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The Best Woods for Boat Trailer Bunks for 2023

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It appears the vessels spend a lot of time in the waters. Hence, if you use it more frequently, you are probably well-aware that it is substantial to carefully inspect and service your trailer bunk more regularly.

Without any doubt, bunks take a lot of stress and abuse from road vibration, retrieving and launching. And, the most valuable components to inspect include the hardware, padding as well as bunks.

best wood for boat trailer bunks

Prior to making the final shopping decision, it is imperative that you make a visual note of the vessel trailer bunk’s configuration. Otherwise, this could result to failure. It is really practical to examine the entire length of the padding on each bunk and then lift this to examine the wood. If you discovered that the carpet is glued in place, avoid wasting time and do not allow things to get worse, replace the carpet and the bunk right away.

Substantially, it is a must to inspect each bunk for any indications of damage and rot. Aside from this, examine all the hardware of the bunk for any signs of disintegration and corrosion. Sometimes, replacing all the hardware is the best thing to do.

If you think it is high time to replace age-old trailer bunks, then this article can give you some useful information regarding a few good options that you can consider to get the job done and end up buying the best wood for boat trailer bunks.

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Best Wood for Boat Trailer Bunks Reviews of 2023

1. CE Smith Guide-ON BUNKBOARD 2′

This absolutely makes getting the watercraft back on the trailer a less complicated task to manage. And, the horizontal boards that come with it are adept at offering more guidance as compared to the goal post guide-ons. Indeed, it is ideal of small fishing vessel.

The black carpeting is discreetly wrapped and it seems to be held on quite securely. This is a good catch for the price mainly because the kit already comes with all required hardware for assembly and all these go together without any trouble. Installation can be done in a snap and it appears well-built.

This would be a great option since it would take your worries away even during windy days. This bunk board works like a charm in keeping the vessel in line when loading no matter how strong the wind is. The rear section of the boat won’t drift; it works impeccably in keeping a vessel centered on windy seasons.

Still and all, two negative factors that you need to watch out for if you invest in this product are its very costly price tag which won’t fit anyone who is short in budget and the angled brackets appear not working well on some trailers.
  • Comes with precision fabrications, metal stampings as well as assemblies
  • Includes all the necessary assembly parts
  • Makes getting back on the trailer a lot easier
  • Well-constructed and straightforward to set up
  • Can be rock solid once modified and bolts tightened
  • Angled brackets seem not to work well on some trailers
  • Slightly expensive
By and large, this wood for trailer bunks is durable enough to take a vessel bump when loading. All you need to do is to consistently adjust them tighter as the vessel got more centered with each launch and load. With it, there is no need to walk down slick ramps to lay out the vessel. This is a practical pick for rookies when launching and retrieving a boat. Howbeit, this might not be the right pick for those who are looking for reasonably priced options. And, make it a point to inspect the angled brackets if these work properly on your trailer.

2. Extreme Max 3005.2199 4′ Bunk Trailer Guide-On

Once bought, this already comes with a single pair of 4-feet bunk-style trailer guide-ons. This is the best bang for the money because it is built with corrosion-proof and heavy-duty built and hardware that could withstand rugged marine application.

What makes this option a great buy is that its trailer guide-ons can execute more assistance in getting your vessel on the trailer. This helps in warding off huge amount of loading issues. It works as a very solid bunk that was quite easy to set up. The guide-ons are reliable in terms of keeping users from loading too deep, and keep the trailer position more secure and useful at night.

For all that, a couple of weak points that you could encounter if you picked this option are its poor quality bracket metal components and you need to measure your vessel on the trailer prior to buying one since the sizes and shapes of trailer frames could largely vary. This must be done if you want a more accurate fit.
  • Specifically designed for marine applications
  • Comes with heavy-duty brackets and mounting hardware
  • Installation is a breeze
  • Designed with excellent anti-corrosion feature
  • Reliable in replacing guides on an older trailer
  • Shapes and sizes of trailer frames differ greatly
  • Low quality bracket metal

Right to it, this works flawlessly as a side bunk since it comes with heavy-duty supports. The hardware was wonderfully finished and enables distinct mounting alternatives, underneath or above the trailer frame. This also comes with outstanding customer service support that you can count on in case you encounter some issues. If you frequently traverse saltwater environment, then this is your most exceptional bet.

Not to mention, if you want to make loading faster and more risk-free particularly at crowded type of launches, then this option would be such a big help for you. It work wonders in running the vessel up in a moderate heavy wind without any trouble. Notwithstanding, consider looking for premium quality bracket metal as the one provided is not thick enough. Also, be sure to be insightful of the trailer frame that you need to purchase.

