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How Much Does It Cost to Winterize a Boat? – Updated Price

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how much does it cost to winterize a boat

How much does it cost to winterize a boat? Here’s everything you need to know.

Are you planning to winterize your boat anytime soon? Bet you’re wondering about the cost, location, and work put into the task.

It is your way of protecting your boat’s engine and other parts from the harmful effects of being exposed to freezing temperatures for an extended period.

The average cost to winterize a boat is around $200 – $300, depending on your indoor or outdoor location and boat size.

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How Much Will It Cost You?


Boat winterization is the boat owner’s responsibility. One way to show it is to ensure that your boat stays safe during the entire winter season.

Winterizing a boat is one of the boat owner’s must-do tasks. It does not end with changing your engine’s old oil from new oil and filling your boat’s fuel every now and then.

Winterizing will cost you some money, but this will also prolong your boat’s life through harsh conditions. Here’s the average cost to winterize a boat that you need to know:

The average cost of winterizing

  • The average cost to winterize a boat is about $300.
  • The price may vary from $150 to $500 depending on the size of your boat.
  • Shops specializing in winterizing a boat have an average boat winterization cost of $300 to $400.
  • Professional mechanics may charge you an average cost of $150 depending on your location.
  • If you’re on a tighter budget, do the DIY. Winterizing a boat costs thru DIY will be around $70 to $150 only.

Boat winterizing by a boat mechanic

Winterizing your boat is not a cheap process; this may cause you a lot of money. It also depends on the winterizing process that you want to be done for your boat.

A boat mechanic may charge you about $150 for their services and additional fees for the things they will be needing. Again, price charging may depend on your location.

Smaller boats will cost less than bigger boats. If you want the boat mechanic to use high-end products for winterizing your boat, be prepared to pay him more than you expected.

There is no need to worry because high-quality materials have high chance of prolonging your boat’s life even after the coldest winter season. So every penny you spend will be worth it.

Winterizing by shops

If you have enough funds, you could look for a boat shop specializing in winterizing boats. You would have to pay an average of $300 to $400 as boat winterizing costs if you chose them to do the service.

By doing this, you will ensure to receive the quality service that the shop offers. These shops usually use top-of-the-line products for your boat, such as fogging oil and engine oil, to protect the boat’s internal parts.

Boat shops also offer warranty and insurance if ever some back jobs will be needed. This will lessen your worry and will assure you that your boat is in good hands.

DIY boat winterizing

The cost of winterizing is a bit pricey, but if you want to save some pennies, a DIY winterizing procedure is recommended to save money. The cheaper the materials used, the more affordable the cost you will be paying while working on a boat winterization.

You will not be paying professional fees since you will be in charge of handling the whole process. This boat’s winterizing cost averages $70 to $150. These can save money you have to spend on labor costs.

The materials you will be using will determine the final cost of this work. Do not worry because there are lots of boat shops near you where you can find these things.

Since you will be in charge of the whole process, you are ensured of the quality of work your boat will receive. It is also your own choice of materials to use.

This DIY winterizing price is much less. But more effort to exert and more hours of doing it.

Just be mindful of the skills you will need before you start working, especially if it is your first time doing the process and you have zero idea of the entire process. DIY video tutorials to winterize boats are found on the internet, and they will be a helpful tool for you to do the job correctly.

If you are planning to winterize your boat, you should find the right boat cover and support system for your cover. Luckily, we have both of them here for your reference.

Boat winter storage costs

Another financial burden that you will need to attend to is your boat’s winter storage area. Their prices vary from one place to another.

A typical boat’s winter storage cost is around $50 to$200. Marina boat storage is around $500.

And again, the smaller boat you have, the lesser the storage fee; the bigger boat you have, the higher the storage fee.

What Will It Cost You Not Winterizing Your Boat


Not winterizing costs are much higher than what you need to pay if you decide to winterize your boat. Do not ask how much it costs to winterize a boat; ask how much does it cost not to winterize your boat?

As a responsible boat owner, winterizing your boat is the best decision you could ever make to take good care of your boat’s engine, batteries, and other sensitive parts. It’s an investment, after all, and not an expense because this will benefit you in the long run.

Harmful effects of not winterizing your boat

  • Crack on sensitive parts of the boat
  • A ruined engine because of frozen fluids expansion
  • Build up of mold and mildew in the interior of the vessel
  • Corroded spark plugs and wiring
  • Cracks on other parts of the boat

Although these damages can be repaired, it will not guarantee that your boat will run as smoothly as it was before the damages. You can replace some parts of it but buying a new engine and batteries is no cheaper than protecting them from the cold weather in the first place.

Advantages of winterizing your boat

Winterizing your boat can save you a lot of money, time, and effort. It will spare you from spending much money on future repairs caused by the winter.

It can prolong your boat’s life, and you will spend a lot of time using it. It will protect the boat’s engine life and battery life. To winterize your boat means to take care of it. To winterize your boat could also mean valuing your investment.

The cost to winterize need not be costly at all. The cost of not winterizing can cause a bigger problem. DIY can be an excellent option to save money and if you are worried about your finances. But be sure to do the process properly.

It will be a satisfying feeling to see your pontoon boat look just the same before the winter comes: no outer damages, no interior damages, and most of all, no additional money for you to spend on repairs and unwanted damages.


Hopefully, this post was able to answer your question in mind about “how much does it cost to winterize a boat?” In addition to that, I also discussed the good effect of having a winterized boat.

As I mentioned earlier, winterizing a boat is better than regretting not doing it as it will cost you more than the amount you will incur if you did it in the first place. Boat winterizing cost is much cheaper; I can assure you that.

As early as now, start saving some pennies before the winter comes so you will be financially ready to winterize your boat.

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