a bite. The good news is that you can easily set underwater fishing lights in the locations most convenient for you.

If you intend to use the boat light to lure fish, it is crucial to anchor the vessel and make certain that you do not move anywhere sooner. This is because it matters to enable the food chain reaction to take place.

Then, you can change your underwater fishing light to a stance that is most convenient for you. You may consider hanging it a few feet underneath the vessel, but not all the way towards the bottom portion.

It is possible to fish directly in the light from your fishing light or you could also try to move your fishing efforts to the perimeter of the fixtures- where some light-shy finned species are more apt to gather.


Finally, as mentioned in this post, if you wish to give your vessel a more modern appeal, make it more functional especially at night, and more visually impressive; then one of the most effective means to achieve all these is to invest in the best underwater boat lights. Check out the 12 different products reviewed below for one of them can be the best match for your needs and preferences.

Additionally, this article picked some of the top-notch underwater boat lights to assist fishermen and boat owners to get the most reliable and functional option. Who knows, one of them might be just the thing that you have long been searching for? Aesthetic appeal, dependability, functionality, and installation are just a few of the factors that this post looked into.

The complete buying guides tackled above would definitely make you realize that there are a number of factors to look through before the final purchasing decision on a specific unit. So, do not abruptly take the plunge and review all the guides shared here to guarantee a worthwhile investment.

Start reading the rest of this post and see for yourself which reliable, durable and top-quality lights belong under your most prized boat.

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