3. CE Smith Guide-ON BUNKBOARD 5′

If you plan to get this option for your boat, please note that you would need to consider doing some slight adjustments to ensure accurate fit on your vessel. This is a very cost-effective investment since it makes loading in strong currents much easier. It is necessary to take it off and fasten it on the top of the trailer rail to load easily on elevated ramps as the rear section was a little low.

What is more, the material appears durable and installing it is not as intricate as you can imagine so long as the height of the trailer is well-adjusted. This is superior at executing a very wonderful tidy job on the bunk board carpeting. It does not necessitate drilling into the vessel frame. It seems quite solid and is not prone to budging.

A few minus points that you must be regardful of include its thin uprights and brackets that would have been better if they were designed to be thicker to guarantee heavy-duty performance and it specifically necessitates some forms of modifications to ensure perfect fit for any trailer. Be sure to take these glitches into account before making the final buying decision.
  • Dependable in loading small or large vessels particularly in a cross wind
  • Can be adjusted to any trailer
  • Makes loading and unloading smooth sailing
  • Capable to hold up quite well
  • Suitable replacement for worn out bunks
  • Especially calls for some sorts of modifications
  • Comes with thin uprights and brackets
Ultimately, if you plan to invest in the best wood to use for boat trailer bunks, this product won’t disappoint you. It does a sterling job when it comes to transforming boat loading in currents a breeze. With it, you won’t need to worry about hauling your vessel up. This can be adjusted to any type of trailer and it is perceived as a must-have to anyone who owns small or large vessel. Nevertheless, make certain to execute the necessary modifications to guarantee exact fitting.

4. Tie Down Engineering Black Standard 86170 Bunk Slick

If you are searching for top quality boat trailer bunks wood, then you may start checking out the unique features of this product. You can get this for a very reasonable cost and it is capable of doing what it was made for.

As for installation, you won’t have difficulties replacing damaged and old bunk slicks. It seems well-built and does a good job of helping users make launching and retrieving the vessels on the trailer bunks more plain sailing to manage.

You will be stunned of how this wood can go easy and is much slicker as compared to any indoor or outdoor carpet that it would replace. Such product is precisely the one you have been searching for at a decent price.

Be that as it may, there are a few weak points to carefully inspect first if you are planning to buy this option and these are its not being solid because it appears to be hollow inside and it would have been better if it is made to be thicker.
  • Helps make transporting vessels more effortless
  • Come with stainless steel screws to allow straightforward mounting
  • Can work well with any average bunk board
  • Ideal to use for aluminum watercrafts
  • Enables the vessels to sleekly slide on and off the trailer
  • Not that thick
  • Appears not that solid since it is hollow inside
In a nutshell, this is your practical choice if it is your goal to make loading and unloading the vessel more effortless and convenient to deal with. It is user-friendly even for beginners and replacing old damaged bunk slicks is no longer a pain in the neck type of job for you to accomplish. As for quality and durability, this is unmatched in its class. And, there is no need to spend much for a high quality wood for vessel trailer bunks. Withal, many boat owners who have used this product wished it was designed to be thicker and built to be completely solid without any hollow portion inside.

5. BoatCarpetSales 8′ Long Marine Carpet Black Bunk Boards

The package comes with 2 sets that comprise of a total of four bunks and the quality is unrivaled. Fortunately, the bunks were straight and you can see that it is carpeted on all edges. The carpet seems to be built with premium quality as well. The price tag of these bunks were merely a little more if compared to what it would cost if you build them on your own and it definitely worth every single penny.

The wood is pressure treated and is also designed with high quality polypropylene non-woven fabric. It can be easily tied up using 1/2″ stainless steel staples. Unquestionably, this could help create a more impressive look to your trailer. Hence, if you are in the hunt for reliable, durable and superior quality wood for vessel trailer bunks, then this option won’t dishearten you.

It is worth mentioning that there are a few flaws that must be carefully examined if you intend to buy this product for your boat and these consist of its not pocket-friendly selling cost and the carpet is not glued to the wood.
  • Built with pressure treated wood
  • Comes with straight bunks that are carpeted on all edges
  • Made using UV stabilized polypropylene non-woven type of fabric
  • No sweat to install
  • Attached with ½” stainless steel staples
  • Not reasonably priced
  • Carpet isn’t glued to the wood

To wrap things up, this boat trailer bunk board’s wood is never a waste of money even though it could be a little costly. It can work like a charm in terms of enhancing the overall appearance of the trailer through simply replacing damaged and outdated bunk boards using OEM products. You can line them up pre-drilled and bolt them right on without any major problems.

