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Where Are Crestliner Boats Made? All You Need to Know

Fact checked by William Hart

where are crestliner boats made

Originally, Crestliner boats were made in Little Falls City, Minnesota, from the beginning of their production in 1946. However, last 2010, it moved to another production site in Otsego, Minnesota. Its transfer was because of its fusion with a Lund boat-manufacturing group, the Brunswick Corporation.

The question of ‘where are Crestliner boats made?’ always becomes a factor for buyers since it has been an established business, and there are already other companies selling the same product.

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The Launching of the Trademark

Through the years, the Crestliner factory has produced well-crafted aluminum boats, tested for their toughness and stability. Crestliner, headquartered in Otsego, received awards for its one-of-a-kind breakthrough in the industry.

Aside from Crestliner, the Brunswick Corporation has also made a name for Lund boats. This Lund boat manufacturing company has built its brand over time, having the same dimensions and specifications as that of the Crestliner.

What’s to Love With the Brand

Crestliner boats are made with aluminum, which led the product to popularity. Unlike any other ordinary boats, these Crestliner boats are more durable and stronger when it comes to withstanding water emergencies and problems.

It is non-corrosive (as long as the water does not get inside the boat and with maintained hull paint) and can last up to 30-40 years if with proper use and care.

The Crestliner Products


Crestliner comes with different kinds of boats. Whether one prefers to have bass boats, bay boats, fish hawks, super hawks, or any other type, Crestliner can bring it all to advertise.

The products depend on their purposes — whether one wants it for fish and sport, or pure fishing only, or use it for big waters.

One reliable product Crestliner offers is the Crestliner Bass Boats. They are designed for a fun-filled fishing activity that guarantees the perfect catch for your target. The shallow waters are never a worry because they give one the comfort of riding it all the way.

About 3-4 persons can fit into this type’s seating capacity. Enough horsepower capacity of 20-250 HP to run over the waters is its forte. It makes it unique from the other products.

Hulls are welded with high-quality endurance to go through the trip. It is equipped with a Mod-V construction for its latest model for a great performance water adventure.

Another one is their Crestliner Fish Hawk. Being the best saleable product they can provide, it is ideal for family use because of its wider space cockpit navigation area like no other. It can accommodate up to 7 persons, with a 50-gallon fuel capacity.

These two products make Crestliner a call to customers in its assurance of quality when it comes to details and specifications and value when it comes to pricing.


For more than 70 years, Crestliner has never failed to give satisfaction to their clients in their aim to produce world-class and best standards of a variety of aluminum-made boats. Where are Crestliner boats made? This will always be the first probe of a buyer in his preference to consider buying boat products.

Established and well-known, Crestliner will undoubtedly provide its 100% commitment to its customers to deliver high-caliber and worthy aluminum-made boats.

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