Fundamentally, if you prefer something that is manufactured with straight bunks where all sides are outstandingly carpeted and built with exceptional quality, then this is what you are exactly fishing for. It is user-friendly too which means there is no need to have the job done by a professional.

6. Tie Down Engineering Black Standard 86127 Carpeted Bunk Boards Pair 3′

This product is readily available in three different sizes ranging from three feet, four feet and five feet in length. It is manufactured with marine-grade carpet that is second to none in offering a sleek surface for a vessel to allow it to effortlessly slide on or off. In the same way, you can even buy it in pairs.

It worth noting that this would only require a few minutes for it to be completely installed; truth is, all you need to do is to bolt it onto the trailer. This helps save more time and there is no need to spend additional bucks for it.

All the same, this option is priced a little costly than other similar products considering it does not come complete and the package does not even come with the required hardware needed to get the installation done in a snap. These are a few of the negative aspects that must be taken into consideration before making a purchase.
  • Superb at providing sleek surface for a vessel
  • Available in three distinct sizes
  • Designed as marine-grade carpet
  • Recognized as money and time saver option
  • Sold in pairs
  • Package does not come with necessary assembly screws
  • A little pricey considering it does not include all the require assembly hardware
As a whole, this item is just as advertised. It works adeptly and can be a very practical side guide-ons. It cannot be denied that this would make a top quality replacement board that won’t waste your hard-earned money. Sure thing, you would realize that this is what you need to repair a tracker vessel trailer guide. But, you will need to buy assembly screws as the package does not include them. Thus, this is an additional cost that you need to spend on.

What are The Best Types of Wood for Boat Trailer Bunks


When it comes to the topnotch wood options that you can consider using for replacing damaged and age-old vessel trailer bunks, there are a few different types that you can choose from.

Woods that are pressure-treated are perceived as the industry standard for vessel trailer bunks. In line with this, hardwoods like cypress and oak woods are well-known alternatives to treated pines.

On the other hand, those so-called composite boards like those that are specifically designed for patio decking are also now being utilized for bunks. Even so, pines that are pressure-treated are tried and tested to be very durable enough to support the vessel and is adept at holding up quite well in saltwater environments. The material is sturdy and reliable enough to stand the test of time.

By the same token, wood also holds and accepts the stainless-steel screws and staples that are generally utilized to mount the carpeting to the bunks. Please take note that the fasteners must be ½ to 2/3 of an inch in length in order to securely fasten the material to the bunk.

At present, replacement bunk boards that come with carpeting are already assembled and are readily sold in different sizes from a number of manufacturers. Majority of bunks are constructed utilizing hardwoods or pines that are pressure-treated like cypress or oak wood.

Furthermore, it is critical when installing carpet on a bunk that the material is cut and must come with exact fit on the board to ensure butt seams without protruding material on the bunk’s underside.

Experts highly suggest that it is more excellent to leave an unclosed seam that comes with enough room between each side than to clamp the carpet material since wood puffs up when it gets drenched.

Basically, an unclosed seam permits that expansion and does not in any way pressure the staples, screws and materials that hold it; just as in the case when the fasteners are supposed to hold through a couple layers of the fabric.

And, hinging on the frequency of usage, superb quality carpeting that is appropriately fixed up on a vessel trailer bunk must last a minimum of 4 by up to 5 years.


In summary, when thinking about buying the best wood for boat trailer bunks, it is highly suggested to conduct some in-store and online research so to point out the most top-drawer locally available woods and whether it is more practical to utilize an untreated or treated wood. This is especially helpful to those who do not have much knowledge of what appropriate wood to use for vessel trailer bunks.

While it is true that the universal online consent highly recommends pressure-treated woods, it is also good to try other local type of woods like cypress since this naturally comes with waterproof feature and does not need chemicals such as a wood that is pressure-treated. Sometimes, opting for other alternatives can work wonders too rather than settling on the common options that other people recommend.

Besides conventional wood and carpet type of bunks, you could make a research online and unveil other sorts of alternatives. You can check the products reviewed in this article and see for yourself if the features they have are what you are precisely looking for. Most of the products contained in this post come with carpeting that is already secured with crews and staples. This means that you could instantly replace it without any struggle. Nonetheless, they could be slightly pricey investments that you should save some money for.

Take into consideration that it is better to replace distorted and worn out trailer bunks prior to encountering more damage on your gel coat as you move and roll down the road. Check the downsides and upsides of every product tackled here so you could ensure getting your money’s worth. Getting the right product for you would help you avert spending more in the future and just enjoy launching and retrieving your vessel.

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